End of School

Jun 16, 2017
The kids had a blast the last few weeks of school.

I got to go with the 1st grade to the zoo.

I even got to sit by one of my best friends on the bus ride.

I got the cutest group of Miles' friends and it has been my favorite field trip I've gotten to go on by far. 

I just love these little first graders.  

This stud finished Preschool.  

I don't know if either of us are ready for him to start kindergarten, but I know he's going to rock it.  I just don't want to part with him everyday.

M&M had field day, soak your teacher, dance festival, and the 4th grade did an entire Harry Potter themed week. Good times.  

We had the best teachers ever, again!  

As you know I was terrified about first grade with Miles...terrified.  But Mrs. Allen was the absolute perfect fit for this kid.  When I would talk to her about Miles related things, she'd just look at me like I was crazy, because that was not the Miles she saw in class. :)  She was soft spoken, kind, fun, positive, and patient.  I told her I'd send his 2nd grade teacher to her for tips.  

Macey lucked out again and got Mrs. Tingey.  The year was filled with awesome science experiments and all things Harry Potter.  She really help Macey expand her love of reading and learning.  We are so sad she's moving and won't be at our school anymore. 

If next year goes half as well as this year, it will be a good year. :)  And yes, I'm a bit heartbroken over the fact that these 2 will be 2nd and 5th graders next year.  It just doesn't seem real.

We did our normal last day of school things.  Went to the park with some of our favorite friends and then had our first neighborhood movie night of the summer.  

And Macey's summer bucket list made my heart happy.  

- Go to Pearrygin
- Read and watch all the Harry Potters
- Go backpacking
- Go camping
- Go hiking

We've done something right and this is a bucket list I can get behind.  

Life doesn't get much better than summer days with these guys.  
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May Madness

Jun 9, 2016
May was pretty much perfection.  Well, now that I look back in retrospect.
Most of May was spent outside.  

-Skate Park  

They were pretty adorable skate boarding, scootering, and balance biking. 

There was lots of team work involved, especially when it came to getting out of the "pool".  And you should of seen Julianne and I trying to get Ruby out...lets just say I am glad no one was there to video it. 

I had to get in on the action too, but it turns out I was too much of a wimp to actually stand on the skateboard.  

And every kid destroyed every piece of clothing every time we went.  

- Lots of neighborhood park time. 

Ruby LOVES all the kids and yells "hi ______", every time a new kid comes to play.  

Their favorite game is to pretend Ruby kicks them while she's in the swing and they all fall over.  It's pretty cute.  

And this kid learned to pump himself!!!. Every day after school for about 2 weeks, he ran over to the swings to practice the moment he got home from the bus.  And made sure everyone knew about his sweet new skill. 

- We made a few trips to the pond before the huge crowds hit.  

and this girl of course found the only sticker bush thing and got these nasty burrs stuck in her hair.  It took me forever to get them out and I was worried I was going to have to cut her hair.  But, everything turned out well.  

- We went to a BYU tailgate and baseball game. 

can't beat free hats.  

It was a bit crazy, but it's always worth the kids getting some more facetime with Cosmo.  

This would be Crew pulling Cosmo's tail at the baseball game. 

- there is never a shortage of friends when the sun is out.

- And this is how dinner usually ends up. 

kids eat as fast as humanly possible so they can get back outside to play and I am left alone to finish my meal.  

- There was of course lots of end of school activities.  

Macey and Abby worked hard on their 3rd grade egg drop.  It was fun to watch them test their designs and tweak things until they kept their egg from breaking.  Plus, it was so nice that I didn't have to assist them at all.  I love how independent Macey has become with her school projects. 

- We hiked in the rain to test out our gear for The Olympic National Park.

it was also Mother's Day.  

I wanted to read a book, but Paul convinced me otherwise. Turned out to be worth it in the end, kind of. :)

- Ruby entered the terrible two's.  And it has been crazy around here. 

she likes to tackle Crew, steal all the food out of the freezer, draw on any and all surfaces, comb my hair, and scream anytime something doesn't go exactly like she wants.  

these kids are crazy too.  

and then sometimes I go to Costco and Winco in the same day with a screaming/whiny Ruby.  And the "kind" cashier tells me that Ruby's screaming is giving her a headache.  I then find it hard to put all this stuff away.

I lead an exciting life, I know.  

-The highlight of the month though, was Trina and TJ getting married!!!

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Fun times! Ruby will get past the screaming but hopefully not her fun personality.

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May madness

Jun 7, 2015
May flew by in a flurry of end of school activities, rain, more rain, sporadic sunshine, friends, and kids that won't stop growing. 

We had to hit up the rec center pool one rainy Saturday, before the outdoor pool became our pool of choice.  

Crew used to be so annoying to swim with, because he just had a death grip on you the entire time. But, thanks to 2 private lessons with our favorite swim teacher, he was swimming everywhere alone (in his floatie), leaving me free to hold Ruby.  Looks like he will get to come with us to the pool this summer afterall.  

Crew ruptured his ear drum later that week, and I tried to enjoy the cuddles and ignore the constant whining. :) 

We went to the Payson temple open house the next day.  

It was gorgeous and so cool to be able to take the kids inside.  Macey loved all the "diamonds" in the Celestial room and Miles' favorite was the baptismal font.  Paul and I got our workout in, by carrying Crew and Ruby up and down all the flights of stairs, as Crew was still sick, and could not be convinced to walk.  

I had a wonderful Mother's Day...I wasn't prego, sick, or recovering from just having a baby.  It was wonderful.  Miles kept giving me kisses and hugs all day and he even went up and sang with the primary for the first time ever!! 

Paul of course made my favorite meal.  It was a pretty great day.  

Ruby LOVES to empty all of the straws out of the drawer and then leave them all over the house for me to find.  Paul took advantage one morning and made a massive straw for the kids to drink with. It was pretty epic.  

When she's not making messes, Ruby can usually be found with a doll and/or weapon in her hand.  

She has also learned to climb this month and there are very few places safe from her anymore.  

Crew has also started bring me bugs instead of flowers, as we have had many a conversation about not picking our neighbors flowers! Never a dull moment around here.  

And here is a comparison so you can see what a giant Crew has become. These 2 are pretty much the same size and she is 2 years older than him. :)  

Between rain storms we ventured into Rock Canyon for a little hike.  


We didn't make it far, but the kids had a blast exploring, playing in the creek, and being rock climbers.  

Even Ruby had to get in on the climbing action.  

Macey had her much anticipated Up With Kids performance of "Frostbite".  

She played 2 different characters and had to memorize a good number of lines, songs, and dances.  She loved every minute of it.  

Macey has also become an avid reader. This is how she looks pretty much every night when we come to check on her before we go to bed...light on with books sprawled all around her.  

She is also OBSESSED with games and is always trying to find someone to play with her.  

We're still spending as much time as possible on our deck before it gets too hot, as it is the biggest room in our house.  We eat most meals out here and the kids can often be found playing all sorts of games.  

More proof I am feeling better...I went on 2 girls nights this month!!!!

We saw Pitch Perfect 2 and Princess Academy at BYU.  I had forgotten how much fun it can be to spend time with my friends without all our kids running around!

One of the highlights of the month for us though, was the Rensinks moving to Orem.  

Julianne and I ventured to Thanksgiving Point, the canyon, the mall, park, and much more.  

I love having someone close by that is always willing to go on adventures with me and can embrace the craziness.  

In the midst of all the madness Paul and I have only been able to go on one date.  

We are obviously going to have to be better in June.  

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Is Crew's ear healed? That is a great Mother's Day photo so different from last years. I love your photo from last year though. Ruby is one busy girl I want to hang out with her! So fun that Brenden & Julianne live so close to you.

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May madness

May 30, 2014
May has passed us in a blur of newborness, end of school activities, sunshine, and just plain craziness.

I feel like my life is full of extreme highs and extreme lows these days.  Luckily, I feel about a million times better than I did 3 1/2 weeks ago, so it is weirdly a welcome change.  

Here's What We've Been Up To:

My kids have developed some bad habits due to me being sick for 9 months, so I knew something had to be done, that involved very little yelling.  I had run across a ticket reward system awhile ago and decided to try it out.  

First, I came up with what each kid needed to work on and what I was sick of reminding them to do (turned out to be a lot).  For completing each task without being asked or whining they get 1 ticket.

The ticket then goes in their cup.  

The kids and I sat down and talked about what they wanted to earn with their tickets.  Luckily, Pokemon cards have become HUGE in our neighborhood and that is what M&M had their sights set on first.

Miles earned 20 tickets in record time and can I tell you how much more pleasant our house has been?!

I got a little mean though and when they talk back, whine too much, are completely out of control in a public place (miles), or come upstairs when they are suppose to be sleeping...they owe us a ticket. It is amazing the difference it's made, here's hoping we can keep it up for the summer.

Gymnastics Showcase:

Love The Little Gym, especially for Miles.

Miles needs to move a lot in order for him to function and his Little Gym class was an answer to my prayers in the dead of winter.

He kind of got the best teacher ever too.  She was always positive and patient, and never showed her frustration when Miles was being less than cooperative.  

She was just what he needed.  And she earned lots of hugs and kisses from this kid for her effort. :)

Macey loved her Hip Hop/Gymnastics class too.  Macey gets frustrated very easily when it comes to things that are hard.  The positive curriculum of The Little Gym was perfect for her and I loved watching her try new things without crying or getting upset like she normally would.

Warm Weather Finally Arrived:

I think the cold weather is finally behind us and we've been taking advantage of it before it gets too hot. :)

The pond is one of our most favorite places, sadly too many people know about it now though.  As a result I will no longer be giving anyone directions. :)

The kids play happily for hours in the sand and need very little assistance from me...the best kind of place. 

We've also been able to watch movies in our backyard and invited some of our favorite neighbors to join us.

Pokemon cards are the current trend in the neighborhood and my kids spend a large amount of time trading.  I love listening to their negotiating skills. 

We've of course spent some time at Farm Country, pretty sure I have at least 100 pictures just like this and my kids are still in love. 

Macey has figured out the best way to relax after a long day in first grade, 
reading a book in the sunshine while enjoying a popsicle. Can't wait till I'll have a free moment to join her in one of my favorite pastimes. 

In other Macey news, she saw Paul's new magnet on the fridge (he always puts his favorite Domo billboard magnet there).  

and asked me:
"Mom, you don't work at Domo, so why does this say you do?"  
Love first graders. :)

Mauling Ruby: 

The boys, especially Crew, are still obsessed with Ruby or "Rudy" as Crew says.

We've had a few close calls where Ruby has almost been squished, but luckily she has survived these very non-gentle boys thus far.  

Soaking up the Newborness:
One of our favorite pastimes of late is laughing at the funny faces Ruby makes.

 Sometimes the boys get a little jealous though and try to get us to laugh at them instead.  This particular time, Crew dumped out the diapers and put the garbage can on his head and then they ran around like the crazy kids they are.

It was pretty entertaining. 

Unfortunately, Ruby slept through her first meeting with one of her future bff's.  Lottie was obviously more excited about their first meeting, as she managed to be awake for a few moments.  

The moment Ruby cries, Miles makes sure she has her pink "Raff".  I love it. 

This is how tummy time usually ends.

Ruby loves to be out and about in her carseat, so we've walked to Target about a million times.

And seriously, love me a chubby (sleeping) newborn.

End of School Activities:

Macey had her first grade program last week, which was adorable.  She had one of just a few speaking parts and did a great job.  I especially enjoyed her animated dancing during the songs...pants unbuttoned and all. :)  

Dance Festival was this week and Macey once again rocked it.  This girl loves to perform.  

I have video of both, but I am too lazy to figure out how to get it on my blog as Paul is still at work and due to a particular fussy baby I only have one hand. I'm sure everyone is extremely disappointed.   

Just one more day of school and then preschool graduation Saturday, until summer officially arrives!!

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Your ticket idea sounds excellent. I may have to try that here. It sounds like a lot of work keeping up on passing those tickets out for every little thing, but I guess it's the same (but opposite) of nagging/yelling when the bad behavior is coming out, only a lot more fun for everyone. I bet it will work wonders all summer long. Isn't it crazy how much more rough and tumble babies can handle than we thought with our first ones? Siblings do a lot to help us figure that out... ;)
She is soooooo cute, the pict of her sleeping on her tummy ahhhh perfect. Glad you got a new ticket system.
She is soooooo cute, the pict of her sleeping on her tummy ahhhh perfect. Glad you got a new ticket system.

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