2 months

Jul 20, 2014
Ruby turned 2 months while we were in Washington.

She has turned into the absolute best baby I've ever had, and that's saying a lot, because Crew was pretty awesome.  And seriously, those rolls! I just can't get enough. She always has a fair share of admirers when we are out and about and the ladies at church just cannot resist pinching those cheeks...who can blame them.  

Here's a 2 month comparison of my babies:
       11 lbs 7 oz    13 lbs 1 oz     13 lbs 14 oz     15 lbs 4 oz

She has started smiling and cooing and we obviously are obsessed. One of her favorite pastimes is lay on her back and talk with whoever is looking at her. 

Since her life has always been loud and chaotic, she can fall asleep and stay asleep through almost anything.  This includes getting thrown up on (drive to WA), having toddlers fall on her, children running & slamming doors, and of course screaming and yelling.  

Ruby started sleeping through the night at about 5 weeks and I am hoping it lasts for awhile.  The girl likes to fill up around 9:00 and then sleeps until 8:00 or so.  I was curious to see how much she was actually eating, so we did bottles one night.  She drank over 8 ounces! No wonder she can go all night.  

She has discovered the art of sucking on her fingers.  It works well for me, since I am too lazy to deal with a pacifier.  We will see if I am eating my words in a few years though.  

On her 2 month birthday we got to bless her at my aunt and uncle's house in Bellingham.  I loved doing it there with just our family, versus in my parent's ward where I hardly know anyone anymore.  

And she got to wear the dress Brianne and I wore, and now all of our girls. We were slightly worried her rolls would be too much, but it fit like a dream. 

Another attempted family picture.  

She is obviously the good child of the moment.

I'm having a tough time bouncing back this time, definitely underestimated the difficultly level from 3 to 4 for me.   This girl has at least made her part easy (other than the post meal gigantic spit ups) and I just can't get enough of her.

And I just had to include this picture!  Seriously, those cheeks and rolls.  

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Oh Kelsey! What a cute little girl. I love the comparison photo of all your babies. Your family is so cute! Oh, and I love the family picture. Paul sitting there with Ruby all nice and calm and the boys going crazy on your lap. :)
Ack! What a chubby lovey! I'm dying, looking at these pictures! ALMOST makes me think about #4, so thanks for your honesty, that the transition has been harder than you expected. Keep me real, man.
Kelli Young
Ruby and I are birthday twins!!!
your dress on the blessing day is SO cute!!
Love this baby! The first picture is just the best. I'm so happy she could be blessed here and that she was able to wear the blessing dress. In the comparison shots I think Macey & Miles look the most alike and that Crew & Ruby have there own look. They of course all look like a Navasard baby. Love the family photo and love the one of you & Ruby together!

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one month

Jun 20, 2014
Well, one month has come and gone, but I still need to document the expeditious growth of this baby before she passes the 2 month mark. 
She's pretty much a doll and wins over everyone she meets with her chub and hair.

She had us a little worried about her level of fussiness around the 3 week mark, but it didn't last too long and she is turning out to be a pretty easy going baby.

She still has 1 fussy period everyday in the evening, but I don't mind it too much since she's so cooperative during the day.

One day in the car Miles shouted "Ruby has brown eyes like me!"  Sure enough, upon further investigation, it looks like she will have brown eyes. That will make us 3 blue and 3 brown.  Macey's of course disappointed that it looks like she won't have blue like her, but Miles couldn't be happier.

And I just couldn't resist doing a 1 month comparison of all my babies. 

I think they all look quite different, but obviously related. 

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I agree they all look different however very much related. Ruby is looking so alert and of course Totally Darling!
I love that last collage! And I agree, definitely related but I think she looks the most like Crew. I also think it is awesome that your kids seem to get more and more hair with each pregnancy. So cute!

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May 26, 2014
Ruby reached and then passed her birth weight for her 2 week appointment. And here I thought she was looking little.  
love her rolls

2 Week Stats:
9 lbs 11 oz  89%
21 3/4 inches 97%

As you can tell by her size, Ruby likes to eat.  She also likes to sleep.  

She has been quite consistent with having one fussy period each day from about 5-10 in the evening. So, far that has worked just fine for us.  
The Scowl.

During the day and night she goes about 3 hours between feedings.  I'm starting to get pretty tired though, so I have a feeling she'll start going longer at night since I'm pretty sure I won't be waking up as quickly anymore.

She has giant cheeks, just like all other Navasard children.  Maybe one day I'll do some comparison pics, but that currently would take more time than I am willing to give.  

We are all in love with our chunky, dark haired babe.

All photos are courtesy of Holly of hrob photos.  She does some good work.
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Oh, Kelsey, I'm so in love with little Ruby! She's just begging for some smooches and cuddles. My favorite photo is the one where she's wrapped in burlap; it looks like she's gazing straight at the beautiful sunlight.
This baby and these pics are do die for! Seriously adorable! Congrats!

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A little vacation

May 11, 2014
Paul and I decided to stay the full 48 hours after having Ruby.  The thought of going home to a house of chaos, wasn't very appealing.  So, we enjoyed our little mini vacation with each other and Ruby, while Holly was dealing with the crazies.

We watched movies, played games, napped, ate, chatted, and of course snuggled Ruby.  

Paul also charmed all the nurses with his baby knowledge, helpfulness, and all around awesomeness.  I had multiple nurses comment on how great Paul is and even one tell me that he is hot, I of course had to agree. 

The kids came to visit again and actually got to hold her.  But, it was so nice to say "10 more min and then Holly is taking you home" when they started bugging me.  

Macey stayed an extra hour without the boys though and it was nice to just get to hang out with her and hear about all the things I'd been missing.  Plus, the wheely stool provided a lot of entertainment.

Funny thing about Macey...she was the most excited about having a baby girl, but then the most scared of the baby. I know she likes her though because she's been telling her friends all about Ruby, she gave me a whole booklet of coupons for Mother's Day and they all have to do with helping with Ruby, and she wants Ruby to move to the basement with all of them.  She is just genuinely scared of newborns and getting spit up on...I know how she feels. :)  

The best part about 2 nights in the hospital though...sending Ruby to the nursery for the night and only having her brought to me for feedings.  Except for the time I told them to just give her a bottle at her next feeding, cause I was tired and didn't want to be woken up. :)

Thank goodness for great nurses, an amazing doctor, and the best hospital around. 

Now it's back to the real world, well almost, I am not on my own quite yet. 

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You go girl! Way to work the hospital stay in your favor. I'm in love with little R already.

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Ruby, ruby, ruby

May 10, 2014
I finally made it to my induction date!  For those that are interested here is a play by play of the day.  

For some reason I was pretty nervous, more than the other times I'd been induced.  I think part of it had to do with the fact that I was only dialted to a 3 verus my other 3 pregnancies where I showed up at 5cm, at least.

My fears started to diminish the moment I walked into my room, I saw on my board that I had my favorite nurse, Carrie.  With Miles and Crew's pregnancies I was at the hospital ALL the time and Carrie was my nurse 75% of the time.  I was even happier when I found out that she only does a few deliveries a year and specifically requested me when she saw me on the list. 

6:30 check into our room
6:45 Carrie comes in and gets my IV started with pitocin
7:00 gets the anesthesiologist before the other nurses grab him for their patients
8:30 first anesthesiologist gives up after many, painful and uncomfortable, attempts at getting my epidural in saying this has never happened to him before, but I won't be getting an epidural for this delivery, he says there's no room to place it.  
8:35 Carrie gets a hold of another anesthesiologist, that was in surgery, and has him come try. (one of the many reasons why I love her).
8:40 2nd anesthesiologist tries and gets it, saying this could be the last epidural I'll be able to get, as it was very hard.
8:50 express my undying love for both the new anesthesiologist and Carrie
9:00 Dr. Baxter comes in to break my water

11:30 Finally hit 6 1/2 cm and my nurse assures me I will beat all the other laboring moms that came in that morning. 
12:50 I'm to a 10!  And the excitment starts
1:05 Start pushing
1:15 everyone starts laughing at the giant squished up cheeks of baby girl
1:20 4 painful pushes later, she was here.

9lbs 7 oz
21 inches long

Everyone was shocked at how huge she was and her giant cheeks.  I won for the first and biggest baby of the day. My nurse and I were pretty happy, since we are both quite competitive.  :)

Due to her giantness, her glucose levels were very low and she was having some respiratory problems, so they took her back to the level 2 nursery.  Paul went with her and since I was getting bored in my room alone, I got up and walked down there about 3:00.  Best epidural ever.  

5:30 kids come visit with Holly and Trina and chaos insues.  

6:00 finally get unnamed baby girl back from the nursery.  Everyone is beyond excited to see her.   

Crew shocked us all with his instant love of baby and just wanted to hold her. 

 Sadly, the nurses didn't want the kids holding her because she had trouble breathing when she would get disturbed.  So, they all just got a good look and hoped they'd get to hold her the next day. 

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I gasped at Ruby's birth weight! I'm sorry: Jack was 9.9, so I know how those huge babies work a number on ya. But so, so worth it every second once they're out. I'm so glad you were able to get an epidural. Why can't they get any more in? I don't understand that, but maybe that means no more babies? ;) Hang in there, and love that little lady. Congrats!!!

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