May 2, 2014
Easter is one of my favorite holidays, I think because it's so low key and involves some of my most favorite foods (ham, jello eggs, & chocolate).  And not to mention new beginnings and the resurrection. :)

I planned to do a few Family Home Evenings on why we celebrate Easter, but my current state kind of got in the way.  Luckily the church released this awesome video, which we watched and talked about multiple times.

Gina and I organized our annual Neighborhood Egg Hunt.  I swear every year the kids multiply.  

This Year

4 Years Ago

Crazy, isn't it!  Luckily I don't mind the crazy crowds...most days. 

And could these 2 be any cuter?  They've pretty much been bff's since they were 2.

Crew was in heaven...he'd find an egg, eat the candy and then move on to the next one.  

Pretty sure they ate all their candy before we came inside. Which is the way I like it.  

I was tempted Easter Morning to make them wait until after church to find their baskets, since we had church at 9:00.  But, I realized that'd be pretty lame, so instead I just set my alarm for 30 min earlier than normal.  Totally worth it.

The favorite candy this year...little chocolate bunny.  Apparently the Easter Bunny had never brought them before.  


We even had a few minutes to spare before church and got a few pictures snapped.

Easter Dinner is probably my favorite holiday meal...but due to my nausea and tendency to puke, I had to keep it simple.  Meaning store bought dessert, no deviled eggs, only 2 flavors of Jello eggs, and Company Potatoes instead of mashed.  The short cuts worked and I was mostly able to enjoy it.  Plus, eating on the deck maybe it even better.

The poor kids didn't even get to dye easter eggs this year, but did they even ask or care?  Nope.  Thank goodness, because the last thing I needed was to feel mom guilt.  :)  

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Apr 3, 2013
My neighbor Gina and I organized an egg hunt again this year, since the city ones are way too crazy for us. It's awesome to just walk out our front door and not have to fight the crowds.  It has become one of my favorite neighborhood traditions.  Love these people.  

Miles of course wouldn't stay behind the rope while we waited to start, I can only imagine the stress this would of caused the egg snatching parents at the city hunt.  

Everyone of course loved their Easter Baskets Sunday morning and I am pretty sure Miles ate most of his candy before we even left for church.  My theory is the sooner they eat it all the better. :)  

Macey got her first big lego set and was in heaven working on it all morning.

The Easter Bunny was a genius and got Miles a Bubble Gun, two of his favorite things in one.

We once again attempted to get pictures of everyone, maybe one day we will actually get all 3 kids together.  Poor Little Crew.

Matthew, Tessa, Tara, and Trina came over for dinner Sunday.  Pretty sure this was the most mellow holiday dinner I have ever hosted.  We even had time to go for a family bike ride while the ham cooked.  It was pretty great.  
            And can I say, I really love the view coming up our street.
                            Utah has its moments. 

And Macey was quite festive with her bunny shirt and helmet.

We of course had to stop and pick dandelions. 

Yay for spring!

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Nana and Opa
Love the family pic!
You do live in such a great neighborhood! I love that you get together and do such fun things. And that picture of Crew in his shirt and tie....oh my. That is to die for! He is so adorable. You could win a baby contest with that picture!

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Can I go back yet, please?

Apr 18, 2012
We just got back from another amazing trip to Bellingham. The reason for the trip was for a sad one, my Grandpa passed away 2 days after his 87th birthday. He was one of the most influential people in my life and while I miss him and will continue to miss him, I know his is happy and is reunited with so many loved ones.

Here's my grandparents around when they got married, aren't they adorable?

We got to celebrate Easter with my family while we were there, which I hadn't done in over 10 years. Being together and talking about grandpa, made the true meaning of Easter so much more real than it had ever been before for me. So grateful for the Plan of Salvation.

Luckily the Easter Bunny was able to find us though. Macey loved the cool bubble wands the Easter Bunny brought her and Miles was happy eating as much candy as he possibly could.

The best part about the trip though was hanging out with all my cousins. Everyone was able to come into town except 1 (she's currently serving a mission in Ecuador). Some I hadn't seen for almost 5 years! It was so fun watching all of our kids play together and get caught up.

We did an egg hunt with Lorinda's girls and they couldn't of been cuter.

After the egg hunt we decorated a tree in my parent's front yard with easter eggs my Grandpa had made for the tree in their yard. The kids had fun doing it and it was a nice reminder of my Grandpa.

All Macey and Miles wanted to do was go to the beach, so the entire crew headed out to Marine Park after the funeral. This is one of those places that makes living in the rain well worth it.

We threw rocks, climbed around, and searched for crabs. The kids could of stayed there all day.

We also lucked out with our timing, because the tulips were just starting to come up. While all the fields weren't in bloom, it was still gorgeous and put the tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point to shame.

Other random pictures, for those that are still reading:

We of course spent lots of time on the trail around my parent's house.

Lots of cousin time and fun with Rio.

and Miles of course got sick, but luckily Nana was there to help him feel better.

I am now even more homesick than I was before, but am so happy we were able to make the trip out and be together as a family as we celebrated my grandpa's life.

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We were so glad you were all able to come! Kaylin is asking when we'll see Macey again. You should come visit again so we can feed you bon-bons and take care of your kids while you're on bed rest ;-).
I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa's passing. Thank goodness for our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation! What a wonderful trip otherwise. Kelsey, you have made me fall in love with Bellingham. Every time you post about it, it just seems like a bigger and a bigger slice of heaven.
I want to be in the Burley family. that is all.

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Apr 24, 2011
I LOVE Easter. It's the combination of the candy, the food, the traditions, the season, the new clothes, and of course the reason we're actually celebrating, that makes it one of my favorite holidays.

This year we continued with the tradition of our neighborhood egg hunt. I didn't get too many good pictures, because I was too busy trying to make sure my kids got lots of candy. :)

Miles loved it way more than I thought he would. Here he is emptying the eggs he found and then re-putting them in his basket. We have now discovered he has an obsession with starburst jellybeans.

One of our neighbors hid bubble wands for all the kids, it was Macey's favorite.

Now, onto the actual holiday.

I tried to get Easter pictures before heading out the door to the church this afternoon. Here's how it went:

laughing hysterically at nothing:

spotting the fake dog on our neighbor's porch:

1 happy, 1 pouting:

The Crazies set in:

The best I could get:

And our attempted family picture:

Maybe I'll do better next year, but I doubt it.

We have a long standing tradition (5 years) of playing Monster Baseball on Easter, but sadly we had to break tradition this year. In order to try to fill the void, we played Egg Wars instead. It turned out to be quite entertaining.

The goal is simple- knock out your opponents yolk first. The last egg standing wins.

Shaunna was the big winner, her egg amazingly was still pretty well intact.

I have a few things to tweak for next year, like pad the sides of the arena and have fabulous prizes. But, I think we found a new tradition.

It was a great Easter, even though I forgot to get a group picture for the first time in like 6 years! I am always grateful for this time of year when I feel like I can be renewed and am reminded that, even though things get hard sometimes, Sunday will come.
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I LOVE your kids Easter outfits!
What happened to the other Easter dress? Looks like you all had a great time!
We also have a obsession with starburst jelly beans....and are very sad they only make them during the easter season. I think we go through like 10 bags in a matter of 2 weeks. soooo yummy! Glad you had a fun easter!
Brianne, that dress is for Jenni's wedding and I didn't like the cardigan with it. So, she wore another new outfit that I had gotten her for spring. Luckily it still matched Miles' outfit. :)
Nana and Opa
A beautiful family! Looks like everyone had a blast!
Jenni's getting married? Book club Jenni? If so, congrats, Jenni! ;) I love the coordinating outfits. That didn't even cross my mind this year. Seriously, I only thought of even getting Jack Easter clothes the day before - how sad. Next year I will be on my game. Maybe. You and Paul are so good at throwing parties. Wish we lived closer!
Easter was so fun this year! And I have to admit, I didn't cry about not playing monster baseball. ;)

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Easter Weekend

Apr 13, 2009
We had a very fun filled Easter Weekend and because of that there are many pictures to follow.

We started it off by dying eggs w/ our friends
the Wilsons
. Macey and Robbie were a bit messy and broke a few eggs, but they loved it.

Then we took Macey to the Orem City Easter Egg Hunt and it was totally insane! The parents were going crazy scooping candy into their kid's baskets, Macey was lucky to get 5 pieces ( I didn't help her).

Here's a picture of all the chaos,

Then on Sunday we had 14 people over for a very yummy dinner, which of course included Jell-O Eggs. The tables took up our entire dinning and living rooms, but we managed to fit w/o too much trouble.

After dinner we of course played Monster Baseball and we had our first injury. Macey got nailed by a line drive! The wiffle ball left a nice cut in the shape of a circle and she has a little bruise, but after a little crying she seems to be fine.

You can kinda see her bruise and cut in this picture,

We couldn't of asked for a better weekend and we are so lucky to have so many great friends around who we've been able to start our own traditions with.

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I LOVE macey's easter dress. Yeah I said it,.. the L word. that's right.
I absolutely LOVE Macey's Easter dress. SO CUTE!
I am always impressed with what a great party hostess you are. I can't believe you had such a big crowd over for Easter dinner! Good for you.
Aah, Jell-o eggs. Remember how EJ couldn't stop laughing because they made her think of silicone boobs? ha ha ha! Oh, college.
Hey I talk to Mallory the other day and she said you are going to her reception?? Totally do cause I am flying out and am going to be there, its been how many years since we have seen each other?
I havn't looked at your blog in forever...so fun that you guys went to Disneyland! Way to be spontaneous!
Also, we did all those hunts at Easter last year and same thing....parents filling kids baskets! It was so lame so we vowed to NEVER do that again!
Miss you guys!

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