Jul 27, 2016
I love June in Utah.  No more school, temps are in the 80's and 90's, and the kids aren't annoying me yet.  

And seriously, look at where we get to spend our afternoons.  

We've spent lots of time just hanging out with our neighborhood friends, you know while everyone is still getting along.  

Ashley organized a water balloon fight between a few families and it was highly entertaining.  

Lots of time has also been spent with the Rensinks. 

And it wouldn't be summer without a few visits to our desert beaches. 

And hanging out at the pool.  

And hiding out in the AC when needed. 

We try to spend as much time out of the house as possible, because there tends to be lots of messes when these crazies are stuck inside for more than 15 min.  

And meals are consumed as quickly as possible so kids can get back outside to play.  

For my birthday Miles let me play Mario with him. :)  

And we went to the splash pad and ate lots of treats to celebrate me getting older. 

And they let me get a little shopping in. I figured I have now earned the right to wear a mumu whenever I want.  

First month of summer, also means I attempt to do things like take them to the library.  

One of the best parts of summer though, is having Macey home.  She makes things, like taking all 4 kids to the doctors office, manageable.  

yay, for summer!

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Adorable mumu! I hear ya on the getting along only lasting the first half of summer - we've hit our peak and my kids are definitely tired of being around the same people day after day after day. It's time to switch things up! Ug. Four more weeks til school starts... Gotta fill it up with all the fun stuff I'll regret not doing when the schedules mandate our lives again.
I don't know that I would call that a mumu, far to cute. What an enjoyable summer.

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we love june

Jul 8, 2015
Have I told how much I love June in Utah? 

It's our first full month of summer.  

The weather isn't too hot or too cold.  Although this year turned out to be the hottest June in history.  

Not that I'm complaining though.  

When we can't take the heat, we just retreat inside to enjoy our air conditioning.  

I love that we always have plenty of friends to pass the perfect sunny days with.  

Last summer we were looking to move, but never found anything that was just right for us. 

I don't know what we were thinking!  So glad we decided to stay, there is no one I love to spend lazy summer days with more than these people.


I also couldn't imagine chasing Ruby anywhere else. 

We've of course been busy soaking up our vitamin D with lots of water time.  

And can I say that the pool is about a million times easier this summer than last!!  I can actually take all 4 kids! A big part of that though, is because I have the best friends around, who are always willing to hold a baby or take kids on the big waterslide.  

We don't tend to be inside much in the summer, because by 9:00 am my house always looks like this and I start to get crazy.  

Plus, Ruby is always getting into something or finding something new to climb.  

I do love that we can enjoy our evening shade and eat dinner on the deck, where I don't have to see the disaster that is my house.  :)  

Besides, they usually seem to get along better while out and about.


The mountains provide the perfect retreat when the heat rises and give the kids plenty of open space to go crazy in.  

Summerfest was once again a hit. 

We had decided to skip the craziness that is the parade this year. But once the boys were in bed and Macey asked so nicely if I could take her, I could't turn her down.  So, we walked over to where The Everetts were sitting and I enjoyed my least stressful parade ever.  

I also love June because it happens to be my birthday month.  

Paul threw me an impromptu surprise party.  

And then took me shopping at City Creek.  Can't beat new clothes and make up to make getting older easier.  

Emmie also had a birthday and Julianne of course threw a very entertaining party.  

Lorinda and her kids came through and we loved getting to spend some time with them.  Cutest cousins around.  

Other Happenings:

- We babysat the Rensink's fish and my kids were in pet heaven.  

Ruby even learned to say fish ( "ish" ) while they were here and had to greet them first thing every morning.  

- I got to go to the Cub Scout Day Camp with the Activity Day Girls.  

They had a blast shooting bb guns, rafting, doing archery, and just being the crazy girls they are.  

And it wouldn't be a monthly blogpost without a picture from Thanksgiving Point. :)

I'm pretty sad June is already behind us, but good thing there's still lots of summer to go!

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Nana and opa
We were glad it was also the month that you came to visit us. We had such a good time!

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Joyus June

Jun 30, 2014
June is my most favorite month of the year in Utah.  No school, perfect temperatures, and the beginning of summer enthusiasm, make for an ideal time.  

We've been busy this month (hence the millions of pictures to follow), well as busy as I can be with 4 littles.  

Some (ok, a lot) of highlights:

Neighborhood Fun 
Potluck and movie night started. This is one of M&M's favorite parts of summer. 

Most of my neighbors are much nicer than I am.  This particular day, one of them took the time to paint all the kid's faces and when Miles wiped his off, she painted it again.  

Sometimes though I can't take the chaos out front and we retreat to our little backyard. 


Even though it's a huge pain to take all 4 of them anywhere, it's usually better than having them trashing the house and me eating every treat in the kitchen to cope.  Besides, I have some of the best babysitters and friends around, and we have taken advantage of the extra hands on some of our outings.  

We checked out the new and improved Bean Museum at BYU.  It was awesome and we can't wait to go back.  We of course had to feed the ducks after and this was the highlight of Crew's week.

Thanksgiving Point

One of our new favorite places to take the kids is Scheels, who would of thought?

And sometimes I get desperate enough and I have to take the kids shopping.  Thus far it hasn't proved too difficult, but I also come home exhausted and drenched in sweat.  

Seriously though, nothing makes me feel more Bad A, then successfully taking all 4 of them out on errands by myself.  It's tough work people.  

Swimming, swimming and more swimming.

M&M did lessons the beginning of the month and I now have them in private lessons with a neighbor.

Both of Miles' teachers told me he is one of the more high energy children they have worked with. Which is a nice way of saying, "your kid is crazy". :)  

I tried going to the pool and leaving Crew and Ruby with a babysitter.
And then taking the babysitter with us to the pool.  I prefer leaving the littlest at home. :)  Can I tell you how easy the pool was with just M&M?! Probably the most relaxing day at the pool I've had since having children.  

Paul took the boys on the Fathers and Sons campout with our ward.  To say the boys loved it would be an understatement.

They came home covered in dirt and bruises.  The signs of a good time outdoors.

Us girls soaked up our peaceful break with shopping, dinner out,a movie, and cookie baking.  Can't wait until they go again next summer. :)  


Michelle and I left the 3 boys with a babysitter and took the 5 girls to Chuck-e-Cheese and Shave Ice last week.  There was no fighting, whining, or children to chase.   It was heaven. 


You can't mention June in Orem without Summerfest.  Paul and I left the kids with a babysitter and checked out the festivities kid-free for the first time.  We ate delicious food, listened to music and of course people watched.  Good times.

The kids loved the rides of course.  Crew only tried to stand up on one ride, which they then stopped for Paul to get on and keep things under control.

The parade this year was insane.  I say we are going to skip it next year, but I know we won't.  Luckily we were with the Everett's, so our children were well entertained and taken care of.


We pretty much have a standing appt. Saturday nights with our favorite babysitter. It's been a lifesaver getting to go out with Paul every week.

And sometimes we just put the kids to bed and get take-out.  Nothing like some good Pho on a random cold night in June.

Father's Day

Poor Paul had a pretty lame birthday and Father's Day this year, but I promise to make up for it in the future when I have things more under control.  
We've also been doing lots of reading.

And watching this girl grow.

Her first smile was of course on  my birthday! She is always such a thoughtful girl.  

Speaking of my birthday, Crew was the best and kept saying "Hoppy Birtday" all day to me.  Loved it. 
Then we had 7 kids this weekend.  My kids loved it, but I think we will stick with 4.

Yep, it's been a pretty great summer thus far.

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