Feb 5, 2017
Because of Emily's beautiful sister law, pictured here on the left, Macey and I got to go to Disneyland again!!

Macey made us stop at The World's Tallest Thermometer, since apparently it's a tradition now.  

I got to spend 11 hours in a car with this girl.  We listened to our roadtrip playlists, Matilda, and got lots of talking in.  Made up for the crazy LA traffic in the rain.  

We thought last year was pretty perfect.  Turns out this year was actual perfection.  

And the matching fanny packs and shirts were an amazing edition. 

but seriously, the fanny pack.  Life changing.  

There were no lines.  Like, no lines.  I guess that is what happens when it's suppose to rain, but actually doesn't. 

We rode the Gadget Coaster 6 times in a row, without getting off. 

Pure joy on these girls faces.  

And we got soaked on Splash Mountain, even with our ponchos.  

The girls only wanted to do the big rides this year and multiple times at that.  Macey's favorite Disneyland ride was Thunder Mountain (I think we rode it 4x's) and her favorite Californian adventure ride was Screamin' (4x's on this one too).  

We were pretty much constantly running from ride to ride, which means Emily and I might have each inhaled a corndog in a matter of 3 minutes.  

This was Macey's 4th trip to Disneyland and the first time we have ever seen her favorite princess.  Perfection I tell you.

Next day was spent bumming around and getting to play with Emily's girls that I don't get to see as often as I would like.  

Even though it was raining we still went to the beach.  

And then Macey and I headed back to reality and the snow. 

Emily is one of those people that always leaves you feeling better about yourself than you did before you were in her presence.  I forgot how much I love that about her. 

Spending time with my bff at the happiest place on earth was good for my soul.  

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California Dreaming

Feb 2, 2016
A few weeks ago I got a text from Emily saying, " Jake has a great idea- You, me, Macey, AV, Disneyland."  She got 4 free day passes from her amazing sister in law Meghan.  

Even though Emily was just here for Thanksgiving, it had left this small hole in my heart.  Because, while we got together a few times, it was always crazy and we never really got to hang out and talk.  So, I missed her more after that than I did before she came.  

I hesitated for a moment going over the logistics of it all in my head. Snowy roads, what do I do with the other 3 kids, and the fact that I had never driven alone for more than 2 hours made me a little nervous.  But, after about 10 seconds there was nothing I could do but accept her invitation! 

Best decision ever.  

It was good practice for me to do a long drive with just one kid and show myself that I could drive 10 consecutive hours no problem (it obviously would of been much longer with all 4 kids).

Macey and I had a blast on the way down singing, dancing, eating, and listening to City of Ember.  Macey was an awesome co-pilot and got all my snacks ready.  Even with throwing up 3 times.  

We hit Downtown Disney up while we waited for Emily and AV to get to the hotel.  

Then it was lights out to get all rested up for our big day. 

It was seriously a dream.  

Perfect weather, perfect company, no diapers, no whining kids, no kids to carry, and an amazing guide in Meghan who made all the decisions for us. 

It was a dream come true watching Macey and AV together.  

We got to ride most all the rides we wanted.  And really only had to wait in line for Peter Pan.  

Macey didn't like Indiana Jones, luckily a Dole Whip did the trick and she was ready for Splash Mountain after that.  

The girls did NOT want to ride Tower of Terror, but it is of course our favorite.  So, we did what any good parent would do, we made them wait in line with us twice and then handed them over to a disney worker while we screamed and laughed as much as possible.  

They were a little annoyed with us for taking up about an hour of their disney time, so we hit up bugs land and got a churro to help them forgive us.

We ended the day with Radiator Springs Racer and then ran back to Disneyland to catch their amazing night parade.  


The next day was spent recovering from our Disney hangover. 

We ate good food, drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to play on this huge sand dune, dipped our toes in the ocean, and finished off the day by taking a dip in an outdoor pool.  

Then it was back to the snow for us Utah girls. Luckily the high lasted me through some stressful and slippery road conditions.  

And this pic right here, this is what Emily and I dreamed our lives as moms would be like.  
So, while we don't get to raise our kids across the street from each other like we had always hoped, I'm glad we still get to have adventures together, 15 years later.   

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It's so fun to see those pictures of AV and Macey. It almost looks like you and EJ as kids!

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Disneyland Photo Dump

Oct 8, 2012
Ok, so here' even more of my favorite pictures and I promise my last disney post.

Naptime at Grizzly Bear Rapids.

Macey got a little tired by the 3rd day, so she tried to hitch a ride whenever she could.

and yes, he is sleeping. It was awesome when Miles fell asleep on the walk home, because we then could transfer him right to bed without any whining.

Miles is our homebody. Anytime we are out, he always asks when we are going to be home. On the drive to Disneyland he asked at least 4 times to go home. So, I was a little worried. But, he was the one that threw the biggest fit when we had to leave and is still asking to go back and ride the rides.

Ok, Cars Land was awesome and I could gain 10lbs on their food alone. But, as you can tell by the amount of people, it was a bit crazy. I can't wait to go back in a few years and actually get to enjoy it a little more.

Paul was feeling left out with his lack of Disney attire, so he was trying to blend in a little bit better. i don't think it worked.

And here's my favorite picture from the trip. Those smiles really made the whole week worth it.

Macey and Mile are already planning our next trip back. They figure we should go when Crew is 2, since they have now both gone at 2. I told them that was fine with me! Thus far our Disneyland jar is already up to .80 cents. Not a bad start.

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If I contribute to the Disneyland jar, can I go with in 2 years?
I guess we need to start saving our money too :-).
I better start saving too! Love all the photos you have posted. I also especially like the 2 of them in their hats grinning!
Pop Pop
We all had a great time and made a lot of memories. Our cookie monster bank is already half full. We will be ready to go back
Nana and Opa
We have looked at these pics over and over. So happy y'all had such a wonderful trip and made everlasting memories!

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Disneyland Take 2

Oct 7, 2012
Miles' Highlights:

Pirates Ride.
we believe MIles' grand total came to 13 times on this ride. He had it memorized, knew exactly when to put his hands up and loved pointing out all the things he noticed along the way. One of my favorite things was just watching him grin the entire time.

Stroller Riding.
Miles loves the stroller. I usually make him walk to get out his energy when we are at home. At Disneyland though it was the complete opposite, I wanted him strapped in as much as possible. He loved sitting back, looking around, and enjoying his snacks while we raced from ride to ride.

Character and ride. We rode Splash Mountain about 6 times, which gave Miles plenty of opportunities to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride. While on the ride he developed a new found love for the bear. So, when he saw him walking by the ride, he ran straight for him and almost took him out. Luckily Tigger was there to catch Pooh.

Disney Jr Show.
Just like Macey at age 2, this show was a huge highlight (macey still loved it). He sang along to all the songs, yelled out at the appropriate times and of course loved everything that fell from the ceiling.

Pixar Parade.
They sprayed you with water and there was a huge Toy Story Float. Enough said.

Nana also got her hair messed up by one of the Monster Inc guys, we thought it was pretty funny.

Miles other favorite rides included: Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyear.
Least Favorite, Haunted Mansion.
This would be waiting in line for the ride, when he was actually still excited about it.

Paul and Kelsey Highlights (ours turned out to be the same):
Space Mountain
Watching Macey and MIles soak everything in.

Splash Mountain
Macey loved it, but you had to hold her shoulders the whole time and her face looked like this everytime.

My other favorite things:
Walking into a clean room at the end of a tiring day, love hotels.
Baby Stations. They were amazing and I just love disney workers.
Stroller Passes.
And Emily and I can now check one more thing off our list that we dreamed about doing together as poor college students.

And it's still weird to me sometimes to think that we actually have kids!

At least they are cute and good friends.

And it might be hard to believe but I still have a few pictures to post. So, since this one is already reaching Novel length I'll just have to post again tomorrow. :)
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I agree I LOVED watching Macey and Miles. I would watch them on the rides and they were enthralled.
Nana and Opa
There's nothing cuter than seeing such joy on Macey's and Mile's faces!
Nana and Opa
There is nothing cuter than seeing such joy on those precious faces!
Pop Pop
I loved watching Macey's big smiles on splash mt. and thunder mt. She's so brave! Miles on Pirates and holding his arms up and always wanting to go again and again. We had a great time and I can't wait to go back. Miss you guys already.
I love how Macey is way braver than I am. :) I knew I should have tagged along this trip!
Man, Trina is right! Mace is SO BRAVE! You couldn't catch me dead on Splash mountain when I was that age.

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Oct 6, 2012
We just returned from 4 fun filled and exhausting days in Disneyland. Four days was the perfect amount for us. It gave us time to ride all the rides, and our favorites more than once. We watched shows and parades in both Disneyland and California Adventure. We had time to sit and take breaks, while enjoying yummy treats. And we even got to spend time with good friends and family. Plus, I don't know if my feet could of taken one more day. :)

Pretty sure it was the highlight of Macey and Miles' young lives, which of course made the heat and exhaustion worth it.

I'm not exactly sure how to document it and be able to cover everything I want to remember, so we will start with each persons' individual highlights.

Macey's Top Moments
The Aladdin Show
Macey is quite obbessed with Jasmine at the moment, so seeing Jasmine was on her top things to do for the week and luckily the show did not disappoint.

Grizzly Bear Rapids
Due to fast passes and stroller passses Macey got to ride this one 4 times! I also think she loved it so much because she got to ride it with Jenna and Cora, which of course makes everything more fun.

Meeting the Princesses and Characters

Macey loved getting their signatures and posing for pictures. The Princess dinner was so worth the money to get to meet all the princesses at once and luckily Macey loved it. Her personal favorites to meet- Snow White, who was so sweet to Macey, since they were in matching outfits. And then Rapunzel of course.

All of Monday.
Not to be dramatic, but I'm pretty sure this could quite possibly be the best day of Macey's young life. Not only was it our first day in Disneyland, which she has been anticipating for months, but she was with so many of her favorite people. We overlapped this day with my cousin Lorinda and her family and Macey LOVED getting to run around with them. It was over 100 that day and we ran around both parks like crazy people, but she didn't complain one time or even ask for a ride in the stroller.

Waiting in the crowd to make our mad dash for Ariel and Toy Story, while the dads collected fast passes.

her other favorite rides include Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Gadget Coaster, Ariel and Radiator Springs Racers.

Crew's Favorite Things:

Lots of people to look at and talk with.
Crew won the best traveler award. He is at such an easy age to haul around and loved smiling at people in line and while laying in his stroller.

Meeting Chip or Dale.
Every time we met characters Crew was sleeping, so I never wanted to disturb him for a photo op. This time though, either Chip or Dale, came over to visit him in his stroller. He loved the extra attention.

Meeting Pop-Pop.

Quiet Rides.
Crew was not the biggest fan of loud rides, so I'm pretty sure Peter Pan was his favorite.

Stay tuned for Miles, Paul, and of course my favorite moments of the trip.

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Macey was a real trooper all 4 days and Crew was the best baby ever! It was a fun and exhausting 4 days but well worth it.
.Nana and Opa
Looks like a great time was had by all! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.
I'm impressed by how quickly you got this post up! I'm glad that everyone had a great time!
Love the recap! And the instagram pix were so great too, so glad you guys had a blast! But I'm selfishly glad you're back. :)

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