Party Like a Rock Star!

Jan 1, 2009

We had a great New Years Party rocking out to Guitar Hero with a few of our friends. We put up a disco ball, built a riser (decked out with lights) for the drums, bought lots of bottled root beer, provided temporary tattoos, and of course dressed up like the rock stars that we are!!

Here is the evite that we made:

Counter Clockwise: Jenni, Don, Mandi, Kelsey, Trina, Jeff, Paul, and Vanessa

Here you can kinda see the lighting that we had.

We hope every one else had a great New Years too!

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are you kidding me??? I am beyond jealous.
oh my gosh, i look terrible and fat in that first picture! of course, it's the one that paul blows up on the website. :)
Kels! You Rock!
That is amazing!

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Watch out Hannah Montana

Oct 31, 2008
This week Paul got his Christmas present early, Guitar Hero 4! Every night and even most afternoons this week we've rocked out. I don't think we've ever been so popular with our friends. ;)

Macey is the triple threat though when it comes to rockin' out. She is a natural at the drums, she's recently learned how to put her guitar on by herself and push the frets, but where she truly excels is in the dancing. When there are no instruments available for her play she takes her place in the middle of the floor and starts dancing however the music moves her. I don't think there's anything that makes me smile bigger than seeing Macey's sweet dance moves. A picture obviously doesn't capture it as well as video, but it's all we have for now. So here are some pictures of our future rock star in action!

We were in the kitchen cooking dinner and when we came into the living room this is what we found. She screamed at us when we made her give us a turn.

She put her guitar on by herself to play with Christopher and his roommies.

Her signature spin move.

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Ah a girl after my own heart! :) she's so adorable Kels!
That is too funny. I love it.
How adorable! That is so funny! I got your message the other day. I want to hang out with you! When can you guys do something???
I think Macey and Evan need to get together for a dance party! Evan is the funniest dancer, as soon as the music comes on he stops whatever he's doing and starts moving!
Maybe we should have a dance off to see who's the best!
She's still doing the spin move a ton, huh? That's a classic.

I LOVE the last picture, of her with the guitar, wearing the blue dress and bow. It's truly adorable. Printable. Framable. Love it.
Oh my goodness! I can't believe how big she's getting!

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The Best F.H.E Ever!

Dec 10, 2007
Tonight we participated in our first ever virtual family home evening with the Bartletts. We rocked out to Guitar Hero songs from the Beastie Boys to Dragon Force. Not only were we playing the Wii online, we also had a video chat going with our laptops so we could see each others sweet moves.

It was just like old times hanging out with Emily and Jake, except for the fact that they are in North Carolina and we're in Utah. It really made me miss them, Utah just seems a little more boring without their presence. So, until we actually get to hang out in person sometime next spring we will have to settle for the virtual world. The boys already have another date lined up to play on Thursday.

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Ha! How fun is that!
Very impressive.
That is really cool!
Sweet shirt!

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New Addiction

Nov 12, 2007
After playing guitar hero at my brother's house, Paul decided we needed one. I agreed, since Paul really hasn't bought much for the Wii. At first I was reluctant to play, as I don't have much in the way of rhythm. Paul finally convinced me to play and threw the guitar at me. It was a horrid first experience, I didn't realize you had to push down the note and strum at the same time! I know, it should of been obvious. After I got kicked out of the song 15% of the way through I vowed never to play again.

Two days later I gave it another shot and this time I started with the easiest song. Ever since then I've been hooked. Paul and I have played at least an hour every night. Thursday night we went to the BYU football game and every time they played a song over the loud speakers I thought of guitar hero! For the past week I've gone to bed with guitar hero songs running through my head. I decided these are signs that I am defiantly addicted!
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I can just see the two of you strumming away in the basement. Cool!
Have you made Mom and Dad play?
Rich LOVES this game!
Kelsey Navasard
Mom and Dad loved Guitar Hero, they want to buy a Wii now. Pretty funny, huh.

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