The Most wonderful time of the year

Dec 29, 2014
December has been a good month, other than the flu, but we are recovered now, so all is forgotten.  

I cannot remember a December where we spent so much time outside.  

The boys ate an entire box of popsicles this month too...unheard of around here.


Michelle and I were planning to take the kids to the Dinosaur Museum, but we just couldn't pass up on one of our last Farm Country outings until next spring.  

My current level of saneness can be attributed to an extra month of getting to walk barefoot in the grass.  It is good for the soul. 

Miles has had a rough time in primary the last little while, so we baked and decorated sugar cookies to take around to his teachers.  You know, to remind them that there is a sweet boy hiding behind all the craziness.  

And he pretty much has the perfect bike for delivering cookies anyways.  

We also decorated a prebuilt gingerbread house, it was awesome.  

Paul took M&M to Lowe's to build Christmas Trains.  Despite their faces in this picture, they loved it and can't wait to go again. 

Like every year, the kids favorite Christmas thing we did was the the lights at Thanksgiving Point.  It's one of my favorites too, since they just can't contain their excitement.   

Miles made some Gingerbread Men.  Which of course turned into "fighting men".  Typical.  

The one child who I wasn't worried about bugging the tree and presents, was the only one who could not resist the temptation. 

While we are on the topic of Ruby...She turned 7 Months!!

She's been pretty close to perfect this month.  Just happy and content to sit, play, roll around, and put everything in her mouth.  She has finally mastered the sit too and loves the new vantage point.  

Crew now refers to Ruby as his best friend and it makes me happy.  

Our favorite Mexican Restaurant just opened a few blocks away and we have already been multiple times, as I have yet to find my motivation to cook dinner.  Plus, our kids have shockingly been somewhat manageable out in public as of late.  

Here's a typical morning scene...Paul ready to go to work, but having a hard time actually getting out the door.  

Best part of Christmas Break though has been having Macey home! 

She has taken to reading Miles stories and entries from her diary.  It's hilarious and I love listening in.  

Mrs. Claus came to Talking Time and read about each kid from her Magic Book.  It was awesome and Miles ate it up.  

There has also been lots of singing and dancing to Christmas Songs around here.  Crew actually does a pretty good rendition of Jingle Bells and I will miss it.  

And once a year Paul and I get dressed up and go to his fancy work parties.  While it's fun to get all dolled up, it reminds me why I don't get dressed up more takes way too much time. :)

Pretty sad December is almost behind us.  
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December Wrap Up

Jan 6, 2014
I love the weeks leading up for Christmas, always something to do and look forward too.    

The kids favorite thing we did this holiday season was looking at the lights at Thanksgiving Point. Even though they are the same every year, they cannot get enough. No pictures, but believe me they are awesome. :)

Paul's favorite thing that we did this month was introducing all the kids to his favorite winter activity, snow shoeing.

He had already taken Macey once, so she was a pro and was getting slightly annoyed at Miles' pace.  It was pretty hilarious watching Miles run around in his big snowshoes and falling every 20 feet, but he didn't mind and had a great time.  Although he was slightly disappointed when he realized it was just like hiking, I think he was hoping a sled or something would be involved.   

While it was fun to take all the kids, I'm excited when we can go without them. :)

My favorite part was getting to see the kids' school programs.

The first grade sang "Jingle Bell Rock" and Macey nailed all the moves.  She pretty much practiced every day for the entire month, so I was glad to see it had paid off.  

Miles' preschool did a little program and I had no idea if Miles would participate or not, he can be slightly unpredictable.  But, he did awesome and sang almost all of the songs.  His favorites being Up on the Housetop and The Dreidel Song. He can still be heard randomly singing them throughout the day. 

Plus, I got him to wear a non-dinosaur shirt and jeans! That alone is practically a miracle these days. 

I was in charge of Macey's class party and had a blast planning and running it.  Macey's favorite part was Holly's station where they decorated sugar cones to look like Christmas Trees.

Another highlight was the snow we got the day before we left for Washington.  I was planning on laying on the couch while they used up all their energy out there, but when Miles asked us to come play, we just couldn't resist.  

This month I also singed the kids up for classes at The Little Gym.  With the air quality being so bad, I haven't been letting them outside much.  As a result they were tearing the house to shreds. I'm hoping this will help get out some of that excess energy.

I'm always sad when December is over, but I'm hoping January won't be so bad this year or at least move by quickly.  

But with these 3, I'm not too concerned about getting bored. 
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Your right you will never be bored with those 3. December always goes by to fast there is so much to do. I hope little gym will help with all of the energy. Wish I could have seen their school programs.

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