Ruby Rue

May 12, 2016
My baby is 2.

Sometimes I want my sweet, quiet baby back.

But, she's just so cute and busy, I don't usually have time to dwell on days past for too long.  

She is a very typical toddler, in that, she is busy, loud, opinionated, moody, cute, and cuddly.

She is gets into the most trouble of any of my 2 year olds.  

She has already figured out how to break through the door knob and cupboard child locks.  She can sense if a crayon, pencil or pen is within reach and will color on as many surfaces as possible until she is caught.  She removes her pjs and diaper much more often than I would prefer.

 If the doors are not locked, she will escape outside the moment your back is turned.  Each day she gets closer to being able to unlock the doors herself too.  Ruby has been banned from getting a drink at Sodalicious, because she ALWAYS eats the cup.  

If she is mad, she will throw whatever is in reach at you.  She is constantly beating up on Crew.  

She also broke the fridge and freezer childlock and is constantly being caught eating stolen frozen waffles and toaster strudles.  

Some of her most used phrases are: 

hungry, eat
no, me do it
what color is dis?
where (insert any family member name) at?
drinky, chocolate milk

Some of my favorite things about Ruby at 2 are:

- How she calls herself "My Baby"
- when she tightly wraps her arms around my neck for a hug

- she will  tell long, elborate stories about her day and I can just catch a few works like swing, miles, crew, peter, ella, scooter, park, doggie, kitty
- her concern for where everyone is

- if i am on the phone she tries to grab it from me and says "Me see nana!"
- she knows all the neighbor kids names and is always talking about what they are doing when we are outside. 
- her crazy hair and how long it actually is

- how much she loves dolls, Macey despised dolls, so it's been so fun to get all these new toys

- She likes things in their proper place
- How she sucks her fingers and plays with her belly button when she's tired. 

Ruby's Favorite Things:


emptying and destroying things 
playing outside

following the boys around

mickey mouse
playing in Macey's room
watching home videos

baby dolls
riding her scooter
looking and talking about the instagram posters behind her high chair

Ruby didn't quite get the birthday thing, but the other kids loved picking out presents for her at the dollar store and helping her with all things birthday related.  

Everytime we cut a piece of cake she would say "oh, poor kitty" 

Between her, and those other 3 kids, I find myself collapsing on the couch out of sheer exhaustion each night.  But man, she's worth it.  

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I love Ruby's enthusiasm & spirit. She is full of life and trying to take after all the big kids. Happy Birthday Ruby!
Man, she's a cutie! What a great personality packed into that little body!

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Yes, he is really 35 now.

Apr 14, 2016
Paul was a bit sad about getting older, so we made sure to celebrate in style.  

Paul is not a fan of sharing his birthday with St. Patrick's Day, so we made sure to get the leprechaun business out of the way first thing.  

Then it was onto breakfast meats and presents.  

The real excitement came though that weekend where we celebrated where every 35 year old dreams...Nickel City

Pizza, video games, friendly competition, laughter, good friends, and laser tag.  

It doesn't get much better.  And I realized I am much too out of shape to play a 15 min. laser tag game. :)  

This getting old thing really isn't that bad after all.  

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I love the autographed photographs of Paul on the guests' plates! That's hilarious.

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Macey is 9. 9!?!

Feb 16, 2016
I cannot believe this girl is 9!!!!

She is one of my most favorite people, ever.  

Macey is kind, generous, smart, hard working, and fun loving.  

She loves to read, hang out with her friends, play games, dance, sing, and talk.  

This birthday was a breeze, since we had been to California the week before. 

She couldn't even think of anything she wanted for her birthday.  Luckily, the boys and I know her well, so she was very pleased with the few things we picked out for her.  

Palace Pet Legos and little live pets.  Such an easy child to please (sometimes).

Miles, Crew and Ruby are all obsessed with Macey and flip out when they get to spend any time with her.  Miles has a hard time sharing her, but she is good about playing games with Crew and letting Ruby in her room from time to time.  I could not of asked for a better first kid.  

Don't be fooled though, this girl is full of attitude too.  

This is her telling me I misinterpreted her cake request. :) 

We lucked out and there was a BYU game that night.  So, after a gourmet meal of crockpot mac & cheese, strawberries and birthday cake, we were off.  

There was only one person she wanted to bring and that was Tajen.
These two have been bff's since their toddler days.   

I love their relationship and the sweet and fun sides they bring out in each other. best friends forever.  

Macey always breaks out her sweet dance moves during timeouts, but did not appreciate me photographing her.  

I love this girl.  I love that she wants to hang out with me.  I love that she wants to be inclusive of everyone.  I love that she wants to be good and helps me to be better.  I love that she is a good friend.  I love that she makes our house a better place.  

Still can't believe I have a nine year old!!

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You make me want to try harder to have a strong friendship component in my relationships with my kids. Its awesome to see you and Macey taking selfies and it sounds like you're really close. That's so cool.

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Miles is 6.

Nov 22, 2015
This kid has never been more excited about anything in his life than his birthday this year.  

He started counting down the moment it was October 1st. 

Once the day before his birthday hit, he could not contain his excitement.  He went door to door to tell everyone it was his birthday and to ask if they got him a present (we obviously had a little talk about this). :)  

He did not fall asleep until about 11:00 and kept trying to come upstairs to check out my progress on the birthday decorating. 

He is quite happy to be 6.  

He requested blueberry and chocolate zucchini muffins for breakfast.  blue cupcakes, and bean & bacon soup for dinner.  Requests granted.  

We had some friends over for a birthday lunch and a play date.  The kid was in heaven. And couldn't stop running around and grinning.  

He also got to go to the BYU game with one of his bff's Penelope.  

He is loving kindergarten and is surprising me with how hard he is working and how his reading is starting to click.   

Somedays are still a struggle to get him to go, but usually the moment he sees Mrs. Lee he forgets about his fits and starts running toward his room.

A happy moment for me was last week when he wasn't wanting to go and was standing outside the car whining at me.  When the kids in his class noticed him not coming, they all started waving and yelling his name.  Made my mom heart happy, because there is no one I worry more about than Miles.  I am so thankful for awesome & accepting teachers and friends.  

Some of Miles' favorite things are Kangaroo zoo, blueberries, BYU, playing outside with his friends, and dinosaurs. 

His best friends are Parker, Emily, Peter, Ricardo, Penelope, Lauren and Riley. 

Miles pushes me to my limits most days, and many times past them.  

But this kid is worth all the sweat and tears.  He's feisty, loving, opinionated, stubborn, and I wouldn't have him any other way.   

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How can he be six?!? Miles is so fun & loving. Glad school is going well and that he has so many friends. You are the best mom for him!

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crew is 3!!

Jul 1, 2015
Crew is finally 3!!

Even though he's been the size of a 3 year old for over a year now.  And the entire time he was 2 he was mistaken for a 3 year old, and lately a 4 year old :)

Favorite Color: orange
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Show: Super Hero Squad
Favorite Movie: Monster Inc. University
Favorite Song: The Final Countdown
What do you want to be when you grow up: Super Hero
Best Friend: Jakey
Favorite thing to do: Drive in the car and go to the dinosaur museum
Favorite Toy: any sort of weapon
Favorite Food: Pizza

This kid is always on the look out for Dr. Pepper cans left unattended.  

3 words I would use to describe Crew: sensitive, adorable, friendly 

Crew thinks he's one of the big kids and tries to do whatever Macey and Miles are doing.  

Luckily, him and Ruby are looking like they will be bff's, just like M&M.  He adores her and always calls her "my baby".  Anytime he meets someone new while we are out, the first thing he does is tell them about "his baby".


I still hold out hope for him and Miles being friends though.  Since they share a room, they spend a lot of time playing when they should be sleeping and get into lots of trouble during the bedtime hour.  Multiple times a week I hear "Miles!! Wake up!" or "Crew, wake up!", when the other one still wants to play.  Then during the day, they go back to pretending to dislike each other. But, I know the truth.    

Like Macey at 3, he is a constant talker and tantrum thrower.   Like Miles at 3, he loves to kiss, cuddle, and get into trouble. Lucky for him, we find him adorable and he just wins you over with his eye lashes and kisses. 

Crew loves super hero's, especially "punch guy" aka the hulk.  He loves any sort of weapon and we have acquired a wide variety in the past year. 

I can tell the 3's are going to be trouble with this kid, but he's so cute, I'm just going to have a try to laugh through it instead of cry. :)

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Love the 1st picture of him. He is a little Kelsey likes orange & DP. He is so cute with Ruby!
Love the 1st picture of him. He is a little Kelsey likes orange & DP. He is so cute with Ruby!

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