November update

Dec 11, 2016

- Student of the month at school 
- Got teeth pulled like a champ

she was hilarious on the laughing gas.  singing songs, telling stories.  highly entertaining stuff

We had to take lots of pictures of her teeth.  It was the first time she'd actually seen a real tooth with a big root on it.  Exciting. 

- Went to nicklecity with just Paul and I 

- Since our oven broke (We replaced our fridge this month too), she has really been cooking and trying to learn the buttons and things on our new one, so she can cook independently again.  I think she's almost comfortable enough with it.  She was probably the most upset by the fact that our oven broke. :) 


- Turned 7, see previous post
- Still rocking school
- Finally got him an official diagnoses of Sensory Processing Disorder, so we have many appointments ahead of us, that will hopefully make our day to day lives easier.  

- is actually starting to like and play with Crew more consistently!  

Makes my momma heart happy.  


- Killing it at preschool. Loves everything about it. Sings me all the songs and reads me all his little books.  Miss Karli tells me he is a star student and I am not surprised one bit about this piece of info.

- I had to cut this sweet boy's curls.  I was sad about it, but man he grew like 2 years overnight.  

Luckily he let me put it in a pony tail before he got it cut. :)

Crew and Ruby are pretty good playmates during the day while M&M are at school.  

One morning Ruby walked downstairs with her hair actually done and he ran up to her and gave her a big kiss saying "Ruby, you look so pretty today!"  

Ruby does take advantage of his sweetness though and can often be found stealing his food, putting him in timeout, dragging him down the stairs and tackling him.  

We are working on it. :)  


My phone is pretty much full of pictures of this girl because she cannot be left alone and we are together 24/7.

At least she's a cute and entertaining sidekick.

- Ruby is a social butterfly and is constantly talking about her friends and wanting to have play dates. 

Whenever she sees other toddlers while we are out running errands she calls them "my friends" and usually yells "bye, friend" when moving past them in the aisles.  

- She is a pretty poor cooking assistant, but does sing me songs from time to time while I prepare dinner.  This night it was her favorite "Let it go". 

Like I said, I am never alone.  

Which is why this is the state of my house most days. 

 - Ruby still loves babies and dressing up

Thank goodness I find her so cute!!  

She did give us a scare one Sunday morning while we were getting ready for church.  I was in the basement getting kids ready and Paul was upstairs getting a different kid ready, we both assumed Ruby was with the other.  Turns out she was out front playing alone, in her diaper.  Luckily our neighbors are all amazing and when she knocked on the Everett's door they let her in, fed her cereal and texted me that they had her.  Thank goodness she loves it here so much she didn't wander far!  

Due to Ruby we actually did ANOTHER room switch in our 1200 square foot house.  

Once Ruby started climbing out of her crib, no one was getting any sleep, so something had to be done.  

Thank goodness we had done Kon Mari earlier in the year or it would of been a much bigger undertaking.  

We ended up settling on moving Ruby up to the office.  Which meant we had to move out all my bookcases and thousands of books and the computer.  Plus, all our door knobs now have locks on them and keys hanging above the doors.  We might actually be Ruby proofed now.  

We are all situated and it has been amazing.  Everyone is sleeping again and people are much happier.  No more Ruby waking up the entire house at 4:00am.

Paul and Macey love having the computer downstairs too and are already planning Macey's coding school lessons they are going to do together.  


And seriously, getting these 4 to church on time or even at all!?!  Let's say I think we deserve a medal every time we manage it. 

And did I mention Paul went to Texas to visit his family?  

He had a blast spending time with his siblings and parents, eating good food, and going to see the Texans play.  

And we survived here.  Always makes me feel like a rockstar when we survive well with Paul gone, plus he was having fun, so it was worth it. :)  

phew, that is the end of the November highlights.  Now onto some holiday baking.  

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Feb 1, 2015
I was having a good kid day and then I found an amazing deal on airplane tickets, so I decided I could totally handle flying alone with the 4 kids to visit my family.  :)

I had some serious regret and anxiety a few days later, but it was for nothing, because everything went about as smooth as it could flying with 4 kids alone.  

My mom and Paul were both able to go back with us to the gate, which was life saving.  I loaded the ipads up with new games and shows.  And the newish rule of being able to use small electronics the ENTIRE flight, pretty much saved my life as well.  

If I didn't have Miles with me, I would of even been able to take a nap or read a book.  Other than an incidence in the airplane bathroom with Miles though, things really couldn't of gone smoother.  And once again, everyone we flew with was as friendly as could be, offering me smiles and words of encouragement along the way.  

It was a short trip with the main objective being to play with cousins, Nana & Pop-Pop, and The Great Grandmas.  

The 3 two year olds were quite hilarious and adorable the entire weekend.  

One of my favorite moments was when Shaunna and I taught them how to play Ring Around the Rosie.  

Crew and Mason together have proved to equal trouble.  Anytime it was quiet in the basement someone had to go down to investigate.  

They emptied my purse, locked themselves in the furnace room, were caught with metal baseball bats and a hockey stick, and even did some terrorizing of Ashton and Ruby.  

There was also lots of pretend fighting.  

Pretty much they kept us entertained the entire weekend.  

Ruby once again was her happy social self.

 She spent lots of time with Nana, exploring the entire upstairs, playing with her favorite toy (a small basketball), and watching the chaos.  

She also learned to wave while we were there, which we all thought was the cutest thing any of us had ever seen.  

T-Rex got to make the trip with us too.  He loved the airplane ride and pretty much everything about Nana and Pop-Pop's.

Due to the sleeping arrangements there were some early mornings.  

So, my dad and I took advantage and hauled the girls to my favorite local donut shop, Lafeen's.  

Almost made being woken up at 6:00 am worth it.  And it was just a happy coincidence they all packed their Elsa nightgowns.  Best Cousins. 

Since they would go crazy in the house if left contained for too long, we made sure they had plenty of time to run around and get their energy out. 

A favorite spot is ALWAYS the trail that runs behind my parent's house.  

I'm sure we frightened some other trail walkers with our numbers and loudness, but no one seemed to mind too much.  

One of my most favorite places.  

A new park just opened in Bellingham, so the moment it stopped raining we ventured there.  

Pop-Pop was a saint and pushed Miles for at least 30 min on the swing.  And I was very happy for the break. 

We also had another entertaining cousin photo session while there. 

Macey also made sure there was LOTS of game playing happening.  

It was very obvious that my kid missed Uncle and Shaunna and were very happy to have some of their favorite playmates back.  

It was a great trip and it feels good to have accomplished traveling alone with the 4 kids and actually surviving it well! 

Poor little Macey though, cried herself to sleep the first night we were home because she missed Nana and Pop-Pop so much.  Thank goodness they will be here in a month to ease all our pain.  

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I was very impressed that you made the trip on your own! Thank goodness for iPads and great Alaska workers. It was the best having you & all the kids here, we loved it!! The kids were all so cute together, they love each other so much. Crew & Mason are going to be trouble for sure. We will all have to keep an eye on them. =) Thanks for coming and you are welcome anytime.
How fun! Paradise to have all the cousins together at the same time, especially for your parents, I bet. My jaw hit the floor when I read you were going to fly alone with all four kids, but sounds like you were blessed and worked it like a champ. Yay! Looks like it was worth it, what a great trip!

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May madness

May 30, 2014
May has passed us in a blur of newborness, end of school activities, sunshine, and just plain craziness.

I feel like my life is full of extreme highs and extreme lows these days.  Luckily, I feel about a million times better than I did 3 1/2 weeks ago, so it is weirdly a welcome change.  

Here's What We've Been Up To:

My kids have developed some bad habits due to me being sick for 9 months, so I knew something had to be done, that involved very little yelling.  I had run across a ticket reward system awhile ago and decided to try it out.  

First, I came up with what each kid needed to work on and what I was sick of reminding them to do (turned out to be a lot).  For completing each task without being asked or whining they get 1 ticket.

The ticket then goes in their cup.  

The kids and I sat down and talked about what they wanted to earn with their tickets.  Luckily, Pokemon cards have become HUGE in our neighborhood and that is what M&M had their sights set on first.

Miles earned 20 tickets in record time and can I tell you how much more pleasant our house has been?!

I got a little mean though and when they talk back, whine too much, are completely out of control in a public place (miles), or come upstairs when they are suppose to be sleeping...they owe us a ticket. It is amazing the difference it's made, here's hoping we can keep it up for the summer.

Gymnastics Showcase:

Love The Little Gym, especially for Miles.

Miles needs to move a lot in order for him to function and his Little Gym class was an answer to my prayers in the dead of winter.

He kind of got the best teacher ever too.  She was always positive and patient, and never showed her frustration when Miles was being less than cooperative.  

She was just what he needed.  And she earned lots of hugs and kisses from this kid for her effort. :)

Macey loved her Hip Hop/Gymnastics class too.  Macey gets frustrated very easily when it comes to things that are hard.  The positive curriculum of The Little Gym was perfect for her and I loved watching her try new things without crying or getting upset like she normally would.

Warm Weather Finally Arrived:

I think the cold weather is finally behind us and we've been taking advantage of it before it gets too hot. :)

The pond is one of our most favorite places, sadly too many people know about it now though.  As a result I will no longer be giving anyone directions. :)

The kids play happily for hours in the sand and need very little assistance from me...the best kind of place. 

We've also been able to watch movies in our backyard and invited some of our favorite neighbors to join us.

Pokemon cards are the current trend in the neighborhood and my kids spend a large amount of time trading.  I love listening to their negotiating skills. 

We've of course spent some time at Farm Country, pretty sure I have at least 100 pictures just like this and my kids are still in love. 

Macey has figured out the best way to relax after a long day in first grade, 
reading a book in the sunshine while enjoying a popsicle. Can't wait till I'll have a free moment to join her in one of my favorite pastimes. 

In other Macey news, she saw Paul's new magnet on the fridge (he always puts his favorite Domo billboard magnet there).  

and asked me:
"Mom, you don't work at Domo, so why does this say you do?"  
Love first graders. :)

Mauling Ruby: 

The boys, especially Crew, are still obsessed with Ruby or "Rudy" as Crew says.

We've had a few close calls where Ruby has almost been squished, but luckily she has survived these very non-gentle boys thus far.  

Soaking up the Newborness:
One of our favorite pastimes of late is laughing at the funny faces Ruby makes.

 Sometimes the boys get a little jealous though and try to get us to laugh at them instead.  This particular time, Crew dumped out the diapers and put the garbage can on his head and then they ran around like the crazy kids they are.

It was pretty entertaining. 

Unfortunately, Ruby slept through her first meeting with one of her future bff's.  Lottie was obviously more excited about their first meeting, as she managed to be awake for a few moments.  

The moment Ruby cries, Miles makes sure she has her pink "Raff".  I love it. 

This is how tummy time usually ends.

Ruby loves to be out and about in her carseat, so we've walked to Target about a million times.

And seriously, love me a chubby (sleeping) newborn.

End of School Activities:

Macey had her first grade program last week, which was adorable.  She had one of just a few speaking parts and did a great job.  I especially enjoyed her animated dancing during the songs...pants unbuttoned and all. :)  

Dance Festival was this week and Macey once again rocked it.  This girl loves to perform.  

I have video of both, but I am too lazy to figure out how to get it on my blog as Paul is still at work and due to a particular fussy baby I only have one hand. I'm sure everyone is extremely disappointed.   

Just one more day of school and then preschool graduation Saturday, until summer officially arrives!!

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Your ticket idea sounds excellent. I may have to try that here. It sounds like a lot of work keeping up on passing those tickets out for every little thing, but I guess it's the same (but opposite) of nagging/yelling when the bad behavior is coming out, only a lot more fun for everyone. I bet it will work wonders all summer long. Isn't it crazy how much more rough and tumble babies can handle than we thought with our first ones? Siblings do a lot to help us figure that out... ;)
She is soooooo cute, the pict of her sleeping on her tummy ahhhh perfect. Glad you got a new ticket system.
She is soooooo cute, the pict of her sleeping on her tummy ahhhh perfect. Glad you got a new ticket system.

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Ruby at home

May 18, 2014
Be prepared for about a million pictures, I will not be offended if you turn back now.  

I am still in shock of how well loved this baby is.  If you know our family, then you know of my kids distain for babies.  That is until now.   And the kid that pays her the least attention...Macey.  Who would of thought? 

Crew cannot walk by her without stopping to admire, kiss, laugh in pure delight, or just yell "Baby Ruby" at her.  If she is on the floor someone is in her face.  Due to this, she spends very little time just laying on the floor. :)

Ruby spends most of her time looking cute and sleeping.  

She's a sucker for a good swaddle and is a huge fan of her pacifier.

I have been trying my best to take it easy this time around and just lounge with, what could be, my last baby.

We've been reading lots of books and watching Survivor.

Life goes on though and we've of course made multiple trips to Target and even a trip to the dentist with Macey.

She even got to go on her first hike, which was also Crew's first hike as a newborn.  

Ruby also got to be my date for an evening out with my parents, as Paul had to work late.  She was the perfect date and slept through dinner, shopping at H&M, and dessert at Waffle Love.  Plus, she didn't mind that I was wearing my sweats.  

My parents were life savers this week.  There were many moments where I don't know what I would of done if they weren't here to hold Ruby, calm down Miles and Crew, drive kids places, do poop laundry, clean up after everyone, ect...

My mom and I finally gave Ruby her long awaited first bath.  We took much longer than normal to get around to it. I blame the other 3 crazies for sucking all the energy out of us. :)

Paul and Pop-Pop took the big kids to the Children's Museum, so we took advantage of our quiet morning with just Ruby.  I also just want to note that she barely made a peep during her bath...which is pretty much the opposite of what the other 3 did.  

She also got to watch her first outdoor movie.  I don't think she was too impressed though, as she slept through the entire thing. 

I am slightly worried about how I am going to survive the next few months with a newborn, a busy loud toddler, and a Miles...but there's no turning back now.

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How fun that you have a projector in the backyard! Your summer is going to be sa-weet! Also, I think it's cool that your dad came with your mom to help you out. Yay for help with newborns!
she didn't cry during her bath,gasp! Clap!!! Maybelle must have been sending her good messages during the past few months up there in heaven. I think she'll be a treat for you, way to save the best for last!
4 kids already! Wow. Parents are fantastic. Lucky you got 2 girls and 2 boys. That was my goal :)

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Spring Breakin'

Apr 14, 2014
I planned on taking it easy and just having the kids play outside for most of the break, while I laid on the couch or lounge chair.  But, after 1 day of fighting, whining, constant snack wanting, and some sickness, I decided it'd be easier to survive if I kept them busy. 

Macey's always sad that we do fun stuff while she's at school, so we let her dictate most of our activities for the week. 

First it was a trip to the Dinosaur Museum.  It'd probably been about a year since she'd been able to come with us.

I've been dying to take Miles to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, but have been too much of a wimp to attempt it alone in my current state of constant sickness.  So, we got Paul to take the day off work and go with us.

The boys wore their matching T-Rex shirts and were pretty adorable.

Miles and Crew couldn't contain their excitement when we first walked in.  Crew spent his time screaming, growling, and pointing from the stroller.  And Miles was practically impossible to keep up with as he ran from Dinosaur to Dinosaur.

Macey spent her time filling out her field guide and reading the facts to us.  If Crew is still dino obsessed in year, I have a feeling we will be making another trip up there.

The weather was pretty perfect, so there was still lots of time spent outside at home.

For some reasons toys on the deck are way more entertaining than toys in their rooms.  I don't mind it one bit.  They spent many hours out there.  

And there's nothing like sibling bonding over animal videos.  

I had a lapse of judgement and took the kids to Farm Country.  It was of course insane, but they didn't mind one bit.  I on the other hand thought I might die in the scorching heat of 72.  

We got Holly to come to the zoo with us, which was of course also crazy with spring break crowds.  But, thanks to Holly we had a blast.  If I had the kids there alone I might of ended up crying in a corner or going into labor. :)

Someday I might be able to get a picture with everyone looking. Until then, this will have to do.  

One of my favorites part of the break though was when we were running errands at The Riverwoods and the kids spent over 30 min just dancing and performing on the stage there.  

Love it when they are entertained by something so simple and love having no schedule!

I also got to spend many early hours with this kid.  I have suffered from the worse pregnancy insomnia I've ever had and usually end up on the couch around 1:00 am.  

Miles joins me in the morning before the others wake up and we get to spend time discussing our favorite animals, dinosaurs, and who would win when pitted against each other in a fight.

He also told me he's going to marry me when he grows up and live with me forever. Sounds good to me!  

I've now tasted what summer is going to be like, and it's going to be hard to live our normal scheduled life until then.  

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That picture of Miles with his hands behind his head--- I love it! haha. Glad I get to hang out with you guys all the time!
Looks like you had a fun week and I love all the photos of the kids. Macey at the Dinosaur museum by herself and with the boys. Also love the boys in their T-Rex shirts, I can just see them so excited at the Dinosaur Park. Bet they looked so cute running around there. I could go on & on!

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