Back to school

Oct 16, 2017
I was ready for school to start this year, I actually felt a little guilty about it, but I got over that pretty fast. 

Macey started 5th Grade

Miles 2nd Grade

And Crew Kindergarten!

We of course had our annual Back to School brown bag dinner.  

I impressed the group with my amazing cake this year.  

And yes, those are bubble gum squares on top.  I know what they like. 

I think this is one of their favorite traditions and it's one of the simplest for me.  Win Win.  

Love these kids.  

Macey and Miles started a week before Crew.  

Macey was all smiles, while Miles had a bit of anxiety.

Luckily, one of his neighborhood bff's, Penelope, is in his class this year.  Made a huge difference and I didn't even have to go into the building with him.  He just walked in with his class and didn't even look back.  We have come along way!!

While the big kids were in school all day Crewby and I had big plans that included the new Orem Splash pad. 

always amazes me how easy 2 kids are when you're used to 4. 
After hours of playing, we raced home to make a special after school snack for M&M.

I was pretty impressed with myself, my kids don't get a pinterest worthy mom very often. :)

I was sitting at the table anxiously awaiting to hear all the details of the first day when they walked in.  Everything went awesome and it's been awesome ever since.  

I got about 10 min with them, until they were outside running around with all the neighbor kids.  As it should be.  

I still had a few days left with Crew until Kindergarten started, so we fit in a few more things. 

First thing on his list, play date with Madden.

2nd, Sodalicious date with just mom.

This kid has been my favorite lately.  He's funny, sweet, and as cute as they come.  After his kindergarten assessment he had both teachers fighting over which one of them got to have him in their class.  I will say, I am bit jealous of his teacher.  

This kids day finally came and Ruby and I were a bit sad about it. 

Ruby had to be in all his pictures and the ones where she isn't, she is on the side crying and screaming. 

I about died over this encounter. Something about little kids with big backpacks and siblings holding hands.    These 2 are the best of friends and Ruby is desperate to be like the big kids.  She just refuses to stay little for me. 

There were a few tears, but mostly smiles dropping Crew off for his first day.  He loves school and is the best at making me read with him everyday.  

And Costco with one kid!!!  Obviously I don't know how to order food for 1 child though. :)  

Life and time are a weird thing, can't believe I have 3 kids in school. 

 And bless half day kindergarten.  

An example of Crew's kindergarten cuteness:
He got a new teacher this week, so I asked him if he missed Mrs. Bauman.  His response:

"No, I didn't miss her.  Because every time I felt sad about her not being here I just thought of her and it made me happy.  I have a really big brain mom, so I can think of lots of memories of Mrs. Bauman". 

Love these kids.  Love their teachers.  And love I get Ruby all to myself a little longer.  

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Crew is 5!

Jun 26, 2017
This kid is a whole hand.

All he wanted for his birthday was a waterslide party with the neighbor kids.

Simplest party ever.

I was at the dollar store the morning of his party and thought about grabbing some balloons, but then I decided "nope", don't want to set the bar too high for myself.  

Waterslide, water balloons, juice boxes and popsicles.  No decorations, no candles, no snacks.  Just lots of fun.  It's my kind of party.

Paul pretty much provides the entertainment and had the most fun with the twins and tajen during the water fight.  

The highlight of the party for Crew was Madden coming, his new bff.  

These 2 are the cutest and so similar in personality, I love that Crew finally has a friend in the neighborhood to play with (Georgia babysits him).  
This is typical Crew.  All the other kids were having a water fight with Paul, so he took the opportunity to play on the slide without all the chaos. 

On Crew's actual birthday we headed to Goblin Valley to stay at The Yurt.

Can't beat this background for presents and cake.

And yes, I brought the "4" candle instead of the "5".  Mom fail.  Luckily Crew didn't seem to mind and all the kids just laughed at me.  

We got him Walkie Talkies.  The real kind, not the kid kind.  It was the best present ever.

They ran around the rest of the night.  We heard lots of "Do you copy?" and "Brother! Brother!" and "I've captured her"

They gave each other call signs.  Crew was Honey Badger, Miles was Cobra,  and Macey was White Tiger

Best Friends: Liam and Madden
Favorite Game: Go Fish and Zelda
Favorite Book: The book with no pictures
Favorite Movie: Monsters Inc
Favorite Show: Yo Ki Watch
Favorite Things to do: play with friends
Favorite Superhero: Batman and Spiderman
Favorite Food: Hot Dogs

Crew is my sweet and sensitive child.  He still loves hugs and cuddles and always wants me to carry and hold him. He also happens to have the ability to move slower than any child I have ever seen.   Ruby still picks on him and he still doesn't fight back. 

He is also very funny and always cracking jokes and using funny phrases. Currently he is obsessed with hot dogs and finds any excuse to bring them into conversation and pretends that everything tastes and smells like them.  He thinks it's hilarious.  

And this is the look I get every time he is about to attack me or do something silly. 

He has this little red spot on his cheek and I was asking him to help me remember to ask the doctor about when we went to his well check.

His response:

 "Oh, it's ok mom.  Some kids that are really cute just have these."

And according the Doctor it is called spider nevus.  I like Crew's answer better. :)

Crew's favorite person is the whole world is Paul.  He loves to go to Lowe's with him, play video games with him, watch Superhero Movies with him,  and the highlight of his life was when Paul took off work early to take JUST Crew to see Lego Batman at the movie theatre.  

He's an easy one to please, this kid.  

And he is holding a worm, in case you are wondering why his hand looks like that.  Typical.  

Crew is the best.  And I am so thankful for half day kindergarten, I am not ready to part with this kid for an entire school day.  I've got to savor these little kid days as long as I can.  

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Yes, he is really 35 now.

Apr 14, 2016
Paul was a bit sad about getting older, so we made sure to celebrate in style.  

Paul is not a fan of sharing his birthday with St. Patrick's Day, so we made sure to get the leprechaun business out of the way first thing.  

Then it was onto breakfast meats and presents.  

The real excitement came though that weekend where we celebrated where every 35 year old dreams...Nickel City

Pizza, video games, friendly competition, laughter, good friends, and laser tag.  

It doesn't get much better.  And I realized I am much too out of shape to play a 15 min. laser tag game. :)  

This getting old thing really isn't that bad after all.  

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I love the autographed photographs of Paul on the guests' plates! That's hilarious.

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He is a whole hand

Nov 21, 2014
Miles is 5 years old.  5. YEARS. OLD. 

He had an awesome birthday, as every 5 year old should.  

Started off with a party at The Little Gym.  

It was awesome.  My mom and I pretty much just sat back and watched all the excitement. 

He was so excited when each friend showed up and his favorite part was opening presents.  

Sadly, the stomach flu was going around (yes, it was at our house too), so about half his party couldn't make it.  But, he didn't even notice and had a blast.  

On his actual birthday he enjoyed the traditional birthday donuts for breakfast.  

And then got dressed as quickly as possible so he could open his presents before school.  

He loved going to preschool and getting to be the leader and the special kid of the day.  

I think the highlight of the day though, was when Paul took him to the BYU basketball game that night.  

They even made it past half time, a first for this busy child.  

Some of my current favorite things about Miles:

- He loves his sisters and they love him.

One morning Miles came up to our room, where Ruby had just joined us in bed. He laid down next to her and very seriously told me, "Mom, she's not the cutest baby in the world.  She is really cute, but baby T-Rex's are cuter"

 We are still working on the brother relationship, but I have faith it will come.  

- He loves to cuddle and give hugs.  He NEVER forgets to give everyone a hug before going to bed. 

- Miles is an awesome eater.  He might cry and say "I not yike dis" when he sees his dinner. But, one thank you bite later, he usually gobbles it up and then proceeds to tell us how big and strong he is becoming.  

- If you love him, he will love you.  Miles can be hard to manage, but if you are patient and work with him, it's worth the hugs and smiles you get in return. 

He's always thinking about his friends too.  This day I had to take this picture and then send it to Jaren and Tajen, because "they love Frokie".  

- Miles has a flight or fight type reaction to most everything.  As such, it can be hard to teach him new things and get him outside his comfort zone. This year though he He is now capable of sitting for a few moments at a time.  He will finally put his shoes and socks on by himself.  He has mastered the seat belt buckle in the carseat filled middle row.  People, other than our immediate family, are beginning to be able to understand him.  aka- my life is becoming slightly easier. 

I feel like he has made drastic changes this past year and I have high hopes for what he will accomplish as a 5 year old.  

Some of his current favorite things and people are: T-Rex, Jaren, Holly, Charlie & Jacob from preschool, Lauren, his sisters, scooter, Pokemon Cards, Subway Surfers, Rayman Run, Goat Simulator, and Raffy.  

He's also been telling me that now that he's five, he's too big for me, but I know better. :)

This crazy kid sure keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't have him any other way. 

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nana and opa
We enjoyed our most recent visit as much as always, but we agreed that the most special part was that Miles wanted to do things with us. It was so great that early each morning he would climb in our bed and read books, talk about dinosaurs and give kisses. He is so special and we sure do love him!

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Baby Coo is 15 months

Oct 2, 2013
Crew had his 15 month check up this week and while he didn't grow a ton from 12 months to now, he is still giant and rocking the 90th percentile. 

Crew is still our happy social baby.  He loves to be outside with all the neighbor kids and moms.  He's learning to push himself on his car and when he gets tired of that he can usually charm one of the older kids to push him around on it.  

Like the rest of the neighborhood kids, he too is in love with Miles' scooter and tries to ride it anytime it is left unattended. 

He is starting to become extremely opionatied and will throw himself into a huge tantrum the moment he doesn't get his way.  Whether it's me not letting him play with my new iphone or a neighbor taking away a Dorito he found that was covered in ants.

He has developed a habit and constantly checking the counter and table for anything that is left too close to the edge.  We've had many messes due to this.  Plus, he likes to throw things away and has no trouble getting through the childlock on the garbage.  So far I've noticed i'm missing a few measuring cups, a stick of deodorant, and a remote.  Pretty sure I know where they ended up.  

He is jabbering all the time now in his cute little high pitch baby voice.  His current words are Ball, Jate (jake and the neverland pirates), that, bye, Roar, and baba (bottle/milk).  

He can be a good listener though and will sometimes throw things away for me, bring me things, and my favorite is when I ask for a hug and kiss, he runs right over.  He is also starting to get jealous though and if Macey and Miles are sitting with me, he has to be in on that too. 

He hair is absolutely crazy.  He got a hair cut last month.  They cut about 2 inches off the top and an 1 1/2 inches off the side.  You can't even tell. :)

For the first time I have a kid who loves blankets.  For the most part we keep them in his crib, but he always pulls one out the moment he gets a chance.

We love our Baby Coo and his mischievous ways.  

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He is adorable! I love his crazy hair.
nana and opa
That pic of him sucking his thumb with his blankie is just like his Daddy at that age. So cute!
Can't believe he is already well over 1. Loving his hair. He is so fun!

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