Jan 1, 2019
A highlight of the month was Nana and Opa's visit.

We took them to a pumpkin patch.

Roasted Smores. 

Went to Just Add Chocolate.

and introduced them to our favorite game, Soda Pong.

We enjoyed our new backyard as much as possible and the last of the sunny warm weather with the neighbor kids.

There has not been a day that has gone by where the tramp has not been jumped on.  Rain, shine, or snow. 

My new favorite view:

Always so much 4 square.  

The boys had a new favorite game this month, Mario Party.  It was hilarious and they entertained themselves for hours on their homemade board of books. 

A few days a week Ruby and I took a scooter ride around the neighborhood to look at all the spooky houses.  This one being her favorite. 

We carved pumpkins in perfect fall weather on our driveway.

This view.

We went to our ward halloween party

Ruby wanted to be a Witch Belle.  And would only allow Ashley to do her makeup. 

Paul and Macey went to a Dad/Daughter activity

Crew had some major dental work done.  

We learned how to make cinnamon rolls in our new kitchen!

Ruby and I got to run errands with some of our favorite friends.  

Peter got baptized and we got to hang out with our favorite 2nd cousins.  

Ruby and I took about a million selfies.  

These 2 continue to be the cutest and craziest siblings around. 

Ruby always comes up with stylish outfits for preschool.  

And Friday Mom Hikes.  These have become the highlight of my week.

We ended the month with a quite mellow Halloween, I didn't even know what to do with myself since I wasn't running around like crazy person.  

Normally, I am in charge of multiple parties.  This year I ran one station at Crew's class party.  I didn't even break a sweat.  

There was of course the Halloween Parade.  

All other years I've had to check everyone out as soon as the parade is over to head to Domo.  Luckily, Domo decided to save money and NOT do their Halloween party this year.  We actually had a relaxing few hours at home before we went Trick - or - Treating.  

We still did our normal trick or treating route and we discovered that almost everyone from new neighborhood also trick or treats in our old neighborhood. :)  

Always a good haul.

Macey organized her candy into baggies.  ha, she does not get this from me.  

Another successful October in the books.  

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What a great October! Lots of fun activities loved all the costumes. Your new house has a beautiful view and your yard is fantastic! Wish I had mom hikes.

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october Chapter 3: Halloween

Nov 15, 2017
We had perfect weather in October to enjoy all our halloween activities.  


We had some new booths this year, Mini golf (Miles' favorite) and facepainting. 

The kids insisted we did our normal fishing booth. 

So glad I started out simple.

these 3 ran around the whole afternoon together. Finn, BB8 and Ray. :)  

Georgia's pinata is always a hit and the kids get way more candy than they need.  

One day I will get a pic with all my neighborhood bff's, without whom I would not survive, but you will have to settle for this pic of Ashley and I in our animal onesies.  


Domo killed it this year.  No matter what your kid is into, Domo had a character for them.  

Crew's favorite:

Miles' Favorite:

Ruby's Favorite: 

And then they had an entire Harry Potter themed tent we got to walk through which covered Macey's Favorite.

Another thing I love about Domo's Halloween party is they don't hand out the same old candy.

All the Harry Potter characters hand out a different themed candy that relates to their story, ring pops from Belle, Super Hero pencils from spiderman, cotton candy, glow sticks, bouncy balls...I just love and appreciate how much thought they put into it all. 

It's no wonder these kids think Domo is the coolest place in the entire world.  

Halloween always ends up being one of the busiest days of the year for me.  With Class Parties ( I did kindergarten and 2nd this year), School Halloween Parade, Domo, and then trick or treating.  

Macey ended up being sick this day, so we took her to school late, because she would not even think about missing the parade or class party.  Poor girl was drugged up all day just to make it through.  


The Crew

Miles was apparently into Kit-Kats this year. :)

It was a pretty perfect Halloween.  I didn't even have time to go to Sodalicious, but I survived the day just fine.  

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Halloween looked perfect and what beautiful weather!

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Halloween Festivities

Nov 6, 2016
I LOVE Halloween.  

Alligator, Cat, Rey, Charizard, Minnie Mouse, and Bulbasaur

Candy, parties, dressing up, and trick-or-treating are just some of the reasons.

We started out the festivities with our annual neighborhood carnival. 

I never let the kids wear their actual halloween costumes, as they always end up spilling something. So, I send them to the dress up tubs. Crew was Chewbacca, Miles Dino rider, Ruby Minnie Mouse, and Macey wore an old ballet costume I wore in the nutcracker with Kirsten in a matching dress (my mom of course made them.  She's got mad skills).  And I had to include a picture of Emery in her adorable old lady costume.  She was the cutest thing ever. 

Next up was Fright Fest.  

It was our turn to host.  We decided to play a Mormon drinking game.

We got a bunch of different sodas.  Some gross (peanut butter, bacon, hot wing sauce), some good (rootbeer, butter beer, horchata) and LOTS in between.  

It was highly entertaining and after sampling all of them I deemed the  worst ones to be Peanut Butter, cucumber, and bacon.  The only one that was actually good was the rootbeer. 

The kids actually got us to carve pumpkins this year.  it is not a favorite activity of mine, but it got done and we had some very happy kids.  And no one loved their Jack 'O Lantern more than Crew. 

Next Halloween Festivity was a party at Paul's bosses house. 

Marty McFly and his mom Lorraine from back to the future. And Eleven and Dustin from Stranger Things. 

As always the party was very impressive.  Party buses, food trucks, even better portable bathrooms than last year, light up dance floor, and tons of amazingly creative costumes. 

Love a good party.  

FINALLY,  we made it to the actual day.

We were up bright and early getting kids in costume for school.

Then there was the Halloween Parade.

Miles was just smiling and waving away.  And yes, his costume is too small.  I had a tough time with my amazon orders this Halloween. :)  Luckily, he was the happiest pokemon around.

Crew wanted to dress up for the Halloween Parade too (we skipped his preschool party, there was no way to fit it in).  He loved that all the kids in the parade knew who he was and were waving at him and talking about his sweet costume.  

But seriously, have you ever seen a cuter bulbasaur? 

Then I ran home grabbed my supplies and came back to do Macey's class Halloween party.

I love getting to see her in her element and chatting with all the kids.  

Next stop was the Domo Halloween extravaganza. 

It was amazing this year.  So organized.  They had a map for everyone, arrows on the ground of which direction to walk, crossing guards, and themed buildings.  I just loved it.  

Paul's building was Harry Potter.  They gave out gummy frogs, bertie botts beans, and chocolate coins. And a real owl, because this is Domo afterall.  

The Sorting Hat put Macey in Slitherin, she was not too pleased.

I actually didn't take a single picture because it was still so crazy, luckily Paul snapped these ones before it got crazy.  

And now we have finally made it to the main event. 

Trick or Treating. 

I was so happy with how Ruby's costume turned out and it was probably the easiest one I have attempted yet.  Plus, she loved it and wanted nothing more than to be Minnie.  Makes my mama heart happy.  

I don't sew, but I do love hot glueing and taping a good costume together.
 And I was so proud of the pokemon ball pumpkins I made the boys too.  

I love trick or treating in our neighborhood and seeing all our friends.  

We had a crazy, but awesome,  group this year and I had a few moments of stress, but overall it was pretty much perfection.  

then we finally got to the candy sorting.  

Can you tell what Crew's favorite candy is?!? 

and that finally is a wrap on Halloween.  Yes, this is why I am exhausted.  

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Halloween Happenings

Nov 8, 2015
Halloween is one of my all time favorites.  

I love decorating.

I (kind of) enjoy carving pumpkins.

I was proud of all the kids for actually cleaning out their own goop this year without complaint.  

Ruby had to be right in on the action and could not be contained, so we eventually had to put the poor girl to bed, so we could finish carving.  

They were quite proud of their creations.  

I LOVE costumes and helping everyone figure out what they want to be. Usually I like to piece together or make the kids', but this year I ended up buying everyones, which I ended up loving too.  

Crew was a Cowboy Hulk and Chewbacca.

We also had Jasmine, Raja, and a storm trooper. 

Chewie doing his roar. 

And a shower. 

The kids have plotted against me and have decided they will not cooperate for group pictures.  

Luckily Paul's CEO invited us to a party, so I had an excuse to make myself a costume! Thanks to Julianne's help, we finished it in our 2 day window.  

And it reminded me of my love of hot glue and putting a unique costume together. Maybe next year I'll find it in myself to make some of the kid's costumes.   

(con't to read for further costume pictures)

One of my kid's favorite parts of Halloween in our Neighborhood Carnival

We kept it super simple this time around and it was heaven.  

I didn't want to be Room Mom this year, but alas I was roped into it.  The good thing is, I enjoy throwing a good classroom party.

Paul impressed all the kindergartners with his amazing costume too. :)  

Can't forget the sweet halloween parade.  Miles was crying before hand and didn't want to do it, but he of course ended up loving it.  
And seriously, look at this girl!! I did her makeup before school for the Halloween Parade and I could not get over how old she looked!!

Now, onto the real reason we all love Halloween so much, trick or treating.  

The excitement level was at an all time high as they started out the evening by running around the townhouses.  

I love trick or treating in our neighborhood!
Seriously, it's the best.  Seeing everyone and their costumes, and all the happy kids running around...it's my favorite.  
Ruby was pretty much the cutest thing trying to keep up with the kids.  She didn't get too much candy, as she did not get the concept of putting it in her bucket.  But, I could of watched that little tiger trick or treat all day.  

She got a little worn out by the end though.  

After trick or treating we came home, shoved some candy down, and put the kids right to bed.  Then we got ready for my favorite part of this year's halloween!

We actually got to go to an Adult Halloween Party.  

Simon and Garfunkel, a pinata, titanic survivor.

I loved getting to dress up and eat and dance until midnight.  

And having Brenden and Julianne here is pretty much the best, they know how to have a good time.  

It seriously felt so good to dance like that, it had been way too long.  Good for the soul, I tell you.  

Best Halloween yet!!

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I want to go dancing with you! How fun.
Love halloween at your house, always so much fun. The kids costumes are great, Macey looks far to old and pretty in makeup. Baby chewy is the best and then that tiger! So glad you got to go to a adult party and your piƱata was super.

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Nov 2, 2014
Since my children got the shaft last year with all things Halloween related, I decided we better take them to a pumpkin patch this year so they wouldn't start to think we were neglectful parents.  

Even though I am no longer puking my guts out (like last halloween), I still could not handle the craziness that is Cornbelly's.  Luckily my children had no idea what they were missing and were thrilled with our visit to Pumpkin Land.  Plus, we were the only ones there!!  Seriously, the only ones.  

they all loved the pumpkins and gourds growing up the sides and on the ceiling at the entrance to the corn maze.  

Poor little Crew could not keep up with M&M.  But, seriously, that view.  Love it. 

Having the inflatables to ourselves, was obviously Navasard Children heaven.  Expect Crew would not get near them.  So, since there was no one there to judge, I did what any good mom would do...I shoved him in kicking and screaming.  He of course remembered that he loved them, as I knew he would. 

Pumpkin Land is filled with these cutouts and we had to stop at everyone.  These are my 2 favorites.  

And it wouldn't be a trip to Pumpkin Land without a picture in the giant Jack O'Lantern.  

One of my favorite Halloween traditions is Fright Fest.  This was year 8

We let Ruby and Wren join in on the festivities, don't tell the other kids.  

Funny story, we all forgot our pumpkin carving kits, so we had 1 good knife between us to share. whoops.  

Man, I really do love these people.  

Now onto one of the best days of the year...HALLOWEEN.  

I got roped into being the Room Mom for Macey's class. Even though, I really didn't want to be in charge, I of course ended up having a blast planning the party.  

Macey's favorite was the marshmallow vampire teeth game.  I found it highly entertaining as well. 

She also loved the Halloween Parade and made sure to smile and wave when she walked by.  

Onto this year's costumes.  

The BYU cheerleader.

The Paleontologist riding an Allosaurus.

Not to be confused with a T-Rex, as he quickly pointed out to everyone.  And then proved this by counting the three fingers.  As any true dinosaur lover knows, T-Rex's only have 2 fingers.  :) 

Sheriff Woody
All night Crew was saying "howdy partner" and "dare a snake in ma boot".  It was adorable. 

And Jessie
Ruby's costume unfortunately had to be disposed of at the end of trick or treating, due to a poop explosion.  I was just glad I decided against carrying her in the front pack.  
Crew loved matching Ruby.  

Woody and Jessie 2011
                             Macey, 4  Miles, almost 2

And an actually decent group shot!

Trick or Treating was thrilling, as always.  Trina saved our sanity once again and came along for the fun.  

Crew was adorable all night long running after M&M holding his hat and pumpkin.  

He was also adorable saying "Tank You" after he got his candy and ran toward the next house.  

Miles was often heard asking for 2 pieces of candy.  When we'd reprimand him, once again, for not being polite, he'd respond, "I not be rude, de just forget to give me two."  Luckily, everyone knew him and his antics. 
Trina was the official bucket carrier for the boys when they could no longer haul their load themselves.  

The night then ended by showing off their haul to Nana and Opa. 

I'd say it was a pretty awesome Halloween.  
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Pumpkin Land looks amazing to me, I think you made a great choice. Those are pretty amazing pumpkins for only having one knife. It must have taken all night for you to carve them. Wonderful Halloween costumes, Miles was so perfect to him & Crew & Ruby are just the cutest. You are hilarious in that turkey!

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