Jan 1, 2019
A highlight of the month was Nana and Opa's visit.

We took them to a pumpkin patch.

Roasted Smores. 

Went to Just Add Chocolate.

and introduced them to our favorite game, Soda Pong.

We enjoyed our new backyard as much as possible and the last of the sunny warm weather with the neighbor kids.

There has not been a day that has gone by where the tramp has not been jumped on.  Rain, shine, or snow. 

My new favorite view:

Always so much 4 square.  

The boys had a new favorite game this month, Mario Party.  It was hilarious and they entertained themselves for hours on their homemade board of books. 

A few days a week Ruby and I took a scooter ride around the neighborhood to look at all the spooky houses.  This one being her favorite. 

We carved pumpkins in perfect fall weather on our driveway.

This view.

We went to our ward halloween party

Ruby wanted to be a Witch Belle.  And would only allow Ashley to do her makeup. 

Paul and Macey went to a Dad/Daughter activity

Crew had some major dental work done.  

We learned how to make cinnamon rolls in our new kitchen!

Ruby and I got to run errands with some of our favorite friends.  

Peter got baptized and we got to hang out with our favorite 2nd cousins.  

Ruby and I took about a million selfies.  

These 2 continue to be the cutest and craziest siblings around. 

Ruby always comes up with stylish outfits for preschool.  

And Friday Mom Hikes.  These have become the highlight of my week.

We ended the month with a quite mellow Halloween, I didn't even know what to do with myself since I wasn't running around like crazy person.  

Normally, I am in charge of multiple parties.  This year I ran one station at Crew's class party.  I didn't even break a sweat.  

There was of course the Halloween Parade.  

All other years I've had to check everyone out as soon as the parade is over to head to Domo.  Luckily, Domo decided to save money and NOT do their Halloween party this year.  We actually had a relaxing few hours at home before we went Trick - or - Treating.  

We still did our normal trick or treating route and we discovered that almost everyone from new neighborhood also trick or treats in our old neighborhood. :)  

Always a good haul.

Macey organized her candy into baggies.  ha, she does not get this from me.  

Another successful October in the books.  

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What a great October! Lots of fun activities loved all the costumes. Your new house has a beautiful view and your yard is fantastic! Wish I had mom hikes.

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november visitors

Dec 3, 2014

We had the best kind of visitors this month...Grandparents.   

The kids were in heaven with willing game players and book readers.  And of course getting to cruise around Target in their preferred way.  

The kids introduced Nana and Opa to Museum of Natural Curiosity.  

We got together with the Lake Jackson people and Ruby and Wren were thrilled to get to hang out multiple times this month.  

This is only one of Ruby and Wren's matching outfits.  They obviously have good style.  

A highlight of the week...Christmas number 1.  

The kids were pretty sad when Nana and Opa left to go home. Luckily they only had to survive a week before my parents came into town.

It was my mom's birthday while they were here, so I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw her a surprise Cookie Monster Birthday Party.

The kids were so excited to surprise Nana when she walked in from the airport. 

It was a pretty awesome party and we were all quite happy we finally got to spend a birthday with her.  

Nana and Pop-Pop of course wanted to see The Museum of Natural Curiosity too, and we did not object to going again.  

Having 4 adults for 4 kids, made it so I could actually follow Macey around and see what she loves to do there.  

Her favorite is falling through this tower of ropes, it's pretty crazy to watch how fast she comes down.  

We of course had to have a "hang like a sloth" competition.  

Once again, I did not get to participate, as I was carrying a baby.  Perhaps someday.  

Crew spent lots of time sword fighting with Pop-Pop.  I'm sure he's got some bruises to show for it, as Crew is quite the intense swordsmen.  

My mom and I did a lot of shopping and I got to introduce her to the awesomeness that is Anthropology.  On the way up we stopped to play at Scheels.  

We had big plans to introduce my parents to some of our new favorite food places, but the stomach bug hit.  This obviously put a damper on some of our plans.  

Luckily, we were still able to take them to Cubby's, although we will have to go back on their next visit, so my mom can more fully enjoy the wonderfulness of their food.  

The kid also got to experience Christmas #2, with their first visit to Build-A-Bear.  

They loved it and all 3 animals have been constant companions since.  

And Macey surprised Nana and Pop-Pop with self portraits made from Perler Beads.  It is a specialty of hers.  

And that is why I think November wins for The Navasard Children's favorite month of the year.  
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I didn't know Build a Bear did so many other animals! How cute! And I love the peeler bead portraits. Funny!

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