She's a Kindergartner!

Aug 28, 2012
I cannot believe it, but Macey has entered the big leagues now, she's in Kindergarten!

We did a special back to school dinner for her. I'd seen a ton of ideas on pinterest, but they were all a little fancy for my laziness. So, this is what I came up with:

Sack Lunches! Doesn't get much easier than that.

Macey loved it! She couldn't stop thanking me, "Mom, thanks for making my name rainbow! Thanks for getting caramel!" Thanks for letting me drink Root Beer!" So glad I kept it simple.

This morning Macey would go from super excited to super nervous. After she enjoyed her Krispy Kreme Doughnut, she said she didn't feel well and didn't think she should go to school. Luckily I had pulled out The Kissing Hand and we were up at the crack of dawn, so we sat down to read it. And just like I hoped, it did the trick and she was ready to go. I on the other hand broke down and had to go shed the first of many tears in the bathroom.

When we got to school she went right into her classroom and got right to work coloring the book on her desk. She was so excited to see that it was from "The Kissing Hand", and that she already knew the story. I then had to peel myself away and go cry in my car. :)

To my surprise when we picked her up she couldn't stop talking about all the things they did. And her teacher sent her home with the cutest game to play, where she had to tell me different things they did according to the color of M&M she picked.

Her favorite thing, Recess of course. She even made 2 new friends, whose names she actually remembered.

I am not happy to be starting this scheduled life where I don't know what she's doing 24/7! But, luckily she loved her first day, otherwise I don't know if I'd be able to drop her off tomorrow.
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Aunt Kathy
It's always harder on us than it is them. Glad she enjoyed her first day. Cute idea for her suppertoo :)
georgia porras
Holly cow!!! I don't love being ALONE at home. I miss my Abby so much today. I can't believe i cried reading your post.(I share all your feelings that's why). It's hard to "let them go". Love you Kesey!
OMG the pic of her giggling with her First Day stats is killing me, I love it so much!!
Brittany Lisle
I love all the cute things you did to send her off! What great ideas! It just makes me remember how fun you are and that you haven't changed. So glad her first day went well. This will be Juliette next year...I can't believe it!
So sweet and heart wrenching! I'm glad you and Macey both survived. I'm sorry it was such a hard day for you. I'm glad it was a wonderful day for Macey. Good luck with the rest of school! And let us know when you start to enjoy having just two kids at home. ;)
This makes me cry too! I love the dinner you did perfect for what Macey would enjoy. That was a Tender Mercy on choosing the same book as the teacher was using. Love that she already made some friends. It is really hard to let them grow up and be on there own without you there all day. She will survive though and so will you. =)
You are so fun! I think I might copy your dinner idea... way easier than the ones on Pinterest and just as fun. You did a great job with her first day stats picture too, I might have to copy that also. I showed Kaylin how Macey wore her hair like Kaylin and Kaylin decided that she would wear her hair like that for her first day. I haven't been able to convince her to do her hair like that for a few weeks. It's a good thing Macey started school a week before us! I'm glad Macey loved kindergarten!
love it all! that last picture is especially adorable.
Nana and Opa
So happy to hear she had a great first day!
gosh I give you props for not bursting into tears while reading The Kissing Hand!
This was really sweet. School starts for us next week and I've already become emotional about it especially sending Evan to Kindergarten. I love love love your dinner idea. I agree...everything I see online about back to school dinners is way too fancy and too much work. I am going to copy your idea. You made me feel so much better, I was stressing about having to pull off a an elaborate dinner at such a busy time. Thank you. Macey is SUPER cute.
You are such a fun mom! They read The Kissing Hand on Maddy's first day of Kindergarten too. Just be warned, kindergarten wasn't as hard for me to let her go as first grade was this year. I was really sad!
Macey looks so cute in every picture you take!
I love your back to school dinner! It's perfect! James started kindergarten today and had a hard time (which I was really surprised about!)
charley and Maceys teacher must be friends b/c it sounds like the exact same day as charley....the mm game, and kissing hand book and work sheet! Yay Kels for being so creative! what a great mom!

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