March madness

Apr 7, 2016
The coming of March means everyone is outside as much as possible.  

I love sitting in the sun, chatting with my friends, and seeing what games the kids come up with.  

Thus far the most popular activities this spring seem to be races, soccer, tree climbing, and roller skating.  

Spring time out front is the best because the kids are so excited to see everyone again, that they all play so nicely together.  

And I love watching these baby friends.  

Ruby is getting quite proficient on her scooter and we have let her venture outside the circle a few times.  

If we try to assist or steer her away from falling off the curb she yells "No Help, No Help!". 

Gina sent me this picture the other day.  That would be my kids at her door.
There's a reason we install screen doors around's to keep these crazy kids from wandering into your house. :)  I am sure they were begging for a bag of cereal. 

Ruby and Crew also spend hours playing in the back and this is usually what it looks like at the end of the day.  

We have started up our Friday park days again and I have almost reached a perfect park stage with my kids (again). 

This is really the only park picture I have because I am usually too busy actually getting to talk with my friends.  Heaven.  

The first time it hit 70 we headed up the canyon with the scooter gang. Always an adventure with this group.  

The coming of March also means the end of BYU basketball games.  We LOVED having 4 season tickets this year and the kids are already talking about what games they want to go to next season.  

Julianne and I also ventured onto to campus with all the kids.  

I don't know what it is, but I just love watching my kids run around campus.  

Makes my heart happy to see them loving the places where I have so many awesome memories.  

A big highlight of March was taking the kids to see Frozen on Ice with the Brown's.  

Like most things Disney does it was amazing and even kept Crew and Miles entertained.  

Ruby has gotten extra crazy this month and is in full blown tornado toddler mode.  

She has figured out how to open doors and continues to break the child lock on the fridge.  As a result, she is constantly helping herself to a variety of snacks and getting into rooms she shouldn't.   

Crew and Ruby are also becoming quite the pair and they like to keep me on my toes.  

Our favorite worker at Chick-fil-a made a very accurate comment about Ruby the other day, "she is just as crazy as her hair".  

Speaking of her hair, it is getting super long, but you can't tell because it is so crazy curly.  And yes, I cannot keep this child clean. 
To help cope with the craziness that is this child I think March holds the record for most visits to Sodalicious.  :)

Miles also helps to keep Sodalicious in business with his antics at Kindergarten drop off. Luckily, we've got our system down and I have learned to lock the doors the moment he exits the vehicle and to only crack the window when he wants to try and convince me to let him back in (he has been known to climb through car windows that have been rolled down too far).  

 Luckily, I know he loves school, and the moment he sees his teacher he usually runs right over.  

And then Crew, Ruby and I are off to Sodalicious, again. :)  

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Thank you for keeping up on your blog! I love to read it and watch your cute and crazy kiddos grow and admire you as a Mom so much. I wish we lived closer! I really do.

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March Madness

Apr 6, 2015
March once again proved to be up there with my favorite months in Utah, even with such a mild winter, there is just something about spring.

There were of course many afternoons spent at Thanksgiving Point.

Seeing all the baby animals at Farm Country is always a highlight of our spring.  

Since Paul works late every Tuesday and Thursday night, Holly and I hauled the 4 of them there as soon as Macey was out of school.  

Late afternoons always have way less people, which means I can keep my sanity for much longer than when we visit during the day.  We even had the zipline to ourselves for a few was a miracle. 

The favorite activity of this trip, besides the always popular jungle area, was the movie making station.  

 As planned, we wore them out and all 4 kids were sound asleep by 7:30.

- This month I have forced the kids to spend countless hours outside.  

Sometimes though, they really just want to play the ipad. :)

Luckily, they are usually able to find ways to entertain themselves or friends to play with.  

With all the kids coming out of their winter hiding, Pokemon Card trading is back in full force and Miles could not be happier about that fact.  

Ruby has been doing lots of walking practice out front with her Mickey Car. She even completed her first lap a few weeks ago.  

She is still stuck inside more than she would like, though.  

- The deck has also gained back it's popularity.  There have been many meals eaten out there and the deck dance parties are back.  

and one day, I even had enough patience to let them paint back there!  It's crazy what the sun can do to you. :) 

- We are currently in a good park phase, as I am no longer completely terrified of Crew falling off of everything and Ruby is still content to crawl around on the blanket eating leaves.  

As such, I've been trying to take the boys as much as possible, before we enter back into the dreaded toddler park stage... Where I can no longer sit on my blanket and chat with my friends.  

- We even hooked up the bike trailer and took Ruby for her first cruise around the neighborhood, she was obviously impressed.  

- Macey has been busy in 2nd grade.  She's been plowing through the chapter books and loves sharing all she's been learning at school with anyone who will listen.  

She wrote a report and made a diorama for the 2nd grade animal fair. I learned all sorts of new and interesting facts about Giraffes.  For example, giraffes can run faster than a race horse, but only for a short distance or a baby knows who it's mom is by her spots.  

She just seems to have grown up a lot this year and it's exciting and sad at the same time.  

She won a respect award at school and is even learning how to put her lipgloss on with the boys running chaotically around her.

 - A highlight of the month for me was gong to see Cinderella with some of our friends.   Macey and I both pretty much loved everything about it.  

- She has also developed a true love of legos this month and tries to sneak upstairs as often as she can to work in peace.  

- I love this picture...notice the difference in the way their Pokemon Cards are organized. :)

- Crew and Miles are also becoming friends!!!!!!

While they still spend most of their days screaming at one another, there are moments when their friendship shows through.  Like how Miles is always talking Crew into doing naughty things or when they sword fight together outside or play pirates in their bunk beds.  There is hope for these 2 yet.  

- Crew is constantly making me laugh or want to pull out my hair, there isn't much middle ground with this kid.  

Here he is with one of his best friends Liam, never a dull moment.  

- Miles is starting to figure out how I work and is now constantly trying to bribe me with Dr. Pepper.  For example in this picture he is promising to get me a Dr. Pepper if I will download a new game on the ipad for him. 

Smart kid.  

- Paul also had a birthday.  The kids made amazing decorations and I actually got him a present this year, so it was a vast improvement from his last birthday.  

And that completes the novel for March. 

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March was good to you! I can't believe how big Miles is looking. And I'm cheering for you that he and Crew are learning to be friends. Wa hoo!

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Weekend warriors

Apr 2, 2015
Some of the pluses of our little town home are the non-existence of yard work and my ability to clean our limited living space during the week.  This usually leaves us lots of time to play on the weekends.  

This month I feel like we spent that free time very wisely.  

-We took the kids to the indoor city pool.

The highlights were waiting to get dumped on by the bucket and the big water slide.  

- We went to the zoo for the first time in over a year.  The kids couldn't of been more excited and it did not disappoint.
Trina and TJ met us there, which made for a pretty amazing adult:kid ratio.

We lucked out and a worker was feeding the giraffes right next to us.  Macey was in Giraffe heaven.  

Ruby's favorite part was the carousel.  She laughed and waved her arms in excitement the entire time.  In normal Crew fashion, he cried about how he was scared until it started and then he loved it.  

Ruby kept giving Crew hugs in the stroller and I tried not to die from the cuteness of it.  

And, like always, all 4 kids poised perfect for a picture to remember our trip by. :)

- We ventured to Antelope Island one Sunday after church.  I've mostly only heard horror stories of the gnats, so we wanted to get there before it got too warm and they all hatched.  

We even saw real bison, which was of course quite thrilling.  

We ended up with pretty good timing, as on the drive to the island, there were black tornados of gnats on both sides of the road.  But once we were on the island, we got to enjoy the awesome scenery nearly gnat free.  

Our kids happy place is climbing around on rocks, so Buffalo Point was like heaven to them.  

And notice Ruby's smile and arm flapping?  This is what she does the entire time, she's a born hiker.  

We've also been trying to get selfies of us at all the cool places we venture.  

We're obviously naturals. 

After about 45 min of climbing around, we had to pull them away to go check out the sand before it got dark.  

The sand was crazy.  While it wasn't technically "white sand" it was both white and sandy, so we will call it white sand, even though it was more like salt sand.  

I wish we had time to walk all the way to the water!

We then had to drag them away from playing in the sand prematurely too, as we had a long drive home and school in the morning.  

- As this March proved to have nearly perfect weather, we had to venture out hiking again.  This time to Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We ended up on Bells Canyon Trail by mistake, but lucky for us, it proved to be a good mistake to make.  

This was also Crew's first solo hiking day and he rocked it.  He would not let anyone help or hold his hand, he kept yelling "let go of me!  I do it myself!"  

We then found Lisa Falls a little further up the road and this proved to be the highlight of the day.  

A waterfall, blue skys, a creek, and lots of rocks to climb on.  Perfection.  

Crew and I spent most of our time throwing one rock into the creek.  I threw the rock, Crew would find it and bring it back to me... repeat 1,000 times.  

Can't wait to find a new (easy) place to hike this weekend.  

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Ruby is so cute - I can't stand it! Hugs in the stroller, flapping arms while hiking. When can I just meet that chica?! I love the family selfies! What a great idea. Way easier than trying to get someone else to take a good family photo while you're out and about. And they're turning out! You're finding success in your family pictures after all!
Selfie sticks are $10 at Joann's I'm JUST SAYIN' ;)

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March madness

Apr 5, 2014
Life in March is always good.  The house is feeling bigger, we are already getting tan lines, and Macey is thrilled her hair is already starting to turn "golden".  

We've been spending as much time as possible outside.

Things can get a little crazy out front, but the kids don't seem to mind one bit.

We've already made about half a dozen trips to Farm Country and still haven't had our fill.  The favorite parts are still the pony rides and feeding the goats.

We've been so many times, Miles knows which ponies are boys and which ones are girls and of course will only ride on the boy ponies.  

The Peacock finally had his feathers open and it made Miles' day.  He had to tell his Talking Time Preschool class all about it later that week.  

One highlight of the month was taking a trip to Jungle Jims with our bff's.  2 very pregnant ladies, 2 crazy toddlers, and a Miles made for an extremely tiring afternoon, but the kids had an absolute blast.

Crew was also a little bit of a dare devil on some of the rides and was leaning over the edge or trying to stand up.  So, he got banned from the higher rides, as it was a bit stressful for Macey.  

It was also the last time we could fit all our kids in one car.

We also went on a double date, without these 6 crazy kids.  Michelle proved to be a very proficient prego bowler.  

I got to go on my first field trip with Macey!  I was slightly (a lot) concerned with how I could handle the bus ride, loud kids, and choas...but I survived and was so happy I was finally able go on one.  

I love watching her with her friends and I love that all her friends know me.  

Plus, she'd still rather sit by me on the bus instead of her friends. bff's.

This guy had a birthday.  

He's kind of the best and pretended to not care that in my current state I did not get him a birthday present and I forgot a few of his favorite items in his birthday meal.  

Crew is turning into a crazy/typical toddler.  We've had to child proof like we never have before.  I caught him the other day using the drawers as stairs to get onto the counter.  He is constantly throwing my silverware into the garbage can.  The moment he finds a pen, marker, crayon, or chapstick in reach he runs to the closest wall and starts drawing.  

Everyday he picks up new words and fights back just a little bit more when confronted by Miles.  He is officially in 2T clothes now and is looking and acting less and less like my baby.  

One of my favorite things of the moment...his love of orange.  It's the only color he says and loves to point out and bring me things that are orange.  He really wants to be the favorite.  

Miles has turned into a surprisingly good helper, when the right motivation is in place.  

I kind of love our cleaning time while Crew is napping and he is working hard to earn a show. 

Macey has been asking to learn to code, so her and Paul built a program that counted to a billion.  

She's also been busy with soccer, gymnastics, friends, and of course reading.  She LOVES to read, she claims it is her current favorite thing about life.  We've had a blast going through my book boxes to find just the right book and I love seeing her enjoy some of my favorites on her own.  

We are also getting more and more excited about baby girl coming in about 4 weeks!! 

Here's the first matching outfit, Macey cannot wait for more. 

I've had a blast going through Macey's baby clothes and getting everything out. I just hope I'm going to feel up to putting this baby is real clothes, because I have a lot to get through.  

I have moments where I can push through the nausea haze and function fairly normally for a few hours at a time.  I get quite excited when I'm able to put a real meal on the table for everyone.  

We obviously need to give some attention to proper table manners steps.  

With Paul's assistance I got some curtains hemmed for the laundry closet! 

There's only about 25 more things to get done on my "Before Baby List".

Here's hoping for a sunny April with happy children and less puking, so I can be somewhat productive!

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Crew is so big, but I guess he needs to be with a new baby coming. Love the matching outfits for Macey and baby girl, I can't wait for more either. Congratulations on the laundry room curtains, they look great. Good to see that Miles & Crew were able to sit together and Miles is such a good helper with the silverware that is left, before Crew gets his hands on it. Crew might be trying to be the favorite with loving orange, but Macey is going to be Paul's learning to write code. Here's hoping you have a good April!

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