Jan 24, 2017
Since we are almost to February, I figure I need to document our December before it is too distant a memory. 

December was a happy blur of parties, playing, concerts, christmas prep, basketball games, and endless traditions.

Macey performed 2 songs in the Scera Christmas Concert.  She even had a solo. I was too busy actually watching the show to get any pictures, but here's a post performance shot with the boys.  

And the best part about taking classes at the local theatre is the $2 kid snack packs.  Helped them make it through about half the acts.  

She also had her first Elementary choir concert.  

Crew also rocked his first Preschool concert.

doesn't get much cuter than a bunch of 4 year olds trying to sing songs together. 

We got to cheer on BYU at lots of games.  

Ringing the victory bell with Cosmo in his Santa Costume.  Dream come true.  

We lucked out and got 4 of Paul's bosses courtside seats.

dinner, unlimited snacks, amazing view.  These kids are getting spoiled.  

Paul took a Friday off and we did a quick snow shoe trip while Crew was at Preschool.  

turns out Ruby is a bit too heavy for the carrier, but too small for small shoes.  

Then Crew happily got to help Paul put up our lights and blow ups.  It will be a sad day when this takes more than an hour. :)

Kids favorite tradition was once again getting their new ornaments for the tree.

Macey: snowman
Miles: transportation
Crew: North Pole
Ruby: Sweet treats

My favorite tradition is always torturing them with a trip to see Santa.  

Ruby was not pleased and for the first time in her entire life clung to her stroller and did not want to get out.  Being the good mom I am, I pried those fingers off and handed her over to the stranger with the big beard. 

The boys were super into Santa this year and waited in line for 30 min to talk to him again at the Riverwoods.  

We love visiting the Riverwoods during Christmas.

lots of "baking". 

We of course went to the Domo Christmas Party. AKA, the only time we get dressed up all year.  

School seemed to go FOREVER this year, the 4th grade teachers were smart and took the kids on a field trip to the dinosaur museum.

I love getting to go on field trips and getting to know their friends better and seeing them in their element.  

Paul and I took advantage of our babysitters being out of school by going to a morning showing of Rogue One.  Can't beat the heaters on those recliners.  and it was the best breakfast I have had in a long time. :)

We of course had our lazy moments too.  

and I throughly enjoyed Sodalicious' chocolate cookie with peppermint frosting.  Tasted just like Christmas.  

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You're looking really good, Kelsey. Happy and well. I hope you are! You and Paul have always set a good example of dating. I love your pink hat!
Love all the wonderful events and things you did in December. So happy you are a good mom like me and make sure to take the kids to sit and Santas lap for a picture, always my favorite. Another favorite of mine is the yearly ornaments. Love your December!

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Halloween Festivities

Nov 6, 2016
I LOVE Halloween.  

Alligator, Cat, Rey, Charizard, Minnie Mouse, and Bulbasaur

Candy, parties, dressing up, and trick-or-treating are just some of the reasons.

We started out the festivities with our annual neighborhood carnival. 

I never let the kids wear their actual halloween costumes, as they always end up spilling something. So, I send them to the dress up tubs. Crew was Chewbacca, Miles Dino rider, Ruby Minnie Mouse, and Macey wore an old ballet costume I wore in the nutcracker with Kirsten in a matching dress (my mom of course made them.  She's got mad skills).  And I had to include a picture of Emery in her adorable old lady costume.  She was the cutest thing ever. 

Next up was Fright Fest.  

It was our turn to host.  We decided to play a Mormon drinking game.

We got a bunch of different sodas.  Some gross (peanut butter, bacon, hot wing sauce), some good (rootbeer, butter beer, horchata) and LOTS in between.  

It was highly entertaining and after sampling all of them I deemed the  worst ones to be Peanut Butter, cucumber, and bacon.  The only one that was actually good was the rootbeer. 

The kids actually got us to carve pumpkins this year.  it is not a favorite activity of mine, but it got done and we had some very happy kids.  And no one loved their Jack 'O Lantern more than Crew. 

Next Halloween Festivity was a party at Paul's bosses house. 

Marty McFly and his mom Lorraine from back to the future. And Eleven and Dustin from Stranger Things. 

As always the party was very impressive.  Party buses, food trucks, even better portable bathrooms than last year, light up dance floor, and tons of amazingly creative costumes. 

Love a good party.  

FINALLY,  we made it to the actual day.

We were up bright and early getting kids in costume for school.

Then there was the Halloween Parade.

Miles was just smiling and waving away.  And yes, his costume is too small.  I had a tough time with my amazon orders this Halloween. :)  Luckily, he was the happiest pokemon around.

Crew wanted to dress up for the Halloween Parade too (we skipped his preschool party, there was no way to fit it in).  He loved that all the kids in the parade knew who he was and were waving at him and talking about his sweet costume.  

But seriously, have you ever seen a cuter bulbasaur? 

Then I ran home grabbed my supplies and came back to do Macey's class Halloween party.

I love getting to see her in her element and chatting with all the kids.  

Next stop was the Domo Halloween extravaganza. 

It was amazing this year.  So organized.  They had a map for everyone, arrows on the ground of which direction to walk, crossing guards, and themed buildings.  I just loved it.  

Paul's building was Harry Potter.  They gave out gummy frogs, bertie botts beans, and chocolate coins. And a real owl, because this is Domo afterall.  

The Sorting Hat put Macey in Slitherin, she was not too pleased.

I actually didn't take a single picture because it was still so crazy, luckily Paul snapped these ones before it got crazy.  

And now we have finally made it to the main event. 

Trick or Treating. 

I was so happy with how Ruby's costume turned out and it was probably the easiest one I have attempted yet.  Plus, she loved it and wanted nothing more than to be Minnie.  Makes my mama heart happy.  

I don't sew, but I do love hot glueing and taping a good costume together.
 And I was so proud of the pokemon ball pumpkins I made the boys too.  

I love trick or treating in our neighborhood and seeing all our friends.  

We had a crazy, but awesome,  group this year and I had a few moments of stress, but overall it was pretty much perfection.  

then we finally got to the candy sorting.  

Can you tell what Crew's favorite candy is?!? 

and that finally is a wrap on Halloween.  Yes, this is why I am exhausted.  

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Paul's job is better than your job

Oct 9, 2015
Domo was good to us in September. 

First there was the annual BYU tailgate.

There was food trucks, bounce houses, giant inflatable balls to roll around in, drinks, candy, face painting, and pretty much anything else a kid can dream up.  

And it's all free with very little lines (my favorite part).  Pretty much the kids think Paul has the coolest job in the world.  

Crew got 2nd in the karaoke contest and won $200!

Later in the month Paul got an email from his CEO's assistant asking if he would want 2 tickets to fly with the BYU football team to Michigan for the game!?! 

We had 3 hours to tell them yes or no, so I frantically sent out texts to my wonderful friends trying to find babysitting for my crazies for 2 days.  I got it all set up and we were off.  And seriously chartered flights are the only way I want to fly from now on. :)  

As you can imagine, it was awesome.  The Big House was huge.  The fireside the team did was amazing.  There was never a lack of food.  Everyone was extremely friendly.  Watching the game from the sidelines was unforgetable. Loved having our own personal guide in Lee Johnson. And man, was it nice to have a paid vacation away from our kids where I had to plan nothing. (we aren't going to talk about the score though).  

Pretty much one of the cooler things I've gotten to do with Paul.

The Domo Group.  

So glad Paul is good at what he does. :)  

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October Sun

Oct 27, 2014
I love fall in Utah, especially this year, since we've been enjoying pretty much an entire month of perfect 70 degree days.  So, we've been trying to soak up as much sun as possible before the snow comes.  

We got to enjoy a perfect day at the Zoo with friends. 

We've of course spent many afternoons at Thanksgiving Point.

Domo has been extremly good to us this month.

They threw a tailgate for the BYU vs Utah State game.  The game sucked, but the tailgate more than made up for it.  

We ended up needing to make a trip to the BYU bookstore to get some new BYU clothes for the ever growing kids.  

It is always weird being back on campus with a herd of children in tow.  Makes me realize, that even though it feels like just yesterday I was there, I am indeed old. 

At the tailgate there were inflatables, games, food trucks, face painting, the byu dunk team, Cosmo...yes, it was pretty awesome.  

Paul's boss also gave us tickets to the byu homecoming football game

Food, ice cream, drinks, friends, and amazing seats made it pretty easy to forget how bad BYU was playing. 

And box seats to Real.  

Macey and Miles were in heaven.  Macey said on a scale from 1-10 it was a 100 and Miles said it was infinity. 

I don't know if they will ever be content with our normal tickets again.  

We've also been enjoying our neighbors and park, before we all go into hiding for the winter.

Then there was the time Miles got stuck in the baby swing and had to wait for Paul to get home to be rescued.  

We had our annual neighborhood carnival and it was great, as always.  

I decided to keep things interesting and switched things up this year and did fishing instead of our normal bean bag toss. It was quite thrilling. 

And really, these two were just too cute in their costumes. 

We got to have Macey home for a few days during her fall break.  It was awesome having no homework, no schedule, and having someone there to keep Miles in line.  

Since the entire state had the same days off though and I currently don't do crowds, we just played at friend's houses and went to the never busy, Chuck E. Cheese.  

Since Crew never stopped running and never finished a single token on a game, I was very happy the lovely Holly came with us.  

We of course got together with The Brown's.  And since Michelle feels the same as I do about crowds, we decided to throw the kids a Halloween Party instead of venturing out in public.

  We played Pin the Eyes on the Monster, made by Macey and Tajen the night before.  
We played BINGO. 

The girls made spiders out of donuts.

And we served the simplest Halloween lunch ever.

Yes, we are pretty awesome party planners.

Crazily, that is only a portion of what we've been up to in October!  No wonder I am so exhausted.  
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