march madness at home

Apr 4, 2017
March always comes just when we need it.  

I never realize how much pent up energy these kids have inside them until they are set free after winter.  

If the sun is out, these kids are out. Dinner is skipped many evenings, or shoveled into their mouths at a lightening pace, to get back outside.  

Never a shortage of friends or things to do. 

And I get to see my long lost friends too.  Life is good. 

Crewby keeps me busy during the day with constant fort building. 

I actually banned forts for April though, I'm a good mom like that.  Ruby loves to destroy them and Crew loves to scream and cry when this happens.  So, we are taking a break, before I completely loose it. :)   

We registered Crew for Kindergarten this month.  

I am not too happy about having him gone everyday next school year, but bless Utah and their half day kindergarten.  

Look at this stud, I am not quite ready to part with him. 
Although, he has been mastering the screaming fit lately, so I won't miss that. :) 

Lucky for me, I still get this crazy girl all to myself for a little longer.  

She is actually starting to play and pretend with her toys.  I love to watch.  

She also uses everything as a magic wand and is constantly turning me into Belle or Ruby.  

And look at this hair!  

And these best friends are just the cutest.  Ruby's life just wouldn't be the same if Ella didn't live across the grass from us.  

I often get asked if Ruby is still wild. The answer is "yes!"

There are a million stories I could share.  This particular picture though represents what happens the 1 time I forget to lock the closet door in her room.  

She was suppose to be napping, but she of course sensed my mistake and emptied all my more dangerous craft items all over her room. She left the paper, crayons, googly eyes, pom-poms, craft sticks, washable markers, and tape alone.

Instead she went for ALL the permanent markers, ink pads, and scissors.  She covered every item in her room, and her body of course, in ink.  Luckily her wardrobe is installed with self locking technology, otherwise I am sure all of her clothes would be covered in permanent marker as well.   

45 min in the bath and 45 min scrubbing her room and most of the marker is gone.  the palms of her hands and soles of her feet were pink for a week. And her bedframe is a lost cause.  Other than that, it didn't turn out too badly.
Once again, this is why we spend so much time outside. :) 

Crew learned to ride a two wheeler last year, but he isn't quite ready for real bike rides, due to the fact that he can't ride straight and either rides into fences or off the curb.  I find it a bit stressful. So, we have been doing lots of practicing in the Target parking lot.  

This particular day we ended up with a 3 bike pile up.  I think we need a little more work on the brakes.  

There's of course been lots of basketball watching.  M&M are very into this year and have kept very good tabs on their favorite teams.  

We bought Rogue One and these 3 LOVED it.  We sent them down to get their PJ's on and they all came up in their Star Wars gear.  

We pulled Miles' Battle Bots arena down from it's high shelve and it's been quite entertaining.  Ellie even got in on the action when she stopped by to visit.  

A highlight of every March is always Paul's Birthday.  

homemade chocolate cake with homemade frosting...only the best for this guy.  

He even got to come home from work early to play with us. And yes, notice another fort has been set up in the backyard. 

We then got a babysitter.  Watched some basketball at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Then played mini golf and video games.  I love birthdays.  

I also caught this cute leprechaun.  

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Yes, he is really 35 now.

Apr 14, 2016
Paul was a bit sad about getting older, so we made sure to celebrate in style.  

Paul is not a fan of sharing his birthday with St. Patrick's Day, so we made sure to get the leprechaun business out of the way first thing.  

Then it was onto breakfast meats and presents.  

The real excitement came though that weekend where we celebrated where every 35 year old dreams...Nickel City

Pizza, video games, friendly competition, laughter, good friends, and laser tag.  

It doesn't get much better.  And I realized I am much too out of shape to play a 15 min. laser tag game. :)  

This getting old thing really isn't that bad after all.  

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I love the autographed photographs of Paul on the guests' plates! That's hilarious.

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Oct 10, 2015
Paul and Steve took Macey and Ethan on their first overnight backpacking trip up to Silver Lake in American Fork Canyon.  

The hike was just over 2 miles in and an elevation gain of 1,450 feet.

Macey was so excited that she was big enough to carry all her own stuff (sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, gear...everything for her). I don't think she was as excited about it half way through the hike, but she did it and I was impressed.  

 I was a bit, ok a lot, nervous about bears.  

So, Paul got bear spray, taught Macey what to do if they saw one, bought a bear can, and made sure to set up their kitchen up away from their tents.  He's a good husband to ease my fears like that. :)  

It happened to be the coldest weekend since summer, there was frost everywhere when they woke up, but they both slept totally fine (I would not of slept at all).  

Macey gave it 2 thumbs up and said it was just as fun as Disneyland and given the choice between the two she doesn't know which she would choose.  

Her favorite part was climbing around on these rocks, which is her own personal heaven.  She of course ripped her pants in the process.  

Things Paul wants to remember about their trip:

- unsuccessful fishing, Macey still loved it.

- He told Macey not to go in the water, she did and then was freezing cause her shoes were wet.  She had to wear his socks and still did some pouting about it.  

- Macey kept asking "how much longer" the entire hike, but then forgot she was tired once they got there.  

- He is still mad that Steve accepted an out of state job offer immediately before their trip.  And because of that they can't make this a tradition, and he now has to find a new (probably not as cool) friend to go backpacking with.  

So glad everyone survived and maybe next year I can convince him to take Miles too. :)  

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Yeah, that looks like a serious memory-maker! What a good dad.

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10 years people.

Aug 19, 2013
How these things happen I do not know, but Paul and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Crazy!!  Most of the time I feel like we just graduated from college, but here we are 3 kids and 5 houses later.  

I couldn't turn down the chance to do a comparison picture:

Seattle Temple the day we got married...

Our back yard 10 YEARS LATER...

If someone told me on our wedding day that we would still be in Utah 10 years later I would of cried right there on the spot.  I never would of thought I'd actually grow to love it here. Although I'm pretty sure I'd live most anywhere as long as Paul was there. :)  I have also learned to quit predicting where life will take us next. 

At least we don't look too old yet, right?  

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Happy anniversary! Wow, 10 years, really? You guys look good. I also can't believe you've never left Utah. Someday... but like you said, the important thing is not where you are, but who you're with. You guys are good together!
Congratulations! Look what you have built the last 10 years. Believe me where you are at is where I feel I should be at.
nana and opa
Congrats! Neither one of you have changed at all.....just added those precious little ones to the family. Love you!

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March Madness

Mar 19, 2013
Macey and Miles have been living outside and it has helped to get us through Paul's NEVER ending work hours.

Although, my house has been extra sandy and my couches have been getting an extra layer of dirt on them. As a result all children have been banished to the floor.

All jeans currently look like this:

We had to do some pant shopping and I am hoping they will get us through to short weather.

We also hit 70 degrees last week and happily spent the afternoon at the park with 2 of Macey's best friends from school and their moms.

I love Kindergartners and having new mom friends.

Paul finally had a few hours free, so we got to work on the mess that is the Kid Closet. I think we finally found the proper organization to fit 3 kids in one closet, I hope it works/lasts!

Macey is loving being able to see all her clothes now and I have learned she has a thing for hipster animal tees, i wonder where she gets that from?

Paul also had a birthday this month. It fell on a Sunday and I hate Sunday birthdays, so I planned a fun filled Saturday. I didn't even leave him time to work. :)

Marley's for Breakfast, Soldier Hollow, Dairy Keen,Texas Roadhouse, and old friends...doesn't get much better.

We ended up having Holly babysit for 10 hours, with a 3 hour break in the middle. Awesome.

It was a good thing we celebrated Saturday though, cause church Sunday turned out to be one of the worst we have ever had. I won't go into details but it involved lots of bodily fluids, crazy primary kids, and more.

I still managed to make dinner and a Mustache Cake though. Plus, I even let Macey and Miles decorate their own cake. And for the first time, i didn't decorate at all!? I thought Macey and Miles might notice, they didn't. I don't think I'm going to decorate next year either. :)

I think I love March more and more every year.
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That warm weather sounds amazing, I am glad you are enjoying it! Paul's birthday looked like a lot of fun. Good job leaving him no time to work!
Ok your blog is adorable. And could your kids be any cuter?!
Ok your blog is adorable. And could your kids be any cuter?!
LOVE the mustache cake!! :)
Love the new blog. The kids are so happy to finally be outside. You guys always loved your sandbox to but it is messy but worth it. Love Macey's boys. The closet looks great, you are so organized. Paul's birthday looked so fun. Dad has lots to live up to. =)

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