Dec 3, 2015
November can and went way too fast, well most days at least.   

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed a lifetime between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?  I guess it makes me officially old, time is going by too fast sometimes.  

We lucked out and got one perfect leaf jumping day in before the snow hit and it got too cold.  

I love it when the kids start to do something fun outside and then the other kids notice and slowly start trickling outdoors to play.  

It got even more exciting when Paul joined the fun and made a giant leaf pile that the kids took turns hiding in and scaring people, before they could no longer contain the urge to jump in it.  

We got a good hour of leaf jumping in before the metal rakes came out and I deemed it too dangerous for my kids to continue to be outside. :) 

The valley got it's first snow dusting.  

Which meant Paul got off work early and we went sledding with the Rensinks at our new favorite mountain sledding hill.  

Nothing like a first snow.  

And it was our first sledding experience, post kids, where someone didn't cry.  

It was a sledding miracle, which I don't foresee being repeated.  

Miles has decided he wants to be a scientist. Which means he is always doing some sort of experiment.  

Whether it be figuring out how to get cars into Ruby's crib.  Or mixing things like mouth wash, toothpaste, and soap together to see what he can create.  Or putting random toys or food items in the freezer to see what happens.  

It's been messy and exciting around here to say the least.  

I got to experience quite an exciting day this month too.  Nothing terrible happened, just lots of super annoying things.  

It started with Crew peeing his pants in the Carl's Jr. playplace and discovering this by the fact that it dripped onto the table where Julianne and I had just placed our drinks.  I then had the walk of shame to go tell the workers what happened.  

The "Pee Ball" and the table we were originally sitting at :)

Then when leaving the parking lot I got in an accident, which caused me to be late for kindergarten drop off. After returning home Crew had a poop accident.  In order to get that cleaned up I put Ruby down for a nap.  When she woke up 2 hours later I discovered she had removed her clothing and dirty diaper, and had flung poop all over the room.  I seriously could not stop laughing.  There were a few other things that happened that day, but I think I've already tried to block this day from my memory.  The joys of motherhood.

This was me when I got to sit down for the first time that day at 8:00, it took me another 30 min to convince myself to get back up and tackle the war zone that was my house.  

Luckily most of our days and outings are "boring" compared to that.  

And I am even willing to attempt to take them swimming without Paul.  The locker room afterwards always attempts to break me down, but we are getting better.  

And sometimes I have energy left over at the end of the day to babysit neighbor kids and feed them dinner too.  

And then there's this girl.  

She of course has her moments, but when I really need her, she's there. Whether it be doing her homework without having to be asked, helping with dinner, cleaning with me after the little kids go to bed, and even seen here typing a talk for church without any assistance from me. bless this helpful and independent 8 year old.   

Ruby is still getting into everything and stealing everyone's stuff.  

And Crew is always walking around with some sort of injury.

But these 2 are playing together more and more each day.  and I am sad they only have a few more weeks in nursery together before Crew moves up to Sunbeams.  

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Oh my goodness, worst day ever! I can't believe you were already laughing about it as it happened. I totally would have been crying/yelling/curled up in a comatose ball on my bed. You totally glazed over the car accident part - hopefully that means it wasn't a big deal???

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Miles is 6.

Nov 22, 2015
This kid has never been more excited about anything in his life than his birthday this year.  

He started counting down the moment it was October 1st. 

Once the day before his birthday hit, he could not contain his excitement.  He went door to door to tell everyone it was his birthday and to ask if they got him a present (we obviously had a little talk about this). :)  

He did not fall asleep until about 11:00 and kept trying to come upstairs to check out my progress on the birthday decorating. 

He is quite happy to be 6.  

He requested blueberry and chocolate zucchini muffins for breakfast.  blue cupcakes, and bean & bacon soup for dinner.  Requests granted.  

We had some friends over for a birthday lunch and a play date.  The kid was in heaven. And couldn't stop running around and grinning.  

He also got to go to the BYU game with one of his bff's Penelope.  

He is loving kindergarten and is surprising me with how hard he is working and how his reading is starting to click.   

Somedays are still a struggle to get him to go, but usually the moment he sees Mrs. Lee he forgets about his fits and starts running toward his room.

A happy moment for me was last week when he wasn't wanting to go and was standing outside the car whining at me.  When the kids in his class noticed him not coming, they all started waving and yelling his name.  Made my mom heart happy, because there is no one I worry more about than Miles.  I am so thankful for awesome & accepting teachers and friends.  

Some of Miles' favorite things are Kangaroo zoo, blueberries, BYU, playing outside with his friends, and dinosaurs. 

His best friends are Parker, Emily, Peter, Ricardo, Penelope, Lauren and Riley. 

Miles pushes me to my limits most days, and many times past them.  

But this kid is worth all the sweat and tears.  He's feisty, loving, opinionated, stubborn, and I wouldn't have him any other way.   

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How can he be six?!? Miles is so fun & loving. Glad school is going well and that he has so many friends. You are the best mom for him!

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Back to School

Sep 8, 2015
These 2 have been back in school for a few weeks now and I am finally starting to adjust.  

We did our annual back to school brown lunch bag dinner.  Miles loved being one of the special kids. :)

Macey was all excitement for the start of 3rd grade.  

She DID NOT want me to drive her to school, she wanted to ride the bus.  But I won, and got to drive her.  Although I was instructed no pictures.  :)

I was proud of myself for not crying after drop off, but that doesn't mean I wasn't devastated to loose my mini BFF.  

This girl is growing up and is rocking 3rd grade already.  

love her.  

Now onto Miles.  

He had his kindergarten assessment during Macey's first week of school.  It was anything but smooth.  There was crying, hiding, screaming, throwing of objects and a refusal to follow directions.  Pretty much it was horrible.  

The good thing is, after that circus act, they at least gave me the teacher I wanted him to have. :)  And things have been mostly on the up from there.    

Miles had lots of nervousness and excitement about the first day.  

I was preparing myself for an all out wrestling match to get him to stay.  But he did awesome and surprised me with how brave he was.     

Not only did he get the best teacher, he also got some good friends in his class, which has made it so much easier on both of us.  

I didn't shed any tears until the drive back home, which was a vast improvement from Macey's first day of kindergarten!

While he's had a few episodes in class, he has a great teacher who is willing to work with him and knows how capable he actually is.  

Macey picks him up everyday after school and Mrs. Lee said she's never seen a brother love his sister like Miles loves Macey. :)

I am thankful for wonderful teachers who love, teach, and take care of my kids when I can't be with them.  

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How did they get so big? Miles smile for his school picture is so him, love it. Macey loving all holidays except your favorite Halloween. =) Macey looks so grown up. Mrs. Lee is right Miles love his sister. Love these kids!!
This is so sweet, Kelsey. You are such a good record keeper. I wish I would have asked my kids those questions every year!! I love how much Miles loves Macey. Too sweet! Macey looks so tall too :)
You just exude good mothering to me. The way you talk about, love and worry about your kids, the pride you show in them... it's inspiring, Kelsey.

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School's out for summer

Jun 8, 2015
It has been an amazing school year for these two.  

August 2014

May 2015

Let's start with Miles. This kid has loved every minute of preschool. Last year he always talked about how Miss Karli was his best friend, but this year, he actually made friends in his class!! Although Miss Karli was still in the top five. :)  

He pretty much had the best preschool teacher ever and I'm sure I'll be calling her next year crying and asking for advice. She's just one of those teachers that was able to see Miles for who he really was and was able to work with and motivate him in the most positive way possible.  

I seriously almost cried at the parent teacher conference having to say goodbye to her and having the fear that he might not be as lucky in the teacher department next year. 

We are also devastated to be done with Talking Time.

Miles' speech has come so far from when we started almost 2 years ago.  Once again he had some of the best teachers ever and I will miss them.  They never got frustrated with him and just worked and worked to find out the best way to motivate and get him to perform at his full potential.  

He is so ready for kindergarten thanks to these 3 amazing teachers and is always talking about how he needs to read and do his homework this summer cause he's going to be a kindergartner. :)

I have tons of anxiety about how he will do next year in a public school setting, but I've already met with the principal to discuss his needs and I really feel like they are willing to work with us! But really, who couldn't love this kid?!?  

I CANNOT believe Macey will be a third grader!  I of course shed a few tears after dropping her off on the last day of second grade.  

She has grown so much this year, made lots of new friends, kept her love for school and already misses it, one week into summer.  Plus, the clothes she wore on the first day of school don't even fit her anymore. :(

I'm am over joyed to have her home with me for the whole summer though and I guess I'll just have to make sure we have lots of fun, so she won't miss her school friends too much.  

I also have to document some of things I did for Teacher Appreciation Week.  It was a crazy couple weeks getting ready, but I think it all turned out and I hope the teachers felt the love.  

We celebrated school getting out by meeting some of our friends at our favorite park (meaning no swings) on the last day of school.  

And then ended the day with our first neighborhood movie night.  

it's a good thing I love summer so much, or I might still be crying over the fact that these kids won't stop growing.  

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You are a rock star mom. I admire how fiercely you fight for Miles' needs. It's really cool. I also love how completely you adore Macey and have such a close relationship with her. I can see that lasting for your entire lives.
Macey changed a ton this last year. I love how Miles is always wearing his Ninga Turtle shirt. Miss Karli is a gem and she is so right about how smart Miles is.
Macey changed a ton this last year. I love how Miles is always wearing his Ninga Turtle shirt. Miss Karli is a gem and she is so right about how smart Miles is. You did a great job on your doors and pop. Your starting out with a great summer.

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He is a whole hand

Nov 21, 2014
Miles is 5 years old.  5. YEARS. OLD. 

He had an awesome birthday, as every 5 year old should.  

Started off with a party at The Little Gym.  

It was awesome.  My mom and I pretty much just sat back and watched all the excitement. 

He was so excited when each friend showed up and his favorite part was opening presents.  

Sadly, the stomach flu was going around (yes, it was at our house too), so about half his party couldn't make it.  But, he didn't even notice and had a blast.  

On his actual birthday he enjoyed the traditional birthday donuts for breakfast.  

And then got dressed as quickly as possible so he could open his presents before school.  

He loved going to preschool and getting to be the leader and the special kid of the day.  

I think the highlight of the day though, was when Paul took him to the BYU basketball game that night.  

They even made it past half time, a first for this busy child.  

Some of my current favorite things about Miles:

- He loves his sisters and they love him.

One morning Miles came up to our room, where Ruby had just joined us in bed. He laid down next to her and very seriously told me, "Mom, she's not the cutest baby in the world.  She is really cute, but baby T-Rex's are cuter"

 We are still working on the brother relationship, but I have faith it will come.  

- He loves to cuddle and give hugs.  He NEVER forgets to give everyone a hug before going to bed. 

- Miles is an awesome eater.  He might cry and say "I not yike dis" when he sees his dinner. But, one thank you bite later, he usually gobbles it up and then proceeds to tell us how big and strong he is becoming.  

- If you love him, he will love you.  Miles can be hard to manage, but if you are patient and work with him, it's worth the hugs and smiles you get in return. 

He's always thinking about his friends too.  This day I had to take this picture and then send it to Jaren and Tajen, because "they love Frokie".  

- Miles has a flight or fight type reaction to most everything.  As such, it can be hard to teach him new things and get him outside his comfort zone. This year though he He is now capable of sitting for a few moments at a time.  He will finally put his shoes and socks on by himself.  He has mastered the seat belt buckle in the carseat filled middle row.  People, other than our immediate family, are beginning to be able to understand him.  aka- my life is becoming slightly easier. 

I feel like he has made drastic changes this past year and I have high hopes for what he will accomplish as a 5 year old.  

Some of his current favorite things and people are: T-Rex, Jaren, Holly, Charlie & Jacob from preschool, Lauren, his sisters, scooter, Pokemon Cards, Subway Surfers, Rayman Run, Goat Simulator, and Raffy.  

He's also been telling me that now that he's five, he's too big for me, but I know better. :)

This crazy kid sure keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't have him any other way. 

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nana and opa
We enjoyed our most recent visit as much as always, but we agreed that the most special part was that Miles wanted to do things with us. It was so great that early each morning he would climb in our bed and read books, talk about dinosaurs and give kisses. He is so special and we sure do love him!

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