BAck to school....Again

Sep 13, 2016
We have been back in the swing of things for a few weeks now and it's been going smoother than I anticipated.  

This summer was quite crazy and for the first time ever, I was actually a little bit happy for the kids to be back in school.  Miles really wore me down this summer and having him in full day school has been quite refreshing.  

We had our annual back to school dinner.  

We got home from Bear Lake the day before school started, so I tried to get the kids to do Happy Meals for the back to school dinner.  Shockingly, they refused, and wanted what we always have, brown bag lunches.  Thank goodness I picked something simple from the beginning and didn't copy all those crazy pinterest people.  

Macey was all excitement to go back to school, just like always.

She has an amazing teacher and Macey was very happy to find out her new teacher loves Harry Potter just like her.  

 I cannot believe she is in 4th grade.  Like really, can not believe it.  This should not be happening. 

They did some assessments before school started and I was a bit nervous for Miles, remembering how horribly things went last year.  This year was a huge improvement! While I was the only parent that actually had to go in with their first grader instead of waiting in the hall,  he at least spoke and communicated with the teachers and they were as kind and patient as could be.  

Miles told me he was only going to go to the first 2 days of school and the last 2 days.  Luckily, he came home loving school and has gone back everyday since.  

I'm not saying he goes happily everyday.  It is still a battle most mornings to get the kid fed and ready, but we are getting there and I will not give up.  Homework is another story and another battle that I don't always have the energy to fight. :) 

Then there is Crew.  

This kid has been dying to go to school  His day finally came and it was all smiles and excitement.  Ruby had to get in on his photo session.  

He went into preschool as happy as could be, posed for a picture, and then went and read books with the rest of the kids.  I didn't even know what to do with myself, it was the first time in a long time I wasn't actually needed. I didn't even break a sweat. What a difference from Miles.  

The only issue we had at preschool drop off was Ruby thought she should get to ride in Crew's seat, since she's the big kid home with me now. So, after dragging a kicking and screaming Ruby into her seat, I actually was sweating and it felt like a normal school drop off for me. :)  

These kids have the most amazing teachers this year and I am so grateful.  You cannot replace a great teacher and I am thankful everyday for these teachers and the time and love they give these kids.

And I am so glad I get this crazy one all to myself for a few more years.

And, I need to report, this was the first year I did not cry sending the kids back to school!  I am getting better at this letting go thing.  

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Yay, back to school! They are going to have a great year with their wonderful teachers. I love that Macey's favorite color has remained white since she was little.
haha, I love Miles' goal for the year :)

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School's out for summer

Jun 3, 2014

Man, this little preschooler has grown up a lot this year!  Kind of makes me sad he's leaving his toddler days behind.  
Miles has been so lucky this year in the teacher department.  As you all know he can be a handful and Miss Karli always handled him with love.  It was not an easy year for Miles, or myself, and I was so glad we had Karli in his corner when other adults in his life labeled and underestimated him and his abilities.  

If you ask Miles who his best friends are Miss Karli is always in the top 3.  

He also got lucky with his Talking Time teachers.  They were amazing and never had a shortage of ideas to motivate him.  They had to work hard to get this kid to focus, but it paid off.  He is saying sounds and words, that were next to impossible 5 months ago.  

Miles is one of those kids you really have to love if you want to be able to reach him and I know these teachers all loved him.  Because of that he has learned so much this year and it has given me hope that he will survive public school. :)  


This was a hard and emotional year for Macey, mostly due to me being so sick for pretty much the entire school year.  

There were weeks where she called me everyday and I had to drag my pukey self over to the school to calm her down.  I am so grateful for Mrs. Cobia being understanding of our home situation and taking the time to give Macey what she needed.  

My favorite thing about 1st grade was seeing Macey turn into a reader!  It's so awesome to be able to watch a kid when it just clicks and see this whole new world open up to them.  I love being out with her and watching her read everything!  She started the year on a level C and ended it on an M.  Love it!

Macey's Favorite Things about First Grade:

- Reading and math and art
- When I read her Mrs. Piggle Wiggle 
- Favorite Book: Rainbow Magic Fairies series
- Favorite Field Trips: Zoo and Children's Museum
- favorite thing about Mrs. Cobia- How she liked to tease and trick us

While Macey's kindergarten year flew by, this year was the complete opposite! Even though I am sad they are getting too big, I am glad this year is behind us and am excited for the changes to come!   Love these 2 "big kids".   

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nana and opa
Thanks for putting up the "before" and "after" pics. It's wonderful to see how much they have grown. So proud of all the hard work Miles had put in to talking time.
Love the photos - they have grown up so much this year. I love how Miles still has his T-Rex shirts. They are such wonderful kids!! Love them!

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It Happened again

Aug 21, 2013
Time continues to move and Macey started 1st grade this week. Which means we have graduated to all day school (so grateful for half day kindergarten).

There were a few tears from her a few weeks before and statements like, "But, Mom, I am going to miss you!"  and "You'll be doing all this fun stuff without me!", and "I just want to play with my friends all day!", and my personal favorite; "I don't want the snow to come, I want it to be summer forever!"

I wasn't too worried about her though, I knew when it came down to it, it was going to be me who wasn't ready. And besides, we lived it up this summer, there wasn't anything off our summer bucket list left to do.  

We met her adorable teacher at back to school night, found her desk, where her back pack goes, found out that her best girl friend from kindergarten was in her class, and then her teacher gave her a blow pop.  That's all it took, she was so excited and ready to go.
The night before we did our annual back to school dinner and the girl couldn't stop grinning.   

I made little jar cakes, so her and Miles could make back to school wishes.  Macey wished to make lots of new friends and Miles wished for Raffy to go to school.  

When I asked if she wanted me to walk her into her classroom that first morning she said, "Nope, I'm good mom."  and then turned and started chatting with her friends.  

So, off she went without even looking back.  I was just happy I had some friends this year to pass the anxious minutes while we waited for the bell to ring.  

I was reading the outline of what they are going to be learning this year and I just got so excited for her.  School can be such a magical place and I am so happy she's getting to learn more and more about this awesome world we live in.

Macey's report of the first day:

Loved everything about it.  Eating lunch with her friends, getting to go to 2 recesses, getting candy from her teacher for being good, singing songs, using the big bathroom, and having her own box with school supplies.  She said she only missed me and thought about me once in the morning, but then she was having too much fun.  :)

Miles' Report of his first day without Macey:

He actually handled it way better than I anticipated. 
He loved not having to take turns pushing buttons in the library elevator.  He was seriously jumping up and down screaming when he realized he could push both the inside and outside buttons.  He was also pretty happy, that even though it was Macey's turn with the Costco receipt, he got to hand it to the worker. Macey was never far from his thoughts though, because he made sure to pick out some library books for her and he wanted to get her a blue coconut slush for after school.

I also want to to note, for memory sake, that Miles packed himself a lunch in his new Jake backpack which consisted of Jake fruit snacks, cheetos, and an applesauce. 

My Report:

I was pretty lonely without my little shadow and chatter box around.  I could of used her a few times to help keep Miles under control and I missed being able to yell down from upstairs to see if Crew was still alive and have fairly reliable source to say "yay" or "nay". 

On a positive note, I found this transition way easier than last year.  It helped being somewhat familiar with the school, actually knowing other moms, and perhaps not having a newborn too. 

I love this girl and I cannot believe we have entered all day school, but she is ready for this big wide world, so I guess I better get used it.    

*Macey wanted me to add that she is wearing her "Stallion" dress (their mascot is The Stallions) in the first day of school pics.  There was no talking her out of this outfit.  She wants to wear it every Friday for Stallion Pride Day. :)  

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Gosh I love that macey! She's got so much spunk.
Gosh I love that macey! She's got so much spunk.
Gosh I love that macey! She's got so much spunk.
So, so fun! I love the documentation. So proud that Macey has added orange as a favorite color. I love the stallion dress and Miles being so excited to get to push all the elevator buttons. I'm glad for you that the day wasn't too hard on you.
I can't believe it! I love that you gave a report from everyone. I also love that Macey already has school spirit.
nana and opa
We're so proud of Macey. She is a precious little girl! Can't believe she's growing up so fast!
This brings tears to my eyes. The kids are just growing so fast. Love the Stallion dress she is just so funny. She is going to have the best time this year. You will adjust and it will be ok. Can't wait for Mile's preschool post. Love the dinner and the soccer picture.
I love the stallion dress! So cute. And the part about Miles getting to hand the Costco receipt totally sounds familiar. I love the different reports. The back to school dinner is a great idea. Macey looks like a pro!! Adelle is starting Kindergarten and it's all day!! I so wish we had half day here. You are awesome. I love your perspective!! and Happy Anniversary to you guys too. Time flies!

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