Back to school

Oct 16, 2017
I was ready for school to start this year, I actually felt a little guilty about it, but I got over that pretty fast. 

Macey started 5th Grade

Miles 2nd Grade

And Crew Kindergarten!

We of course had our annual Back to School brown bag dinner.  

I impressed the group with my amazing cake this year.  

And yes, those are bubble gum squares on top.  I know what they like. 

I think this is one of their favorite traditions and it's one of the simplest for me.  Win Win.  

Love these kids.  

Macey and Miles started a week before Crew.  

Macey was all smiles, while Miles had a bit of anxiety.

Luckily, one of his neighborhood bff's, Penelope, is in his class this year.  Made a huge difference and I didn't even have to go into the building with him.  He just walked in with his class and didn't even look back.  We have come along way!!

While the big kids were in school all day Crewby and I had big plans that included the new Orem Splash pad. 

always amazes me how easy 2 kids are when you're used to 4. 
After hours of playing, we raced home to make a special after school snack for M&M.

I was pretty impressed with myself, my kids don't get a pinterest worthy mom very often. :)

I was sitting at the table anxiously awaiting to hear all the details of the first day when they walked in.  Everything went awesome and it's been awesome ever since.  

I got about 10 min with them, until they were outside running around with all the neighbor kids.  As it should be.  

I still had a few days left with Crew until Kindergarten started, so we fit in a few more things. 

First thing on his list, play date with Madden.

2nd, Sodalicious date with just mom.

This kid has been my favorite lately.  He's funny, sweet, and as cute as they come.  After his kindergarten assessment he had both teachers fighting over which one of them got to have him in their class.  I will say, I am bit jealous of his teacher.  

This kids day finally came and Ruby and I were a bit sad about it. 

Ruby had to be in all his pictures and the ones where she isn't, she is on the side crying and screaming. 

I about died over this encounter. Something about little kids with big backpacks and siblings holding hands.    These 2 are the best of friends and Ruby is desperate to be like the big kids.  She just refuses to stay little for me. 

There were a few tears, but mostly smiles dropping Crew off for his first day.  He loves school and is the best at making me read with him everyday.  

And Costco with one kid!!!  Obviously I don't know how to order food for 1 child though. :)  

Life and time are a weird thing, can't believe I have 3 kids in school. 

 And bless half day kindergarten.  

An example of Crew's kindergarten cuteness:
He got a new teacher this week, so I asked him if he missed Mrs. Bauman.  His response:

"No, I didn't miss her.  Because every time I felt sad about her not being here I just thought of her and it made me happy.  I have a really big brain mom, so I can think of lots of memories of Mrs. Bauman". 

Love these kids.  Love their teachers.  And love I get Ruby all to myself a little longer.  

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Schools out for summer

Jun 6, 2016
Miles did it! He made it through kindergarten and did pretty awesome too!  

He of course had his moments.  You know where I had to drag him into his classroom kicking and screaming.  But, then the kids would cheer and chant his name, Mrs. Lee would put her arm around him and tempt him with smelly stickers and getting to try a hard book, and I would turn and run out the door while he was distracted.  

I do not know what we would of done without Mrs. Lee.  She pushed him, motivated him, left him alone when he needed to be, saw his potential and most importantly, loved this kid deeply.  

first day of kindergarten vs last day

She told me he is one of her all time favorites and will never forget him.  I might of shed a tear.  This kid has just been blessed with amazing teachers and we all pray it will continue into 1st grade.  :)

Macey was also blessed with an awesome teacher, who told me she wished she had 20 Macey's in her class.  

first day of 3rd grade vs last day

Macey had a pretty rough class this year and would get frustrated by their lack of listening and respect they showed her teacher.  One night she asked me, "Why don't they want to learn? Don't they know how lucky they are to get to go to school?"  :)  

Despite her constant frustration with the loudness of her class, she had a great year and it was good for her to learn how to work and deal with kids that were hard for her.  

And like always, she still cried on the last day of school, because she is just going to miss all her friends so much. :)

We did our normal end of school stuff.

And met our friends at the park, like we always do.  

And I brought cookies and drinks from Sodalicious to celebrate!

We have a lot of kids!

It's crazy to think we've been through 4 school years together!! 

We met dropping our kids off for the first day of kindergarten and they both tried to make me feel better about crying.  :)  

Can't believe we are done with another school year and how much these 2 have grown.  

Glad I get the summer to hang out with them!  

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Back to School

Sep 8, 2015
These 2 have been back in school for a few weeks now and I am finally starting to adjust.  

We did our annual back to school brown lunch bag dinner.  Miles loved being one of the special kids. :)

Macey was all excitement for the start of 3rd grade.  

She DID NOT want me to drive her to school, she wanted to ride the bus.  But I won, and got to drive her.  Although I was instructed no pictures.  :)

I was proud of myself for not crying after drop off, but that doesn't mean I wasn't devastated to loose my mini BFF.  

This girl is growing up and is rocking 3rd grade already.  

love her.  

Now onto Miles.  

He had his kindergarten assessment during Macey's first week of school.  It was anything but smooth.  There was crying, hiding, screaming, throwing of objects and a refusal to follow directions.  Pretty much it was horrible.  

The good thing is, after that circus act, they at least gave me the teacher I wanted him to have. :)  And things have been mostly on the up from there.    

Miles had lots of nervousness and excitement about the first day.  

I was preparing myself for an all out wrestling match to get him to stay.  But he did awesome and surprised me with how brave he was.     

Not only did he get the best teacher, he also got some good friends in his class, which has made it so much easier on both of us.  

I didn't shed any tears until the drive back home, which was a vast improvement from Macey's first day of kindergarten!

While he's had a few episodes in class, he has a great teacher who is willing to work with him and knows how capable he actually is.  

Macey picks him up everyday after school and Mrs. Lee said she's never seen a brother love his sister like Miles loves Macey. :)

I am thankful for wonderful teachers who love, teach, and take care of my kids when I can't be with them.  

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How did they get so big? Miles smile for his school picture is so him, love it. Macey loving all holidays except your favorite Halloween. =) Macey looks so grown up. Mrs. Lee is right Miles love his sister. Love these kids!!
This is so sweet, Kelsey. You are such a good record keeper. I wish I would have asked my kids those questions every year!! I love how much Miles loves Macey. Too sweet! Macey looks so tall too :)
You just exude good mothering to me. The way you talk about, love and worry about your kids, the pride you show in them... it's inspiring, Kelsey.

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The Days are long, but the years are short

May 30, 2013
There are days where I swear time stands still, but then in a blink Macey is done with Kindergarten!  How do these things happen?!

As a result Summer has officially begun for us!  I am excited and sad at the same time.  Excited because I get Macey all to myself now and sad because it means kindergarten is over and she will be a first grader soon! 

She wanted to eat lunch at school before the year was over so she'd know what to expect when first grade started.  I was glad she brought it up, because I'd been meaning to take her all year, but had never gotten around to it!  So, on the 2nd to last day of school she ate her first official school lunch in the cafeteria. She said it wasn't as exciting as she thought it would be. ;)  

Although she is quite excited about having 2 recesses once she goes all day.  

Macey loved everything about kindergarten. 

I had her narrow her list down to the highlights though:

It's been so fun to see her learn new things and make new friends without any help from me.  And thank goodness for half day kindergarten to help me get used to this whole school thing.  

I kept seeing all these last day of school parties on Pinterest and kept ignoring them, not wanting to add anymore to my plate.  But, when the day before the last day hit I could no longer resist.  I made a quick banner during quiet time and ran to the dollar store, so glad I did.  

This will be a tradition I hopefully won't mind keeping up with.

Although after the chaos of the neighbor's dog refusing to leave us alone and Miles dumping all his bubbles, I was having second thoughts.  Luckily they quickly passed.  

So while I am dreading the start of 1st grade and the all day schedule that accompanies it, we are going to try to enjoy these summer days.  Because while I know some days will feel like they are lasting forever, I also know it will be over before we know it.  

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I wanna be Kelsey when I grow up. you're so fun!
It's so true that the days can be long but the years are short. Once kids start school it starts to fly by. I still feel like I should be the mom of 3 preschoolers. Glad that Macey had such a great year.
Where did you get Macey's animal print jacket? Hazel would be my perfectly obedient SLAVE for a month to earn an item like that!
Nana and opa
So proud of Macey! Can't wait to see y'all in just 3 weeks!
You are so lucky to have 1/2 day kindergarten!! I am jealous and not at all ready to send Adelle in the fall. Macey is quite the social butterfly it sounds like ;) I love the welcome to summer. So cute! Enjoy your summer!!

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Sep 21, 2012
My favorite thing about Macey starting school is the funny stories she tells me when she gets home.

Here's a gem from yesterday:

I'm thinking we might ban princess movies for awhile.

Then this morning while doing her hair she says to me:

"Mom, I love you most of all and sometimes all i want to do is give you a kiss! But, don't worry I won't tell anyone else how I love you more cause I don't want to make them feel sad."

Then when we finished her hair:

"Mom, you should take my picture because you might want to remember what I looked like when I was 5. Because you're going to get old and forget."

And as we were loading the car she hands over her Sleeping Beauty ring and says very seriously;

"If Miles is being good he can wear my special ring, but if he's being crazy you have to take it away from him. He likes it so he'll probably be good for you while I'm gone."

As you can tell she takes her role as big sister very seriously. Yesterday, when we were cleaning up the toy room, she said to Miles;

"Miles, this is a toy room, not a dump room. So, you need to stop dumping all the toys out."
Maybe he'll listen to Macey since he apparently doesn't listen to me.

And then if you've had the prividelge of seeing this girl dance, there really isn't anything quite like it. I'm just hoping she learns some new dance moves before she's a teenager. Because while it's funny for a 5 year old, not so funny for a 16 year old.

I just wish I could remember all the funny things she says and does, but she's right, I'm going to get old and forget.
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Those are awesome.
You cut off the video before she could finish....I wanna know...was he cute?!...hahaa!! what a cute kid!
Very cute. I think 5 is my favorite age. I gathered all the boys around to watch the video, they loved it and wanted to watch it over and over again. hahaa
I have always loved all of the fun things Macey says and does. My favorite on this post is that you are going to get old and forget. Good luck with that.
How cute. I always feel bad when I'm trying to retell something funny Hazel said - even just that day! - and can't remember it word for word. I need to carry around a little notebook in my pocket or something. My favorite is Macey handing over her ring for Miles to use and hopefully be good for you while she's gone. How adorable!
YES he's cute! Haha! She's so cute! I asked Dallin if he chases girls at recess. He said he sometimes does...where do they get these things?! Oh, and my kids love to dance crazy. We should have a dance party!
Nana and Opa
One morning Macey and I were alone in the living room playing Go Fish and she said, It's so quiet when Miles is not around."

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