18 Months

Nov 12, 2015
My baby is 18 months...18 months!!!

And because I love things like this, here are Ruby and Macey in the same dress on their first day of nursery. 

tear. Love these sisters and can't believe how completely different they look.  

Ruby is very social, busy, curious and opinionated.  

She is non-stop.  

She does not like to be contained and has figured how to get out of her high chair buckle and all straps on grocery carts. She doesn't like to keep her pj's on and has developed the lovely habit of removing them and her diaper while in her bed.  

Ruby's Words:

Baby (pretty much refers to anything she wants)
may mee (hold me)
CJ (refers to most animals)
nice kitty
Animal sounds: roar, quack, moo
tank you
he go (here you go)
na-nee (nana)

Ruby's Favorites:

stuffed animals
real animals

Ruby's Pastimes:

climbing onto the table
playing outside with her friends & getting pulled in the wagon
tackling Crew
eating anything she can find. she often steals the boys food the moment they       leave it unattended.  
emptying anything that she can find too

Ruby almost makes me want to have another baby, that's how awesome she is. ;) 

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Can't believe she is 18 months. I sure have seen enough of her. Love her zest for life. My favorite word she says is Na-Nee. =)

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8 Months

Jan 9, 2015
This girl just keeps getting more and more fun.  

When we are home she spends most of her time rolling, crawling, and scooting around the living room as happy as can be.  

She loves to get over to the front door and chew on whatever shoes have been left there.  

I was dreading the beginning mobile phase, but so far she has not choked and died, so we are counting that as a success.

 It also helps that I throw away all Barbie shoes and Ninja Turtle weapons, the moment they enter the house.  And Miles keeps an eagle eye on her, so he is usually the one to get the fruit snacks and things Crew has left behind out of her hand before they reach her mouth.  

She's still in love with Miles and he eats it up. 

He is still the first one to run over when she whines and he loves to read books to her.  

Everyday I catch her doing a real crawl more and more.  She pretty much can get wherever she wants to go with enough time and focus. 

This month she learned how to get from her stomach to a sitting position too and it has made for much less whining while playing with her toys.  I love it!

She graduated to sitting in the grocery cart at Costco.  

Crew was the most excited though and told every single person that stopped to talk to them how "This my Ruby, she a big girl.  She my happy baby".  It was hilarious.  

He rode with his arm around her the whole time and kept patting her back.  There were of course a few times I had to remind him to be soft, when his pats turned into hard hitting.  Other than that it was quite successful.  Much more than Crew and Miles' first time riding together in the costco cart. :)

Due to her mad skills at wiggling out of the Bumboo chair, she graduated to the real high chair this month.  

She has yet to meet a baby food she doesn't like.  She also loves gerber puffs and baby mum-mums. When I stop being lazy I will give her some real people food.
She still just has the 2 bottom teeth, but is working on the 4 top ones right now.    

Ruby is also the least cuddly baby I have ever had. She doesn't mind being held, just be prepared for lots of diving for the floor, food, toys, and anything else cool she spots while up there.  She will not even consider falling asleep while being held, which is awesome for naps and bedtime, but not so great for 3 hour church.  

Pretty much we are still obsessed, but who wouldn't be. :)  
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Ruby is adorable. I love how much she loves Miles. That's the best.
She is ADORABLE!! Love how much she loves Miles and how much everyone adores her. Love her and Crew at Costco.
My heart is breaking looking at all these absolutely adorable pictures and realizing I've never met this lovely lady in real life. We must amend that! My kids all hated being rocked to sleep - which worked exactly as you've stated: fabulous for naps and bedtime, torture for church. Hang in there - it's a worthwhile trade overall.
nana and opa
She is such a beautiful baby.....could definitely be in ads! So sweet to hear how much her brothers love her!

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18 months

Dec 19, 2013
Our baby is looking and acting less and less like a baby.  

And more and more like a typical crazy toddler.

Some things to know about Crew at 18 months:

-He is obsessed with all idevices and has been known to get into my phone, even with the passcode on.

- He is very social and loves to get out of the house and go places.  I often have people comment to me, as I am unloading the car, that it sounds like I have a dinosaur in there.  Nope. It's just Crew, screaming out of excitement, ready to see what we are doing.  

- His favorite things are balls, books, his blankets, and Miles' dinosaur toys.  He also has developed a love for the Villain figurines in Macey's princess box.  I often walk in on him growling and attacking while playing with Maleficent or Ursula.  

He also likes guns and swords. Yep, he's pretty typical boy.  

- He is better with silverware than the other 2 kids.

- He has also developed a love for the Dinosaur Museum and freaks out the moment we pull into the parking lot.

- Words: ball, bye, up, ap (apple), ba-ba (drink), mom, dad, h-sound (holly), raf (blanket), thank you, peez, eyes
  animal noises: T-Rex, anything else that growls, dog, duck

I am kind of obsessed with this noisy, happy, crazy boy.  Not to mention his curly hair and long eyelashes.  My new favorite thing he does...Run up, grab my legs, make a kissing noise, and then says "thank you" once he receives his kiss. Yep, he knows how to work the system.  Helps to make up for the millions of messes he creates for me during a typical day.  

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nana and opa
He is a happy, sweet and lovable little boy! We love those big blue eyes and curly lashes!
I'm so glad you count the H sound as my name on this official list :)
What a doll! I cracked up that he likes the villain figurines. Makes me think of of how Jack was already doing a "bad guy laugh" with me before he could talk.
I love how excited he is about everything. He is so happy & smiley. How can you resist that face & curls. He sounds like someone else I know who would look at me with big blue eyes, curly hair, rosy cheeks that would look up at me and say I love you mom, especially if she might get in trouble.

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8 Months Down

Feb 19, 2013
Nothing too exciting has been happening around here lately, except that Crew keeps growing.

Here are some of Crew's recent happenings:

-He's been sick lately, but he is still just as mellow as ever. That is as long as someone is in his eye sight. Turn the corner and he'll start screaming at you.

- He just got his 3rd tooth.

- He has also turned into a thumb sucker, put him in his crib with a blanket and he goes right to sleep sucking that thumb. I know it will be annoying later, but I just think it's so cute right now.

-Miles still constantly informs us that he does not like Baby Crew, but he did give me some hope this week that his disdain won't last forever. He announced that when Crew is 2 he will go to Disneyland with him and take him on the Pirate Ride and that they will be friends then. Let's hope.

Crew is still our happy, mellow baby. He is starting to find his voice though and gets a little noisier everyday. He can't help but smile everytime he sees Macey and Miles, even if they don't give him the time of day. And he's at my favorite age where he can't move too far yet and is content to sit and play with his toys.

Here is a post about Miles at 8 months, they really are looking so much alike.
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I can't believe he's already 8 months old! I love that Miles will be friends with him once they ride the pirate ride.
This kid is too cute for words. And 3 teeth?!
He is Adorable. Yes, he definitely is related to Miles. Hope Miles and he will be friends soon.
Nana and Opa
He is definitely a beautiful baby! Don't tell Paul I said this, but he was a thumb sucker too. He had a yellow thermal blankie and held it the same way!

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We Made It!

Aug 6, 2008
At church we have been counting down the days to nursery since Macey first learned to scream. LIke many parents with one year olds, we spend the majority of our church time in the hall and chasing Macey around. But, we are happy to announce we now get to hand Macey over to the lovely and trustworthy nursery leaders for almost 2 of the 3 hours we spend in church.

She loved her first day of nursery, I don't know why any kid wouldn't. She got to play with her friends and eat snacks instead of being stuck in boring classes with us. The only down side is we don't have an excuse to skip Sunday School anymore.

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Now I guess I have to go to the 3rd hour of church again since Macey is not there to distract me.
Hooray! We are counting down the days until James goes! So glad that Macey loved it!
Congrats on the milestone. Glad Macey loved being there.
Isn't it the best?!
Nursery is also a curse too... be prepared to sanitize her hands immediately after~ seriously, those toys have bacteria like growing all over them!!! haha.... congrats! By the way, those hair bows are ADORABLE!! KeLSEY! You are so talented!! :-)
Yeah!! I know I have LOVED church the last few Sunday's now that Evan is in Nursery! Paden and Evan are in their together until January when Paden graduates to Sunbeams...I have about 3 months of freedom until I am back with another little guy!!

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