California Dreaming

Feb 2, 2016
A few weeks ago I got a text from Emily saying, " Jake has a great idea- You, me, Macey, AV, Disneyland."  She got 4 free day passes from her amazing sister in law Meghan.  

Even though Emily was just here for Thanksgiving, it had left this small hole in my heart.  Because, while we got together a few times, it was always crazy and we never really got to hang out and talk.  So, I missed her more after that than I did before she came.  

I hesitated for a moment going over the logistics of it all in my head. Snowy roads, what do I do with the other 3 kids, and the fact that I had never driven alone for more than 2 hours made me a little nervous.  But, after about 10 seconds there was nothing I could do but accept her invitation! 

Best decision ever.  

It was good practice for me to do a long drive with just one kid and show myself that I could drive 10 consecutive hours no problem (it obviously would of been much longer with all 4 kids).

Macey and I had a blast on the way down singing, dancing, eating, and listening to City of Ember.  Macey was an awesome co-pilot and got all my snacks ready.  Even with throwing up 3 times.  

We hit Downtown Disney up while we waited for Emily and AV to get to the hotel.  

Then it was lights out to get all rested up for our big day. 

It was seriously a dream.  

Perfect weather, perfect company, no diapers, no whining kids, no kids to carry, and an amazing guide in Meghan who made all the decisions for us. 

It was a dream come true watching Macey and AV together.  

We got to ride most all the rides we wanted.  And really only had to wait in line for Peter Pan.  

Macey didn't like Indiana Jones, luckily a Dole Whip did the trick and she was ready for Splash Mountain after that.  

The girls did NOT want to ride Tower of Terror, but it is of course our favorite.  So, we did what any good parent would do, we made them wait in line with us twice and then handed them over to a disney worker while we screamed and laughed as much as possible.  

They were a little annoyed with us for taking up about an hour of their disney time, so we hit up bugs land and got a churro to help them forgive us.

We ended the day with Radiator Springs Racer and then ran back to Disneyland to catch their amazing night parade.  


The next day was spent recovering from our Disney hangover. 

We ate good food, drove down the Pacific Coast Highway to play on this huge sand dune, dipped our toes in the ocean, and finished off the day by taking a dip in an outdoor pool.  

Then it was back to the snow for us Utah girls. Luckily the high lasted me through some stressful and slippery road conditions.  

And this pic right here, this is what Emily and I dreamed our lives as moms would be like.  
So, while we don't get to raise our kids across the street from each other like we had always hoped, I'm glad we still get to have adventures together, 15 years later.   

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It's so fun to see those pictures of AV and Macey. It almost looks like you and EJ as kids!

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Thanksgiving Breakin

Dec 22, 2015
The highlight of Thanksgiving Break this year was getting to see The Bartletts.

We went on an epic sledding adventure.  

First, we had to get all the kids and sleds up and over these rocks. 

then, we had to make our way across a thin icy trail, that ran along of the edge of a reservoir.  

We finally made it to our destination with everyone still alive and uninjured.  

Don't really know if it was all worth it, but it was a sledding experience to remember.  

We showed them the ropes at The Children's Museum.  

Hung out at Michelle's. 

And ventured out to eat dinner in public with all 7 kids.  

Never a dull moment.  

We had a perfect low key Thanksgiving across the grass at our neighbors.  We had great food, good company, and I loved being able to run home to grab anything I needed.  

We also hosted a 2nd Thanksgiving, so Paul could eat more of all the Thanksgiving foods he loves.  

Then we decided to take the kids snowshoeing.  

Don't let these pictures fool you...

It did not go well.  

Crew eventually refused to move from this spot.  

Once we finally got all the cold and crying children loaded up, we discovered there was a tanker blocking all lanes of traffic and we could not get home through Provo Canyon. 

Luckily we found an amazing kolache shop and got to do some shopping in Park City, before heading home through Salt Lake.  

All in all it ended up being a pretty good day.  

I also did some Thanksgiving night shopping with some of my favorite ladies and of course could not pass up this leopard print vest.  Now, I just need to find it in my size.  

It was a very successful Thanksgiving Break.  

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California Dreaming

Mar 7, 2012
Emily moved to California and I've been dying to get out there all winter!

Since Paul has been working pretty much 90 hours a week and it was suppose to snow here and be 80 degrees there, I figured it was a good time for a break.

The weather did not disappoint, and the company of course didn't either.

We made a few visits to the beach to soak up some Vitamin D. Macey even came home with a swim suit tan line.

Macey and Amaryllis were the bf's we'd always hoped they would be.

Miles and Kensington's relationship though involved a bit more screaming and pushing, but in the end I think I saw a few sparks flying. :)

Another highlight of our trip was stopping by the World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker, CA.

Took us back to our dating days, when we stopped here on our way to 6 Flags to meet Emily and Jake. You know, when we looked like this:

So glad The Bartlett's chose to live somewhere closer and with pretty much perfect weather. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them then we used to!

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Let's all move to CA THIS YEAR.
Fun trip. And tell Trina that you're not moving to CA, it's WA.
Fun times! Love the hugging photo of K and M.
Look how young you all were! So weird. (last photo, obviously)
So much fun!

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Scooter Girls

Oct 1, 2008
Emily and I used to dream about having scooters in college and being in a scooter gang. We would look with envying eyes at every group of scooters that passed us as we walked or drove through Provo. We eventually ended up settling for Razor Scooters, which turned out to be quite fun, but not what had always dreamed of. Here we are with Duffers (the scooter) on Halloween as the Scooter Bandits.

Click on me, I get bigger

Then when we went on a cruise together 2 years ago that dream was realized, even if it was only for a day. This last week we had the opportunity to live out part of that dream again when we got to cruise my neighborhood on this baby! Maybe someday I'll actually get to be in a real scooter gang (this is a reminder to all of my local friends- buy a scooter ), until then I'll just have to remember the fun times I've had.

Click on me, I get bigger

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That's funny you should post that today because I just saw my copy of Paul's "To my Scooter Girl".
I'm glad that I helped you realize your dream by getting hit from behind to get enough insurance money to buy you your dream scooter.

Keep on scootn' on
Jeanie Earl
OK...U R just 2 funny!! Good 2 C you are loving life at home and in the 'fast lane'! Macey is growing too fast! Miss seeing ya!
and if you do buy a scooter, don't forget to accessorize it with leopard accents.
you guys are so hard core! please when the dream comes true dont forget to get leather chaps with fringe.
oh man, I forgot about duffers. Those were the days.
Brad, how could you forget about Duffers!! What kind of friend are you?

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Sep 28, 2008
In college Emily and I were known by some of our friends as Kelmily. Emily came up with Maceyllis for Macey and Amaryllis and I thought it was quite appropriate since they are already bff's.

When Macey woke up in the morning or from her naps she was always yelling "bay-bee, bay-bee". She couldn't wait to see Amaryllis and Amaryllis couldn't wait to see her.

Here are some pictures to document the start of their life long friendship:

For some crazy reason we went on a morning walk in the canyon, it was 45 degrees. Macey and Amaryllis loved getting to wear their cute hats though.

Their favorite game was to chase each other.

Macey taught Amaryllis lots of things, like how to splash in the bathtub.

Macey even shared her most prized possessions, her puppies.

Even though they didn't always get along, they always made up in the end.

Macey is going to miss her friend, thanks for visiting us Amaryllis!!

P.S. Everytime one of us goes to the basement Macey still yells "baby, baby", I guess she thinks Amaryllis is hiding down there.
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They are the cutest little girls. :) That's so funny that Macey thinks she's still down there. haha.
Cute pics to document the BFF's. I LOVE their hats for the canyon walk!
I love Macey's hat in the first picture. So cute!
The girls are so cute together. You & Emily look great, as always. How fun that you are so good about getting together even that you live so far away from each other!

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