Nana comes to town

Nov 5, 2016
Nana wanted a "vacation", so what better place to come than a tiny house filled with 4 crazy kids for the weekend.  :)  

She was just here for the weekend, so there were only a few must do items.

1. Teach Nana how to play Pokemon Go

2. Visit the Puppy Barn

3. Play LOTS of games 

4. Go on a hike to see the changing leaves. 

Seriously, fall.  

The kids favorite part of the hike was hiding in the tall grass and jumping out and scaring us.  They could of played this game for hours.  

Love me some wide open spaces.  

Nana claims we didn't wear her out too much, but we made sure to keep her going with daily trips to Sodalicious.  

Can't wait for the next visit.  

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I had the best visit ever! I was in desperate need of grandkid time & you definitely did not wear me out. =) Thanks for letting me come and Macey thanks for sharing your room!

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Fall break

Nov 5, 2016
Every year we get 3 days off in October and I usually go a bit crazy with our adventures.  So, I tried to pace myself this year and just had one fun thing planned each day.  Worked like a dream.

Day One:

Made the kids do chores (insert screaming, whining, kicking) and then when they were done I braved the crowds and headed to a pumpkin patch.  

I rarely make public appearances during fall break, as most of the state has the same days off and I don't enjoy large crowds.  But, I was feeling brave and the weather was perfection.  

No one got lost, the kids listened, no whining, and only one incident with our wheelbarrow falling over and our pumpkins rolling all over the parking lot when I was trying to load Crewby in the car.  

I'd say it was a very successful trip. And yes, I was finding corn in the house for days, especially in the washing machine.  

Day Two:  
Scarecrow Festival and Michelle's house (where she worked on my halloween costumes)  

I was actually very impressed with the Scarecrow festival and we will be back next year for sure.  Macey and Libby were the photographers and took pictures of EVERY SINGLE Scarecrow, so we could then vote for our favorite one.

Macey's favorite: Harry Potter
Crew's Favorite: Jack Skeleton
Miles' Favorite: All of them
Ruby's Favorite: Elsa.  

The boys like pretending to be scarecrows.  

We walked through the "I am the Light of the World" exhibit.  it was very cool and of course only something you would find in Utah County.  Crew broke out singing "Gethsemane"  when we found a sculpture of Christ praying in the garden.  :) 

At the end was the scared grove and yes, Miles instantly ran to Joseph Smith and started hugging him.  

Putting Michelle to work making a peter pan collar for my costume.  

Day Three:  
Bowling at BYU with the Rensinks & getting our fridge delivered
(we didn't have a fridge for 10 days.  We lost all our food. it was very annoying and I am so grateful for modern day appliances.)  

We had the bowling alley to ourselves.  Boys on one lane and girls on the other.  It was great.  And Ruby impressed us all with her ability to pick up the ball with no help and put it up on the ramp thing.  This girl is tough stuff.  

It was great having the kids home for a few extra days, but I can't say I was sad to send them back. :)  

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Dec 3, 2015
November can and went way too fast, well most days at least.   

Remember when you were a kid and it seemed a lifetime between Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas?  I guess it makes me officially old, time is going by too fast sometimes.  

We lucked out and got one perfect leaf jumping day in before the snow hit and it got too cold.  

I love it when the kids start to do something fun outside and then the other kids notice and slowly start trickling outdoors to play.  

It got even more exciting when Paul joined the fun and made a giant leaf pile that the kids took turns hiding in and scaring people, before they could no longer contain the urge to jump in it.  

We got a good hour of leaf jumping in before the metal rakes came out and I deemed it too dangerous for my kids to continue to be outside. :) 

The valley got it's first snow dusting.  

Which meant Paul got off work early and we went sledding with the Rensinks at our new favorite mountain sledding hill.  

Nothing like a first snow.  

And it was our first sledding experience, post kids, where someone didn't cry.  

It was a sledding miracle, which I don't foresee being repeated.  

Miles has decided he wants to be a scientist. Which means he is always doing some sort of experiment.  

Whether it be figuring out how to get cars into Ruby's crib.  Or mixing things like mouth wash, toothpaste, and soap together to see what he can create.  Or putting random toys or food items in the freezer to see what happens.  

It's been messy and exciting around here to say the least.  

I got to experience quite an exciting day this month too.  Nothing terrible happened, just lots of super annoying things.  

It started with Crew peeing his pants in the Carl's Jr. playplace and discovering this by the fact that it dripped onto the table where Julianne and I had just placed our drinks.  I then had the walk of shame to go tell the workers what happened.  

The "Pee Ball" and the table we were originally sitting at :)

Then when leaving the parking lot I got in an accident, which caused me to be late for kindergarten drop off. After returning home Crew had a poop accident.  In order to get that cleaned up I put Ruby down for a nap.  When she woke up 2 hours later I discovered she had removed her clothing and dirty diaper, and had flung poop all over the room.  I seriously could not stop laughing.  There were a few other things that happened that day, but I think I've already tried to block this day from my memory.  The joys of motherhood.

This was me when I got to sit down for the first time that day at 8:00, it took me another 30 min to convince myself to get back up and tackle the war zone that was my house.  

Luckily most of our days and outings are "boring" compared to that.  

And I am even willing to attempt to take them swimming without Paul.  The locker room afterwards always attempts to break me down, but we are getting better.  

And sometimes I have energy left over at the end of the day to babysit neighbor kids and feed them dinner too.  

And then there's this girl.  

She of course has her moments, but when I really need her, she's there. Whether it be doing her homework without having to be asked, helping with dinner, cleaning with me after the little kids go to bed, and even seen here typing a talk for church without any assistance from me. bless this helpful and independent 8 year old.   

Ruby is still getting into everything and stealing everyone's stuff.  

And Crew is always walking around with some sort of injury.

But these 2 are playing together more and more each day.  and I am sad they only have a few more weeks in nursery together before Crew moves up to Sunbeams.  

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Oh my goodness, worst day ever! I can't believe you were already laughing about it as it happened. I totally would have been crying/yelling/curled up in a comatose ball on my bed. You totally glazed over the car accident part - hopefully that means it wasn't a big deal???

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Fall breakin'

Nov 7, 2015
We had perfect weather for fall break this year and so we did something we've never done before in October...we want to the pond.

It was actually Ruby's first time at this pond and she was loving life.  

It helped that we had the whole place to ourselves and lots of friends to play with and give her snacks.  

So glad Julianne and Gina are always up for a good time and didn't mind the extremely nasty water.  Luckily none of the kids got sick. :)  

Paul wanted to take the kids bowling, but I just kept thinking how horrible it would be.  

Confined space, heavy balls, changing kids shoes, and the crying if they lost...

Turns out I was wrong.  It was a blast and the kids loved it.  

Look at that little jump after knocking down some pins.  Totally worth it.  

Other excitement included:

Carousel Ride

Kirsten came out of storage

Emmie invited Macey over to play, so I was hoping that maybe she would want to take Kirsten with her, since Emmie loves American Girl Dolls.  It worked, 4th time is the charm, she's in love with Kirsten.  

Movie Nights

And even some late night coding

It went by too fast, can't wait for the next school break.  

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Fun times! So happy to see Macey with Kirsten!

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Nov 5, 2015
I had no idea how long our perfect fall weather would last, so I made sure everyone spent as much time as possible outside!

There were lots of park visits, where this girl actually started letting me sit and talk with my friends!! I'm almost there people!

There were all sorts of neighborhood shenanigans going on, as all the moms made a pact that the kids were not allowed to play inside each other's houses until it got cold.  :)

This fort was a group effort.  

We found a BYU game that met all our criteria in order to bring the kids with us: 1:00 kick off, Sunny, $10 tickets, friends to come with us, and an opponent we did not care about (as we don't get to watch much of the game).

It was of course a bit chaotic, but well worth the effort.  

BYU fans for life right here.  

The sign of a good time:

October was so much fun, that I pretty much let the house work slide.
This is real life around here. 

 I finally couldn't take it anymore, so Macey and I put the little kids to bed, got sodalicious, played some loud music and got to work.  

We've made lots of progress and now that it's gotten a little bit colder out, I have been doing better at making the kids do chores.  I just couldn't bare to pull them inside to do chores when they were all playing so nice outside.  

I call it being a lazy and nice mom.  

The Bounce House just opened a few blocks from our house, I have a feeling we will be spending many cold days here this winter. 

The Rensink's introduced us to an awesome trampoline place too.    

We were finding blue foam in our hair for days.  

In kid news, Miles lost his first tooth!

He was so excited, he had to go show all the neighbors and wanted to call everyone he knew. :)  

He also ran back with these "flowers" for me after I dropped him off for school.  Plus, he picked some for his teacher too.  Smart boy.  

In Macey news, she loved Red Ribbon week, with crazy hair day being her favorite.  

Macey already has plans for her hair next year.  

Macey is reading well enough now, that I pulled out a new box of my higher leveled books.  

It was a very exciting evening as she picked out her first 20 chapter books. There isn't much better than new books to read!  

Macey's bff got baptized this month.

 I still picture them as the little toddlers playing dress up and dancing around my living room, but as you can tell, that is no longer the case.  Love these 2.  

Crew and Ruby keep me as busy as can be.  

Between the 2 of them I rarely get a chance to sit down and do anything, but thank goodness I find them completely adorable.  

Crew got his quilt that Nana made and he is in love with it.  

Ruby cannot contain herself and is constantly making messes.  

This particular moment she used an entire jar of hair gel to cover her hair and body.  

And she has discovered the adorable baby in the mirror.  I would be obsessed too if that's what I saw looking back at me. 

Love me some fall in Utah.  



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