May 2, 2014
Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I think because it's so low key and involves some of my most favorite foods (ham, jello eggs, & chocolate).  And not to mention new beginnings and the resurrection. :)

I planned to do a few Family Home Evenings on why we celebrate Easter, but my current state kind of got in the way.  Luckily the church released this awesome video, which we watched and talked about multiple times.

Gina and I organized our annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt.  I swear every year the kids multiply.  

This Year

4 Years Ago

Crazy, isn't it!  Luckily I don't mind the crazy crowds...most days. 

And could these 2 be any cuter?  They've pretty much been bff's since they were 2.

Crew was in heaven...he'd find an egg, eat the candy and then move on to the next one.  

Pretty sure they ate all their candy before we came inside. Which is the way I like it.  

I was tempted Easter Morning to make them wait until after church to find their baskets, since we had church at 9:00.  But, I realized that'd be pretty lame, so instead I just set my alarm for 30 min earlier than normal.  Totally worth it.

The favorite candy this year...little chocolate bunny.  Apparently the Easter Bunny had never brought them before.  


We even had a few minutes to spare before church and got a few pictures snapped.

Easter Dinner is probably my favorite holiday meal...but due to my nausea and tendency to puke, I had to keep it simple.  Meaning store bought dessert, no deviled eggs, only 2 flavors of Jello eggs, and Company Potatoes instead of mashed.  The short cuts worked and I was mostly able to enjoy it.  Plus, eating on the deck maybe it even better.

The poor kids didn't even get to dye easter eggs this year, but did they even ask or care?  Nope.  Thank goodness, because the last thing I needed was to feel mom guilt.  :)  

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Park City Mountain Resort

Aug 14, 2012
We weren't planning on doing the Alpine Slide or Alpine Coaster at The Park City Mountain Resort, as we didn't want to leave Crew out. But, once we showed Macey the Alpine Coaster online, she convinced us we had to go.

Paul took Miles on the Alpine Slide, since there was no way I was riding that ski lift up with him. Pretty sure I would of had a heart attack before we got to the top.

The first thing Miles said when he climbed off, was "Again!"

I then took Macey on the Alpine Coaster, since it pulls you up the mountain, vs. having to ride that ski lift.

Macey made me push the handles all the way down the whole time so we went as fast as possible! She loved it.

Macey of course ended the afternoon with dipping dots, which she happily shared with all of us.

So glad Paul suggested a trip, it made me feel like I wasn't letting summer slip us by! Best trip, with the coolest people I know.
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That coaster looks awesome! I haven't done that yet. Something to put on the bucket list... I love that picture of Miles and Paul on the slide! So cute.
Looks like we need to plan a trip there.

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The Canyons

Aug 13, 2012
We were trying to decide wether to get a condo just off of Main St. in Park City or Go with one in a ski resort. We decided we'd probably do more hiking than shopping, so we went with Westgate at The Canyons Ski Resort.

It was the right choice for us, because there was never a shortage of things going on right outside our resort!

This random ski lift bench was a favorite hang out.

There were always random events and activities going on in The Village, so they'd run some of their lifts to transport people to and from the parking lot down below. We of course loved riding them and waving to the follow passengers.

Trina came up to play one evening and we got to ride the lift down to a Farmer's Market. She was also kind enough to take our only family picture of the trip!

The most exciting part of our trip was when Macey and I got stuck in a torrential downpour while riding the lift. It involved lots of screaming, laughing and being totally soaked.

These pictures were taken right before it started pouring.

They do free concerts in the village on the weekends, so we of course had to check it out. There isn't much that beats free live music in the mountains.

Macey and Miles loved playing in the giant sandbox, eating good food, and performing their awesome dance moves.

We rode the Gondola up to the Red Pine Lodge one morning to do some hiking. Thank goodness it was totally enclosed, cause it was high and slightly scary.

From the end of the lift we hiked just less than 2 miles to Alpine Lake, which was pretty much just a man made pond. But, they had paddle boats and tables with umbrellas, so it made for a perfect destination. Miles was a trooper too and completed the longest hike of his 2 1/2 year life with little assistance from me. We told them it was good training for our trip to Disneyland next month. :)

Even though we don't ski, we sure do love the ski resorts in the summertime!

Don't worry I still have one more post to complete our vacation recap. :)
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Thanks for the shout out! When are we getting a condo in Park City next year? ;)
Fun! It looks like you had a great time! You look so skinny!
Macey's hat is soooo cute, and you are right - nothing could be better than live music in the mountains. Bliss!
You guys had the best time. I love Macey's hat and you look GREAT!

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Summer Escape

Aug 12, 2012
Things were getting claustrophobic around here, so Paul suggested we take a trip the following week. I started searching the internet, my criteria being less than a 5 hour drive, cooler temps then Orem, and no basic hotel rooms allowed. Park City fit my criteria perfectly and being only 45 min away made it that much better. This was our 2nd Navasard Only Vacation. first ever documented here.

We stayed at the Westgate, which was amazing.

It was an awesome week and since I'm sure you're all dying to know exactly how we spent our week I will be documenting our trip over multiple blog posts, it was that awesome.

First I will cover the amazingness of our resort.

Our favorite parts of the resort were:

the playground.

the Multiple pools.

We played Marco Polo, had lots of races and floating competitions, and worked on our pool tricks.

Crew of course was the perfect baby and slept poolside every day while we played.

Macey's favorite part was diving for her dive sticks and Miles' was conquering swimming with his arm floaties on.

the Arcade.

We got to introduce Macey and Miles to some of our favorite games: galaga, Mrs. Pacman, Crusin USA, and Air Hockey. Crew of course slept in his stroller here too.


Our Room.

Macey and Miles loved having their own bathroom, I don't think their teeth or faces have ever been so clean. We tried to have them sleep in separate rooms, but they of course ended up together on one king size bed.

I loved the lazy mornings with no schedule and the fact that Paul made us pancakes every morning, was like heaven.

The view from our balcony:

And to prove that Crew was awake sometimes:

Can I just say I forgot how awesome newborns are while you're out and about?! He really was amazing, love this baby.

More to come on activities at The Canyons and around Park City.

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Look like you had the best time! The kids are so cute.
It already looks like bliss. Why ever leave that resort?

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New Pet Peeve

Apr 18, 2008
I have a lot of things that annoy me. For instance, at Barnes and Noble it bugs me when people take the checkout line straight back from the registers instead of turning it and keeping it along the path like they want you to. It doesn't stress me out or anything, it just bothers me.

Today at the park I discovered a new thing that annoys me; moms who put their babies in the swings and just leave them there. Macey and I waited for 20 minutes today at the park while the same kids were in the only 2 babies swings. It was pretty obvious that Macey wanted to swing because she kept pointing and screaming at them. But, the moms continued to leave their kids there while they chatted w/ each other and played elsewhere with their older children. We weren't the only ones waiting either, there were at least 5 other moms hanging around too.

It was a good reminder to me though to be a little more courteous with the baby swings, especially when the park is packed.
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Atleast it's warm enough where you live to go to the park! Still waiting for the sun.
I haven't encountered that one yet but that would be sure to drive me crazy!

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