November update

Dec 11, 2016

- Student of the month at school 
- Got teeth pulled like a champ

she was hilarious on the laughing gas.  singing songs, telling stories.  highly entertaining stuff

We had to take lots of pictures of her teeth.  It was the first time she'd actually seen a real tooth with a big root on it.  Exciting. 

- Went to nicklecity with just Paul and I 

- Since our oven broke (We replaced our fridge this month too), she has really been cooking and trying to learn the buttons and things on our new one, so she can cook independently again.  I think she's almost comfortable enough with it.  She was probably the most upset by the fact that our oven broke. :) 


- Turned 7, see previous post
- Still rocking school
- Finally got him an official diagnoses of Sensory Processing Disorder, so we have many appointments ahead of us, that will hopefully make our day to day lives easier.  

- is actually starting to like and play with Crew more consistently!  

Makes my momma heart happy.  


- Killing it at preschool. Loves everything about it. Sings me all the songs and reads me all his little books.  Miss Karli tells me he is a star student and I am not surprised one bit about this piece of info.

- I had to cut this sweet boy's curls.  I was sad about it, but man he grew like 2 years overnight.  

Luckily he let me put it in a pony tail before he got it cut. :)

Crew and Ruby are pretty good playmates during the day while M&M are at school.  

One morning Ruby walked downstairs with her hair actually done and he ran up to her and gave her a big kiss saying "Ruby, you look so pretty today!"  

Ruby does take advantage of his sweetness though and can often be found stealing his food, putting him in timeout, dragging him down the stairs and tackling him.  

We are working on it. :)  


My phone is pretty much full of pictures of this girl because she cannot be left alone and we are together 24/7.

At least she's a cute and entertaining sidekick.

- Ruby is a social butterfly and is constantly talking about her friends and wanting to have play dates. 

Whenever she sees other toddlers while we are out running errands she calls them "my friends" and usually yells "bye, friend" when moving past them in the aisles.  

- She is a pretty poor cooking assistant, but does sing me songs from time to time while I prepare dinner.  This night it was her favorite "Let it go". 

Like I said, I am never alone.  

Which is why this is the state of my house most days. 

 - Ruby still loves babies and dressing up

Thank goodness I find her so cute!!  

She did give us a scare one Sunday morning while we were getting ready for church.  I was in the basement getting kids ready and Paul was upstairs getting a different kid ready, we both assumed Ruby was with the other.  Turns out she was out front playing alone, in her diaper.  Luckily our neighbors are all amazing and when she knocked on the Everett's door they let her in, fed her cereal and texted me that they had her.  Thank goodness she loves it here so much she didn't wander far!  

Due to Ruby we actually did ANOTHER room switch in our 1200 square foot house.  

Once Ruby started climbing out of her crib, no one was getting any sleep, so something had to be done.  

Thank goodness we had done Kon Mari earlier in the year or it would of been a much bigger undertaking.  

We ended up settling on moving Ruby up to the office.  Which meant we had to move out all my bookcases and thousands of books and the computer.  Plus, all our door knobs now have locks on them and keys hanging above the doors.  We might actually be Ruby proofed now.  

We are all situated and it has been amazing.  Everyone is sleeping again and people are much happier.  No more Ruby waking up the entire house at 4:00am.

Paul and Macey love having the computer downstairs too and are already planning Macey's coding school lessons they are going to do together.  


And seriously, getting these 4 to church on time or even at all!?!  Let's say I think we deserve a medal every time we manage it. 

And did I mention Paul went to Texas to visit his family?  

He had a blast spending time with his siblings and parents, eating good food, and going to see the Texans play.  

And we survived here.  Always makes me feel like a rockstar when we survive well with Paul gone, plus he was having fun, so it was worth it. :)  

phew, that is the end of the November highlights.  Now onto some holiday baking.  

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The Many faces of our tiny yard

May 14, 2013
When we moved in our backyard was a weed jungle.  

By the time Macey was about 1 we decided we should probably do something about that.
Paul laid pavers for a little patio, put in some sod, and made us a little garden area.

We loved it.  We pretty much lived back there.  It was perfect for little parties, playing in the pool, and hanging out in the evenings.

But then our kids got bigger and wanted to be out front more with all the neighbor kids, I could not keep kids from tearing my garden apart, Paul got SUPER busy with his last job, I got prego (sick) and then put on bedrest...  As a result we found we could not keep our tiny piece of grass alive, so it turned into a dirt pit.  
We then decided no matience was our best option, since we couldn't seem to keep up with our 10x10 piece of grass and I was getting claustrophobic without the extra living space I was used to.  

Trex Decking came to our rescue.  

We have now enjoyed most all of meals out there, done lots of art and played lots of basketball.  We are loving it.  I am just happy to have some of our living space back.  Plus, it's extra nice not having all of the dirt coming into our house.  

Now we just have to teach Crew how to properly scoot off the deck and of course have our first deck party!


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Love your new deck. It really gives you a lot of nice space.
Cool. Glad you found a manageable option that lets you keep that space. Every square foot counts! Especially the outdoor, fenced type. Love the photo of my baby shower, too! ;)

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It's a New Year!

Jan 2, 2013
Everytime I have a baby I begin to feel claustrophobic and have the itch to move to a bigger house. This usually happens when winter rolls around and we are inside much more. This year was no different.

Adding the third kid to our little house and having 3 kids in one room has been making it feel like we might blow the seams on this house. I feel like we are over flowing everywhere.

So, since I really don't want to move, we just decided to do a bit of rearranging. It feels like a new house and I am once again content!

Here are some comparisons for you. And I of course forgot to take pictures before we started moving things around, so excuse the messes. :)


We took out the love seat to open it up, got a cozy fluffy rug, removed the chair rail, added a shoe organizer, and got a chair and pouf to replace the seating we took out.


Crazy the difference a little rearranging will do! We love having more room to play on the floor and there is now even room to have some of M&M's new christmas toys in the living room.

I have a few more places around the house to add some more storage and with that we might just be able to fit 4 kids in this house. ;)
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I can't wait to see it in person!! And I also can't wait for kid 4. Whenever that is. :)
you are already considering 4 kids?! you are amazing. it looks great, it really opens it up. good call on removing the chair rail.
That looks great, really opens it up. You have so much more space for the kids to play and it looks so fresh and new. Can't wait to see what you do next. Kid 4???
It looks great. I love the new chair!
First time I have heard anything about kid #4.
ha. Paul's comment makes me laugh. I know the feeling all too well about not having enough room. Love the rearranging! Looks so great and your shoe storage is brilliant. It's so clean looking.
Next time you start feeling like your place is too small, come visit me. It will make you feel like you're living in a mansion. I love the fluffy rug!
It looks like a very happy place, I love the colors. You are a great decorator.

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Our Scheduled Life.

Sep 18, 2012
We have lived without much of a schedule or routine for about the last 6 months. While it worked great then, it hasn't been working so great for me lately. So, with the help of school, we have been forced into a schedule. And I'm finding it's kind of nice.

I actually set my alarm every day, instead of waiting for kids to wake me up. We've cracked down on bedtime, which has made our evenings much better. And instead of just letting Crew hang out with us until we go to bed, we've been putting him down around 9:00 and have discovered that he still sleeps until about 5:00am. I even go to the gym 3x a week.

The biggest thing I needed help with though was keeping my house clean. I never know where to start, which usually results in me not doing anything.

So, I cracked down and made this:

It has been great. Today I just ignored my incredibly dirty bathrooms, knowing I'll get to them tomorrow.

Having a schedule has also allowed me the time and energy to accomplish some projects that have been on my list.

I finally got a temple picture made for the kid room, which took a total of 3 min.

Now, I just have to get all this hung up in there:

I finished making my family rule board.

Before of the wall:


The board proved to be a bit of challenge for me and then I of course accidentally sprayed the blue spray paint over the vinyl instead of the CLEAR protectant coat. So, I improvised and now I feel it has more of that vintage look, right? That's what I tell myself at least. :)

And I got some of my projects done for our trip to Disneyland in a few weeks.

Our countdown chain:

and autograph books:

The next thing I'd like to accomplish with this new scheduled lifestyle, find time to read a book!

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You are amazing! I am super impressed. Your autograph books are so cute.
How do I become like you??
Kelsey! How do you go to the gym 3x a week?... way to go! Also, you are so creative, I love your arts and crafts. Thanks for the inspiration :)
Nice job on the cleaning schedule it will help it not seem so overwhelming. Love the Disneyland Countdown and autograph books. It's getting closer. =)
I agree with Brianne, you are amazing. I love the temple picture, I need to do that for the boys rooms as well. What a great idea. I think living in Utah makes people more creative or maybe it's just you. haha I also love the before and after pictures, it looks so great. You are very creative.

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One Wall Down

Jul 23, 2012
I've been feeling as though my house has been lacking color and personality lately. So, I've been scouring Pinterest looking for some inspiration. Of the five walls I want to spice up, I have now completed one!

I of course didn't take a before picture, but I found this pic on my phone that will do the job.

All that was on the wall before was this iron thing from Rod Works, that I put up when we moved in 5 years ago.

Here's the wall now:

Brighter, happier, and much more personality. I love it!

Here's a few close ups:

Print found here.

Inspiration found here.

Now on to the next wall.

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The mustache clock really does complete it!! :)
It looks great! My favorite is the WA picture :-).
It looks great. Did you do the button canvas?
I LOVE it!
I love it!

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