Miles is Great and 8.

Dec 15, 2017
It happened again.  Kids not listening to me and growing.  

Fancy pics of just Miles are courtesy of the talented hrob photos

We did a lot of celebrating, as you only turn 8 once.  

Friend party at Coconut Cove.

it was birthday party perfection.

I pretty much nailed the requested Kirby cake. 

I didn't get a lot of pictures of them in the play structure.  But, they had a blast and were not stop.  The highlight for me, was playing tag and hide and go seek with Miles and his friends.  Plus, the slide races.  Gotta love a good slide race.  

He really has some great friends. 
And he surprised me with what a gracious host he was.  Hugging and screaming about each new friend that arrived.  And sincerely telling them "thank you" for the present, even if I knew it was something he didn't actually like.  It's good for me to see that perhaps his social skills aren't as lacking as I think they are. :)  

Birthday BYU game with Gavin

Family Presents 

Birthday Dinner

He requested campbells Bean and Bacon soup.  Every once in awhile Miles does try to make my life easier.  My favorite birthday dinner yet. 

Homemade cake #2, I don't think I have ever made 2 cakes for anyones birthday before.  Only for this kid.

Pie Face

And then there were the special target trips with Holly and L.E.  This is one well loved kid. 


The big celebration with turning 8 though, happened a few weeks later when he got baptized.  

There was lots of stress and preparation beforehand. 

Would he actually go in the water?  Would he let people put their hands on his head to confirm him? Would he be able to handle all the attention?  Would I be able to get his church clothes on him after?  Would he wear the weird feeling jumpsuit?

 Miles was very excited about getting baptized, so I had faith he would go through with it.  I just had to patiently push through the screaming and crying before hand.  

All the prep paid off though and the day was perfection (other than pictures, but there was no way I was pushing pictures with this kid).  


He did not sit still and spent most of the time bouncing in his chair, under his chair or wandering around the room greeting people. Typical.   

It really was perfection and I know Heavenly Father was aware of Miles in this moment and his struggles and that the Holy Ghost was with him and comforting him.  

Best primary teachers in the ENTIRE world right here.  

Nothing has ever been easy with Miles and every single thing we do is a struggle.  It is these moments though that help me realize how far we have come and that the effort is well worth it.  

Some of my favorite things about Miles at 8:

- How much he loves chapter books and wants so bad to read them.

- That I am catching him more and more being kind and helpful to Crew.  I also love that they are bonding over video games and he will put down his remote and actually help Crew sometimes!  #miracle

- We have a special kiss we do every night and he does not go to bed without doing it.  

- Watching him play at recess with his friends while I wait to pick up Crew and getting to see that true, real smile. 

Love this boy.  

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Miles did Excellent at his Baptism! He listened to the talks really well and going in the water and being confirmed. Miles is such a sweet boy who really loves everyone and wants to do his best. Happy 8th Miles. I love you!!!
Love it all! It's awesome to see Miles' progress and also to observe how detailed of a mom you are, Kels. You are really in tune with each of your kids' strengths and abilities and it's a lovely thing to learn from.

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18 Months

Nov 12, 2015
My baby is 18 months...18 months!!!

And because I love things like this, here are Ruby and Macey in the same dress on their first day of nursery. 

tear. Love these sisters and can't believe how completely different they look.  

Ruby is very social, busy, curious and opinionated.  

She is non-stop.  

She does not like to be contained and has figured how to get out of her high chair buckle and all straps on grocery carts. She doesn't like to keep her pj's on and has developed the lovely habit of removing them and her diaper while in her bed.  

Ruby's Words:

Baby (pretty much refers to anything she wants)
may mee (hold me)
CJ (refers to most animals)
nice kitty
Animal sounds: roar, quack, moo
tank you
he go (here you go)
na-nee (nana)

Ruby's Favorites:

stuffed animals
real animals

Ruby's Pastimes:

climbing onto the table
playing outside with her friends & getting pulled in the wagon
tackling Crew
eating anything she can find. she often steals the boys food the moment they       leave it unattended.  
emptying anything that she can find too

Ruby almost makes me want to have another baby, that's how awesome she is. ;) 

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Can't believe she is 18 months. I sure have seen enough of her. Love her zest for life. My favorite word she says is Na-Nee. =)

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It is great to be 8

Mar 4, 2015
Macey got baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on February 28th.  

It was a busy, crazy, and happy morning.  Where we of course could not get a decent family photo, typical.  

My wonderful neighbor/friend, Georgia, even took 40 min out of her busy morning with 4 kids of her own to do Macey's hair for me. 

It was perfect and about a million times better than I could of done. 

Macey's baptism was one of those times when I realized, that even though we live so far away from family, we are not alone.  We have such an amazing support system here and it was awesome to see almost all of them in one room together to support Macey in her decision to be baptized. 

Miles was actually going quite crazy and couldn't contain himself, due to the roomful of people that he adores.  

Macey planned the program and picked who she wanted to do each part.  It was pretty hilarious watching her go through the thought process.  She picked Nana and Pop-Pop to give talks, Jenni and Gina to say the prayers, and Holly to lead the music.  

I had a hard time paying attention to most of the program though, due to some busy boys, but I know Macey was able to feel the spirit and the love that surrounded her.  

My favorite moment was when Macey walked down the steps into the font towards Paul and just had the biggest grin on her face.  I loved seeing her so happy and it was such a reminder of how much happiness this Church has brought me.

Afterwards we celebrated at Pizza Pie, where I was stuffing my face with too much pizza to take pictures.  

I hope this is a day Macey can remember for a long time, because I know I will.  


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I LOVE your dress! It's gorgeous. Congrats to Macey on her decision to be baptized!
nana and Opa
We are so proud of Macey. And also of her parents who guided her to make this choice. She looks so happy and she is a beautiful little girl! We love you more Macey!

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Macey's 8th Birthday

Mar 3, 2015
Macey's birthday happened last month and it was awesome.  

Still can't believe I have an 8 year old, but I'll cry about that fact in my room later.  

Macey loves school and is a strict rule follower while there (home is a different story though). :)  Her favorite thing about school is art.  She loves to dance, sing, play games, ride her bike, play with Palace Pets, and read.  She is a very good friend and is always thinking about other people's feelings.  And her favorite color is still white! I think we are going on 5 years as white as the favorite color. 

Macey always asks me, "Aren't you glad you had me first?" And I certainly am glad I did.  Our house is always better when Macey is home.  

She has been dying for a life size Elsa doll, so when I finally spotted one, I could not pass it up.  

First thing she had to do was see who was taller, Crew or Elsa?

Macey's been dying to have a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese, but I have always said no.  This year though the stars aligned for her, as I was both too lazy and too crazy, to handle kids in my house during the winter, so Chuck e Cheese it was.  

Turned out to be an awesome decision.  It was the most fun I have ever had at a kid's party as an adult. And Macey didn't stop smiling the entire time.  

Since we did the party at 9:30, we pretty much had the place to ourselves, which was amazing.  

I love getting to hang out with Macey's friends and getting to know them better.  

I had plans to bake a cake, but ended up getting bronchitis, so the Target Bakery pulled through again with a Frozen themed cake.  

Paul did a great job of helping kids win tickets, while I was in charge of drink refills, ticket holding, token distribution, and prize picking out helper.


Macey's favorite part was grabbing the 1,000 ticket paper in the ticket blaster!

My favorite part was the party helper who brought all the pizza and pitchers of pop to our table and the fact that I didn't have to have all these kids running around my house.

And this cardboard cutout was quite entertaining as well.  

Pretty much I want my next birthday party there.  

Love this girl of mine and I'm so glad she still thinks I'm cool enough to hang out with her.  

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8 Months

Jan 9, 2015
This girl just keeps getting more and more fun.  

When we are home she spends most of her time rolling, crawling, and scooting around the living room as happy as can be.  

She loves to get over to the front door and chew on whatever shoes have been left there.  

I was dreading the beginning mobile phase, but so far she has not choked and died, so we are counting that as a success.

 It also helps that I throw away all Barbie shoes and Ninja Turtle weapons, the moment they enter the house.  And Miles keeps an eagle eye on her, so he is usually the one to get the fruit snacks and things Crew has left behind out of her hand before they reach her mouth.  

She's still in love with Miles and he eats it up. 

He is still the first one to run over when she whines and he loves to read books to her.  

Everyday I catch her doing a real crawl more and more.  She pretty much can get wherever she wants to go with enough time and focus. 

This month she learned how to get from her stomach to a sitting position too and it has made for much less whining while playing with her toys.  I love it!

She graduated to sitting in the grocery cart at Costco.  

Crew was the most excited though and told every single person that stopped to talk to them how "This my Ruby, she a big girl.  She my happy baby".  It was hilarious.  

He rode with his arm around her the whole time and kept patting her back.  There were of course a few times I had to remind him to be soft, when his pats turned into hard hitting.  Other than that it was quite successful.  Much more than Crew and Miles' first time riding together in the costco cart. :)

Due to her mad skills at wiggling out of the Bumboo chair, she graduated to the real high chair this month.  

She has yet to meet a baby food she doesn't like.  She also loves gerber puffs and baby mum-mums. When I stop being lazy I will give her some real people food.
She still just has the 2 bottom teeth, but is working on the 4 top ones right now.    

Ruby is also the least cuddly baby I have ever had. She doesn't mind being held, just be prepared for lots of diving for the floor, food, toys, and anything else cool she spots while up there.  She will not even consider falling asleep while being held, which is awesome for naps and bedtime, but not so great for 3 hour church.  

Pretty much we are still obsessed, but who wouldn't be. :)  
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Ruby is adorable. I love how much she loves Miles. That's the best.
She is ADORABLE!! Love how much she loves Miles and how much everyone adores her. Love her and Crew at Costco.
My heart is breaking looking at all these absolutely adorable pictures and realizing I've never met this lovely lady in real life. We must amend that! My kids all hated being rocked to sleep - which worked exactly as you've stated: fabulous for naps and bedtime, torture for church. Hang in there - it's a worthwhile trade overall.
nana and opa
She is such a beautiful baby.....could definitely be in ads! So sweet to hear how much her brothers love her!

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