March madness

Apr 5, 2014
Life in March is always good.  The house is feeling bigger, we are already getting tan lines, and Macey is thrilled her hair is already starting to turn "golden".  

We've been spending as much time as possible outside.

Things can get a little crazy out front, but the kids don't seem to mind one bit.

We've already made about half a dozen trips to Farm Country and still haven't had our fill.  The favorite parts are still the pony rides and feeding the goats.

We've been so many times, Miles knows which ponies are boys and which ones are girls and of course will only ride on the boy ponies.  

The Peacock finally had his feathers open and it made Miles' day.  He had to tell his Talking Time Preschool class all about it later that week.  

One highlight of the month was taking a trip to Jungle Jims with our bff's.  2 very pregnant ladies, 2 crazy toddlers, and a Miles made for an extremely tiring afternoon, but the kids had an absolute blast.

Crew was also a little bit of a dare devil on some of the rides and was leaning over the edge or trying to stand up.  So, he got banned from the higher rides, as it was a bit stressful for Macey.  

It was also the last time we could fit all our kids in one car.

We also went on a double date, without these 6 crazy kids.  Michelle proved to be a very proficient prego bowler.  

I got to go on my first field trip with Macey!  I was slightly (a lot) concerned with how I could handle the bus ride, loud kids, and choas...but I survived and was so happy I was finally able go on one.  

I love watching her with her friends and I love that all her friends know me.  

Plus, she'd still rather sit by me on the bus instead of her friends. bff's.

This guy had a birthday.  

He's kind of the best and pretended to not care that in my current state I did not get him a birthday present and I forgot a few of his favorite items in his birthday meal.  

Crew is turning into a crazy/typical toddler.  We've had to child proof like we never have before.  I caught him the other day using the drawers as stairs to get onto the counter.  He is constantly throwing my silverware into the garbage can.  The moment he finds a pen, marker, crayon, or chapstick in reach he runs to the closest wall and starts drawing.  

Everyday he picks up new words and fights back just a little bit more when confronted by Miles.  He is officially in 2T clothes now and is looking and acting less and less like my baby.  

One of my favorite things of the moment...his love of orange.  It's the only color he says and loves to point out and bring me things that are orange.  He really wants to be the favorite.  

Miles has turned into a surprisingly good helper, when the right motivation is in place.  

I kind of love our cleaning time while Crew is napping and he is working hard to earn a show. 

Macey has been asking to learn to code, so her and Paul built a program that counted to a billion.  

She's also been busy with soccer, gymnastics, friends, and of course reading.  She LOVES to read, she claims it is her current favorite thing about life.  We've had a blast going through my book boxes to find just the right book and I love seeing her enjoy some of my favorites on her own.  

We are also getting more and more excited about baby girl coming in about 4 weeks!! 

Here's the first matching outfit, Macey cannot wait for more. 

I've had a blast going through Macey's baby clothes and getting everything out. I just hope I'm going to feel up to putting this baby is real clothes, because I have a lot to get through.  

I have moments where I can push through the nausea haze and function fairly normally for a few hours at a time.  I get quite excited when I'm able to put a real meal on the table for everyone.  

We obviously need to give some attention to proper table manners steps.  

With Paul's assistance I got some curtains hemmed for the laundry closet! 

There's only about 25 more things to get done on my "Before Baby List".

Here's hoping for a sunny April with happy children and less puking, so I can be somewhat productive!

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Crew is so big, but I guess he needs to be with a new baby coming. Love the matching outfits for Macey and baby girl, I can't wait for more either. Congratulations on the laundry room curtains, they look great. Good to see that Miles & Crew were able to sit together and Miles is such a good helper with the silverware that is left, before Crew gets his hands on it. Crew might be trying to be the favorite with loving orange, but Macey is going to be Paul's learning to write code. Here's hoping you have a good April!

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Will i really miss it all?

Mar 22, 2014
You know all those articles people post on facebook and pinterest about how these are the best years of your life and enjoy your little kids now, because you will miss it when they get older?  

Or there was the time an older lady at Target told me how she enjoyed every minute when her kids were little, as I was wrestling with Miles, yelling at Macey to come back, and ignoring the screaming Crew in my cart.  And my response was "Really, EVERY moment?" Because I knew I was not enjoying myself at that particular time.  

Well, I've been trying to figure out what exactly are the things I will  miss when they grow up? You know, the ones that are currently grating on my sick prego nerves and making me feel like I might actually go insane.  

Here's what I have come up with thus far: 

-Miles CONSTANTLY asking what things start with, telling me what things start with, and asking how to spell words.  While I know it's a good sign he's so interested in words, I sometimes just want to get through a meal, drive, walk, conversation...without having to tell him what letter 100 different words start with.  

-Crew 'helping' by sweeping and in turn knocking everything over and hitting unsuspecting children with the broom handle and walking right through my pile of crumbs.

-Loud car rides of laughing, singing, screaming, hugging, and poking.  Sometimes all I want is silence, but then I remind myself they are little and expecting them to ride silently is not only not age appropriate, it is also pretty lame. So, I turn up the music and hope no one gets their eye poked out.   

- The never ending pile of books they want read to them and having to read the same "Who Would Win" books over and over and over again.  Then there's the pile of books Macey wants to read to me.  

- Pushing Crew and Miles in the swings at the park.  They would stay there all day if I allowed it.  

-then there's the typical, dirty handprints and smudges EVERYWHERE. Teeth marks on all wood furniture in our entire house and finding random traces of food on the ceiling. 

- Food and tracks of mud on my floor right after I finish mopping.

- reminding Miles not to pee outside where all the neighbors are and to use the toilet.

- kid jokes 

- Finding condiments, otter pops, and anything else Crew steals from the fridge, hiding under the couch. And finding silverware, toys, and other important things in the garbage can. 

- Having to pretend I'm scared every time Miles and Crew yell "BOO!" at me.  Which comes out to exactly 100 times a day. 

So, for now I'm trying to enjoy the chaos because, I know that someday my house and car will be quiet.  I will be able to shower without screaming children. I will get through a trip to the grocery store with all my dignity still intact. I might even find the energy/motivation to get in shape.  

Someday they won't ask me every question on their mind and they will realize that I don't know everything. And I might even miss pushing them in the park swings.  

I know I will miss their chubby cheeks and chubby hands.  

The slobbery kisses on the lips and the absolute hilarious things they say.   I will miss the adorable tiny clothes and the way Crew runs. I will miss Miles' extremely loud screams of happiness.  And I will miss Macey whispering in my ear that I am her favorite person in the entire world.

I might even miss them constantly jumping on my orange couch.

I will most definitely miss being the center of their universe.  

The rest only time will tell, but I am pretty sure I will miss it all.   

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Some of the things on that list are pretty obnoxious, but come on, I know you've got better material than that! You don't make it sound bad enough, and three kids is ca-razy, plus you're preggo and super sick. Kudos to you for staying optimistic. I was just thinking a couple nights ago, how much it drives me nuts when all three kids are fighting and whining to be in my lap at the same time, and how sad I will be when no one wants to cuddle with me anymore.
I promise you will miss it. But being the best years of your life, I don't think so, but they are way up there. There is so much more to come. You know how you forget how horrid it is to be pregnant and you do it again, well the hard times will also fade and you will remember the good times and how fun it is to be the mom of 3 pre-schoolers (that's me). But the years go fast even though the days can be long. Enjoy the moments!

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Townhome Living

Mar 10, 2012
Every once in awhile I start to feel slightly claustrophobic living in our 1200 sq foot town home. Like when I have a screaming child and I know my adjoining neighbors can hear through the walls, even though they claim they cannot. Or when I think about 3 children sharing one room, or mostly how Miles will sleep sharing with the new baby.

But, then something always happens to remind me why I absolutely love living here.

This morning it was when my door bell rang and I found bubbles and sidewalk chalk on my porch left by a generous neighbor. It was a welcome surprise since Paul isn't home today and I desperately needed something to entertain Macey and Miles with that did not involve technology.

New toys of course drew out our friends and my previously whiney children were entertained for hours.

Even though space is sometimes tight and shared walls seems to intensify the screams of children and babies, I am so grateful for the wonderful neighbors that surround us and all the room my kids have to play.

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What nice neighbors!
I hear ya on the 1200 square feet. That is how big our house is, and yes, all three kids are in one room. I know the feeling. But you are right. There are many pluses as well. I wish we had neighbors with kids. That, we do not have! Lucky!

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Filling Time

Feb 28, 2012
Is it just me or do the hours between post-nap and bedtime last forever? And then add in the fact that Paul rarely seems to be home by bedtime, makes these hours even more torturous around here.

Instead of relying solely on our i-devices to pass this time, we've been going on some late afternoon adventures. Well, that is on the days I can pull myself off the couch, which luckily is happening more and more often these days.

We've ventured to The Bean Museum and Miles actually got and loved doing the scavenger hunt this time.

Since that scavenger hunt was such a success, we went on a neighborhood one too (found here).

Upon returning Macey and I made another one, which is now waiting until the next warm day to be used. An added bonus of this activity, they were so exhausted from all the running around, that they happily were in bed by 7:00.

We've also been walking to Pet Store when the weather allows, nothing like looking at the cute kittens and puppies to brighten ones day.

Today we lucked out and it snowed! We threw snowballs, made snow thrones, and I even got some housework done while they ran crazy outside.

Love snow.

In other news, we finally painted Macey and Miles' room orange. I know, what took me so long? There is still nothing on the walls, but I figure I'll get around to it eventually

Before Color

After Color

Makes me happy every time I walk in their room. Oh, and they love it too.

And lastly in pregnancy news, I'm starting to show and am slowly feeling better! While I still throw up a few times a week and still feel sick most days, it is much more mild and I've found if I keep semi busy I can almost forget that I feel sick for a little while.

And since I'm sure you're dying to see, here's some pics of my ever growing belly:

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AHHHHH!!! I need to come see Macey's hair cut!!!
I guess you really are pregnant. I thought maybe you'd been faking it this whole time ;-). I agree with you, the post-nap part of the day is the WORST. I'm glad you've been able to get out of the house and find some fun things to do.
I love Macey's haircut! I am impressed you get out of the house after naps. It seems like there's NEVER enough time to do anything if I'm going to make dinner, too, but if we stay home the time just d...r...a..g...s. It's awkward.
Nana and Opa
Love the new paint!

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Life According to my iPhone, again.

Jan 25, 2012
I haven't gotten my real camera out since Christmas, so I have become extremely grateful that my new phone takes much better much pics than my last one. And the fact that they upload to my computer w/o a cord or me having to do anything... priceless.

One of the more exciting things that has happened around here is, I put real clothes on! This may seem minor, but believe me it isn't. Besides, the weight I've lost has helped me to fit into clothes that haven't fit for quite sometime. :)

To celebrate the fact that I no longer lay on the couch all day, we've been doing lots of art. Since it's still too much work for me to actually leave the house. :)

After this particular session, I had to lay on the couch for the next few hours to recover though. Luckily Miles' smile ended up making it worth my while.

We were thrilled we finally got snow to play in. And I was happy I had enough energy to, not only get kids dressed for the snow, but also go out and actually play in it with them.

Miles ended up having to be contained indoors while we finished our snowman, because he kept tackling them. Oh, Miles.

Macey has decided that in her dream world it would snow for half of the day and then be hot the other half. That way she could do her two favorite things each day, play in the snow and play in the water. I told her she might just have to settle for summer and winter, she seemed ok with that.

Another common Miles behavior, emptying everything. This is what happened while Macey and I were cleaning out her dressup closet. Most days I don't know what to do with that kid, luckily I think he's the cutest thing, so I haven't given him away just yet.

On a side note, I've noticed there are a few things that make me (probably most mom's) very happy. Although I know they really have nothing to do with my parenting skills (which are pretty non existent at the moment), I can't help but smile when I see them happen.

The first is, catching them reading.

and the second, when they're actually enjoying hanging out together.

Makes all the millions of messes, all my throwing up, and all the tantrums, somehow worth it.

And another thing that has made this week much more bearable, tomorrow I have my ultra sound! Macey can't wait to see pictures of the baby, and neither can I.

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What tools are those your kids used to paint with? They look cool. We are planning on getting me an iPhone someday, as soon as Todd makes up his mind what kind of phone he's upgrading to. I didn't know it uploads my pictures without a cord! That is awesome. I can't wait to get mine! And, you didn't really just nonchalantly announce tomorrow you find out boy/girl, did you? Is it THAT ultrasound? You're not that far along, are you? What!
Yep, it's THAT ultrasound tomorrow, I'll only be 18 weeks though. But, as of now we don't think we're going to find out what we're having. We'll see how I feel when I actually get there though. :)
I'm excited about your ultrasound! I want to see them! If you decide to find out what you're having let me know ASAP.
Nana and O[a
Glad you're feeling better. I think Macey has a great ides....half the day warm and the other half snow. I wouldn't mind snow if it only lasted half the day!
Megan Pope
Did you make it through without finding out? If so .... props to you! I couldn't do it. And I love your shirt - looking good!
Your hair looks super cute!!

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