Feb 5, 2017
Because of Emily's beautiful sister law, pictured here on the left, Macey and I got to go to Disneyland again!!

Macey made us stop at The World's Tallest Thermometer, since apparently it's a tradition now.  

I got to spend 11 hours in a car with this girl.  We listened to our roadtrip playlists, Matilda, and got lots of talking in.  Made up for the crazy LA traffic in the rain.  

We thought last year was pretty perfect.  Turns out this year was actual perfection.  

And the matching fanny packs and shirts were an amazing edition. 

but seriously, the fanny pack.  Life changing.  

There were no lines.  Like, no lines.  I guess that is what happens when it's suppose to rain, but actually doesn't. 

We rode the Gadget Coaster 6 times in a row, without getting off. 

Pure joy on these girls faces.  

And we got soaked on Splash Mountain, even with our ponchos.  

The girls only wanted to do the big rides this year and multiple times at that.  Macey's favorite Disneyland ride was Thunder Mountain (I think we rode it 4x's) and her favorite Californian adventure ride was Screamin' (4x's on this one too).  

We were pretty much constantly running from ride to ride, which means Emily and I might have each inhaled a corndog in a matter of 3 minutes.  

This was Macey's 4th trip to Disneyland and the first time we have ever seen her favorite princess.  Perfection I tell you.

Next day was spent bumming around and getting to play with Emily's girls that I don't get to see as often as I would like.  

Even though it was raining we still went to the beach.  

And then Macey and I headed back to reality and the snow. 

Emily is one of those people that always leaves you feeling better about yourself than you did before you were in her presence.  I forgot how much I love that about her. 

Spending time with my bff at the happiest place on earth was good for my soul.  

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Feb 4, 2017
We survived January!!  

I actually think January's have gotten easier for me to handle or I just have more realistic expectations. :)

We got to enjoy lots of snow this month. 


snow fort building

And Paul stepped in to help Macey build and after a few nights work him and Macey had the coolest igloo on the block.

and we course had many outings to get us out of the house and some more space to run around.  Getting out in the winter is how I survive.  

Dinosaur Museum

Moana (again)! And this goes on record as the first movie Ruby has made it through.  It was a small miracle.  

I checked the kids out early and went to the Children's Museum. It was empty and wonderful.

Puppy Barn

Too many trips to the toys at the mall ( we are desperate for free places to run around). And Ruby, loves to kiss all the frogs there. :)

At Menchies Miles showed off his fact family and story map skills. 

And the best date night of the month was an outing with the Lake Jackson Crew to Chom Burger and a deserted nickel arcade.  

The biggest hit this month was a box that our new chair for the living came in.  

We kept it for a week at least and it was constantly in use. 

Crew and Ruby call each other best friends and it makes my mama heart about burst.  They love to take turns pushing each other in the shopping cart.  Ruby pushes one way, then she says to Crew, "your turn!" And Crew hops out of the cart to let Ruby climb in and they repeat over and over again.  

Most things that come out of Ruby's mouth are very entertaining these days.  She's full of advice too. From telling me not to poop while in the shower, to telling me not to lick the floor before she cleans it, and constantly telling us we are sick and need to visit "Dr. Ruby's room".  

She also knows all the lyrics to the Frozen soundtrack.  

And this kid is about as cute as they come (still).  

I got a new wallet and Crew quickly took possession of my old one and didn't put it down for at least a week.  

Killing it at his Karate Show Case.  

We are in full swing with OT.  It has been much more difficult than I anticipated.  A few of my favorite quotes from his therapist: "You must be tired",  "I can't wait to hear what his psychologist thinks", "how do you do homework with him?", and "You are in this for long haul".  :)  

Now you might be thinking about now, "Wow, Kelsey is really killing it.  She rocked January.  How does she manage these crazy kids and still look so good?" 

I will tell you the secret to my success this month...I hired a nanny for a few days each week.  

It's the beautiful blonde in this pic. 

It allowed me to do so many things I've been putting off, without taking advantage of my friends to watch my kids and ease my guilt. 

I went to the dentist for the first time in 6 years and then got my cavities filled, all with no stress of how my kids were behaving or that it was taking much longer than I anticipated. I got a facial! I went to parent teacher conferences kid free.   Got to go to Miles' OT appointments without the stress of juggling the other kids. Went to the eye doctor and got my first pair of glasses since 2010.  I did TONS of PTA stuff. Got to go to lunch kid free a few times.

And with Katie's help kids have gotten bathed in a timely manner, Miles' homework has gotten done, house has been kept clean, and I got dinner on the table most days this month! We will miss Katie when she leaves on her mission next week.  

Don't worry, it's still chaotic around here. 

I've just been able to handle it a little better.  

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Feb 12, 2016
We started off the year with a snow shoeing expedition.  

The first 5 minuets weren't too bad, but then the melt downs ensued.  I don't think Miles stopped crying the ENTIRE time.  

We had some 2nd thoughts about starting 2016 this way. The crying, whining, falling.

Luckily the scenery was gorgeous and we all survived.  

And this kid was actually a dream boat, a slow, but happy hiker. 

And how Ruby ends every winter adventure.  

To end our 2 week break with Paul home we took the kids to Nickel City.  It was loud, crazy, and busy, but the kids were in heaven.  

and it made me remember how much I love Nickel City too, so we got the Rensinks to go back with us, no kids this time. 

And yes, Paul won me a jackpot.  True Love right there.  

And yes, that guy there at the register, he's wearing the same toupee as he was when Emily and I used to rock the ticket games back in 2000.  

We decided to give snow shoeing with the kids one last shot before we gave up on taking them anywhere in public again.  

Since their bff's were there, they stepped up their game and there was very little whining involved.  

Gosh, I love these mountains.  

and people.  

We then did a little sledding while Ruby and Julianne hung out in the protection of the car.  

Perfect winter morning.  

While most of January was spent indoors, we did spend a few more moments outdoors, when it wasn't completely freezing.  

And there was even a day when the snow melted and the kids actually got to try their christmas presents outside.  

Since we have experienced an actual winter this year, there have been many, many, many crazy hours stuck inside the house. 

there's lots of star wars, fighting, wrestling, card games, and running around like wild animals.  

And Ruby is still constantly getting into everything, climbing on everything, tackling everyone, and constantly has a nice bruise on her forehead.  

We also all got croup, which sucked.  But, it made for some pretty quiet afternoons, so I couldn't complain too much.  

Being the good mom I am, I fell asleep while reading with Miles on one of our sick days and he snapped this sweet pic of me.  If you know me, this means I was feeling pretty crappy, because I hate naps. 

Other January happenings:  

Crew started Sunbeams.  

Macey made her first Science Fair Project for the (not so simple) 3rd grade Simple Machine Fair.  

M&M rocked their parent teacher conferences.  Macey's teacher said she has a kind heart and is inclusive to everyone she meets.  

and Miles is finally settling into kindergarten like a pro.  

I might of shed a tear when I was expressing to his teacher how much I appreciated her kindness, patience, and gentle pushing she has given this kid.  He is capable and she knows it, and I know my prayers have been answered as she has been able to navigate the difficult waters that are Miles.  

We also got the privilege of attending the Provo City Center Temple open house.  

While we were far from the most reverent group there.  I am grateful for the kind temple workers and the beauty and spirit my kids got to experience. Even if Miles was wearing one of Ruby's shoe covers as a hat the entire time. :)

And because some days are long, hard, and Paul works through bedtime a few days each week, sometimes a run to Sodalicious right before bedtime gives me the renewed energy I need to get through the last hours of the day without completely loosing it.  

So, yay to surviving another January! 

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I can't believe how brave you are to take all the kids snowshoeing! That's amazing to me. Looks beautiful though!

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Feb 3, 2015
January proved to not be as dreary as I anticipated.  With 2 trips to break it up and more sunshine than normal, we ended up surviving quite well.  

Ruby got her first underdog from Miles and seemed to enjoy it.  

Due to the lack of snow this month, the boys have taken to playing in the lovely snow piles in the parking lot.  
Due to a variety of factors, sunshine included, I have finally begun to come out of my funk.  As a result I've been trying to play with Crew more while Miles is at preschool.  You know,  instead of sticking him in front of the TV or banning him to the basement the entire time so I can get things done in peace.  

It's been pretty hilarious and I have discovered he's a whiz at puzzles and dominos.  

And instead of doing all fun things while Crew is napping, we've decided it's time to include him from time to time, when my sanity can take it.  

Like every month, we made multiple trips to Thanksgiving Point.  

Every time we go to Museum of Natural Curiosity we discover something new. This time it was a tunnel between 2 exhibits and Ruby's new love of the water table.  

We even pulled Guitar Hero out of retirement for a few evenings.  

Ruby continues to be the most content and easy baby, and often the only reason I survive most days.  

She loves to crawl around exploring, while keeping an eye out for any cereal or shoes that have been left laying around.  

Ruby has yet to meet a baby food she doesn't like.  

She also has the best frown!

Crew has taken to reading her books and it is quite entertaining to watch.  

She also loves to spend time with her fellow baby friends and thus far has been a very gracious host.  

Yes, I am slightly obsessed with this chunky curious girl.  

Miles though is obsessed with these Who Would Win books.  He was thrilled beyond belief to finally find a captive audience in Tajen and that I actually allowed him to take them outside.  

Macey and Kaylin had their first facetime chat and it was hilarious.  I can't wait for them to have more.  

Macey also had her baptism photo shoot. tear.  

She was hilarious the entire time, cracking Holly and I up with her comments and observations. It's become less rare to see the true Macey when other people are around and this was one of those moments where she was her true self and we loved it.  

In total randomness we found these amazing magnets at Target and could not pass them up.  

To celebrate surviving January well, we took the kids to dinner in public! It did not prove to be a total disaster, so I will count that as a success.  

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I love Ruby in a headband! It's adorable.
In my book January was amazing since it included WA. Love Crew reading to Ruby! How fun that Kaylin & Macey FaceTime I bet it is hilarious, love the magnets on the 2 of them. Looks like January was a hit.

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January Wrap-Up

Feb 5, 2014
We survived Jaunary and I am so happy it's over...it's always the month I dread the most each year.

The best thing about Jaunary though is I am still continuing to feel better, not good, but better.  I was cleaning, shopping, socializing, and even going to the gym.  Sadly though, I over did it, and the last week of the month I was back to feeling horrible again.  Here's hoping I can find a better balance this month.

With feeling better though I was actually able to interact with my kids.

Paul was shocked to come home and find that I had baked and was sane enough to have help from the kids.  

Miles has found a love of games, although he still doesn't like to follow the rules.

I went with him on his field trip to Texas Roadhouse.  He LOVED it and was dying to take Macey there so he could show her all the stuff he learned.  

We had a moment of poor judgement and took all the kids there for dinner one night.  While Miles was thrilled about it...we were reminded the moment we sat down of why we always get babysitters.  Real restaurants with kids are never worth it.

Miles also continues to be the healthy eater of the house and chooses humus and pitta chips over potato chips and cupcakes every time.  It has started wearing off on Crew too, and he now says "hu hu" for humus.  What one year old says "humus"?

Macey put her performing skills to work and choreographed and performed at the first grade talent show.  I was worried, really worried, about how it would turn out.  She didn't want to have specific moves planned out, she just wanted to move how the music made her feel.  Luckily, she listened to reason and came up with moves for each part and it actually came together quite nicely.  

She had a blast and her classmates loved her music choice..."Let it Go".  

This kid has been reeking havoc at every turn.

He has become extremely loud and we are working on using words instead of just screaming at us to get what he wants.  So far we are starting to get the basics down...more, up, mom, dad, all done, drink.  The problem is getting him to remember to use them.

He has become obsessed with guns and shooting people.   

He is also obsessed with Paul and pretty much wants nothing to do with me if he is around.

This was a particularly bad night for him.  Paul came home from work, grabbed Miles and left for the BYU basketball game.  Poor little Crew was running behind them, coat and shoes in hand.  Luckily I was able to ease his pain with the iPad.

He also wants to be a big kid and was very mad at me when I tried to give him a sippy cup at Pizza Pie.  He was screaming and throwing food.  Paul had a genius idea and stuck his sippy in the cup the kids were using and he then happily picked it up and started drinking. Babies. 

They are still loving their classes at The Little Gym and it is the highlight of the week for both of them.  There is just something about the way they run these classes that keeps my kids smiling the entire time. Even Macey, who gets frustrated extremely easy, has happily been working on cartwheels even though they are really hard for her.  Love it.   

I also finally felt well enough to pull out my chapter books and let Macey pick some.  She has been dying to read real chapter books and has just been waiting on me to get my act together. She's already flown through 2 and we are starting book 3 this week.  I love it.  And I love that I have boxes and boxes for her pick from.  Gotta love first graders.

Miles has been having huge issues with Crew at mealtimes.  He freaks out when Crew's face is messy from eating. He finally found a solution for his problem and uses cereal boxes to block his view, it has made our house slightly more under control at mealtimes.

More proof I am feeling better...crafts!

I made this Jr. Yahtzee game for Macey's class Valentine Party.  Plus, no help from pinterst, which is rare for me these days.

I am still in survival mode and have to apologize to my kids every night for being so grouchy, but at least it's looking like I might get to avoid bed rest this pregnancy!  A grouchy semi functioning me, is better than me being in the hospital or stuck on the couch, right?  :)
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Yay, a posting! I've been dying to catch up on you. So glad you've been feeling (mostly) somewhat batter and can get some fun stuff done. Your kids are so cute. I'm way in love with Crew's curly hair. My favorite part: Crew crying at the back door when the other boys went to the game without him. I could so see him frantically running to get his gear and try to go with them. I felt the heartbreak of getting to the door just as it clicked shut. So sad. I'm glad you got a picture of it and that you were able to comfort him with some good ol' electronic love.
I love your posts so much and like Angie am always waiting for a new one. Glad you made it through January. Thank goodness Miles figured out a way to deal with Crew at meals, I can just hear him. Love Macey and her performances and poor little Crew that is the saddest moment every being left behind poor little guy. At least you now have moments when you can do a few things. Hang in there!
haha miles and the cereal boxes, what a great idea!

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