Fall breakin'

Nov 7, 2015
We had perfect weather for fall break this year and so we did something we've never done before in October...we want to the pond.

It was actually Ruby's first time at this pond and she was loving life.  

It helped that we had the whole place to ourselves and lots of friends to play with and give her snacks.  

So glad Julianne and Gina are always up for a good time and didn't mind the extremely nasty water.  Luckily none of the kids got sick. :)  

Paul wanted to take the kids bowling, but I just kept thinking how horrible it would be.  

Confined space, heavy balls, changing kids shoes, and the crying if they lost...

Turns out I was wrong.  It was a blast and the kids loved it.  

Look at that little jump after knocking down some pins.  Totally worth it.  

Other excitement included:

Carousel Ride

Kirsten came out of storage

Emmie invited Macey over to play, so I was hoping that maybe she would want to take Kirsten with her, since Emmie loves American Girl Dolls.  It worked, 4th time is the charm, she's in love with Kirsten.  

Movie Nights

And even some late night coding

It went by too fast, can't wait for the next school break.  

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Fun times! So happy to see Macey with Kirsten!

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Spring Breakin

Apr 13, 2015
Spring Break is over.  We had fun. We stayed up late. We played hard.  I am tired.  

Spring Break is always a good practice run through for summer for me. You know, to see what I need to change to make sure our summer days run more smoothly.  I learned I need a no TV/ipad rule until an entire list of things is done, I need to implement my ticket system again, and I actually need to force children and myself to do our chores so our house isn't in a constant state of disaster.

The weather kind of sucked for the most part, but it didn't stop us from playing hard.   

I always have slight anxiety about going out to public places during spring break here, because the entire area had spring break at the same time and there are just a lot of kids in Utah and I don't like crowds.  

We ventured to the Riverwoods the first day.

I felt like a boss, because I even got some shopping in at my favorite boutique with 4 children in tow and no one broke or stole anything and I didn't even have to yell at the boys.    

As a reward for the 5 us, we all got blue bell icecream and french fries for lunch.  And yes, I took my 4 kids to lunch in a public place alone, during actual lunch time.   This is huge for me people.

On one of Miles' 3 bathroom trips during our time at the Riverwoods, we spotted a ladybug.  This made the hauling of children to the outside public bathroom much more worth it.  

- We went to the Rec Center Pool with the Everetts.

 My kids were in heaven with some of their favorite big kids to play with.  And, the only tricky part for me was the locker room afterwards. It was much more difficult trying to keep them contained while everyone got dried and changed than I anticipated.  I got a lot of sympathetic smiles during this 25 min ordeal. :)

- The highlight of the week was our slumber party with The Browns, they know how to have fun.  

Michelle borrowed a bounce house for the basement and this proved to be very entertaining for all ages.  Plus, it kept them from getting out every toy in the entire house.

 We took them on a sweet walk to wear them out.

Had an egg hunt, baked and decorated cupcakes, made candy necklaces, did a treasure hunt, and watched a movie in the movie theatre room.

We even ventured out in public to the Bean Museum (where we had to stalk people for parking spaces) and then took all kids to Wendy's for dinner.  

Crew and Liam cracked me up with their random conversations and antics.  Ruby and Lottie finally got to have some real play time and I loved watching them crawl all over each other.  And the girls kept reminiscing about going to St. George, you know, when the boys weren't there to bug them. :) Miles even had a blast, even though he kept complaining about doing too many girl things and having to sleep in a pink bed.  

- We also got to go to the Zoo with some more friends.  Miles was very happy that these friends were boys, as he'd had his fill of girls for the week. :)

There's a new baby orangoutang there that I could of watched all day, if it wasn't for boys that kept wandering off.

- For the first time since living here an icecream truck came into our parking lot!

I was in the basement doing laundry when I heard Miles outside screaming.  I ran out to see what was going on, to find him running in circles screaming "ice cream, ice cream!"  When that amount of enthusiasm is showed, there is no way I could turn ice cream down.  

- To end spring break, we finally got some nicer weather to enjoy over the weekend with Paul.    

Only 46 more days until Summer Vacation!!!!

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Fun spring break! So many fun outings, love the sleepover. Love the blooming friendships.

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An Actual Vacation

Jan 6, 2015
Before January gets away from me, I have to record the rest of our awesome Christmas Vacation with Paul.  

Paul's office was closed for the break, so it was pretty much his first real vacation where he didn't work at all.  There was no one else at the office to call him with issues or questions...it was amazing.  Plus, not traveling and being on our own schedule, made for a very restful break.  

Paul took advantage of being home and got a lot of projects down around the house. The main one being finishing the closet under the stairs in the basement, that my dad and him started last year. Or "The Hideout", as the kids refer to it.    

All 3 are in love with The Hideout and have already spent many hours playing in it.  And I am happy to have gained an extra 30 square feet to help us get through winter in our tiny (but loved) house.  

-  After Paul finished his work around the house, we had lots of time left over to play.  We went swimming, to the Bean Museum, SLC, byu basketball games, sledding, lots of playing out front, braved public restaurants, and ran lots of errands.  

One particular snowy day we took the kids down to Rock Canyon to sled on some bigger hills.  It was snowing hard, so there was lots of powder.  I took Crew down after Paul and M&M had made a track, thinking he wouldn't get too much snow in his face.  

We ended up covered in snow, he was completely white from head to toe and screaming about how a big snowball got him.  I could not stop laughing and screaming (due to all the snow that went down my clothes). 

Crew and Miles spent 75% of the time crying and pouting.  Paul, Macey, and I spent 100% of our time laughing at them and having a blast in the crazy snow storm.  I was just glad we had dropped Ruby off at Holly's.  

While Crew was crying in the car afterward we asked him if he'd want to go sledding again and he answered between sobs, "Maybe Later".  We were rolling. :)  

-We had New Year's Eve with The Browns and the kids all behaved exceptionally well...meaning they played in the basement and left us alone. :)  We even had time to learn and play a new card game while the 6 big kids entertained themselves downstairs.  

Crew and Liam were pretty hilarious all night playing together.  They only got in "trouble" one time, when they locked themselves in Michelle's cold storage to build and then knock over towers of soup cans. 

We put on a fake countdown just after 9:00 and then had all our kids tucked in bed and fast asleep by 10:00.  It was a perfect evening.  

-There were also lots of movie nights.  The favorite being the introduction to The Princess Bride.  All the kids loved it.   Crew would hop up and sword fight right along with them.

We were sick with the flu the Sunday before Christmas, so I tried to take a picture of the kids in their Sunday Christmas Clothes the next week. 

This is all I could get.  Typical.  

We also got babysitters, a lot.  

We are back to real life now and I am actually ready to face it.  

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I showed Princess Bride to Hazel a few months ago and she LOVED it. She asked me to read her the book next. We did the fake midnight New Year's Eve for the kids as well. Great minds think alike! I'm jealous of all your date nights. We need to stop moving around so we can build up our babysitter list.
And I remembered what I wanted to say the most of all: I hate trying unsuccessfully to get pictures of all my kids smiling together, because it never seems to work out, but I love to see pictures of everyone else's kids being wiggly and real in front of the camera. I think I need to embrace it more, because those are probably actually the pictures I'll love when the kids are older, not the perfect looking ones. The others tell a better story.

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Spring Breakin'

Apr 14, 2014
I planned on taking it easy and just having the kids play outside for most of the break, while I laid on the couch or lounge chair.  But, after 1 day of fighting, whining, constant snack wanting, and some sickness, I decided it'd be easier to survive if I kept them busy. 

Macey's always sad that we do fun stuff while she's at school, so we let her dictate most of our activities for the week. 

First it was a trip to the Dinosaur Museum.  It'd probably been about a year since she'd been able to come with us.

I've been dying to take Miles to the Dinosaur Park in Ogden, but have been too much of a wimp to attempt it alone in my current state of constant sickness.  So, we got Paul to take the day off work and go with us.

The boys wore their matching T-Rex shirts and were pretty adorable.

Miles and Crew couldn't contain their excitement when we first walked in.  Crew spent his time screaming, growling, and pointing from the stroller.  And Miles was practically impossible to keep up with as he ran from Dinosaur to Dinosaur.

Macey spent her time filling out her field guide and reading the facts to us.  If Crew is still dino obsessed in year, I have a feeling we will be making another trip up there.

The weather was pretty perfect, so there was still lots of time spent outside at home.

For some reasons toys on the deck are way more entertaining than toys in their rooms.  I don't mind it one bit.  They spent many hours out there.  

And there's nothing like sibling bonding over animal videos.  

I had a lapse of judgement and took the kids to Farm Country.  It was of course insane, but they didn't mind one bit.  I on the other hand thought I might die in the scorching heat of 72.  

We got Holly to come to the zoo with us, which was of course also crazy with spring break crowds.  But, thanks to Holly we had a blast.  If I had the kids there alone I might of ended up crying in a corner or going into labor. :)

Someday I might be able to get a picture with everyone looking. Until then, this will have to do.  

One of my favorites part of the break though was when we were running errands at The Riverwoods and the kids spent over 30 min just dancing and performing on the stage there.  

Love it when they are entertained by something so simple and love having no schedule!

I also got to spend many early hours with this kid.  I have suffered from the worse pregnancy insomnia I've ever had and usually end up on the couch around 1:00 am.  

Miles joins me in the morning before the others wake up and we get to spend time discussing our favorite animals, dinosaurs, and who would win when pitted against each other in a fight.

He also told me he's going to marry me when he grows up and live with me forever. Sounds good to me!  

I've now tasted what summer is going to be like, and it's going to be hard to live our normal scheduled life until then.  

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That picture of Miles with his hands behind his head--- I love it! haha. Glad I get to hang out with you guys all the time!
Looks like you had a fun week and I love all the photos of the kids. Macey at the Dinosaur museum by herself and with the boys. Also love the boys in their T-Rex shirts, I can just see them so excited at the Dinosaur Park. Bet they looked so cute running around there. I could go on & on!

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Our First Spring Break

Apr 7, 2013
Our frist real Spring Break can be counted as a success.

We started the week by taking a little road trip to Logan to visit my Freshman Roommate Angie. It was just me and these crazies.

Angie and I were outnumbered 6 to 2, but luckily the kids were all pretty awesome.  

Although Miles of course had his moments: he threw a chair at Hazel, he tried to pick a fight with 3 big kids at the park when they knocked him over, and there were a few incidences involving the play house.  But, for Miles, it was nothing out of the ordinary. :)

Macey and Hazel had a blast together.  They loved the playhouse in their backyard and there was also a perfect tree for climbing, where Hazel showed Macey the proper way to climb a tree. 

We of course had to stop by the Logan Temple, which was gorgeous.  

And they also took us to this cute little zoo where we got to see Bobcats, Coyotees, birds, emus, and more.  Macey's favorite was this peacock that was hanging out on top of one of the pens being extremely noisy.  I now know, never live anywhere near peacocks.

We are excited to have these friends closer and are looking forward to another trip once school is out!

The week got even better when Paul decided to take a day off of work to get things done around the house and play with us.  

We went to the Children's Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, but now I know they will be bored when we go next time because I am not nearly as entertaining as he is.  

To finish the break off Macey and Miles were invited to a tea party at Maddy and Libby's. Even Miles was excited, but he's pretty much up for anything if it involves these cute girls.  

Crew and Liam even kind of played together for the first time, well if you count Crew grabbing Liam's shirt and trying to eat him.  But, I have a feeling these 2 will be good friends one day.

Crew took advantage of my laziness over the break though and could often be found under the table eating the crumbs left over from the previous meal.  

We also spent time at the park with our school friends, lots of time riding bikes, playing with the neighbors, and I was just happy we had no schedule to keep!  I believe those are all ingredients for a successful spring break.

This week off is making me super excited for summer, although there were a few incidences this weekend that made me happy it's not quite summer yet. :)
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Nana and Opa
We really enjoy this blog and all the cute pictures ..so much fun to keep up with y'all!
We had such a fun visit with you guys! I'm so glad you made the drive up, and that we were able to keep the kiddos entertained. H and J keep requesting dance parties now, and Hazel is hoping to get her own lipgloss someday soon... I hope you really do come back this summer! And hopefully we'll get it together enough to be up for a trip down there before my year is up. We do love being close to friends like you!
Love your post. So glad you got to go and visit Angie!
Love your post. So glad you got to go and visit Angie!

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