The Rest of September

Oct 11, 2015
I always think I'm going to be devastated when school starts and summer comes to an end, but Utah's fall always has a way of reminding me that I love it too.  

We said our final goodbyes to the pool. 

and enjoyed our last outdoor movie.  

and we haven't looked back since. 

I didn't think I'd love afternoon kindergarten like I do, but we've got our schedule down and I am loving it.

 We play all morning and run our errands.  Then Ruby naps while Miles is at school and I get my introverted extrovert time.  Meaning, I lock myself in my house and am lazy, in order to recover from my busy and usually social mornings.  

Miles is doing better than I expected just a month into school.  

Which meant I no longer had an excuse to put off potty training Crew. 

It clicked after 2 long days and we've been pretty good ever since.  

And this is his typical look anymore.  Always some type of injury.  

Ruby is pretty much the reason I still get nothing done around the house and is my entertainment for most of the day.  

She can never resist a good tackling opportunity.
She is constantly on the table and is always trying to steal the boys' lunch.  

She wore her first baby pony tail this month.  

And she loves to run around with her neighbor BFF, Ella.  

The kids are pretty much outside from when they get home from the bus until dinnertime.  
Love all these kids and the moms I never get pictures of. 

Lucky for us, Peter has afternoon school too, so the scooter bandits have plenty of time to explore together.  

The weather has been perfect for park hopping.  

Playing outside at the Children's Museum.  

September always brings with it Chalk the Block.

The School Carnival.

And plenty of hiking.  

We made M&M skip school to go exploring in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  

We attempted to hike to Donut Falls in the spring, but there was too much snow on the trail for us to make it and it was pretty much a disaster. 

Glad we tried again.  

Can't wait till I can do it when the kids are bigger and we can actually climb up and see the "donut hole".  

Utah Mountains never disappoint, though.  

For labor day, I wanted to have a picnic in a secluded meadow, as I was sick of most people.

Brenden came through, finding us the perfect spot.  It was our kids biggest hike to date and there was quite a bit of elevation gain, but it was so worth not seeing a single person on the trail and getting to have an entire mountain meadow to ourselves.  

Seriously, these views.  Makes the whining much more bearable.  

Julianne and I made sure to recover and have a little nap while the boys took the kids off to explore, once we reached the meadow.  

Love where we live.  

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Nana and opa
Great pics! Glad y'all have outdoor kids! Paul and his brother and sister were also outdoor kids.
So pretty! Nothing beats Utah in the fall. I can't wait to see your October pictures! Does Paul have a selfie stick, or is his arm really long enough to capture that group shot? I'm impressed.

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Weekend warriors

Apr 2, 2015
Some of the pluses of our little town home are the non-existence of yard work and my ability to clean our limited living space during the week.  This usually leaves us lots of time to play on the weekends.  

This month I feel like we spent that free time very wisely.  

-We took the kids to the indoor city pool.

The highlights were waiting to get dumped on by the bucket and the big water slide.  

- We went to the zoo for the first time in over a year.  The kids couldn't of been more excited and it did not disappoint.
Trina and TJ met us there, which made for a pretty amazing adult:kid ratio.

We lucked out and a worker was feeding the giraffes right next to us.  Macey was in Giraffe heaven.  

Ruby's favorite part was the carousel.  She laughed and waved her arms in excitement the entire time.  In normal Crew fashion, he cried about how he was scared until it started and then he loved it.  

Ruby kept giving Crew hugs in the stroller and I tried not to die from the cuteness of it.  

And, like always, all 4 kids poised perfect for a picture to remember our trip by. :)

- We ventured to Antelope Island one Sunday after church.  I've mostly only heard horror stories of the gnats, so we wanted to get there before it got too warm and they all hatched.  

We even saw real bison, which was of course quite thrilling.  

We ended up with pretty good timing, as on the drive to the island, there were black tornados of gnats on both sides of the road.  But once we were on the island, we got to enjoy the awesome scenery nearly gnat free.  

Our kids happy place is climbing around on rocks, so Buffalo Point was like heaven to them.  

And notice Ruby's smile and arm flapping?  This is what she does the entire time, she's a born hiker.  

We've also been trying to get selfies of us at all the cool places we venture.  

We're obviously naturals. 

After about 45 min of climbing around, we had to pull them away to go check out the sand before it got dark.  

The sand was crazy.  While it wasn't technically "white sand" it was both white and sandy, so we will call it white sand, even though it was more like salt sand.  

I wish we had time to walk all the way to the water!

We then had to drag them away from playing in the sand prematurely too, as we had a long drive home and school in the morning.  

- As this March proved to have nearly perfect weather, we had to venture out hiking again.  This time to Little Cottonwood Canyon.

We ended up on Bells Canyon Trail by mistake, but lucky for us, it proved to be a good mistake to make.  

This was also Crew's first solo hiking day and he rocked it.  He would not let anyone help or hold his hand, he kept yelling "let go of me!  I do it myself!"  

We then found Lisa Falls a little further up the road and this proved to be the highlight of the day.  

A waterfall, blue skys, a creek, and lots of rocks to climb on.  Perfection.  

Crew and I spent most of our time throwing one rock into the creek.  I threw the rock, Crew would find it and bring it back to me... repeat 1,000 times.  

Can't wait to find a new (easy) place to hike this weekend.  

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Ruby is so cute - I can't stand it! Hugs in the stroller, flapping arms while hiking. When can I just meet that chica?! I love the family selfies! What a great idea. Way easier than trying to get someone else to take a good family photo while you're out and about. And they're turning out! You're finding success in your family pictures after all!
Selfie sticks are $10 at Joann's I'm JUST SAYIN' ;)

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Girly Girl

Sep 17, 2008
Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE shopping for Macey. It is probably my current favorite daytime pastime. Not only do I love shopping for Macey, I also love dressing her and doing her hair. I am happy to report that Macey's hair is long enough again to go into pigtails!! I tried to get a few pictures of her hair the other day before she destroyed it, but she didn't feel like sitting still long enough for me to capture a good shot.

Here are some pictures of Macey's current favorite pastimes (for those of you who care):

She loves to help, especially when Paul is working in the yard.

DIRT! If there is dirt outside she will find it and her newest word is Rock.

She loves playing games on my laptop and "talking" on the webcam.
There is nothing she loves more than her puppies!
Multiple times a day we have to go out front so she can drive her fire truck. Anytime she hears anyone out front she's at the window yelling to go play.

We are very much enjoying Macey right now and we can't get enough of the constant entertainment.
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Cute hair and I love all of the pictures!
Oh she is so precious! She just keeps getting cuter!!
amen to heather, she gets cuter and cuter! i love the one holding the puppy.
She's so very cute! I can't wait to see her at the shower,.. are you going to let her be there with us? I hope so. I want to see amaryllis too.
She is a doll! I love the picture of her hugging her puppy.
Little Miss Macey just keeps getting cuter and cuter! I love the pig tails!
I agree with you, the older that they get the more fun they are. There is nothing like holding a newborn baby, especially when that baby is yours but they are so much more fun and entertaining when they are older. Plus it's exciting watching their little personalities develop!
Macey is so cute! I can't wait to put Adelle's hair in pigtails. What a fun age and it just keeps getting funner (I know funner isn't a word but when you hang out with a two year old all the time it can be).
Love the pigtails!

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Macey Loves Old Navy!

Jul 18, 2008
For those of you who don't know Old Navy is having a huge sale! You get 50% off their already marked down clearance items, which means everything is at least 75% off the original price! Macey and I were in heaven because we both love to shop for cute baby clothes.

Here is my loot: 5 dresses, 5 shirts, 6 tank tops, 2 skirts, 1 bikini, 1 sweatshirt, and 1 pair of capris (ranging in size from 18 months-3T). At regular price all these clothes turn out to be around $250 and I got it for around $50. Nothing makes me happier than finding Macey stylish clothes on a good sale.

If you haven't already checked this sale out you better get to Old Navy fast, before it's all gone.
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Haha... I love this pic! she looks so happy and cute! I can't believe how big she's getting. !
I know! I totally loaded up at Old Navy for my boys...they have the cutest clothes, way cuter than mine! I love a great sale!
Already conditioning her to be a shopaholic! What a STEAL of a deal - WOW!
Wow! What a deal! She will look so cute, just like always!!!
What a haul, Kels!! I'm impressed, you always have been a good shopper.
ahhhhhhh! are you serious! what a steal! not only with macey be a total babe but mommy and daddy will be able to feed her too, cant beat taht. i seriously wanna run over there right now...too bad its sunday night, at 10pm.

ps- i love the pic of macey, she is hilarious.

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Wanted: Scooter Friends

May 19, 2008
When we were driving back from the canyon tonight we saw two couples on matching Kymco scooters. While we sat next to them at the stoplight I couldn't help but be a little jealous, well a lot jealous. They probably figured I was staring at them because I wished I had a scooter, but the truth is I have the exact same scooter as them. I was staring at them with envious eyes because I yearn for friends to go on scooter rides with. While they were laughing and talking I realized that's what I was missing in my scootering. We've ridden our scooter tons this week and I've defiantly enjoyed myself. But, it would be so much better if we had friends to share this joy with. So, I am pleading to all my friends in Utah- GET A SCOOTER, you will not regret it!! Besides, think of all the gas money you'll save and you'll get to go on rides with Paul and me, what could be better!
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I saw you scooting around today. :) I actually did talk to my husband about getting one, and I *almost* had him convinced... I want to get rid of our stupid 2nd car that we never use, and get one! That would be so fun! And it'd take up a lot less room in our garage than a broken down car that we never drive.
And who did you black out the face of in that picture?????
Maybe you could just attatch like a sled to the back of your scooter and take your friends for a ride with you!!
I wish I had one to scoot around with you that would be alot of fun!
Yes, that is you Brianne. We don't have a pic of Paul and I on the scooter together. : )
I would like to get a scooter....but Ben is convinced our next purchase is going to be a Mini Van! that will ever happen!
do you know how bad we want one???!we will have one one day and we will race k?
umm...hello. I was your scooter buddy for 5 care-free sunny hours in Key West. If I could post the photo to remind you, I would. And you know if we lived there, I'd totally have the floral Vespa.
umm...hello. I was your scooter buddy for 5 care-free sunny hours in Key West. If I could post the photo to remind you, I would. And you know if we lived there, I'd totally have the floral Vespa.
umm...hello. I was your scooter buddy for 5 care-free sunny hours in Key West. If I could post the photo to remind you, I would. And you know if we lived there, I'd totally have the floral Vespa.
DONE!!!!! You completely convinced Eric! :)
Does a motorcycle count? Of course you have to wait until my husband gets home,.. and come to think of it,.. he likes to go faster since it's a bullet bike and your scooter probably likes to stick to top speeds of 50 mph. .... sorry,.. probably won't work out.
I'm sorry you don't have a scooter pal yet.
Well - I'd be your scooter buddy if we lived in the same town. And trust me, Luigi could use a good friend. Just look how lonely he looks:¤t=100_3055.jpg

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