august part 1

Oct 9, 2017
We had a packed 3 weeks of August before school started with our farewell to summer activities. 

Children's Museum

This was actually our only visit all summer, I try to avoid Thanksgiving Point during the summer.  

Lemonade Stand

These 2 had been begging all summer to do their lemonade stand/toy sale.  The stars finally aligned and I had the energy to assist.  I think they used about 10 packages of koolaid and made a nice chunk of change that was immediately spent at Toys R Us.  

Then the left over lemonade was passed to the neighbors over the fence.  The kids exhibited some pretty good teamwork. 

Swimming at Gavin and Carmen's pool

They have the best neighborhood pool.  Gets deep enough for diving, never too crowded and perfect company.  


Ruby has fallen in love with Macey this summer and it makes my mama heart happy.  

Utah kills me sometimes, can't believe this is in our backyard.  We could even see our house from the peak.  

More mom hikes.  These might be the best girls nights I've ever had. 

Hiked a few miles up the timp trail.

good for the soul. Especially the grouchy, stressed out, overwhelmed, mom soul. 

Eclipse Watching

It was actually cooler than I thought and so glad it happened before they went back to school, so i got to experience it with these guys. 

Soaking up our lazy neighborhood days and nights

Sometimes it gets so CRAZY out front.  There's screaming, whining, fighting, lots of weapons...but then other times it's like this. 

all ages playing legos together nicely for hours.  Love these kids. 

Last potluck and movie night to celebrate the closing of an awesome summer.

And sometimes, when I'm feeling really nice I let neighborhood kids inside and actually give them food. 

Date Nights

I love summer dates because we get to spend them outside!   

Paul found this awesome biking ghost tour and we convinced Trina and TJ to do it with us. 

The stories were kind of scary, but the scariest part was riding through the streets of provo without a light and on the very skinny tires of a road bike. Trina and I didn't know if we were going to survive, but it was all worth it in the end.  

We celebrated our anniversary with brunch, since Paul had to work until about 10:30 that night. 

14 years?!?
Julianne and I took the girls to dinner and school shopping.  These drinks were the highlight of the night. 

they are getting old.  

We don't always play:

I took my last trip to Costco with 4 kids.  We ate lunch there to celebrate.

They've spent a lot of chore time cleaning out our always trashed car.  

And then Michelle invited us to go to St. George with her and the kids.  


It was nice to actually have some time to hang out with Michelle.  

There was lots of swimming, game playing, eating and watching movies.  

We went to an amazing park and enjoyed it until it got WAY too hot, which was about 10:45.

Our group shot of the trip: 

The kids had an absolute blast, since they were all with some of their best friends, just like me. :)

We ended the trip with a visit to the St. George Temple and a melt down by Ruby.  

I'm sure you've noticed Miles is missing from these pictures.  I left Miles behind with Paul, he's been rough this summer for me and he doesn't have a friend that matches up like the other kids, so it worked out to leave him behind.  

don't feel too bad for him.  Paul took him to the waterslides, arcade, and lots of wii and movie time.  

It was nice to have a break and he was thrilled to get to hang out with just Paul.  

That's not even our entire month, that's just the first 3 weeks of August.  Next post, Bear Lake and back to school! 

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I love that you left Miles with Paul. Better for everyone. I'm keeping an eye on how you parent Macey - Hazel's coming up on those tween years and I think you're doing a great job. She's looking lots older with those braces off! What a smile! I'm really insanely jealous of your hiking group. I'd copy you, except it's just not the same without those mountains. We'd just be strolling in the hills. I really miss the mountains, especially in the fall. Keep the pictures coming - I love them!

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10 years people.

Aug 19, 2013
How these things happen I do not know, but Paul and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  Crazy!!  Most of the time I feel like we just graduated from college, but here we are 3 kids and 5 houses later.  

I couldn't turn down the chance to do a comparison picture:

Seattle Temple the day we got married...

Our back yard 10 YEARS LATER...

If someone told me on our wedding day that we would still be in Utah 10 years later I would of cried right there on the spot.  I never would of thought I'd actually grow to love it here. Although I'm pretty sure I'd live most anywhere as long as Paul was there. :)  I have also learned to quit predicting where life will take us next. 

At least we don't look too old yet, right?  

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Happy anniversary! Wow, 10 years, really? You guys look good. I also can't believe you've never left Utah. Someday... but like you said, the important thing is not where you are, but who you're with. You guys are good together!
Congratulations! Look what you have built the last 10 years. Believe me where you are at is where I feel I should be at.
nana and opa
Congrats! Neither one of you have changed at all.....just added those precious little ones to the family. Love you!

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Five Years Down

Aug 17, 2008
Paul and I went to Park City to celebrate our 5 year anniversary and thanks to our friend Trina we got to leave Macey behind. We stayed at a resort in Deer Valley and it made me almost want to become a skier, so I could go there more often. After dinner on Main Street we went back to the resort and had the sweet heated pool all to ourselves. We did lots of tricks on the water-slide and practiced swimming like Michael Phelps.

On Saturday we headed up to the Park City Ski Resort. Paul and I decided to race down the Alpine Slide. Paul actually took the early lead, but unfortunately for him he caught up to the guy in front of him about 30 seconds into the ride and this slowed him down considerably. I didn't catch up to the guy on my track until just a little before the end, so I won by a landslide. The coaster was by far the best though, because we could go fast the entire time. We decided to go in the same sled so we'd go faster and I'm glad we did. I don't know why I didn't hear other people screaming, maybe they weren't pushing all the way forward, but I defiantly got some good screams in.

(I stole all these pictures from their websites. Someone, whom I won't name here, forgot to put the battery in the camera). :(

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What a fun time! Too bad you didn't have a battery in your camera, I guess you'll just have to go again. I hope I will get to see you swim like Michael Phelps sometime. Preferably the butterfly, I think that would be fun to see ;-).
Your anniversary sounds like an Olympic experience. Awesome! I loved the Alpine Slides the one time I've been. Cool stuff.
That looks so fun. I can't believe it's been 5 years.

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Has it already been 4 years?!

Aug 16, 2007
Yesterday Paul and I had our 4 year anniversary! In memory of the top 10 lists Paul used to make me when we were dating, I decided to make one of my own.

Top 10 things we’ve done together these past 4 years

10. Moving 5 times and getting to start 5 new wards with you
9. Cruising on our bikes through P-town
8. Tubing down Provo River
7. Learning how to Slackline
6. Extreme Bocce Ball
5. When we discovered Mario Party
4. BYU Football games
3. Riding on the scooter
2. Our cruise with Emily and Jake
1. Getting to spend and share every moment with you!
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Yea! I'm so glad that you started a blog. How fun! And congrats on the 4 years! We just hit it in May... fun times
ahhhh... how sweet
If I had a top ten list, the cruise would be on it too. Let's do it again within the next 4 years!
Stephanie (a Kimball 202 cutie)
Time flies, eh? Joe and I are celebrating our 5th today. Blog looks great. Keep up the good work.
Kelsey, You Rock!!!!!

These past 4 years have been better than homemade pizza!
We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary in July. Anyway, you guys need to move to Seattle. We just went on a great day trip to the olympic peninsula. Give us a call when you come up for a visit.

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