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Jul 16, 2018
June.  My favorite month in Utah.

swim lessons:

Like the first 2 weeks of every summer, Julianne and I signed the kids up for 9:00 swim lessons.  

The boys' teacher wasn't the most engaging, so they spent a lot of time hitting each other with the kick boards.  They at least loved it.  :)

Pond Days:

Lots of Pool Days:

I am entering a very nice pool phase.  I've actually gotten to sit in my lounge chair for almost half of the time on each pool trip!

Ruby fell asleep as we were gathering all the kids from all corners of the pool.  

We also lucked out to have friends with a neighborhood pool and we jump at every opportunity to hang out there.  This is what summer is all about. 


We aren't used to having lots of people over to our house and then actually play inside.  it's been fun.  One week we had 10 kids for lunch everyday but one.  It's amazing having all this space and not feeling claustrophobic or like they are completely trashing the place.  

I will be happy when this dirt is finally gone though!

Couldn't find Miles and Gavin one afternoon...they were taking turns reading DogMan outloud to each other. :)  

Tajen is always a very popular guest.  

All 4 kids are always fighting over him and he is a very good sport and makes sure to play with each one.  

best playdate(s) of the month though was getting to have Crew's best friend Madden over.  He moved to Alabama, so we were so happy he came to Utah to visit.  

Crew and Madden together are just my favorite.  They just have such similar temperaments and are both just the sweetest 5 year olds ever.  We miss Madden so much!

And then other friends take pity on us and our treeless dirt yard and invite us over to play in their backyards where we don't melt because it's shady. 


We've got our routine down and it's barely stressful anymore.  

Miles knows how to work the parade too and came away with the most stuff.  Shirts, fidget spinner, frisbee, icecream, coupons, magnets...that kid knew what he was doing.  

Father's Day:

The kids made Paul a cute poster about all the awesome dad things he does and we all made him Oreo cookies.

It's barely stressful cooking in my new kitchen with this bunch.  


One of the best things about summer is our girls nights shift from dessert places only, to hiking, followed by dessert. 


We still frequent the townhouses to see our friends and bask in their shade.  

We were ecstatic to still get an invite to potluck and movie night. 

I am shedding tears less frequently about moving.  But, oh my goodness do I miss these people!  I do enjoy the over the top greetings we receive when we come back though and Roman running down the sidewalk yelling "Kelsey, you're home".  :)  

I think this place will ALWAYS feel like home and the moment I smell those trees I am instantly relaxed.  


Crew and I had birthdays.  

Crew will get his very own birthday post, because he's pretty much the best. 

Macey and I got pedicures.

Ashley and I took Miles and Penelope to their beloved 2nd grade teachers wedding reception.

And then Paul made me a quadruple layer chocolate cake.  


In case you were wondering, Ruby is still crazy, wild and a pain.

I really don't know what to do with her most days. She did get into the preschool I wanted in the fall, so hopefully they can get her in line for me. :)  

She loves to stand on the counter and throw things.  Here I caught her making her barbies fly.  

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Your kitchen/house looks amazing from what I can see. So much sunlight! I'm thrilled for you.
Fun June! Glad you are in your new home I can't wait to see it. Pool time looks great, wish I could hang out with you.

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Nana and Pop-pop finally come to play in the summer!

Jul 4, 2017
Nana and Pop-Pop came out to visit right when the kids got out of school.  

So, they got to enjoy our first week of summer festivities with us.  

We took them to get Shave Ice.

We took them swimming at the pool. 

And this was M&M's first time to do the drop slide.  I was very impressed. There was no way you'd catch me doing this at 7 and 10 years old!

It was great having 3 adults and 4 kids.  We spent a lot of time at the waterslides. 

We did a neighborhood trip to the pond, where Nana & Pop-Pop tried their best to hide in the shade. 

Got out our waterslide.

Found a new hike to do.  

It was beautiful and not crowded, which was crazy since it was Memorial Day.

And then we enjoyed a little mountain picnic.

Debz and I did a little modeling session wearing LuLaRoe Clothes for her new business.  

Obviously naturals.  

We celebrated the June Birthday's. 

Crew loved his new fishing pole from nana and pop-pop.  

There was also lots of time spent playing games and hanging around the house (board games, basketball, kickball, book reading, playing monster...)

And of course put Pop-Pop to work around the house.  

It was a fun filled week and it was the first time they've been able to come in the summer time.  It was heaven not having to be doing the normal schedule of school and after school activities.  Plus, the weather was perfection!  

Best first week of summer ever!

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Sep 8, 2016
And just like that, August is behind us, and we are back in the full swing of craziness.  

We tried to suck out every last ounce of summer before school started and even a little bit more after. :)

It's crazy to think we were able to fit so much in with the Stephen's visit and our camping trip to Bear Lake, but there is just too much summer fun to be had.  

- We got the waterslide out one more time for the big kids. 

it was quite crazy, as usual. 

Then, once they were all back in school, we had a toddler party.  

It was pure heaven.  

We had five 2 year old girls and they just played and played. We dreamed about what life would be like if we didn't have boys...we decided we could handle many afternoons just like this one.  There was no sword fighting, wrestling, hitting, attempts to knock the slide over.  

I can't remember the last time (if ever) I witnessed a play date so serene.  

I think Ruby logged the most slides down the water slide and this was her face everytime she came out. :)  

These boys were there too, but they just entertained themselves and we didn't see much of them. 

It was pretty much a perfect afternoon, sitting in the shade talking with my friends while our children actually played nicely and quietly.  

- Ashley graduated from college, so we had to have a dance party to celebrate.

It was an absolute blast.  We impressed all the kids with our sweet moves.  And we are already looking for an excuse to have another one.  

- We made our last Splash Pad and Pond visits.  

- The boys both learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels, but for some reason I only have a picture of Crew documented.  

- We did an end of summer backyard clean up and the kids picked weeds for the first time. They loved it. 

- Had a much needed girls night with some of my favorites. 

It's always the best when you're laughing so hard you cry.  

-Miles started soccer and is doing amazing!

and by amazing, I don't mean he's scoring tons of goals.  

I mean, he is participating, having fun, trying, and not throwing fits!!!!

He also thinks he belongs to the Everett family, so he can often be found photo bombing their family pictures. 

And he has also convinced Ellie to take him almost every Sunday to Riverwoods to catch Pokemon.  

We have one happy 6 year old around here.  

And I've been keeping busy with these 2 while the big kids are at school all day.  

Next up, back to school pics.  Only a few weeks late. :)  

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Jul 27, 2016
I love June in Utah.  No more school, temps are in the 80's and 90's, and the kids aren't annoying me yet.  

And seriously, look at where we get to spend our afternoons.  

We've spent lots of time just hanging out with our neighborhood friends, you know while everyone is still getting along.  

Ashley organized a water balloon fight between a few families and it was highly entertaining.  

Lots of time has also been spent with the Rensinks. 

And it wouldn't be summer without a few visits to our desert beaches. 

And hanging out at the pool.  

And hiding out in the AC when needed. 

We try to spend as much time out of the house as possible, because there tends to be lots of messes when these crazies are stuck inside for more than 15 min.  

And meals are consumed as quickly as possible so kids can get back outside to play.  

For my birthday Miles let me play Mario with him. :)  

And we went to the splash pad and ate lots of treats to celebrate me getting older. 

And they let me get a little shopping in. I figured I have now earned the right to wear a mumu whenever I want.  

First month of summer, also means I attempt to do things like take them to the library.  

One of the best parts of summer though, is having Macey home.  She makes things, like taking all 4 kids to the doctors office, manageable.  

yay, for summer!

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Adorable mumu! I hear ya on the getting along only lasting the first half of summer - we've hit our peak and my kids are definitely tired of being around the same people day after day after day. It's time to switch things up! Ug. Four more weeks til school starts... Gotta fill it up with all the fun stuff I'll regret not doing when the schedules mandate our lives again.
I don't know that I would call that a mumu, far to cute. What an enjoyable summer.

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Aug 7, 2015
I always get a little grumpy when July ends, because it means school is less than a month away.  So, I'm hoping that reminiscing about our July activities will help me not be sad about what's happening in 2 weeks.  So, yes, this is another mammoth post.  It's all I seem to be able to do these days.  

We had a perfect low key 4th weekend.

We started out at the Springville pond, where upon driving there we found out the Rensinks were headed in the same direction.  

Blow up animals, entertaining company, hot sun, and real sand, made for a perfect afternoon.  

We thought we were alone on the actual 4th, for the first time ever, so we splurged on a blow up slide to keep us entertained.  

Turns out most of our neighbors ended up being around and we were so happy to have friends to play with afterall.  

We had a first in our family this month...stitches!!  Crew fell off a neighbors porch (a very common occurrence) and hit his chin on a drain pipe while he was with a babysitter.  Due to my fair share of other head and chin wounds, I immediately saw the difference in this once and off to the doctors we went.  

He was a champ and didn't cry once.  The doctor told me I better put him sports.  

July offered us these weird cool days, so we took advantage by hanging out at some parks and Farm Country.  

We don't usually spend anytime at parks during July, so I tried not to be grouchy about not being at the pool and enjoy it. 

Crew and Liam, they are pretty much the best. 

We still enjoyed plenty of sun and we are still going strong with our weekly pool or pond trips.  

And sometimes the "sand" turns out to be more muck like, but the kids never seem to mind.  

We did have one very exciting pond day where we got chased away by lightening and pouring rain, but it was fun while it lasted.  

My favorite pond days though involve leaving Ruby with a babysitter and catching up with old friends.  

This particular day there were some people fishing and every time they caught a trout they'd call the kids over and put it in their bucket.  They ended up with 5 fish or so in their little pond.  Pretty much made these kids day.  I love nice people! 

We are still going strong with our summer movie series too.  And Miles sat through his first movie ever this month!  Huge milestone.  

Julianne introduced us to Utah's Natural History Museum.  

I can't wait to go back on a non free day. when the crowd level isn't quite so insane.

Julianne and I also had the amazing idea to get a babysitter for the 3 hardest shopping kids and bring the easier 3 with us to city creek (plus 2 ipads).  Made for a pretty great afternoon of shopping.  

their favorite way to shop at Anthropology.  :)

We still end up spending a good portion of our days at home being lazy and playing with the neighborhood kids.  

Macey informed me this summer there is no where she'd rather be than home. 

Our good friend was diagnosed with Cancer this month, after making cards for her one morning, these girls decided they wanted to do a perler bead/lemonade stand to help raise money for her hospital bills.  

I was amazed at the support of our ward and neighborhood as they came and over paid for treats, lemonade and bead creations.  It was overwhelming how much money they earned and it was a good mom moment seeing these girls count up all that money and to see the complete shock in their faces when they realized how much money they had earned for their friend.  They didn't even question handing every cent over to Cindy's family, what an example these kids are to me.  

On a Ruby note.  She won't stop growing and is crazier and busier than ever.  

I boxed up her 6-12 month clothes for Shaunna and we have managed to give away almost all of our true baby things.  While it's sad to say goodbye to the baby stage, I've found it's sort of freeing too.  

Ruby loves to wrestle and get in on any action that is happening around her.  Sometimes when these 2 escape in just their diapers while getting dressed, I secretly love it.  

Gotta soak up these baby moments while I can.  

And proof I run my AC too much at night for the basement dwelling children:

Now I've got to get back to playing, I only have a few more weeks until this one becomes a 3rd grader.  

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props to crew for not crying during his stitches! my youngest needed stitches last year and he screamed and then fell asleep half way through. lol.
props to crew for not crying during his stitches! my youngest needed stitches last year and he screamed and then fell asleep half way through. lol.

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