Sep 8, 2016
And just like that, August is behind us, and we are back in the full swing of craziness.  

We tried to suck out every last ounce of summer before school started and even a little bit more after. :)

It's crazy to think we were able to fit so much in with the Stephen's visit and our camping trip to Bear Lake, but there is just too much summer fun to be had.  

- We got the waterslide out one more time for the big kids. 

it was quite crazy, as usual. 

Then, once they were all back in school, we had a toddler party.  

It was pure heaven.  

We had five 2 year old girls and they just played and played. We dreamed about what life would be like if we didn't have boys...we decided we could handle many afternoons just like this one.  There was no sword fighting, wrestling, hitting, attempts to knock the slide over.  

I can't remember the last time (if ever) I witnessed a play date so serene.  

I think Ruby logged the most slides down the water slide and this was her face everytime she came out. :)  

These boys were there too, but they just entertained themselves and we didn't see much of them. 

It was pretty much a perfect afternoon, sitting in the shade talking with my friends while our children actually played nicely and quietly.  

- Ashley graduated from college, so we had to have a dance party to celebrate.

It was an absolute blast.  We impressed all the kids with our sweet moves.  And we are already looking for an excuse to have another one.  

- We made our last Splash Pad and Pond visits.  

- The boys both learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels, but for some reason I only have a picture of Crew documented.  

- We did an end of summer backyard clean up and the kids picked weeds for the first time. They loved it. 

- Had a much needed girls night with some of my favorites. 

It's always the best when you're laughing so hard you cry.  

-Miles started soccer and is doing amazing!

and by amazing, I don't mean he's scoring tons of goals.  

I mean, he is participating, having fun, trying, and not throwing fits!!!!

He also thinks he belongs to the Everett family, so he can often be found photo bombing their family pictures. 

And he has also convinced Ellie to take him almost every Sunday to Riverwoods to catch Pokemon.  

We have one happy 6 year old around here.  

And I've been keeping busy with these 2 while the big kids are at school all day.  

Next up, back to school pics.  Only a few weeks late. :)  

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Sep 4, 2015
Summer is over, Macey & Miles are in school, and I am currently trying to get used to this more scheduled lifestyle.  But dang, I sure do love summers around here. 

To prepare for school starting we made sure to spend time out front as much as possible.  

Most summer afternoons I can be found sitting in the shade, my favorite place to be, watching whatever is the activity of the day.  Be it snail hunting, bubbles, cops and robbers, baby animals, kick ball, racing, or whatever else these kids can think up.  

Sometimes Ruby even takes a break from her exploring to hang out with me.  
but, usually she's out where all the action is. 

The main reason we spend most of our time outdoors is because I can't keep Ruby from climbing and destroying everything she can reach.  

I just don't know how I'd survive summer (or life in general) without this space and the people I share it with.  

If we aren't out front at our house, we can still usually be found somewhere else outside.  

Be it the park.

Ruby is ALMOST at a good park age, next spring I should be back to sitting on my blanket chatting with my friends, instead of chasing this girl around.  

In the mountains

Or even cruising around BYU.

It was insane, we didn't realize it was Education Week and it took us 30 minutes to find a parking spot. But it was all worth it just to watch these boys cruise around campus on their scooters.  

I love BYU and these boys.  

Every once in awhile, we do hide from in the heat in the AC of The Dinosaur Museum or Library.   

And if I'm feeling very brave, the mall.  

I did something slightly out of character and sent off pictures of Crew and Ruby to see if they would get chosen to be photographed for a Baby Lit catalog.  

I texted Holly Monday morning, she ran over and took some quick pics for me, emailed them to me 20 min later, and a few hours after that I got an email from Baby Lit saying they were both adorable (obviously) and to bring them up to SLC for the photo shoot the next day.  

It's not something I would want to do often, but I sure do love all the free books we got, plus it's always nice to hear someone thinks your kids are almost as cute as you do. :)  

To end the summer I let everyone pick one last thing they wanted to do. 

Macey picked Menchies and The Pond.

Miles picked Krispy Kreme and ChuckeCheese with The Rensink's.

We were having so much fun, I actually forgot to take pictures.  

Crew picked Splash Pad. 

Ruby picked the Children's Museum.  

It was the first time I actually let her be free and she was in heaven.  

And then there was the Koi pond, those fish were dang crazy.  

Paul picked hiking in the Uintas. 

We'd never been there before and these mountains did not disappoint.  

I picked an end of summer party with the little kids once the big kids went back to school.  

It was pretty perfect, I got to sit in the shade and talk to 6 of my favorite people while all our kids actually played pretty well together.  

Yes, summer is the best.  

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nightmares about those fish.

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It's been a summer

Aug 22, 2014
Summer is now officially behind us, but we made sure to squeeze every last bit out before school started. 

We of course had to make a few more visits to the pool, including a day with all our neighbors.  

We spent our last afternoon at the pond, aka my poor desert dwelling children's favorite beach. 

Jenni and Lee invited us over for a bbq, where we were introduced to the awesomeness that is the creek behind their house.  

Our friend Alex is a guide on the Provo River, so he took us down on our own personal raft.  It was a blast.  And the views couldn't of been more beautiful.


We also discovered Orem's food truck round up, 2 blocks from our house.  We have been there every Wednesday since.

One of my favorite things this month was when Paul scored box seats at the Real Game.  Great food, good game, and awesome company made for one of my favorite nights out of the summer. 

For some reason I had never taken advantage of Macey to cook dinner for the kids.  I made sure to rectify this by teaching her the fine art of heating up chicken nuggets and opening a can of peaches.  She is now a pro at making dinner for her and the boys when I'm too lazy to do it.

Ruby continues to be the best and cutest baby around.

We sadly went to our last Movie with The Brown's. It was a highlight of our summer getting to hang out with them every Tuesday, it will be sad not to see them every week now that school has started. Plus, it's nice to hang out with someone who knows exactly how it is to have a crazy toddler running around and a new baby, in addition to the other 2. 

The kids have been dying to go camping all summer, so we finally squeezed it in the weekend before school started.  They were all in heaven with the creek that ran behind our site and the trees surrounding us.


Macey was the offical s'more and hotdog roaster.

We also lucked out and everyone slept like a dream and did not wake up until 8:00am! 

Macey and Miles of course had to run around like Mummies in their mummy sleeping bags, what else would you do? And Crew was ecstatic when he discovered Ruby was sleeping next to him. 

Our summer ended with Paul and I celebrating our 11 year anniversary!!

As you can see, there are few things I love more than a Utah Summer.  

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Glad you had a fun summer. That is quite the pool, it looks huge. Everything you did sounds really fun. I would love to have a food truck roundup by my house. Your kids are always happy if they are by water. Love the photo of you & Paul, you too still look good after 11 years & 4 kids!
What a fun summer. Ruby is too cute! I always think of you guys on our Anniversary too. You guys are so awesome!

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