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Aug 12, 2018
I realized I have been quiet on here about our new house, so I figure I need to record some of the details for our Navasard Family History before I forget it all.  

We signed the end of September.  It was a crazy hard decision.  We went back and forth forever on it.  Our kids were happy as could be in our 1200 square feet, surrounded by the most amazing people.  Did they really need more space?  Would a bigger house with our own yard actually make us happier?  Would switching from our amazing, diverse title one school actually be better?  Did I really want to clean all that house?  

We decided to keep things quiet as long as we possibly could, since building a house is a crazy long process.

Paul and I took many late night walks over to check on the progress once we had the kids in bed and I shed many tears, even though I knew we were making the right decision.  

We broke and told the kids in December.  There was some anger, some tears and eventually excitement. 

 A few months later we broke the news that they would be switching elementary schools.  They took this news a little better than I thought they would.  

We then told our neighbors.  Once again there was some anger, tears and eventually excitement. 

We took many bike rides and walks over to check things out and show the kids we won't be too far from our beloved town homes.  

We got our keys the last week of school.  

Unpacking was WAY harder than I anticipated.  Plus, I could not believe how much crap we fit in our town house.  

Our first big goal after the move was to get both cars in the garage, which we happily accomplished less than 2 weeks after closing.  Paul is happy to be in a garage again and I am happy that all bikes and scooters are easily accessible.   

Macey and Crew surprised me by having the hardest time adjusting.  Miles ended up being the easiest with the move, mainly due to the fact that he had his own space to retreat to now.  

Things I am loving:

The views.

Watching these 4 play together. There's been tons of hide and seek, board games, fort building and just overall sibling bonding without the constant flow of neighbor friends.  

Our dead end street.  

Watching the kids make new friends, even though we all desperately miss our old neighbors.  

Things we miss:

The trees and grass.  

We still try to spend some evenings over at the townhomes basking in their shade.  

having less to clean. 

shelves for all my books. 

Macey and Miles' chapter books have a home.  

All of my picture books still look like this, other than the basket that is in each kids' room.  

Walking out my door and not being surrounded by my best friends

I have felt a bit isolated here, even though we constantly have people over.  I am just not used to living in a normal neighborhood. :)  I now know why I never felt the desire to move when i had babies.  I couldn't imagine passing nap time here instead of in front of our townhouse chatting with all my friends.  

While we can never replace what we had at the townhouses, I am loving our new neighborhood, new ward and I LOVE the new house.  

I have faith this house and neighborhood will be just as good to us as our last one.  

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It will be! It will be amazing, because you are such a friendly, real person and your kids have incredible social skills. You guys will make friends and love where you're at. It's good to hear you tell it like it is, though. Change is hard, even when it's good.

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Aug 12, 2018
Being in the new house this summer has actually made the chaos of summer easier to handle, even though we lost our amazing shady green space.  

The kids are loving the new neighborhood.  

There is a constant flow of children in and out.  I had to invest in an air freshener for the basement due to the smelliness of the pile of 8-10 year old boys that can usually be found down there. 

Lunch time discussions of bugs and komodo dragons.  

and if it's not too hot I kick them outside for a little bit.  Miles and Crew have loved introducing their friends to Battle Bots.

Paying the premium for the dead end street has paid off.  

Since we spend a lot of time on our front porch and we destroyed our astro dome chairs by leaving them on our deck all winter, we decided to get them recovered. 

They are even more amazing now!

And we can just hose off all the popsicle stickiness the kids keep covering them in.  

We have loved having a table where we can get games and 1,000 piece puzzles set up.  It was an exciting day when we finally finished this puzzle.  

July means lots of pool days.

We took the waterslide over to the town houses for the day.  

Kids played non stop for hours, even though most of them are well past the ideal height for our little blow up slide.  :)  

It was so nice to be back with my people sitting in the shade, yelling at kids to calm down, and chatting.  The thing I miss most is sitting in the shade with my best friends and watching our kids play. I have found I have much more time on my hands now that I am not socializing in the late afternoons like I used to. :( 

Other exciting Happenings:  

Playdate with Tajen. 

Food trucks. 

Mall Splash Pad. 

Pioneer Park Splash pad.  

Cascade Springs.  

Bonus,  it was a nice 10 degrees cooler than in the valley.  

Picnic at the Library. 

Giant Stag Beetle Discovery. 

I finally unpacked the dressups. 

Paul and I walked to dinner in the rain.  Then we got to eat outside on the patio during the storm.  Pretty perfect summer evening.  

And so many games.  

Love this little Card Shark.  

  We ended the month with sending Macey off to a week at Mountain Camp.

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What's on the other side of the fence at your dead end? Will it always be open space? If so, that is rad! I love being at the end of a culdesac here. It's awesome for the kids.

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joyus june

Jul 16, 2018
June.  My favorite month in Utah.

swim lessons:

Like the first 2 weeks of every summer, Julianne and I signed the kids up for 9:00 swim lessons.  

The boys' teacher wasn't the most engaging, so they spent a lot of time hitting each other with the kick boards.  They at least loved it.  :)

Pond Days:

Lots of Pool Days:

I am entering a very nice pool phase.  I've actually gotten to sit in my lounge chair for almost half of the time on each pool trip!

Ruby fell asleep as we were gathering all the kids from all corners of the pool.  

We also lucked out to have friends with a neighborhood pool and we jump at every opportunity to hang out there.  This is what summer is all about. 


We aren't used to having lots of people over to our house and then actually play inside.  it's been fun.  One week we had 10 kids for lunch everyday but one.  It's amazing having all this space and not feeling claustrophobic or like they are completely trashing the place.  

I will be happy when this dirt is finally gone though!

Couldn't find Miles and Gavin one afternoon...they were taking turns reading DogMan outloud to each other. :)  

Tajen is always a very popular guest.  

All 4 kids are always fighting over him and he is a very good sport and makes sure to play with each one.  

best playdate(s) of the month though was getting to have Crew's best friend Madden over.  He moved to Alabama, so we were so happy he came to Utah to visit.  

Crew and Madden together are just my favorite.  They just have such similar temperaments and are both just the sweetest 5 year olds ever.  We miss Madden so much!

And then other friends take pity on us and our treeless dirt yard and invite us over to play in their backyards where we don't melt because it's shady. 


We've got our routine down and it's barely stressful anymore.  

Miles knows how to work the parade too and came away with the most stuff.  Shirts, fidget spinner, frisbee, icecream, coupons, magnets...that kid knew what he was doing.  

Father's Day:

The kids made Paul a cute poster about all the awesome dad things he does and we all made him Oreo cookies.

It's barely stressful cooking in my new kitchen with this bunch.  


One of the best things about summer is our girls nights shift from dessert places only, to hiking, followed by dessert. 


We still frequent the townhouses to see our friends and bask in their shade.  

We were ecstatic to still get an invite to potluck and movie night. 

I am shedding tears less frequently about moving.  But, oh my goodness do I miss these people!  I do enjoy the over the top greetings we receive when we come back though and Roman running down the sidewalk yelling "Kelsey, you're home".  :)  

I think this place will ALWAYS feel like home and the moment I smell those trees I am instantly relaxed.  


Crew and I had birthdays.  

Crew will get his very own birthday post, because he's pretty much the best. 

Macey and I got pedicures.

Ashley and I took Miles and Penelope to their beloved 2nd grade teachers wedding reception.

And then Paul made me a quadruple layer chocolate cake.  


In case you were wondering, Ruby is still crazy, wild and a pain.

I really don't know what to do with her most days. She did get into the preschool I wanted in the fall, so hopefully they can get her in line for me. :)  

She loves to stand on the counter and throw things.  Here I caught her making her barbies fly.  

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Your kitchen/house looks amazing from what I can see. So much sunlight! I'm thrilled for you.
Fun June! Glad you are in your new home I can't wait to see it. Pool time looks great, wish I could hang out with you.

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Jun 29, 2018
May was insane.  Insane.

There was the normal end of year school stuff.

Dance Festival: 

Lots of kindergarten fun

Twin Day

Kindergarten Program:

Hope of America for Macey:

she's sitting in that purple circle. 

Suncrest always does common start the last week of school, which meant the kids could actually ride the bus to and from school!  Party.  

There was beautiful weather to enjoy.

We had to say goodbye to some of our most favorite people.  Trina and TJ moved to Las Vegas.  I shed many tears over the fact.  

We had to soak up our last days in the neighborhood.  

And then our friends threw us a surprise going away dance party.

These are my people and I have desperately missed having them right outside my front door.  

Mother's Day, where as normal, they were not cooperative for my picture, but it was an amazing day anyways.  

and i love getting to sport some of my homemade jewelry. 

There was the packing.  Which I don't have any real pictures of.  Turns out packing wasn't that bad.  The unpacking was worse. :) 

There was closing on the new house, but not moving in right away because it wasn't actually done.  We did at least get shelves up in the garage and curtain rods hung.  

Then there was the actual moving and unpacking.

Kids were actually great unpackers.  I didn't even come help them organize their rooms until at least a week after we moved in. 

first dinner in the new house, Kid Cuisines.  I might of been using their favorite foods to help them like the new house better. :) 

And saying goodbye to our beloved Townhome, The Pink Palace.  Which of course deserves it's very own blog post.  

last back yard movie night. 

Final goodbye, to the finally clean and empty house. 

And then school got out on May 31st and I don't think I've sat down once since then. :)  

first and last day of kindergarten. 

I was actually surprised at how well this kid did in kindergarten, he killed it.  

last day of 2nd and 5th grade. 

This was a tricky year for Miles, but he was blessed with an amazing teacher who  patiently took the time he needed.  She listened to his worries and helped him work through it all.  He was so excited to get the "Greatest Improvement" award.  It was well earned and I am glad he knew what a big deal this was.  

The kids were quite excited that I still remembered to do their last day of school buckets, they were worried I'd forget with the chaos of moving.  I like these moments when I actually impress them with my mom skills. :)  

Now we are just working on settling into the new house and getting used to just having each other around, instead of all our old neighborhood friends/family.  

tiny table in our sunroom. :) 

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Big May for all of you, moving is a big deal and the end of school! Luckily you are only a few blocks from your old neighborhood. Lots of new memories to be made.
I love that your dear neighbors/friends threw you a going away dance party. That's the best!

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