Some, ok lots of, October Happenings...

Oct 25, 2012
October is always one of my favorite months and this year has yet to disappoint.

Our bff's came for a visit.

Macey and I have been doing lots of crafts. My desire to do projects is proof that I am beginning to feel more like myself and less like a crazy person 24/7.

Featured Projects: butterfly wand, buzz lightyear costume, and Littlest Petshop Mats.

I also decided that our neighborhood needed to do a Halloween Carnival. So, I sent out an email and made a flyer asking that everyone bring a treat and do a booth. Easiest party to plan ever.

Lots of Spooky Treats.

I of course had to include a guessing jar, what's a carnival without one? And the adorable winner.

Everyone's booths were so fun and creative.

There was face painting.

Airbrush Tattoos.


A Haunted House.

and lots of fun games.

Love these moms.

We also had our 6th annual Fright Fest, one of my favorite October happenings.

To spice things up we played a new game called, "Catch Cheetos in Shaving Cream". I thought it was a hit.

Our Masterpieces, of course.

In other news, Crew has graduated to using the Exersaucer. It's a hit all around.

And Miles is still making everything into a gun. Raff, green beans, cups, name it, it's a gun.

Less than a week to Halloween!
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Fun! Your comment about Miles making everything into a gun reminds me of CJ when he was little.
Yay for October and Fright Fest and carnivals and crafts! Now if we could just prevent winter from happening...
You're right Brianne just like Christopher. I love the catching Cheetos.
I love the pet shop mats and the cheeto catching. Awesome! Also, I am impressed with your neighborhood party. Good work!

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