End of School

Jun 16, 2017
The kids had a blast the last few weeks of school.

I got to go with the 1st grade to the zoo.

I even got to sit by one of my best friends on the bus ride.

I got the cutest group of Miles' friends and it has been my favorite field trip I've gotten to go on by far. 

I just love these little first graders.  

This stud finished Preschool.  

I don't know if either of us are ready for him to start kindergarten, but I know he's going to rock it.  I just don't want to part with him everyday.

M&M had field day, soak your teacher, dance festival, and the 4th grade did an entire Harry Potter themed week. Good times.  

We had the best teachers ever, again!  

As you know I was terrified about first grade with Miles...terrified.  But Mrs. Allen was the absolute perfect fit for this kid.  When I would talk to her about Miles related things, she'd just look at me like I was crazy, because that was not the Miles she saw in class. :)  She was soft spoken, kind, fun, positive, and patient.  I told her I'd send his 2nd grade teacher to her for tips.  

Macey lucked out again and got Mrs. Tingey.  The year was filled with awesome science experiments and all things Harry Potter.  She really help Macey expand her love of reading and learning.  We are so sad she's moving and won't be at our school anymore. 

If next year goes half as well as this year, it will be a good year. :)  And yes, I'm a bit heartbroken over the fact that these 2 will be 2nd and 5th graders next year.  It just doesn't seem real.

We did our normal last day of school things.  Went to the park with some of our favorite friends and then had our first neighborhood movie night of the summer.  

And Macey's summer bucket list made my heart happy.  

- Go to Pearrygin
- Read and watch all the Harry Potters
- Go backpacking
- Go camping
- Go hiking

We've done something right and this is a bucket list I can get behind.  

Life doesn't get much better than summer days with these guys.  
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4th of july

Aug 12, 2016
We started off the month with celebrating the 4th.  

I've been wanting to do a neighborhood bike parade for years and this year I actually decided to go for it.  

the kids and I of course had to paint shirts for the festivities.

The pre parade line up, listening to my extensive directions.  :) 

It was an absolute blast.

Everyone got so into it, which always makes it more fun.  

Paul was an amazing drum major and made sure the kids kept a parade appropriate pace.  

These kids could not of been cuter.  

We of course had to have a post parade drink run.

On the actual 4th we took our water slide to Rensinks to play and eat.  

Then it was back home to get ready for fireworkds with the neighbors.  

It's always hard to pass the last hour before it's dark enough to start the real stuff.  

We entertained them with the lame fountains.

The boys got all the ariels organized according their coolness factor.  

And we did some dancing while waiting for the last of the light to leave. 

I love the 4th of July!!!

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Love the parade and Paul was such an awesome drum major.

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Summer Visitors

Jul 25, 2013
We were pretty excited to be on Christopher and Shaunna's summer roadtrip tour.  

We have missed them since they moved 2 years ago (has it really been that long?!).

Our kids were pretty excited to have extra people to play with.  And Macey loved telling the neighbor kids how much fun Uncle was to tackle.

Crew and Mason were pretty obsessed with each other.  And I was quite impressed with Mason, in that he was not frightened of the giant baby that kept yelling in his face and grabbing his ball like head.

And there was just something about Mason, because even Macey was caught playing with him and holding him a few times.

It was, of course, a fun filled week.  

Christopher impressed us all with his skills on the slip and slide and one of the neighbor kids told Macey, "Your uncle is really good at this!!". :)

We celebrated the 4th.

Trina won, or more like demolished us, in the annual Tank Races.
-We went to the pool and had Hawaiian Shave Ice.

-We tried a new to us  hike, to Timpanogos Falls.

It was gorgeous, but hot.  Lots of trees, they just didn't do much for shading the trail. 

Also, since it was a new to us hike, we had no idea how far in the waterfall was.  I almost turned around with Miles, once. Luckily we pushed through and made it.  

I have a love/hate relationship with hiking.  I love it when it's over, but question my sanity at least once during. :)

These kids are pretty awesome hikers though and I am pretty sure this was Miles' first real hike where I only carried him about 5 min.  It's amazing how far their little legs can carry them.

We are excited to get to hang out with them next month at Lake Pearrygin!!
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