May 11, 2018
The kids and I got to fly to Washington for spring break.

I had not flown alone with these 4 since Ruby was one.  Let me say, it was a breeze compared to previous flights alone with these 4.  This getting older thing isn't always so bad.  

Having a Nintendo Switch didn't hurt either.  

The point of the trip was to hang out with cousins, grandparents, great grandmas and more cousins.  We accomplished all of the above.  

I don't think these kids fought at all, they were in heaven.  

Meeting our newest cousin, Baby Jack, was an obvious highlight. 

Pop-Pop saved Christopher's old powerwheel.  It was a huge hit. 

We went to Marine park to find crabs.

Always entertaining.  

There was always lots of screaming and excitement when a large rock got turned over and the crabs starting scurrying in all directions.  

Always in the search for a tree to climb.  

We got to celebrate Easter with everyone.  

You can't beat Grandma B.'s backyard for an Easter Egg Hunt.  

Touch Tank is always a must visit Bellingham location.

Lots of Northwest Parks.

Utah parks don't quite have views like this.  

Or quite so many trees. :) 

And of course walks on the trails around my parents house. 

It was good to be back home, I think it was my longest absence yet.  My soul needed a little pacific northwest.  

and a lot of family time too.  

Glad they don't mind when we invade their space with our chaos.  

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We are so happy to have you invade your space with your chaos! Feel free to do it more often!! We had the best time having all of the grandkids together and they are so cute together, Nothing is better than family. Can't beat the water and the views either. Love you and thanks for bringing your kids to visit.

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Washington weekend 2

Jul 29, 2016
After doing some laundry and showering, the first item on our agenda was visiting Larrabee State Park to find some crabs.  

Larrabee never disappoints.  

My desert dwelling children though had forgotten about how slippery seaweed on rocks is, so they all took a turn or 2 falling. 

They were slightly more cautious after that.  

We found all sorts of treasures...hermit crabs, shells, jelly fish, barnacles, fish, and of course LOTS of crabs.  

The highlight though was the giant crab Uncle fished out of the water with Macey's net.  

This crab put up a fight, but Christopher powered through and became a hero is these kid's eyes.  :)  

Don't worry we set him free and made sure he could swim safely away before we moved on to the next discovery.   

It was well worth leaving the Olympic National Park a day early so we could get a little extra family time in.  

And these little stinker cousins escaped outside when they were suppose to be in bed.  

The actual reason we came back to Bellingham for the 2nd weekend was due to this girl getting married.  

We've been best friends since we were 6 years old and I was so happy we were all able to make it.  

This is a little montage of pictures our moms made for us when we graduated high school.  

A few other Bellingham hightlights:  

- Getting to stay at Grandma B.'s and having her make breakfast for all of us.  

- Christopher took Paul on a real mountain biking ride.  

- We got to have a little birthday party for Crew.

- And this girl was obsessed.  She was constantly yelling "My Nana!" or "My Pop-Pop" and would then run in for a big hug. She was quite popular.  

All in all it was a pretty perfect trip.  

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In my mind it was a perfect trip too! Glad you came home a day early from camping so we had more time with all of you. Larrabee was fun and beautiful. Love these kids!!

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Jul 27, 2014
We decided to be brave/stupid and drive straight from Orem to Bellingham with a newborn, toddler, and a Miles.  There was lots of throw up and stops, but much less whining then anticipated.  It took us just less than 17 hours.  Paul and I pretty much felt like we'd just been through a hard fought battle when we arrived.  

The main reason for the trip was a Reid Family Reunion.  It was busy, crazy, and fun.  There were a few moments where I didn't know if my anti social hormonal postpartum self was going to survive but, thanks to Paul's help and lots of cousins to entertain, I made it through.

On the 4th we just hung around in my parents backyard playing games and catching up.

The water balloon launcher always provides plenty of entertainment.  Even GiGi had to get in on the action.

Ruby loved being the only baby around and soaked up all the attention.  

The next evening we got together to play games.  This proved to be extremely entertaining. 

I loved watching the four toddlers run around together.  

We also had time to visit a few of Bellingham's amazing parks.   
The density of the trees always catches me off guard.  Macey had her tree obsession year when she was about 3.  That was this visit for Miles.  He finally noticed the difference between Utah trees and Bellingham trees.  He kept referring to the trees as a jungle.  Many times we had to explain that this was what a real forest looked like.  

Miles' was thrilled his favorite destination, The Touch Tank, was on the agenda. He made best friends with the worker, Katie, and followed her around asking question after question.  She was extremely patient and answered them all.  He even had to run back in and give her a hug when we left.  

To ease the pain of skipping Pearrygin we got to spend an afternoon on Lake Whatcom.  I wish we would spent all day there.  My kids are always best entertained and well behaved when a beach and water sports are involved.  

We of course had to do a family GTX ride, minus Ruby.

GiGi got all the great grandkids these adorable towels and I am pretty sure there was always at least one kid wearing one at all times.

My favorite part of the day was when Miles "fell" (jumped) in.

When the boat drove by him he yelled up to us with the biggest grin on his face, "That my first time falling in! Me love it! Me want to do it again!".  When we tried to just make him swim to shore, he yelled, "No! You have to rescue me!"   Love this kid. And so we spent the next 10 min. watching Christopher try to get all 3 kids onto the GTX, only to have them jump off again.  

There was of course lots of time spent just hanging out.

Macey was thrilled to be reunited with Rio and is certain she is his favorite of the grandkids. 

I never have enough time to do and see everything and everyone I would like when I visit.  So, I guess that means I'll just have to visit again soon.  
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So glad you braved the drive and came to Bellingham. It is so much fun to have all of the kids together. I hope your not having time to get everything done means another visit too! You got some great shots and I can look at these pictures over and over. Thanks for blogging!

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Another Trip to Washington

Sep 5, 2008
For the first time in my entire life I decided NOT to go to Pearrygin (my family's annual camping trip in Eastern Washington), and instead just come out to Bellingham so Paul could do things we don't really get to do in the winter. Besides hanging out with our family, here are some of the things we squeezed in:

We watched the boats and salmon at Ballard Locks . Macey got to try out her leash too, which worked liked a dream for a girl who is constantly running.
It was quite cold in the morning at Woodland Park Zoo, but luckily it warmed up. Macey loved all the animals and you could tell which ones were her favorite because she would cry when it was time to move on.

We found the Fremont Troll. It was pretty crazy how it's just right there on the side of the road. Macey was roaring at him.

Macey loved Birch Bay! She was running everywhere getting extremely wet and dirty. Here's Paul catching her after one of the many times she ran away. If you look close you can see all the seaweed hanging off her shoes.

Paul had never been to Larrabee State Park in Bellingham. So we hiked around the rocks there and Grandpa found Macey lots of crabs to look at.

On our way out of town we stopped at Seattle Center. Once Macey spotted that fountain she wanted to get as close as she could.

It was very sad to fly back into Salt Lake and see all the brown, I just don't think I'll ever get over how beautiful it is in the Northwest. The trip was a success though, because Paul admitted how much he loved Bellingham and how he wouldn't mind living there (someday). Check out our Family Website for a photo gallery.
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i love macey's leash. i mean backpack. i mean stuffed animal.
I love the leash. story time: my friend had to go to her church meeting that night and was just complaining to her husband that she never gets to weed the garden cause her little girl was always bolting. she came home and all the weeds? GONE. she asked how he did it, his reply?: "easy I just tied her to the tree, dont worry she had a 3 foot radius." HA, so there ya go, just tie macey to a tree.

also, bellingham is probably the most beautiful place on earth, i think everyone that lives there needs to move away to either southern Idaho or Utah so they can really appreciate the wonderfulness.
Hey Kelsey!
Wow what a great vacation, it looks like you had tons of fun. I wish we could have gotten our kids together and visit, Macey is getting so big...maybe next time!
I always make fun of people with their kids on leashes but I guess it's better than running after crazy kids!!
By the way will you be coming out for Christmas? Oh and thanks for the "chasing cheerios" website, I love it!
Sounds like a great time! How did the activity bags work?

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Back to Life in Utah

Jan 7, 2008
Macey and I just got home from Bellingham after visiting for a few weeks. Every time I go and then come back to Utah I am reminded once again of why I want to live there. I was extremely excited to be back at my own house and to see Paul again, but other than that I didn't want to leave.

I very much enjoyed the wonderful food I didn't have to cook, having my parents to watch Macey, visiting lots of old friends, watching Macey and Kaylin play, not having to put lotion on every time I touched water, The Bagelry, milkshakes, and of course hanging out with my family. A few things I didn't miss about Utah were dry skin, allergies, snow, and having to clean my house.

Thanks for the great visit everyone, it was just what I needed!
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We loved having you and you can come anytime and I will be more then happy to cook for you. =)
That pic of all the kids is super cute!
I love macey's little toes hanging out in the picture of all the kids...How adorable!

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