First camping trip

Jun 10, 2015
The first weekend of our summer, we saw our favorite camping spot was open, so we decided to be brave and take the kids.  

Other than some wrestling, screaming and sleep refusal from the hours of 8:30-10:30 by these boys, it was actually a fairly pleasant experience. 

The site has a perfect little spot to swim and play.  We played lots of punch ball, boat racing, and volleyball in the creek.  

We taught Macey and Miles the fine art of playing War.  

and we also played may rounds of Go Fish.

We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores.  

Went on a little hike.

These bug houses I got the kids were the biggest hit.  They were catching and releasing bugs all day long.  

Macey found about 50 rolly pollies on our hike!  luckily she didn't want to take them from their families, so she made sure to release them before we loaded up into the car to go home.  

Ruby was in her element camping.  

Getting dirty, eating dirt, finding sticks, playing in the water, and constantly trying to visit her fellow campers.  

I certainly questioned our sanity taking 4 small kids camping a few times, but it was well worth it.  They've been begging to go camping again ever since.  

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A bug house is a genius idea for camping! I must copy you. My kids are in heaven when we camp, although we've never tried it with water. That looks like fun, with the swimsuits and the wading. But so much fear of drowning in the back of my mind... How do you do it? I'd like to give it a try.
Yes, Angie, i do have a fear of drowning, but I just pretty much sat there the entire time and they weren't allowed to go in the water until we had the tent and everything set up. Besides, camping on water is really all I know. :) Instant entertainment and no kids wandering away into the woods.
Fun memories camping. Those are the kinds of sites I grew up at. Looks like you had a great time. Love the bug houses!

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Weekend warriors

Apr 2, 2015
Some of the pluses of our little town home are the non-existence of yard work and my ability to clean our limited living space during the week.  This usually leaves us lots of time to play on the weekends.  

This month I feel like we spent that free time very wisely.  

-We took the kids to the indoor city pool.

The highlights were waiting to get dumped on by the bucket and the big water slide.  

- We went to the zoo for the first time in over a year.  The kids couldn't of been more excited and it did not disappoint.
Trina and TJ met us there, which made for a pretty amazing adult:kid ratio.

We lucked out and a worker was feeding the giraffes right next to us.  Macey was in Giraffe heaven.  

Ruby's favorite part was the carousel.  She laughed and waved her arms in excitement the entire time.  In normal Crew fashion, he cried about how he was scared until it started and then he loved it.  

Ruby kept giving Crew hugs in the stroller and I tried not to die from the cuteness of it.  

And, like always, all 4 kids poised perfect for a picture to remember our trip by. :)

- We ventured to Antelope Island one Sunday after church.  I've mostly only heard horror stories of the gnats, so we wanted to get there before it got too warm and they all hatched.  

We even saw real bison, which was of course quite thrilling.  

We ended up with pretty good timing, as on the drive to the island, there were black tornados of gnats on both sides of the road.  But once we were on the island, we got to enjoy the awesome scenery nearly gnat free.  

Our kids happy place is climbing around on rocks, so Buffalo Point was like heaven to them.  

And notice Ruby's smile and arm flapping?  This is what she does the entire time, she's a born hiker.  

We've also been trying to get selfies of us at all the cool places we venture.  

We're obviously naturals. 

After about 45 min of climbing around, we had to pull them away to go check out the sand before it got dark.  

The sand was crazy.  While it wasn't technically "white sand" it was both white and sandy, so we will call it white sand, even though it was more like salt sand.  

I wish we had time to walk all the way to the water!

We then had to drag them away from playing in the sand prematurely too, as we had a long drive home and school in the morning.  

- As this March proved to have nearly perfect weather, we had to venture out hiking again.  This time to Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We ended up on Bells Canyon Trail by mistake, but lucky for us, it proved to be a good mistake to make.  

This was also Crew's first solo hiking day and he rocked it.  He would not let anyone help or hold his hand, he kept yelling "let go of me!  I do it myself!"  

We then found Lisa Falls a little further up the road and this proved to be the highlight of the day.  

A waterfall, blue skys, a creek, and lots of rocks to climb on.  Perfection.  

Crew and I spent most of our time throwing one rock into the creek.  I threw the rock, Crew would find it and bring it back to me... repeat 1,000 times.  

Can't wait to find a new (easy) place to hike this weekend.  

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Ruby is so cute - I can't stand it! Hugs in the stroller, flapping arms while hiking. When can I just meet that chica?! I love the family selfies! What a great idea. Way easier than trying to get someone else to take a good family photo while you're out and about. And they're turning out! You're finding success in your family pictures after all!
Selfie sticks are $10 at Joann's I'm JUST SAYIN' ;)

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Adventures > Netflix

May 20, 2013
With lots of kicking and screaming we made our kids part with their beloved Nextflix Saturday morning.  They weren't too pleased with us, but luckily they actually ended up having fun, who would of thought?

First we went to a BYU taligate party.  There was face painting, games, prizes, and of course J-Dawgs. I didn't get any pictures of Miles because he was too busy spilling water, cutting in line, and screaming. Typical.

And this would be Macey pouting that we had to leave, you never would of guessed that we had to force her to come.  

Later that day we once again had to force our kids into the car in order to try out our new bike rack.  

Macey rode her bike 4 miles along the Provo River Trail, she claims that she could of ridden much further if we would of let her.  Although there were a few moments, heading up hill, where she was sure her legs were going to stop working.  But, being the tough girl that she is, she kept pedaling.  

These are the moments where I'm actually happy that my kids are getting older!  And perhaps having to sit by Crew in the bike trailer will be motivation enough for Miles to learn to ride his bike. :)

And we are so awesome that we now have a family shoe:

Somedays I really just love it here.  

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Love that Macey pouted leaving, so Macey. Good for her riding her bike so far, she is really growing up. Love that Miles & Crew ride together.

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