March madness

Apr 7, 2016
The coming of March means everyone is outside as much as possible.  

I love sitting in the sun, chatting with my friends, and seeing what games the kids come up with.  

Thus far the most popular activities this spring seem to be races, soccer, tree climbing, and roller skating.  

Spring time out front is the best because the kids are so excited to see everyone again, that they all play so nicely together.  

And I love watching these baby friends.  

Ruby is getting quite proficient on her scooter and we have let her venture outside the circle a few times.  

If we try to assist or steer her away from falling off the curb she yells "No Help, No Help!". 

Gina sent me this picture the other day.  That would be my kids at her door.
There's a reason we install screen doors around's to keep these crazy kids from wandering into your house. :)  I am sure they were begging for a bag of cereal. 

Ruby and Crew also spend hours playing in the back and this is usually what it looks like at the end of the day.  

We have started up our Friday park days again and I have almost reached a perfect park stage with my kids (again). 

This is really the only park picture I have because I am usually too busy actually getting to talk with my friends.  Heaven.  

The first time it hit 70 we headed up the canyon with the scooter gang. Always an adventure with this group.  

The coming of March also means the end of BYU basketball games.  We LOVED having 4 season tickets this year and the kids are already talking about what games they want to go to next season.  

Julianne and I also ventured onto to campus with all the kids.  

I don't know what it is, but I just love watching my kids run around campus.  

Makes my heart happy to see them loving the places where I have so many awesome memories.  

A big highlight of March was taking the kids to see Frozen on Ice with the Brown's.  

Like most things Disney does it was amazing and even kept Crew and Miles entertained.  

Ruby has gotten extra crazy this month and is in full blown tornado toddler mode.  

She has figured out how to open doors and continues to break the child lock on the fridge.  As a result, she is constantly helping herself to a variety of snacks and getting into rooms she shouldn't.   

Crew and Ruby are also becoming quite the pair and they like to keep me on my toes.  

Our favorite worker at Chick-fil-a made a very accurate comment about Ruby the other day, "she is just as crazy as her hair".  

Speaking of her hair, it is getting super long, but you can't tell because it is so crazy curly.  And yes, I cannot keep this child clean. 
To help cope with the craziness that is this child I think March holds the record for most visits to Sodalicious.  :)

Miles also helps to keep Sodalicious in business with his antics at Kindergarten drop off. Luckily, we've got our system down and I have learned to lock the doors the moment he exits the vehicle and to only crack the window when he wants to try and convince me to let him back in (he has been known to climb through car windows that have been rolled down too far).  

 Luckily, I know he loves school, and the moment he sees his teacher he usually runs right over.  

And then Crew, Ruby and I are off to Sodalicious, again. :)  

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Thank you for keeping up on your blog! I love to read it and watch your cute and crazy kiddos grow and admire you as a Mom so much. I wish we lived closer! I really do.

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Jan 4, 2016
We soaked up as much of the Decemberness as we could.  

Even cleaning was more fun in December, due to Macey singing and dancing for me. 

Getting out the Christmas books is always exciting too and it is insane how many I have collected.  

I got to take the Activity Day girls from church to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at BYU.  It was very cool.  

We've been enjoying having 4 tickets to the BYU basketball games this season.  

We did our typical visit to the Riverwoods and to see Santa.  

And while this girl didn't love Santa, she does love the snow.  

And I love it when she's all dressed up in Macey's old clothes.  

The highlight of the month though was Nana and Pop-Pop's visit.  

We were non stop busy.  

Ruby was quite taken with both of them.  And pretty much wanted nothing to do with Paul and I the entire time.  
There were about a million games of "Go Fish" played.  

We had the christmas sing at school and they got to help me in both Macey and Miles' class parties too.  

We of course decorated sugar cookies.  

Opened Christmas presents.  

We took a ride to the North Pole. 

Macey and Miles were in complete heaven.  Singing songs, playing games. visiting with the "elfs", and of course getting to talk with Santa.  

Ruby proved to be a complete pain most of the ride, but it was worth seeing the other 3 have so much fun.  

We had plans to snowshoe, but decided to sled instead, as it seemed much less trouble. :)  

It was the right choice.  

Ruby pretty much wandered around in the snow the entire time and was as happy as could be to have complete freedom. 

Pop-Pop and Paul made us a jump.  

It was a pretty perfect afternoon.  

And visit.  

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Nov 5, 2015
I had no idea how long our perfect fall weather would last, so I made sure everyone spent as much time as possible outside!

There were lots of park visits, where this girl actually started letting me sit and talk with my friends!! I'm almost there people!

There were all sorts of neighborhood shenanigans going on, as all the moms made a pact that the kids were not allowed to play inside each other's houses until it got cold.  :)

This fort was a group effort.  

We found a BYU game that met all our criteria in order to bring the kids with us: 1:00 kick off, Sunny, $10 tickets, friends to come with us, and an opponent we did not care about (as we don't get to watch much of the game).

It was of course a bit chaotic, but well worth the effort.  

BYU fans for life right here.  

The sign of a good time:

October was so much fun, that I pretty much let the house work slide.
This is real life around here. 

 I finally couldn't take it anymore, so Macey and I put the little kids to bed, got sodalicious, played some loud music and got to work.  

We've made lots of progress and now that it's gotten a little bit colder out, I have been doing better at making the kids do chores.  I just couldn't bare to pull them inside to do chores when they were all playing so nice outside.  

I call it being a lazy and nice mom.  

The Bounce House just opened a few blocks from our house, I have a feeling we will be spending many cold days here this winter. 

The Rensink's introduced us to an awesome trampoline place too.    

We were finding blue foam in our hair for days.  

In kid news, Miles lost his first tooth!

He was so excited, he had to go show all the neighbors and wanted to call everyone he knew. :)  

He also ran back with these "flowers" for me after I dropped him off for school.  Plus, he picked some for his teacher too.  Smart boy.  

In Macey news, she loved Red Ribbon week, with crazy hair day being her favorite.  

Macey already has plans for her hair next year.  

Macey is reading well enough now, that I pulled out a new box of my higher leveled books.  

It was a very exciting evening as she picked out her first 20 chapter books. There isn't much better than new books to read!  

Macey's bff got baptized this month.

 I still picture them as the little toddlers playing dress up and dancing around my living room, but as you can tell, that is no longer the case.  Love these 2.  

Crew and Ruby keep me as busy as can be.  

Between the 2 of them I rarely get a chance to sit down and do anything, but thank goodness I find them completely adorable.  

Crew got his quilt that Nana made and he is in love with it.  

Ruby cannot contain herself and is constantly making messes.  

This particular moment she used an entire jar of hair gel to cover her hair and body.  

And she has discovered the adorable baby in the mirror.  I would be obsessed too if that's what I saw looking back at me. 

Love me some fall in Utah.  



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Paul's job is better than your job

Oct 9, 2015
Domo was good to us in September. 

First there was the annual BYU tailgate.

There was food trucks, bounce houses, giant inflatable balls to roll around in, drinks, candy, face painting, and pretty much anything else a kid can dream up.  

And it's all free with very little lines (my favorite part).  Pretty much the kids think Paul has the coolest job in the world.  

Crew got 2nd in the karaoke contest and won $200!

Later in the month Paul got an email from his CEO's assistant asking if he would want 2 tickets to fly with the BYU football team to Michigan for the game!?! 

We had 3 hours to tell them yes or no, so I frantically sent out texts to my wonderful friends trying to find babysitting for my crazies for 2 days.  I got it all set up and we were off.  And seriously chartered flights are the only way I want to fly from now on. :)  

As you can imagine, it was awesome.  The Big House was huge.  The fireside the team did was amazing.  There was never a lack of food.  Everyone was extremely friendly.  Watching the game from the sidelines was unforgetable. Loved having our own personal guide in Lee Johnson. And man, was it nice to have a paid vacation away from our kids where I had to plan nothing. (we aren't going to talk about the score though).  

Pretty much one of the cooler things I've gotten to do with Paul.

The Domo Group.  

So glad Paul is good at what he does. :)  

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September Review

Sep 30, 2013
How is it October tomorrow?!  While I already miss the hot weather, bathing suits, pool, and schedule free life, once again I'm finding fall isn't too bad.  Honestly though, I love any excuse to wear a hoodie.

At the beginning of the month we went up to my cousin Brenden's for the day.  Julianne planned some awesome games and 1 not so awesome game.  The non-awesome game entailed eating gross flavored Jelly Bellies.  I of course ended up in the bathroom after I got a puke flavored one. Luckily, we still think they're cool.  

At the end of August, Miles had quite the set back in potty training.  So, as a reward for keeping his underware dry for 5 days straight we went to Chuck-e-cheese at the beginning of the month!  It worked like a dream and we've been pretty good ever since.  

We've been loving our movie screen in our backyard and try to watch at least 1 movie a week out there.  It's also proved nice for night BYU games.

It seems like the weather has been much more rainy than normal this month.  The boys haven't seemed to mind though, as worm hunting has become a very popular activity around here.  

Plus, Farm Country is practically empty after a morning of pouring rain.

Paul's cousin came to visit and go to the BYU vs. TX game with us (he goes to University of Texas).  It was fun to have a visitor who'd never been to Utah before and be able to show him what we love the most about living here.  (BYU, the mountains, temples, waterfalls, and lots of case you were wondering).  

The game proved to be quite exciting, and in the over ten years I've been going to BYU football games (yes, I am that old), I have never seen weather like that before.  

Paul's work threw an awesome tailgate before the BYU/Utah game.  There was blue cotton candy, blue shave ices, BYU cookies, popcorn, j-dawgs, bounce houses, candy, dunk tank, and plenty of free BYU stuff.  It was pretty awesome. 

I was really excited when it cooled off enough to go to the park.  That was, until I realized Crew is no longer content to sit on the blanket and eat snacks.  No more relaxing and chatting with my friends, I have to chase this crazy kid around. So, I think I'm done with parks for the year.  

Paul also got balsa wood airplanes for M&M, they were a hit. 

Things around the house are pretty much crazy, all the time.  This what our house looks lke every day at 3:45.  Still trying to figure out this homework thing.  All Macey wants to do is play outside with the neighbor kids or in the basement with all the toys she says she never has time for anymore.  Luckily we are figuring out a rountine of sorts.  

notice how Miles is patiently waiting for Macey to be done, so she can play with him. :)  

And we've banned neighbor kids for the moment. It only took them 3 days to clean it up. :)  

We are also slowing figuring out how to fill our time without Macey.  I will say errands are way easier without her, but other than that Miles and I still miss her most days.  I'm hoping Miles and Crew will become better friends now, but so far no luck with that. :)  

Plus, 3 mornings a week it's just me and this kid.   

I forgot how easy 1 kid can be, especially when it's Crew. One day we went to Target, Hobby Lobby, and Old Navy and I didn't even break a sweat.  

But, there's nothing I love more than to see Miles running out of preschool with a huge grin on his face and his arms open wide for a hug.  Seriously, my favorite part of the day. And I think a little separation is good for us. :)

So, there is what I can remember of the blur that was September.  

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Nana and Opa
The kids are growing so fast! As far as cleaning the house with 3 little ones...forget about it. Just enjoy the kids. They grow up way to fast.
Okay, that picture of all the neighbor kids with their noses pressed against your window, longing to play inside your house, is absolutely hilarious!
You guys are so fun. Nancy's right - forget about having a house that is all picked up. Looks like you had a wonderful September.

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