3 seasons in 1

Dec 2, 2016
In November we got a little bit of every type of weather, it was perfection. 

Gotta love after Halloween clearance.  Picked up this sweet Kylo helmet for $2! And notice the tank top and shorts...in November!

We had a few glorious weeks in the 60's and even low 70's.  

We pretty much made the kids live outside, since we didn't know how long it would last. And we didn't even eat dinner or do homework on most of the those days, because I just could not bare the thought of making them come inside when there were friends and sunshine to be enjoyed. 

Very slowly the leaves started falling and we got to have many jumping sessions.  

These kids are well trained and instantly form a line once the pile is ready and there are always "pile keepers" who will build the pile back up before the next kid can jump. :)  

There was lots of burying of kids in the leaf pile and then videoing them in slow motion jumping out.  It was highly entertaining.  

Michelle and I ventured to BYU. 

Always fun to be on campus, especially when it's with one of my favorite Roomies.  

We wanted to stand in the quad and yell at all the students to enjoy this time, they will never get it back, soak it all in!!! But instead, we probably just convinced them not to have children too soon.  

notice, my shoeless child in November, in a public place, in bare feet.  Good parenting right there.  It's all about survival.  

And lucky for us the weather held until we were able to make it Orem's new All Together Playground.  I have a thing with crowds, especially at playgrounds.  

It was awesome.  We were only able to find the boy's fence posts, so we will go back once the snow melts to find Macey and Ruby's.  

Then finally, the last few days of November, we got our long awaited snow! It's no fun playing outside when it's cold, unless there is snow on the ground.

The first snow day there was about 20 kids playing out front! I would of gotten a picture, but I had 6 kids out there (we had 2 school friends over) and that kept me quite busy with dressing, undressing, fixing gloves, throwing snow balls and distributing hot chocolate. 

Macey and Carmen's Snow Caterpillar 

And even the snow couldn't keep Ruby from doing her chore of taking the garbage to the dumpster.  

Bring on Winter, I might actually be ready for you this year.  

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Dec 3, 2015
November can and went way too fast, well most days at least.   

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed a lifetime between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?  I guess it makes me officially old, time is going by too fast sometimes.  

We lucked out and got one perfect leaf jumping day in before the snow hit and it got too cold.  

I love it when the kids start to do something fun outside and then the other kids notice and slowly start trickling outdoors to play.  

It got even more exciting when Paul joined the fun and made a giant leaf pile that the kids took turns hiding in and scaring people, before they could no longer contain the urge to jump in it.  

We got a good hour of leaf jumping in before the metal rakes came out and I deemed it too dangerous for my kids to continue to be outside. :) 

The valley got it's first snow dusting.  

Which meant Paul got off work early and we went sledding with the Rensinks at our new favorite mountain sledding hill.  

Nothing like a first snow.  

And it was our first sledding experience, post kids, where someone didn't cry.  

It was a sledding miracle, which I don't foresee being repeated.  

Miles has decided he wants to be a scientist. Which means he is always doing some sort of experiment.  

Whether it be figuring out how to get cars into Ruby's crib.  Or mixing things like mouth wash, toothpaste, and soap together to see what he can create.  Or putting random toys or food items in the freezer to see what happens.  

It's been messy and exciting around here to say the least.  

I got to experience quite an exciting day this month too.  Nothing terrible happened, just lots of super annoying things.  

It started with Crew peeing his pants in the Carl's Jr. playplace and discovering this by the fact that it dripped onto the table where Julianne and I had just placed our drinks.  I then had the walk of shame to go tell the workers what happened.  

The "Pee Ball" and the table we were originally sitting at :)

Then when leaving the parking lot I got in an accident, which caused me to be late for kindergarten drop off. After returning home Crew had a poop accident.  In order to get that cleaned up I put Ruby down for a nap.  When she woke up 2 hours later I discovered she had removed her clothing and dirty diaper, and had flung poop all over the room.  I seriously could not stop laughing.  There were a few other things that happened that day, but I think I've already tried to block this day from my memory.  The joys of motherhood.

This was me when I got to sit down for the first time that day at 8:00, it took me another 30 min to convince myself to get back up and tackle the war zone that was my house.  

Luckily most of our days and outings are "boring" compared to that.  

And I am even willing to attempt to take them swimming without Paul.  The locker room afterwards always attempts to break me down, but we are getting better.  

And sometimes I have energy left over at the end of the day to babysit neighbor kids and feed them dinner too.  

And then there's this girl.  

She of course has her moments, but when I really need her, she's there. Whether it be doing her homework without having to be asked, helping with dinner, cleaning with me after the little kids go to bed, and even seen here typing a talk for church without any assistance from me. bless this helpful and independent 8 year old.   

Ruby is still getting into everything and stealing everyone's stuff.  

And Crew is always walking around with some sort of injury.

But these 2 are playing together more and more each day.  and I am sad they only have a few more weeks in nursery together before Crew moves up to Sunbeams.  

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Oh my goodness, worst day ever! I can't believe you were already laughing about it as it happened. I totally would have been crying/yelling/curled up in a comatose ball on my bed. You totally glazed over the car accident part - hopefully that means it wasn't a big deal???

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Dec 10, 2014
I don't remember a November where we spent as much time outside and I am not complaining one bit.  

We had one random day with a tiny amount of snow, which was of course thrilling. 

Lots of sunny days

And a few colder days, but just right for leaf jumping.  

And Crew's current favorite "fight", which is always safer done outside.  

Miles' preschool class even had their Thanksgiving Feast outside in the sun.  

and I want to note that Miles kept burping during the feast and the dads we were sitting by could not stop laughing.  This obviously didn't help and I had to give them the evil eye.    I guess we need to practice having nice manners during dinner.  But, seriously, it was pretty hilarious and I would of laughed hard if I could. :)  

One warmish day, we ran down to Holly's house and she took some quick pictures of these handsome dudes.  

There has also been many fun afternoons playing and climbing around in the basement like the monkeys they are.  

Sometimes I stick Crew in Miles' bed (when Miles isn't home of course), so I can get the laundry done in peace.  He LOVES it. And don't worry, he's only fallen out one time. :)

Speaking of Miles' bed, this is a common sight when Paul goes to check on him at night. 

Since Winter is slowly approaching we planned a neighborhood girls night to The Chocolate, before we all go into hiding for the winter.  

I love these ladies.  If it wasn't for them there are many days I might not of survived.  

One thing I am barely surviving though, is church.  

Luckily Ruby is an angel, a loud one, but an angel non the less.  

Miles' spends most of Sacrament Meeting sitting in a classroom practicing sitting on a chair.  Which usually involves lots of screaming, tears, and my large muscles blocking the door.  Crew also spends a lot of time screaming and crying, as seen in the picture above. 

Last week, while taking Miles out to the hall after having to break up a fight between him and Crew, he went limp and I had to drag him out, as I was carrying Ruby too.  He then proceeded to grab the door jam, so I then had to bend down and pry his fingers off.  It was awesome.  I now have a renewed love for maxi skirts.  
And that's just the first hour, I'm not even going to get into the 2nd and 3rd hour with Miles. 

In good news, Macey FINALLY learned to tie her shoes!!  I seriously almost shed tears of happiness and relief. She's a double knotter pro and I love that all the frustration is finally gone.  

We got to go to The Brown's house for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful.

 Macey was a little sad at school that week when they kept talking about how Thanksgiving is a holiday where you spend time with family.  I believe her exact quote was "Mom, why don't we spend Thanksgiving with family?  You're suppose to be with family.  We always just have it with our friends."

I think she forgot all about being sad though when she got to hang out with her bff's all day.  

We also put up our tree, before Thanksgiving. :)  

The kids are in love.  There really isn't anything much better than watching them soak it all in. 

We also discovered our new favorite local BBQ place, Bam Bam's.  It is the closest I've had to Texas BBQ in Utah and I've been dreaming about going back ever since we left.  

My biggest accomplishment this month though was going through my baby boy and girl clothes.  We are in desperate need for room in our attic, so I buckled down.  I got 4 tubs down to 1, there were just things I could not part with yet. There were some tears shed, but I am making progress. It's weird/hard/sad/exciting to be leaving these baby days behind.  

Like always, it was a crazy busy month.  Maybe things will slow down in January, at least I can tell myself that, right?  
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november visitors

Dec 3, 2014

We had the best kind of visitors this month...Grandparents.   

The kids were in heaven with willing game players and book readers.  And of course getting to cruise around Target in their preferred way.  

The kids introduced Nana and Opa to Museum of Natural Curiosity.  

We got together with the Lake Jackson people and Ruby and Wren were thrilled to get to hang out multiple times this month.  

This is only one of Ruby and Wren's matching outfits.  They obviously have good style.  

A highlight of the week...Christmas number 1.  

The kids were pretty sad when Nana and Opa left to go home. Luckily they only had to survive a week before my parents came into town.

It was my mom's birthday while they were here, so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw her a surprise Cookie Monster Birthday Party.

The kids were so excited to surprise Nana when she walked in from the airport. 

It was a pretty awesome party and we were all quite happy we finally got to spend a birthday with her.  

Nana and Pop-Pop of course wanted to see The Museum of Natural Curiosity too, and we did not object to going again.  

Having 4 adults for 4 kids, made it so I could actually follow Macey around and see what she loves to do there.  

Her favorite is falling through this tower of ropes, it's pretty crazy to watch how fast she comes down.  

We of course had to have a "hang like a sloth" competition.  

Once again, I did not get to participate, as I was carrying a baby.  Perhaps someday.  

Crew spent lots of time sword fighting with Pop-Pop.  I'm sure he's got some bruises to show for it, as Crew is quite the intense swordsmen.  

My mom and I did a lot of shopping and I got to introduce her to the awesomeness that is Anthropology.  On the way up we stopped to play at Scheels.  

We had big plans to introduce my parents to some of our new favorite food places, but the stomach bug hit.  This obviously put a damper on some of our plans.  

Luckily, we were still able to take them to Cubby's, although we will have to go back on their next visit, so my mom can more fully enjoy the wonderfulness of their food.  

The kid also got to experience Christmas #2, with their first visit to Build-A-Bear.  

They loved it and all 3 animals have been constant companions since.  

And Macey surprised Nana and Pop-Pop with self portraits made from Perler Beads.  It is a specialty of hers.  

And that is why I think November wins for The Navasard Children's favorite month of the year.  
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I didn't know Build a Bear did so many other animals! How cute! And I love the peeler bead portraits. Funny!

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November Happened

Dec 11, 2013
It true holiday form, November turned out to be a big giant blur.

The kids are all moved into the basement and the office and craft room relocated to their old room upstairs.  With everything that's been happening though, we've been quite slow at finding the proper organization solutions to fit everyone and everything.  Someday.

Paul did put up these shelves for me though in the office. I love them, even though they only hold 1/50th of the children's books I own.  

Crew's hair is as crazy as always.  He got his third haircut of his young life and it's still out of control most days.



it's hard to tell but I promise they cut off about 3 inches all over that cute little head.  

Paul grew a sweet stache.  

This kid started his first stomach flu epidemic at our house. 

Paul's parents came to spend Thanksgiving with us.  The kids were in absolute heaven.  I lost count of how many games of Go Fish and Old Maid were played...they are very good grandparents. :)

Since we had babysitters, Thanksgiving night Paul and I decided to walk over to Target to see how crazy it was.  It was crazy, but Target never disappoints. 

This line wound through every grocery and toiletry aisle.  We picked up a few snacks along the way and don't worry we remembered to pay for them when we checked out.  

My favorite part of the month was putting up the Christmas Tree and getting out all the ornaments.  

We have a tradition in my family where everyone is assigned an ornament that they collect.  It was so fun to see Macey get all excited as she pulled out each of her snowman ornaments and line them up in order of year.  This has become one of my favorite traditions.

Due to Crew's obsession with balls, all the ball ornaments had to be quickly removed.  As he just couldn't resist throwing them across the room.  He has since left the tree alone, apparently angels and snowman don't hold the same temptation.  

While I am already getting slightly claustrophobic now that winter has arrived, here's hoping a few trips to ikea for some new storage solutions will help to remedy that.  :)

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I want to see pictures of the rearrangement! How fun to shake things up a bit. Kids downstairs, grownups upstairs. Each in their own space. Hey, you've got a master bath now! ;)
We had such a wonderful time seeing all of you! especially playing with those precious children. love y'all!
I love Macey enjoying all of her ornaments. So funny that Crew loves the Christmas balls so much, he has gotten so big. Crazy Target shopping!

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