BAck to school....Again

Sep 13, 2016
We have been back in the swing of things for a few weeks now and it's been going smoother than I anticipated.  

This summer was quite crazy and for the first time ever, I was actually a little bit happy for the kids to be back in school.  Miles really wore me down this summer and having him in full day school has been quite refreshing.  

We had our annual back to school dinner.  

We got home from Bear Lake the day before school started, so I tried to get the kids to do Happy Meals for the back to school dinner.  Shockingly, they refused, and wanted what we always have, brown bag lunches.  Thank goodness I picked something simple from the beginning and didn't copy all those crazy pinterest people.  

Macey was all excitement to go back to school, just like always.

She has an amazing teacher and Macey was very happy to find out her new teacher loves Harry Potter just like her.  

 I cannot believe she is in 4th grade.  Like really, can not believe it.  This should not be happening. 

They did some assessments before school started and I was a bit nervous for Miles, remembering how horribly things went last year.  This year was a huge improvement! While I was the only parent that actually had to go in with their first grader instead of waiting in the hall,  he at least spoke and communicated with the teachers and they were as kind and patient as could be.  

Miles told me he was only going to go to the first 2 days of school and the last 2 days.  Luckily, he came home loving school and has gone back everyday since.  

I'm not saying he goes happily everyday.  It is still a battle most mornings to get the kid fed and ready, but we are getting there and I will not give up.  Homework is another story and another battle that I don't always have the energy to fight. :) 

Then there is Crew.  

This kid has been dying to go to school  His day finally came and it was all smiles and excitement.  Ruby had to get in on his photo session.  

He went into preschool as happy as could be, posed for a picture, and then went and read books with the rest of the kids.  I didn't even know what to do with myself, it was the first time in a long time I wasn't actually needed. I didn't even break a sweat. What a difference from Miles.  

The only issue we had at preschool drop off was Ruby thought she should get to ride in Crew's seat, since she's the big kid home with me now. So, after dragging a kicking and screaming Ruby into her seat, I actually was sweating and it felt like a normal school drop off for me. :)  

These kids have the most amazing teachers this year and I am so grateful.  You cannot replace a great teacher and I am thankful everyday for these teachers and the time and love they give these kids.

And I am so glad I get this crazy one all to myself for a few more years.

And, I need to report, this was the first year I did not cry sending the kids back to school!  I am getting better at this letting go thing.  

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Yay, back to school! They are going to have a great year with their wonderful teachers. I love that Macey's favorite color has remained white since she was little.
haha, I love Miles' goal for the year :)

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Jul 31, 2016
Crew turned 4!  

Crew loves to play outside with his friends, swim, ride his scooter, play games, and eat. 

He is cuddly, sweet, sensitive, friendly, and loud.  

Crew posing with a pic of Pop-Pop

He loves all his siblings and friends.  He is happiest when he is playing with them.  

He told me he is going to stay 4 forever and I feel pretty good about that.

We had a neighborhood birthday party when we got back from Washington.  

We did our waterslide.  

Silly String

and the water balloon launcher.


He loved all the attention and getting presents from his friends.  

We sometimes joke that he was meant to be the baby of a family.  
Due to the amount of attention he demands and the amount of screaming and crying he produces.  But, man we love this kid.  

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Nana and opa
He is a carbon copy of his Pop Pop! Love this little cutie!
I love how sweet Crew is. It's so funny how much he looks like Pop Pop. I'm so happy he has chosen to stay 4.

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crew is 3!!

Jul 1, 2015
Crew is finally 3!!

Even though he's been the size of a 3 year old for over a year now.  And the entire time he was 2 he was mistaken for a 3 year old, and lately a 4 year old :)

Favorite Color: orange
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Show: Super Hero Squad
Favorite Movie: Monster Inc. University
Favorite Song: The Final Countdown
What do you want to be when you grow up: Super Hero
Best Friend: Jakey
Favorite thing to do: Drive in the car and go to the dinosaur museum
Favorite Toy: any sort of weapon
Favorite Food: Pizza

This kid is always on the look out for Dr. Pepper cans left unattended.  

3 words I would use to describe Crew: sensitive, adorable, friendly 

Crew thinks he's one of the big kids and tries to do whatever Macey and Miles are doing.  

Luckily, him and Ruby are looking like they will be bff's, just like M&M.  He adores her and always calls her "my baby".  Anytime he meets someone new while we are out, the first thing he does is tell them about "his baby".


I still hold out hope for him and Miles being friends though.  Since they share a room, they spend a lot of time playing when they should be sleeping and get into lots of trouble during the bedtime hour.  Multiple times a week I hear "Miles!! Wake up!" or "Crew, wake up!", when the other one still wants to play.  Then during the day, they go back to pretending to dislike each other. But, I know the truth.    

Like Macey at 3, he is a constant talker and tantrum thrower.   Like Miles at 3, he loves to kiss, cuddle, and get into trouble. Lucky for him, we find him adorable and he just wins you over with his eye lashes and kisses. 

Crew loves super hero's, especially "punch guy" aka the hulk.  He loves any sort of weapon and we have acquired a wide variety in the past year. 

I can tell the 3's are going to be trouble with this kid, but he's so cute, I'm just going to have a try to laugh through it instead of cry. :)

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Love the 1st picture of him. He is a little Kelsey likes orange & DP. He is so cute with Ruby!
Love the 1st picture of him. He is a little Kelsey likes orange & DP. He is so cute with Ruby!

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crew is two

Jun 22, 2014
Our Baby Coo is 2!

Here are some fun facts to know about Crew at the age of 2:

Favorite Foods: yogurt, chocolate milk, candy, pirate booty, smoothies...pretty much anything 

If the fridge childlock is left open he constantly brings you the chocolate syrup saying "chocolate milk, please".  And as Macey says, "it's really hard to say no when Crew says please".  She is so right, so he usually gets his chocolate milk.

Favorite Toys: Miles' scooter (he now has his own), cars, balls, books, his raffy (blanket)

The start of the race before the tears came. 

Favorite Song: What Does the Fox Say   
Most nights you can hear him and Miles in their room singing it.  And trust me, it's adorable.

Favorite Shows: Elmo's World, Monster Inc.

Favorite Things to do: play the 'pad', steal whatever M&M are playing with, scream at 'Rudy', get chased by people, listen to Monster Inc story on dad's phone, play at the park, play outside with the neighbor kids, and anything to do with water.
While watching M&M's last swim lesson, I finally let him sit in the water and play, since it was his birthday. 

Funny things he has done as of late:

-When we walk by his favorite people ( The entire Everett Family) at church, they come outside, pretty much whenever he sees one of them...he starts screaming,  flapping his arms, and screaming "hahaha".  

- He has been getting in trouble a lot for being too rough with Ruby.  So, now he puts his head just close enough for Ruby's flailing arms to reach him and the moment she touches his face he starts crying and pointing at Ruby to indicate that she has hit him. Such a stinker.

- He is starting to understand rules and knows when he's breaking them, most of the time.  My favorite moment last week was when he got to the T of the sidewalk on his Mickey Car.  To the left is the parking lot with the playground on the other side (where he wants to go) and to the right is the way he is suppose to go to finish the circle.  

He sat there for a few moments.  He looked and pointed left and shook his head no.  Then he looked right and shook his head yes.  He did this a few times and you could tell he was having an internal struggle as to which way he should choose.  In the end he choose the right! We just sat on the porch laughing.  

- He is still obsessed with Ruby.  In the morning he runs right upstairs to where she is sleeping, behind a child locked door, and yells "Rudy, Rudy!" While trying to break in.  

Some of my favorite things about Crew...He still takes a 2-3 hour nap everyday, he loves to give hugs and kisses, the love he has for his 'raffies', how he gets loudly excited over things, his crazy hair, his contagious laughter, and how he always looks banged up, due to his inability to play outside without falling. 

Common Phrases:
Elmo over
Help, Please
Monster Inc.?
got it
Fox say
Ta da
Rudy Rudy
Boppy Boppy (translation- drink)
Rudy in there? (pointing at her covered carseat)

Love this giant 2 year old!
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I love this giant 2 year old 2! He has certainly had a rough time lately getting his face banged up. Macey is right, how can you resist him. So happy he has his own scooter now. Cutest 2 year old!!
nana and opa
He is just too cute! We miss him and Macey, Miles and can't wait to meet Ruby!

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May madness

May 30, 2014
May has passed us in a blur of newborness, end of school activities, sunshine, and just plain craziness.

I feel like my life is full of extreme highs and extreme lows these days.  Luckily, I feel about a million times better than I did 3 1/2 weeks ago, so it is weirdly a welcome change.  

Here's What We've Been Up To:

My kids have developed some bad habits due to me being sick for 9 months, so I knew something had to be done, that involved very little yelling.  I had run across a ticket reward system awhile ago and decided to try it out.  

First, I came up with what each kid needed to work on and what I was sick of reminding them to do (turned out to be a lot).  For completing each task without being asked or whining they get 1 ticket.

The ticket then goes in their cup.  

The kids and I sat down and talked about what they wanted to earn with their tickets.  Luckily, Pokemon cards have become HUGE in our neighborhood and that is what M&M had their sights set on first.

Miles earned 20 tickets in record time and can I tell you how much more pleasant our house has been?!

I got a little mean though and when they talk back, whine too much, are completely out of control in a public place (miles), or come upstairs when they are suppose to be sleeping...they owe us a ticket. It is amazing the difference it's made, here's hoping we can keep it up for the summer.

Gymnastics Showcase:

Love The Little Gym, especially for Miles.

Miles needs to move a lot in order for him to function and his Little Gym class was an answer to my prayers in the dead of winter.

He kind of got the best teacher ever too.  She was always positive and patient, and never showed her frustration when Miles was being less than cooperative.  

She was just what he needed.  And she earned lots of hugs and kisses from this kid for her effort. :)

Macey loved her Hip Hop/Gymnastics class too.  Macey gets frustrated very easily when it comes to things that are hard.  The positive curriculum of The Little Gym was perfect for her and I loved watching her try new things without crying or getting upset like she normally would.

Warm Weather Finally Arrived:

I think the cold weather is finally behind us and we've been taking advantage of it before it gets too hot. :)

The pond is one of our most favorite places, sadly too many people know about it now though.  As a result I will no longer be giving anyone directions. :)

The kids play happily for hours in the sand and need very little assistance from me...the best kind of place. 

We've also been able to watch movies in our backyard and invited some of our favorite neighbors to join us.

Pokemon cards are the current trend in the neighborhood and my kids spend a large amount of time trading.  I love listening to their negotiating skills. 

We've of course spent some time at Farm Country, pretty sure I have at least 100 pictures just like this and my kids are still in love. 

Macey has figured out the best way to relax after a long day in first grade, 
reading a book in the sunshine while enjoying a popsicle. Can't wait till I'll have a free moment to join her in one of my favorite pastimes. 

In other Macey news, she saw Paul's new magnet on the fridge (he always puts his favorite Domo billboard magnet there).  

and asked me:
"Mom, you don't work at Domo, so why does this say you do?"  
Love first graders. :)

Mauling Ruby: 

The boys, especially Crew, are still obsessed with Ruby or "Rudy" as Crew says.

We've had a few close calls where Ruby has almost been squished, but luckily she has survived these very non-gentle boys thus far.  

Soaking up the Newborness:
One of our favorite pastimes of late is laughing at the funny faces Ruby makes.

 Sometimes the boys get a little jealous though and try to get us to laugh at them instead.  This particular time, Crew dumped out the diapers and put the garbage can on his head and then they ran around like the crazy kids they are.

It was pretty entertaining. 

Unfortunately, Ruby slept through her first meeting with one of her future bff's.  Lottie was obviously more excited about their first meeting, as she managed to be awake for a few moments.  

The moment Ruby cries, Miles makes sure she has her pink "Raff".  I love it. 

This is how tummy time usually ends.

Ruby loves to be out and about in her carseat, so we've walked to Target about a million times.

And seriously, love me a chubby (sleeping) newborn.

End of School Activities:

Macey had her first grade program last week, which was adorable.  She had one of just a few speaking parts and did a great job.  I especially enjoyed her animated dancing during the songs...pants unbuttoned and all. :)  

Dance Festival was this week and Macey once again rocked it.  This girl loves to perform.  

I have video of both, but I am too lazy to figure out how to get it on my blog as Paul is still at work and due to a particular fussy baby I only have one hand. I'm sure everyone is extremely disappointed.   

Just one more day of school and then preschool graduation Saturday, until summer officially arrives!!

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Your ticket idea sounds excellent. I may have to try that here. It sounds like a lot of work keeping up on passing those tickets out for every little thing, but I guess it's the same (but opposite) of nagging/yelling when the bad behavior is coming out, only a lot more fun for everyone. I bet it will work wonders all summer long. Isn't it crazy how much more rough and tumble babies can handle than we thought with our first ones? Siblings do a lot to help us figure that out... ;)
She is soooooo cute, the pict of her sleeping on her tummy ahhhh perfect. Glad you got a new ticket system.
She is soooooo cute, the pict of her sleeping on her tummy ahhhh perfect. Glad you got a new ticket system.

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