4 months

Sep 8, 2014
Why does every baby have to grow up quicker than the one before?!

I want to just freeze her at this age for a few more months, you know, before she starts moving and getting into things!

4 month stats:
weight: 17 lbs 11 oz  95%
length: 25 1/2 inches  87%

Shockingly, her growth has slightly slowed down and Crew wins for our biggest 4 month old. 

Ruby's biggest accomplishment this past month includes rolling from her back to tummy.  When she first started doing it a month ago, I was hoping it was a fluke. But, nope, she's a rolling master.  

She has zero interest in a pacifier, but is still obsessed with finger sucking.
She is still sleeping a consistent 11 hours at night and I make sure to thank her every morning at 8:15 when I get her out of bed.  Don't worry though, she rarely cries in the morning, when I peek in to check on her she's usually just laying in her bed looking around and smiling.  

Ruby continues to be an extremely content baby, and as such, she has pretty much become the favorite around here.  

Everyone has accomplished the task of getting her to laugh this past month.  But, I am pretty sure Miles wins for most laughs gotten.  

As you can tell, this girl is just loving life and we are loving her.  

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I think you've turned into a baby person. :) I'm thrilled and relieved for you that Ruby sleeps 11 hours at night. That's awesome! And probably the #1 ticket to make you able to survive four kids, right? For me, at least, losing the sleep is killer. She's adorable! Is she starting to look more like Paul? She's darker than your others, I think. What a cute, chubby little doll.
She is adorable in every way! What a sweet happy baby. I love to see how all the kids love her so much especially Miles - the baby hater. Crew's 4 month picture really looks like he was the biggest at that age. I wonder if she will end up with the dark hair and eyes, maybe some curls too. She is so cute and I wish I could hold her and make her laugh!
yah i agree with angie! i think you are turning into a baby person! only took 4 tries, haha, remember how you would say (years ago in college), "babies terrify me". she seems so sweet and quite the chunky legs. a sweet baby is nourishing for a mama's soul, that much i know!
nana and opa
She is so precious! I just want to squeeze her so hard! She looks so cuddly. Give her bunches of kisses from us!

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He turned 4.

Dec 2, 2013
Miles turned 4 a few weeks ago...Crazy.

Here's a recap of the festivities (for those that actually care): :)  

I tried to do a birthday photo shoot, which he refused to do until I suggested Raffy could join him.  But then he decided he only wanted to do birthday jumps. Typical.

And don't judge me for his clothing choices.  He's obsessed with comfy pants and he will only wear T-Rex shirts (he rotates the 5 he owns) and I figured it was his birthday after all.  Plus, he can scream really loud. :)

Miles had the traditional birthday donut and couldn't of been happier.  I am way too lazy to be the kind of mom that makes pancakes in the morning. :)

Miles is still obsessed with T-Rex's and was instantly in love with his new giant one.  His other T-Rex's had to come and fight him immediately.  

The train we got him provided endless entertainment for the remainder of the week. The best kind of present.  

That night for dinner we dined on gourmet pizza at Chuck-e-Cheese and won lots of tickets.  I didn't actually get a picture of the birthday boy, since he was running wild everywhere, but I did get lots of this cute kid.  

I also went super lazy on the cake and let him go to Target and pick out one of the pre made ones.  He was beyond happy with his choice of Spiderman.

Most days I still don't know what to do with this kid. Lucky for both us I find him so darn cute, that I can't stay frustrated for too long.  

Miles' Favorites at 4:

Raffy, the color blue, T-Rex, watching shows, playing ipad, riding his scooter, candy, and playing with Macey.  `
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Love this boy and his birthday jumps! Of course I'm interested in your post and you are not too lazy, after all you have 3 busy little ones. You're right he is so darn cute. Happy Birthday Miles!

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Summer Visitors

Jul 25, 2013
We were pretty excited to be on Christopher and Shaunna's summer roadtrip tour.  

We have missed them since they moved 2 years ago (has it really been that long?!).

Our kids were pretty excited to have extra people to play with.  And Macey loved telling the neighbor kids how much fun Uncle was to tackle.

Crew and Mason were pretty obsessed with each other.  And I was quite impressed with Mason, in that he was not frightened of the giant baby that kept yelling in his face and grabbing his ball like head.

And there was just something about Mason, because even Macey was caught playing with him and holding him a few times.

It was, of course, a fun filled week.  

Christopher impressed us all with his skills on the slip and slide and one of the neighbor kids told Macey, "Your uncle is really good at this!!". :)

We celebrated the 4th.

Trina won, or more like demolished us, in the annual Tank Races.
-We went to the pool and had Hawaiian Shave Ice.

-We tried a new to us  hike, to Timpanogos Falls.

It was gorgeous, but hot.  Lots of trees, they just didn't do much for shading the trail. 

Also, since it was a new to us hike, we had no idea how far in the waterfall was.  I almost turned around with Miles, once. Luckily we pushed through and made it.  

I have a love/hate relationship with hiking.  I love it when it's over, but question my sanity at least once during. :)

These kids are pretty awesome hikers though and I am pretty sure this was Miles' first real hike where I only carried him about 5 min.  It's amazing how far their little legs can carry them.

We are excited to get to hang out with them next month at Lake Pearrygin!!
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4 Month Sibling Rivalry

Oct 21, 2012
Macey 4 Month Stats:
Weight- 15 lbs 3 oz
Height- 25 inches
Miles 4 Month Stats:
Weight- 16 lbs 6 oz
Height- 25 3/4 inches
Head- 40 cm
Crew 4 Month Stats:
Weight- 17 lbs 14 oz
Height- 27 inches
Head- 42 cm

Crew wins again. He is pretty much turning into a giant and is now the average size of an 8 month old. To give you an idea, he's the size Macey was at 11 months. This kid is killing me.

This would explain why his 3-6 month sleepers and clothes in general seem too small, they are! And also why he is constantly blowing out of his size 2 diapers. I knew he was big, but not almost 18lbs big! This weekend consisted of buying bigger diapers and pulling out the 6-12 month clothes. SLOW DOWN!

This months happenings include:
- still pretty much the best baby

- goes to bed about 9:00 and sleeps until 5:00-7:00. The best part though, is we put him down wide awake and most nights he doesn't fuss at all. Macey and Miles were NOT like that at all.

- Loves his hands and happily chews and sucks on them for most of the day.

- Favorite thing is to lay on the floor and talk with you.

- Paul, macey, and i have each gotten him to laugh a few times!

- Macey can now be bribed with cookies or ipad to entertain him while I try to get things done. Crew and I both love it.

- as you can tell from recent pictures his hair has really started to thin and then just fall out in large clumps. We were forced to make the hard decision: live with horrible patchy, wispy hair or shave it all off. We took the drastic route, the jury is still out on whether that was the right decision.

But, after comparing Miles and Crew's 4 month pictures, I've decided maybe it's a good thing I shaved his head. Now I'll at least be able to tell them part in pictures. :)

I just love our Little Old Man Baby!

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He is just one big boy!
I still can't get over how big he is! In case you don't go back and read my comment on Shaunna's blog--Thanks for the shout out ;-).
Hahaha I love the comparison! And WOW, I cannot tell him and Miles apart in that last pic! WHOA!!
He is growing up way too fast! 4 months already?!?! I can't believe he sleeps that well for you! That is amazing. Can he teach Alyssa that? We need to get together soon!

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