december part 1

Jan 29, 2020
The gathering of snow clothes is always the most stressful part of a snowy day. Luckily, I figured out before it was too late that Ruby needed some new winter clothes for walking to school, here she is happily modeling what I picked out.  

Since Trina and TJ didn't make it for Thanksgiving, they sent the kids a package to help ease the sadness.  Kids of course loved every little thing Trina picked out for them.  

I felt like we didn't have as many performances as normal this December and it was weird.  Part of that I suppose is because it's the first time since 2nd grade that Macey hasn't done The Scera classes.  

The 3 little kids did have a Christmas concert at school, but I took no pictures.  You'll just have to believe me it was adorable.  

Ruby had a little dance recital.  

Pure cuteness.  

And Macey had an Orchestra Concert. 

and that was it.  No stress at all.  

I blew up a potato in the microwave. Everyone found it very entertaining. Except me, because i had to clean it up and then had no dinner. :)  

Fang is still living his best life.  

Finally got him his first pup cup from Sodalicious.  He's hooked and now loves Sodalicious as much as the rest of us. 

Got a car wash between snow storms and the kids thought this was pretty hilarious.  

Ruby got Student of the month for November.  They take their pic and get to have a catered lunch with the principal. She loved every minute.  And she really has worked her little kindergarten butt off and earned it. 

She came into kindergarten a lot behind and has worked hard to pay attention and try when things are tricky.  And most importantly, she is kind and respectful.  

Finally found the perfect Christmas puzzle for us. We sadly lost 3 pieces in the process of putting it together and everyone is blaming Fang.  

We took the little kids to Starwars (Macey went with her friends).  Miles and I waited in the hall for the previews to be over.  They are always too loud and intense and scary for this one.  Who knew the previews for Starwars lasted 30 min!!  


Macey threw a wild and crazy Christmas party for her friends. 

I love these new friends she's made since our move.  

Our main goal for this holiday season was trying to find a way to serve our community and get our kids involved.  Plus, buy our kids less. And we finally did it.  We only got each kid one present and there were just fine with it.  

We decided to adopt some families in our area through United Way.  

It was a bit stressful shopping for an entire Christmas for 3 other families, in addition to ours.  But, all worth it in the end and we were able to find the things on the kid's lists.  

The kids were a bit nervous when we started delivering the presents to the families. but, it was good for them to talk with these moms and see families in different circumstances than ours, but that these families were still kind and nice. Plus, all the families had a little treat for the kids, like hot chocolate or brownies and they just thought that was the nicest thing ever.  We will for sure be doing it again next year.  

Nana and Pop-Pop came out to visit.  

- We had a gingerbread making competition.  boys vs girls.  

The boys gingerbread house had gingerbread men pooping.  machine guns.  they wrote Die in frosting on the roof. It was hilarious and wild. 

these kids are never boring.  

We went to 2 BYU basketball games when they were here.  

We went to Christmas in Color again. 

It was pure chaos in the car switching kids in and out of the sun roof, but we did it and no one got hurt.  

I took my dad hiking.  

It was so fun to share something I love with him.  

We made Nana's dreams come true by taking her ride the animals at the mall.  

We did our Early Christmas.  

The Nerf guns they got the boys were huge hits.  

And everyone had a chance to wear their Christmas best.  

Next up...Christmas Break.  

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We had the best time visiting and yes you did make my dreams come true by taking me to ride an animal at the mall!! Your family is so fun and Fang really is living his best life. You are teaching your kids so much by buying Christmas for other families. Keep up the good work!
Pop pop
Thanks so much for the fun time! Thanks for taking me on a hike. I really enjoyed it.

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Wedding & easter craziness

Apr 18, 2016
The week before Easter my cousin Tara got married, which meant we got to enjoy that craziness of lots of family in town.  

Loved getting to hang out with these cousins of mine.  It was fun to catch up and reminisce.

We were the lucky ones too and got to have GiGi stay with us. 

The boys taught her how to play Smash Brothers.

We took her to Sodalicous, The Children's Museum, and Crew & Macey got her to play all sorts of games with them.  

We even taught her the fine art of Selfies, with the bride and groom in the background.  

The 2nd cousins also proved to have as much fun as us.  

The girls were cute.  

The boys were wild.  

After the sealing we all went out to lunch and ate lots of good food and got to take lots of good food home. 

The kids entertained themselves at the reception by chasing, tackling, going through the line at least 4 times, and of course by busting out some sweet dance moves at the end of the night.  

And all of Macey's dreams came true when she caught the bouquet.  

The next morning we lucked out and got to have the Rensink grandkids join our neighborhood egg hunt.  

It was a bit early after our partying the night before, but it was well worth hauling ourselves out of bed.  

and then everyone left and we enjoyed a nice quiet Easter Sunday. 

The kids each got a Beanie-Boo and a small amount of candy and they couldn't have been happier.  

And I got my Easter Picture, my only request of the day.  

Love Easter Sunday.  

And how cute is Crew in these Bunny Ears his sunbeam teacher made for him?  

Love these people of mine.  And I am so grateful for a Savior who was willing to sacrifice his life so they can be mine forever.  

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Now you understand how much I love all of you and that you get to be mine forever!! Glad you got to see so much family and have a fun time together. Love your family photo.
you gotta frame that funny Easter picture. seriously, so good!

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Jul 23, 2015
We decided we hadn't done anything too crazy for awhile, so we thought why not fly with 4 kids to Texas to visit Paul's family to liven things up?

We lucked out and got TSA pre check for our flight to Texas, and that made life about a million times easier.  

We got lots of stares and comments walking through the airport and boarding the plane.  I forget that 4 kids outside of Utah is actually a lot. :)  I got lots of "God bless you" from fellow travelers and "Oh my, you are brave".  

Overall things went pretty smoothly.  There were some running to gates and dragging kids behind us, lots of corralling children in corners while waiting to board, and once again ipads and suckers saved the day.  

The kids had a blast with Nana and Opa.  

and were so excited to see all their "big cousins" again.  

Miles could not leave Michael alone.  

He also could not remember his name the first day, so there was lots of "Where the one I like?!"  

Michael was a saint and let Miles crawl and hang all over him.  

Crew had his birthday while we were there and had an amazing day with everyone.  

We went to the splash pad and then Dairy Bar for lunch.  

And then he got to play with his cousins the rest of the day, it was a pretty good 3rd birthday.  

While in Lake Jackson, we always have to stop at the Sea Center.  

Ruby loved her first visit and got to use her newest word "ish" a lot. 

Since we are kind of a tornado, we rented this adorable little A-Frame beach house to stay in, while the rest of Paul's family was in town too.  

The kids loved their loft.  

And I loved being right on the beach.  

The kids could not get enough of boogie boarding. 


Macey loved being big enough to go out deep with Paul and I, and got quite good at catching the waves all by herself.  

Miles loved diving and swimming through the waves.  There was no fear from any of them.  

Paul also taught all the kids to skim board, while Ruby and I just watched.  

The kids couldn't wait for their "big cousins" to come play with them at the beach.  


It was an absolute blast.  Love all these kids.

The main reason for the trip though was Granny's 90th birthday and Granny and Granddad's 70th wedding anniversary.  

The entire Olgilve Family was able to make it and it was awesome to all be together.  

I didn't get any pictures at the party cause I was constantly chasing kids or chatting with people I don't get to see often enough.  

When we got in the car to drive back to our beach house Miles said, "That was the best party ever!!!!".  And I had to agree with him.  It was one of those moments that reminded me why the stress of traveling with my 4 kids was worth it.  It was pretty great having everyone together.  

A few other random things:

-Ruby's hair was crazy curly from the humidity and I was in love with it. 

- One of the best things about visiting Texas is all the amazing food.  My favorite being donuts and kolaches from Shipley's, which I got to enjoy almost every morning.  

- We ordered some seats from the Astro Dome, which Gipsy kindly picked up for us and then helped us take them apart to check as baggage on our flight home. 

These kids had their moments of driving me to near insanity on the trip, but it was most defiantly worth it.  

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What a wonderful trip and full of memories. Worth the hectic trip and craziness. Love that you all got to be together. The beach looked heavenly, how can you not be happy at the beach. Wonderful pictures!
Great call on the beach house! That looks like a great trip.
nana and opa
We we so happy that y'all went thru all the airport craziness to come visit. It was just perfect to have all together again.....especially for Granny and Grandaddy's party on Galveston Island. Miles was party ever! Thanks again for coming! Wonderful memories we will never forget!

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Orcas Island

Jul 30, 2014
Since we were skipping out on Pearrygin this year, we needed to do something "vacationy".  What better place to relax than The San Juan Islands?

The weather could not of been more perfect on our ferry ride over.  I only wish my children were as good.  The views were breathtaking and I made sure to enjoy them, in between dealing with tired over excited little people.  

On the way home we got smart and bought them all ice cream and popcorn.  They were perfect angels for that ride.

Our cottages were pretty awesome and very non-claustrophobic (my favorite feature). We had our own private beach just down the steps from the back porch, which is obviously where we spent most of our time.  

The beach was covered in these flat rocks, which were perfect for rock skipping.  The boys even had to get the water balloon launcher out to skip rocks.  

There were star fish, eels, shells and crabs a plenty to be found.  The kids had all sorts of collections going in their buckets and on the big rocks.  

Some people even got crazy and swam in the freezing water.

Crew loved finding crabs and adopted one poor crab, whom he named, "MeCrab".  He would hug and kiss MeCrab, set MeCrab on the ground yelling "Go! Go!"...only to pick him up to be "loved" again.  He would also constantly say to MeCrab, "Luv You" and then give him a kiss.  It was hilarious.  Although some animal loving people didn't agree. :)

We also got to spend some time in Moran State Park.  

The view from Mt. Constitution cannot be beat.  Although the anxiety of children running and climbing everywhere did try to take away from it. :) 

We lucked out and found a nice waterfall hike.  My kids were very interested in all the moss, ferns, and the density of the trees.  Love hiking in the northwest.

One of the best parts of the trip though was watching these cousins play. 

And it was apparent that these 2 are going to be pure trouble together. 
(thanks Shaunna for letting me steal your pics) :) 

Pretty sure we are going to have to make another trip out here, as I didn't get to stay in that house long enough and there is so much we didn't get to do.  

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LOVE your blog. I am always waiting for the next post. Orcas was the best and we have got to go back again. The accommodations were fabulous, the view, the beach and best of all the company! Thanks for the pictures.
Every time you post about Washington, you make me want to live there. It looks gorgeous every time! The water! The trees! *Sigh*

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A Novel about Nana and Pop-pop's visit

May 17, 2013
We were pretty excited to have my parents come stay with us for a week, but no one was more excited than Macey.  

She could not contain herself when we pulled up at the airport and she saw Nana and Pop-Pop standing there.  She could not get her seat belt off fast enough.  

Directly from the airport we went to City Creek and did some shopping, since my mom is looking awesome and needed some new clothes.  Macey is pretty in love with City Creek now (and Trina's condo there) and keeps asking to go back.  

We of course spent lots of time enjoying the sunny moments, before the afternoon rain would hit.  
Nana and Pop-Pop even got Crew an early birthday present, he was pretty happy to have a car whose buttons actually worked.  
Nana was the designated story reader, she'd try to pass it off to Pop-Pop, but Miles wasn't having that.  We just had to purge the books a few times, to get rid of those long ones and replace them with some nice short stories.  

We treated Macey and Miles to their first ice cream from the ice cream man while we were up the canyon.  They were pretty excited to say the least and are still talking about it 2 weeks later.  

The highlight of the trip though was taking a trip down to Zion.  

It rained on us about half the time, but luckily being from the Northwest helped us out on that one.  

We hiked the Emerald Pools first and Macey was a champ.  Miles on the other hand was "brave", meaning he didn't want to hold anyones hand.  This caused a few moments of screaming and crying, but we managed to get him to obey, most of the time.  

We went up to Weeping Rock next, but decided we needed to come back again the next day so my parents could see the awesome view without all the rain and clouds.  

I think the highlight of Zion for Macey and Miles though was the squirrels on the River Walk trail.  Miles would scream at the top of his lungs, "Mace, Mace, squirre! Mace! Mace!" everytime.  Macey had acorns in her backpack from our last hike, so she was pretty excited when she found that the squirrels loved them.  I wasn't a fan of the squirrels, especially when they stole my bag of cheese nips! 
Despite Paul getting sick, Miles whining, and Crew being a stinker in the middle of the was well worth the trip.  

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We had the best time. Thanks for letting us come and invade your lives for a week. We were like Macey we could hardly wait to get there and were so sad to leave. You got some great photos at Zion. I loved staying in the cabin.

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