Ruby's birthday!

Jun 30, 2020
Ruby was our first kid quarantine birthday, so we did our best to make her day special without all the things she really wanted (big party and taking a treat to school).  

Luckily Erin also had a kid with a May quarantine birthday and we had already been discussing when/how to allow our kids to start playing together again since Utah had been in Orange for about week at this point.  

So, we settled on meeting in a field at a park, where we would bring Milo 4 presents and they would bring Ruby 4 presents and it would almost feel like a real birthday party.  

Worked like a charm and we had 2 very happy birthday kids at the end.  

Plus, it was one of the first times they had run free with friends since March 18th.  Love how the simple things are so much more appreciated now.  

Since I still had a little pink hair dye left and I didn't get her's as dark as Macey's, I promised the night before her birthday I would dye it pink again. 

Made for an extra happy birthday girl.

It was a day full of all things pink.

Funny thing about Ruby, she loves baby dolls.  She also loves to destroy things.  So, as gifts over the years she has received doll beds, strollers, furniture, and many, many baby dolls.  All of these previous doll things have been broken and destroyed by the crazy child above.  Once again she requested a new baby doll, doll bed, and stroller for her b'day.  We discussed what has happened with the previous 3 strollers, 2 beds, and 4 baby dolls, but she promised now that she was turning 6 she would take better care of things.  So, we took the risk and it was a baby doll filled birthday (almost 2 months down and everything is still intact). 

We spent the afternoon at the park riding her new scooter and eating Happy Meals.  

Dinner was all her favorites: spaghetti, watermelon, corn on the cob, and raspberry creme soda.  

And of course a pink (with some purple) cake.  

and I just had to get a picture of Crew's amazing hair with his b'day hat on. 

Ruby also got to be the first child to enter a store, because I had no idea what LOL thing it was that she was describing to me that she wanted to get with her birthday money.  And I did not want to deal with the wrath of Ruby when I brought home the wrong item, so we did a quick run to the store where she wasn't allowed to touch anything or get out of the cart.  She loved it.  

We love this feisty pink loving girl.  She loves fiercely and is a good friend who always tries to include everyone. Ruby loves to be in on all the action and can never sit still for long.  She's growing up a bit too fast, just like the rest of them, but I am trying to enjoy it instead of always getting frustrated with her crazy ways. :)  

Love this girl. 

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I love Ruby's pink hair. And I have to say, you don't report her being as cray-cray as you used to. She's probably growing up or something ... Super cool that she's taking care of her baby dolls this time around!

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Ruby is 5!

Jul 5, 2019
Ruby turned 5.

This girl is crazy.  She is strong willed, feisty, silly, cuddly, and wants to be in on the action ALL the time. 

90% of the time she requests that someone lay with her for just a few minutes when she goes to bed.  The night before her birthday, I volunteered.  Got my last cuddles and selfie with my 4 year old Ruby.  

We got her a playhouse for her birthday, it was much more time consuming to put together than we anticipated.  Hopefully our (paul's) hard work will be worth it.  

On her birthday she demanded lots of birthday cuddles from Fang.  He is one patient puppy because she is about as rough as they come where animals are concerned.  

She was super excited to go to preschool on her birthday.  

And can i just say how much more I love my kids when they request a 9x13 cake instead of something crazy.  

We had her birthday party the next day, where she did request cupcakes like Pinkalicious.  Luckily, I convinced her to use pink gumballs instead of cherries.  

So simple, even Ruby did most of the work.  

Ruby planned an exciting menu of pickles, watermelon balls, pink goldfish, popcorn, cupcakes, and pink lemonade for her friends.  

Ruby has the best friends, who also happen to have the best moms.  

I just love all these cute kids so much, luckiest girl around.  

Ruby is one of my most challenging kids.  All my normal mom tricks don't work on her. Plus,  I am just more tired with her than the other 3, so she ends up getting away with more, which only makes things worse.  

Here's hoping 5 is our year to get things under control.  but, whether that happens or not, I am going to enjoy this wild tornado of a child and all the loves and cuddles that she brings with her.  

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Ruby is four!

Jun 19, 2018
This was a weird birthday for me, because my baby is 4!

Not only am I already out of the baby phase, I am now out of the toddler phase too!! Don't quite know how I feel about that yet.  

But, this child slows down for no one, so I am just trying to keep up and enjoy it.  

Ruby is a funny mix of girly girl and wild child.  She loves all things pink and princesses. 

But, then she loves her potty jokes, shooting you with guns, playing monster, and wresting too. Every day ends with her looking completely disheveled and covered in dirt.  

This is what the bathtub looks like after ruby has been bathed.  

She highly dislikes it when I put her in dresses and always chooses sweats, t-shirts and her pink converse when I let her have complete control of her outfits.  

Her favorite outfit: minnie shirt, pink shoes and crew's old sweats. 

Ruby is one of the toughest and strongest kids I know.  She will have an epic scooter crash and then hope right back up to finish her lap. 

She will jump off the couch, miss her landing pad and just get back up and do it again.  She is constantly covered in bruises and she rarely gives her injuries a chance to heal before the scabs get ripped off at the next crash.  

Ruby loves her siblings, she loves her friends.  Her favorite colors are pink and purple.  She loves makeup and accessories .  Nothing makes her happier than to have macey do her makeup, but don't even think about trying to do her hair. :) 

She is one well loved child and soaked up all the attention on her birthday. 

 And screamed and whined when she didn't get it and then these 3 came running, she knows how to get them to work for her.  

She requested a pink pony cake.  She was pleased with what I came up with, even though it looked nothing like the ones Macey was showing her on pinterest. :) 

Ruby, Macey and I matched for church, I just could't resist.  :)

Then we had the O'neals and Rensinks over for cake and ice cream before Paul raced up to SLC for the Rockets vs Jazz game.  

I love this fierce, independent, cuddly, and wild girl.  She keeps life exciting and never allows me to get bored.  

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I cannot believe that Ruby is 4! She was just born!! She is certainly all the mix that you said a wild princess for sure and I love the fierceness about her and how loving she is. She is adored by all, Happy Birthday Ruby!

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Ruby Email

May 18, 2017

I received a text from Emily that her friend has a "Ruby-ish" child and is struggling and feels that she is alone.  

Emily requested some Ruby stories, to help her friend feel better and realize there are lots of crazy kids out there. :)  After I wrote the email I realized I needed to save it for family history purposes, which means it needs to be posted to my blog.  

Here is the email in it's entirety. 


I honestly don’t have a lot of photo evidence of the really bad moments, because either she was in too dangerous of a situation to take a picture (on top of the fridge) or I was too in shock by the disaster or situation that she created to think of documenting it (this is the usual culprit).  

But, I do have some that sum up her personality quite accurately.  

Our life was all down hill when Ruby started walking at 10 months and climbing at 11 months.  And figuring out how to get out of her highchair straps at 13 months.  Hence I have lots of pictures of Ruby on the table.  

She destroys most toys.  Every toy she got for her 3rd birthday was broken by the end of the day, new stroller (her first one she got when he was 18 months and it lasted a few days until it started breaking), minnie mouse couch, and princess tent.  

She has also bitten every head off the princess figures that were macey’s.  This is Dora’s mom that she destroyed the first day I got the dora house down for her.  

Lots of holes in clothing. 

Obviously she’s a dumper.  All it takes is me turning my back or going to dry my hair.  

Nothing is off limits to her dumping, although she rarely dumps things in plain sight like in the kitchen or living room.  She is usually more sneaky about it and likes to dump things in people’s rooms.  

She also hides things.  Once I found Macey’s diary key in the bottom of the aquafor. 

Many things have gotten flushed down the toilet.  Car keys included.  

she loves to get her own snacks.  We installed a lock on the pantry and child locks on the fridge and freezer (which she broke within the first day).  I’ve got her off the top shelf in the panty, fridge, getting knifes, making her own chocolate milk.  

Chairs have been pushed and pulled all over our house since she was 12 months old.  I had to get rid of all stools and toy bins that you can stand on.  

This day she locked me out of the house.  and in the time it took me to run around to the back door she had flushed my keys down the toilet, gotten the tupperware with watermelon out of the fridge and pried open and got watermelon juice on as many surfaces as possible.  

This day she locked me out to eat ice-cream.  I keep a key in my pocket now.  

every surface in our living room and her room has been drawn on.  

I forgot to put the child lock back in place one day during her nap.  She emptied every messy item from my craft drawers and left all the ribbon, paper, cards, crayons and things like that.  

Her room was covered in stamps and markers and the soles of her feet and palms of her hands were red for a few days

  Also, when we had just installed the kind of child lock you can get at toysrus, she broke it the first night and got out my sewing pins,  Her floor was covered, so was her bed and pjs’ and they were even sticking her through her pjs while she slept when we checked on her that night. We then invested in the heavy duty kind of child locks and we’ve been safer ever since.  

Remember the phase where she wouldn’t keep her diaper on at night?  We tried backwards pjs and taped the diaper on, it worked half the time.   It was a cold camping summer for her, sleeping naked.  

She’s always dirty.

and loves to get into my makeup when I forget to lock the bathroom door.  All of our doors have knobs that lock, turned around backwards with the keys hanging on hooks above the door jams. 

She can tackle kids twice her size. 

She cannot be contained and can climb most things the big kids can.  

And she gets stuck a lot.  This day she hauled this foot stool up stairs to my bathroom and got stuck.  I’ve rescued her hanging from the top of the fence, monkey bars, top of fridge, hanging from the top shelf in the panty, on top of the car...

You’d think I don’t watch her, but I really do.  It seriously just takes her 2 min to create a disaster or get into some sort of trouble.  

Running errands with this child is almost impossible.  I keep well stocked with dum dums, but that only works for a few min.  If she thinks I’m taking too long she starts throwing things out of my cart.  and always throws her shoes at me.  You should see me trying to get her buckled in most days.  There’s a lot of stiff arming and sweating happening until she is somewhat secure.  

I believe she ran into the parking lot 3x during the kids haircut this past week and then when i would grab her she would spit at me, pull my hair and hit me.  Eventually she had to be put in her carseat in the hot car for 15 min. cause it was safer than running into the parking lot.  

She’s the most stubborn kid i’ve had. 

But cute too. 

And please, assure your friend I am an amazing mom who does not let her children run wild with no supervision. Tell her how good Crew and Macey are (you should probably leave miles out of it).  :)  

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Awesome. Unbelievable, except that since I've been reading your blog Ruby's whole life, I've had a seat to watch the volcano erupt. You are seriously Wonder Woman. Ruby's lucky she's SOOOO stinkin' cute! This is definitely a family history keeper!

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Ruby is 3.

May 17, 2017
Three. 3?!


Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Color: Pink
Best Friends: Roman and Izella
Favorite Toys: Baby dolls, dr. Kit, princess figures
Favorite Princess: Belle
Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk
Favorite Food: Cereal (but she's not picky yet, she eats almost anything)
Books: How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon, Baby lit fairy books, Alice the Fairy

Ruby loves all things girly, but is not girly at all.  it's pretty funny.  She loves all things pink and princesses, but has no idea how to be soft with anything.  Almost every toy she owns is broken or dented.  her baby dolls are about as dirty as she gets by the end of each day.  

Her favorite pastime is to beat up on Crew.  She has a very hard time sharing her toys and is not afraid to get down and dirty to get it back, which is why she beats Crew up a lot.  

This is what I got when I told her to smile

She loves to go to the park and play outside with Izella and Roman.  She is always watching for her friends outside and wants to go out as soon as she spots ANYONE (neighborhood dogs included).  

She still sucks her two fingers and rubs her belly button when she's tired.  

She does not like to get her hair done.  To be contained.  Or told what to do.  Thus, she still has a lock on her door.   

But, she does like to do what the big kids are doing.  So, that is at least helpful at after dinner chore time.  Not so helpful when the other 3 are climbing rocks, jumping into the pool, or climbing on the tops of very tall slides.  

She was very spoiled on her birthday and she loved every moment of it. 

Minnie Mouse pancakes, as requested. 

Lots of pink princess presents.  

And hugs all around.  

I think the favorite part of her day was that all the kids wanted to play with her and her new toys.  

She still refers to Crew as "Crew-Crew", makes my heart happy.  

In typical Ruby fashion most of her toys have already had to be repaired (stroller, minnie couch, and princess tent). 

There are so many things I want to remember about her at this stage and then so many things I hope to forget too. :)  

She's spicy, sassy, loud, cuddly, friendly, opinionated, strong, playful and very loveable.  

This girl runs the house and no one seems to mind too much.  She was meant to to be the baby of this family and we all love our Wild Ruby.  

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