Ruby, ruby, ruby

May 10, 2014
I finally made it to my induction date!  For those that are interested here is a play by play of the day.  

For some reason I was pretty nervous, more than the other times I'd been induced.  I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was only dialted to a 3 verus my other 3 pregnancies where I showed up at 5cm, at least.

My fears started to diminish the moment I walked into my room, I saw on my board that I had my favorite nurse, Carrie.  With Miles and Crew's pregnancies I was at the hospital ALL the time and Carrie was my nurse 75% of the time.  I was even happier when I found out that she only does a few deliveries a year and specifically requested me when she saw me on the list. 

6:30 check into our room
6:45 Carrie comes in and gets my IV started with pitocin
7:00 gets the anesthesiologist before the other nurses grab him for their patients
8:30 first anesthesiologist gives up after many, painful and uncomfortable, attempts at getting my epidural in saying this has never happened to him before, but I won't be getting an epidural for this delivery, he says there's no room to place it.  
8:35 Carrie gets a hold of another anesthesiologist, that was in surgery, and has him come try. (one of the many reasons why I love her).
8:40 2nd anesthesiologist tries and gets it, saying this could be the last epidural I'll be able to get, as it was very hard.
8:50 express my undying love for both the new anesthesiologist and Carrie
9:00 Dr. Baxter comes in to break my water

11:30 Finally hit 6 1/2 cm and my nurse assures me I will beat all the other laboring moms that came in that morning. 
12:50 I'm to a 10!  And the excitment starts
1:05 Start pushing
1:15 everyone starts laughing at the giant squished up cheeks of baby girl
1:20 4 painful pushes later, she was here.

9lbs 7 oz
21 inches long

Everyone was shocked at how huge she was and her giant cheeks.  I won for the first and biggest baby of the day. My nurse and I were pretty happy, since we are both quite competitive.  :)

Due to her giantness, her glucose levels were very low and she was having some respiratory problems, so they took her back to the level 2 nursery.  Paul went with her and since I was getting bored in my room alone, I got up and walked down there about 3:00.  Best epidural ever.  

5:30 kids come visit with Holly and Trina and chaos insues.  

6:00 finally get unnamed baby girl back from the nursery.  Everyone is beyond excited to see her.   

Crew shocked us all with his instant love of baby and just wanted to hold her. 

 Sadly, the nurses didn't want the kids holding her because she had trouble breathing when she would get disturbed.  So, they all just got a good look and hoped they'd get to hold her the next day. 

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I gasped at Ruby's birth weight! I'm sorry: Jack was 9.9, so I know how those huge babies work a number on ya. But so, so worth it every second once they're out. I'm so glad you were able to get an epidural. Why can't they get any more in? I don't understand that, but maybe that means no more babies? ;) Hang in there, and love that little lady. Congrats!!!

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prego update

Apr 15, 2014
I've got about 3 weeks left until my dr. will induce me and I cannot wait.

I had a few weeks where I felt half way decent, meaning I was only throwing up a few times a week and the nausea was much more manageable.  

During my few good weeks I volunteered in Macey's classroom a few times, I started taking the kids out in public ALONE, I even had a few weeks where I made dinner fairly consistently and I actually went to all 3 hours of church once for the first time in 8 months.  

Those days are over though.  I'm back to throwing fairly consistently and all that comes along with that.  Plus, being extremely large makes bending over rather difficult, especially in public bathrooms.

At my 36 week appt I was dilated to a 2 and at my ultra sound they couldn't even get a picture of her face because she was down in position and ready to go.  I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I'd really like to go early.  The not sleeping and throwing up is getting really old.  I'd way rather not be sleeping while holding a cute baby, right?  

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Kelsey you look great. I am so excited for you and your upcoming pink arrival. Hang in there!
Kelsey you look great. I am so excited for you and your upcoming pink arrival. Hang in there!
nana and opa
So glad your wait is almost over!
nana and opa
So glad your wait is almost over!
You look great! I'm so excited for you to be done too it has been a long road for you. Can't wait to meet your sweet new little one!!

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Spring Breakin'

Apr 14, 2014
I planned on taking it easy and just having the kids play outside for most of the break, while I laid on the couch or lounge chair.  But, after 1 day of fighting, whining, constant snack wanting, and some sickness, I decided it'd be easier to survive if I kept them busy. 

Macey's always sad that we do fun stuff while she's at school, so we let her dictate most of our activities for the week. 

First it was a trip to the Dinosaur Museum.  It'd probably been about a year since she'd been able to come with us.

I've been dying to take Miles to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, but have been too much of a wimp to attempt it alone in my current state of constant sickness.  So, we got Paul to take the day off work and go with us.

The boys wore their matching T-Rex shirts and were pretty adorable.

Miles and Crew couldn't contain their excitement when we first walked in.  Crew spent his time screaming, growling, and pointing from the stroller.  And Miles was practically impossible to keep up with as he ran from Dinosaur to Dinosaur.

Macey spent her time filling out her field guide and reading the facts to us.  If Crew is still dino obsessed in year, I have a feeling we will be making another trip up there.

The weather was pretty perfect, so there was still lots of time spent outside at home.

For some reasons toys on the deck are way more entertaining than toys in their rooms.  I don't mind it one bit.  They spent many hours out there.  

And there's nothing like sibling bonding over animal videos.  

I had a lapse of judgement and took the kids to Farm Country.  It was of course insane, but they didn't mind one bit.  I on the other hand thought I might die in the scorching heat of 72.  

We got Holly to come to the zoo with us, which was of course also crazy with spring break crowds.  But, thanks to Holly we had a blast.  If I had the kids there alone I might of ended up crying in a corner or going into labor. :)

Someday I might be able to get a picture with everyone looking. Until then, this will have to do.  

One of my favorites part of the break though was when we were running errands at The Riverwoods and the kids spent over 30 min just dancing and performing on the stage there.  

Love it when they are entertained by something so simple and love having no schedule!

I also got to spend many early hours with this kid.  I have suffered from the worse pregnancy insomnia I've ever had and usually end up on the couch around 1:00 am.  

Miles joins me in the morning before the others wake up and we get to spend time discussing our favorite animals, dinosaurs, and who would win when pitted against each other in a fight.

He also told me he's going to marry me when he grows up and live with me forever. Sounds good to me!  

I've now tasted what summer is going to be like, and it's going to be hard to live our normal scheduled life until then.  

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That picture of Miles with his hands behind his head--- I love it! haha. Glad I get to hang out with you guys all the time!
Looks like you had a fun week and I love all the photos of the kids. Macey at the Dinosaur museum by herself and with the boys. Also love the boys in their T-Rex shirts, I can just see them so excited at the Dinosaur Park. Bet they looked so cute running around there. I could go on & on!

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March madness

Apr 5, 2014
Life in March is always good.  The house is feeling bigger, we are already getting tan lines, and Macey is thrilled her hair is already starting to turn "golden".  

We've been spending as much time as possible outside.

Things can get a little crazy out front, but the kids don't seem to mind one bit.

We've already made about half a dozen trips to Farm Country and still haven't had our fill.  The favorite parts are still the pony rides and feeding the goats.

We've been so many times, Miles knows which ponies are boys and which ones are girls and of course will only ride on the boy ponies.  

The Peacock finally had his feathers open and it made Miles' day.  He had to tell his Talking Time Preschool class all about it later that week.  

One highlight of the month was taking a trip to Jungle Jims with our bff's.  2 very pregnant ladies, 2 crazy toddlers, and a Miles made for an extremely tiring afternoon, but the kids had an absolute blast.

Crew was also a little bit of a dare devil on some of the rides and was leaning over the edge or trying to stand up.  So, he got banned from the higher rides, as it was a bit stressful for Macey.  

It was also the last time we could fit all our kids in one car.

We also went on a double date, without these 6 crazy kids.  Michelle proved to be a very proficient prego bowler.  

I got to go on my first field trip with Macey!  I was slightly (a lot) concerned with how I could handle the bus ride, loud kids, and choas...but I survived and was so happy I was finally able go on one.  

I love watching her with her friends and I love that all her friends know me.  

Plus, she'd still rather sit by me on the bus instead of her friends. bff's.

This guy had a birthday.  

He's kind of the best and pretended to not care that in my current state I did not get him a birthday present and I forgot a few of his favorite items in his birthday meal.  

Crew is turning into a crazy/typical toddler.  We've had to child proof like we never have before.  I caught him the other day using the drawers as stairs to get onto the counter.  He is constantly throwing my silverware into the garbage can.  The moment he finds a pen, marker, crayon, or chapstick in reach he runs to the closest wall and starts drawing.  

Everyday he picks up new words and fights back just a little bit more when confronted by Miles.  He is officially in 2T clothes now and is looking and acting less and less like my baby.  

One of my favorite things of the moment...his love of orange.  It's the only color he says and loves to point out and bring me things that are orange.  He really wants to be the favorite.  

Miles has turned into a surprisingly good helper, when the right motivation is in place.  

I kind of love our cleaning time while Crew is napping and he is working hard to earn a show. 

Macey has been asking to learn to code, so her and Paul built a program that counted to a billion.  

She's also been busy with soccer, gymnastics, friends, and of course reading.  She LOVES to read, she claims it is her current favorite thing about life.  We've had a blast going through my book boxes to find just the right book and I love seeing her enjoy some of my favorites on her own.  

We are also getting more and more excited about baby girl coming in about 4 weeks!! 

Here's the first matching outfit, Macey cannot wait for more. 

I've had a blast going through Macey's baby clothes and getting everything out. I just hope I'm going to feel up to putting this baby is real clothes, because I have a lot to get through.  

I have moments where I can push through the nausea haze and function fairly normally for a few hours at a time.  I get quite excited when I'm able to put a real meal on the table for everyone.  

We obviously need to give some attention to proper table manners steps.  

With Paul's assistance I got some curtains hemmed for the laundry closet! 

There's only about 25 more things to get done on my "Before Baby List".

Here's hoping for a sunny April with happy children and less puking, so I can be somewhat productive!

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Crew is so big, but I guess he needs to be with a new baby coming. Love the matching outfits for Macey and baby girl, I can't wait for more either. Congratulations on the laundry room curtains, they look great. Good to see that Miles & Crew were able to sit together and Miles is such a good helper with the silverware that is left, before Crew gets his hands on it. Crew might be trying to be the favorite with loving orange, but Macey is going to be Paul's learning to write code. Here's hoping you have a good April!

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February's novel

Mar 2, 2014
The best thing about this month was the sun started shinning! If the sun was out, so were we.  

I also fell in love, again, with our tiny backyard.  If it isn't raining or snowing Crew is happily playing basketball or just making a mess back there.  I love knowing he can't get into any real trouble and I can actually get things done without having to watch him.

I finally got to go for walks.  The gym and I haven't liked each other very much lately, so it was a nice change.  I was even nice one day and walked to the park with a friend to let the kids play.  No jackets required. 

Crew is still trying to remember how to properly enter and exit the cars, though. It was a long winter. 

Shockingly, my desire to move has greatly lessened. :)  

Holly and I even took a break from our normal Friday Dinosaur Museum outing and took the boys to Farm Country.  Everyone was happy for the change. Plus, Crew greatly increased his vocabulary after our visit.  He now says horse, cow, moo, and neigh. 

Miles has been really good at making sure we do his Talking Time (his speech preschool) homework.  He really has improved so much and said the "k" sound for the first time last week.  His speech teacher was screaming and hugging him and I had to work very hard to hold the tears back.  He is so proud of himself too and has been showing off his new found skill to everyone.  

We took a quick trip to Vegas to meet up with the Bartlett's.  I was dying to meet Maybelle and she lived up to her pictures...cutest and best baby around.  

We enjoyed the sun and the company.  Although, I always question why in the world I want to travel with 3 crazy kids during the trip, but, afterwards, no regrets. :)  

We took the kids to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. It's the only predatory based aquarium, so naturally Miles was in heaven. It was the highlight of the trip for everyone. 


*Not pictured, we met up with our old college friends Rich and Jeanine.  So fun to catch up after 10 years.  

We finally took the kids to Classic Skating for Maceys school's family night. I loved watching Macey hang out with all her friends, first graders are just too cute.  

Holly and I did Macey's Class Valentine Party.  Planning these parties has been one of my favorite things about this year.  

This kid got a haircut.  They cut off way more than I told them too, but I love it and have no fear about it growing back curly and crazy.

We still think Crew is the cutest kid around, even when he is constantly getting into trouble.  Nothing is safe anymore. 

Crew is also working on becoming Paul's favorite child.  He is the only one that likes hamburgers, he's obsessed with basketball, and video games.  Crew can often be found turning on the espn app on the apple tv and then sitting back and watching a little basketball.  I always know when he's done this because I hear him screaming "ball! ball! ball!".

This month's goal was getting my books out of boxes and finding homes for them all.  Goal accomplished, although I still haven't figured out what to do with them in the boy's room.

We went to our last BYU homegame of the season.  While I will miss the games, I am looking forward to doing something else with my Saturday nights. 

Pregnancy Update:

This time last pregnancy I was on bedrest and had been to the hospital about a dozen times already.  This time everything is looking great, what a difference it makes!

I am still nauseous and throwing up, but am able to accomplish what needs to get done, nothing extra though. :)  

Besides, cleaning bathrooms beats bedrest most days.  

And the crockpot usually ends up in the garage by the end of the day. 

I'm still struggling with the no Dr. Pepper thing.  And the fact that my throat is still bleeding just as much as it was before, hasn't helped.  We will see if I can keep it up.  My throat really won't get a chance to heal until this is all over anyways and some days are just hard.  

Other proof I am feeling slightly better...Michelle and I took our kids out in public.  Usually on our playdates, I lay on the couch while the kids run around crazy.  

There was only one mishap, where Crew ran behind the counter to see what the workers were doing.  Other than that, they were perfect angels.  

Here's hoping for one more snow and then lots of sunshine in March!
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The pictures of Crew in the car really made me laugh. He has grown so much. Also love him & Paul watching the game. Glad you are not bed rest too! You've got some great little cleaners there. Love the February post.
hahaa, "michelle and i took our kids out in public". wow you must be feeling better! no regrets about the trip either, but yes i gotta say traveling with kids is way nuts and i think we need to do a couples cruise again :)
So so glad you aren't on bed rest! I really hope the rest if your pregnancy goes well! We need to get together!

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