The Big 03

Nov 20, 2012
Hard to believe it, but this kid won't stop growing and has decided it's ok to turn 3.

For the first time I am actually slightly happy that Miles is getting slightly older, the two's have been a bit of a challenge for us and I am hoping that we will get things more under control this year. Luckily I still think he's the cutest thing ever, so I can never stay frustrated for too long. I suppose they make the crazy ones cute for a reason. :)

He pretty much loved his birthday, but then again who doesn't love a day all about them?

Miles of course got spoiled. And can I say his new Bucky Pirate Ship is pretty much the coolest toy ever. He even turned down playing on the ipad to keep playing with Bucky, that has never happened before.

Here's some info about Miles at 3, according to Miles:

favorite color: Blue
favorite Show: Diego
favorite movie- Ice Age
favorite Song: Wheels on the Bus
What do you want to be when you grow up: (yelling and throwing toys) "I'm a big kid, I not grow up!"
Best Friend: Tajen
favorite Book:T-Rex ones
favorite thing to Do: play with Bucky and Mace
favorite toy: Bucky and raffy
favorite Snack: cereal

3 words I would use to describe Miles: opinionated, fun, and curious

My current favorite things about Miles: How he still lets me hug and kiss him all day long, how he says "hmmmmm" when you ask him a question, and his laugh.

He is really starting to talk now (and I can understand most of it) and I am loving getting a better picture of how he views the world and his opinions on things.

We sure do love our crazy Miles and he always makes life exciting.
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He is just so cute, I can't stand it!! Can't believe he's 3, hope he likes my late bday present... :)
Nana and Opa
He's just gets cuter every day! Love those silly faces!
Three?? No way! He is so very handsome. His silly faces are the cutest thing ever! It would be so fun to frame those just like that on a wall!
I love our crazy Miles too. Those faces at the end really show who he is. Glad he had such a fun day.
He really is totally cute! Happy birthday, Miles!

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Nov 18, 2012
We had Miles' 3rd birthday party this weekend. I wanted to do a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party or perhaps Toy Story, but MIles has always been a child that knows exactly what he wants, so T-Rex it was.

He wanted to invite ALL of macey's friends. We ended up settling on 2 of Macey's friends (who are his friends too) and then 2 friends his age. But, can I just say Macey and I are lucky we got to attend, there was a few days there where he said that no girls were allowed. I was getting worried.

As Miles is very particular on what he wants, I made sure to run all my ideas through him. I showed him some dinosaur hats and feet I wanted to make. His response, "no Dinosaur feet, T-Rex feet! No dinosaur hats, T-Rex hats!" I learned pretty quickly this was going to strictly be a T-Rex party, no other dinosaurs allowed.

Here is Tajen modeling the hats and T-Rex feet, since my children were uncooperative in this area.

I used this party as my inspiration and of course changed everything from "dinosaur" to "T-Rex" to please the birthday boy. And Paul used his awesome skills to make me this invitation:

Miles knew exactly what he wanted for his cake: it had to be from target, be chocolate and of course have a t-rex on top. Luckily Target never disappoints.

Some of the decor:

Like Macey's 3rd birthday we had a coloring table, but this time Miles and I also searched through all our books for the dinosaur ones and this proved to be the most popular activity.

The games consisted of a T-Rex egg hunt, where the eggs were filled with candy and baby dinosaurs.

A pull string piƱata. This almost didn't happen, as all we could find was a triceratops, which of course wasn't going to work. Luckily Miles did not realize that the one he picked was actually a dragon. :)

and the older kids did an egg race while Miles and his friend ate all their candy.

He loved being the center of attention and his favorite present, a box of lucky charms, of course. His friends know him all too well.

Miles even gave me a hug part way through the party and said, "Thanks for my T-Rex Party Mama!" That is exactly why I love throwing parties.

Now it's only a few months until I get to do a party for this girl!
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Everything looks so adorable!! Love it!!
He definitely knows what he likes. I love that he thanked you for his T-Rex party. Looked like a super fun party. Happy 3rd Birthday Miles!
Super cute! Happy birthday Miles:)
You are the best party thrower! I wish I had that gift... so do not. I should call you to get ideas for party games for Hazel. Those feet are adorable.
You throw the best parties! I love how Miles knew exactly what he wanted for his party. The crayons turned out cute.

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3 Months!

Sep 19, 2012
Crew's highlights for this last month include:

-rolling over
-graduating to riding forward in the baby bjorn

- the discovery of his new favorite pastime, hand chewing.

My favorite thing about this last month though, is how incredibly chunky he has gotten! I just can't resist this chubby baby.

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Happy 3-month birthday Crew!! Can't believe it!
What a doll! He is such a cute combination of you and Paul.
I love his cute little smile! I think he looks more like you than M or M did.
I can't believe how big he is. Can't wait to see him!!
I have seen a lot of babies in my career, but he is the prettiest I have seen!

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Macey is Three!

Feb 4, 2010
I cannot believe it but Macey is 3 today! She informed me this morning that she is now a big girl, which I have to admit she is.

Here are some of Macey's current Favorite Things:

Color: White
Songs: "The Woohoo Song" AKA The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stepani and Superman by Goldfinger
Princess: Cinderella
TV Show: Dora
Food: Yogurt
To Do: Dance, read, and perform tricks

3 Words to Describe Macey: Energetic, Dramatic, and Cute

Macey showing me how old she is, while enjoying her birthday donut.

When I asked Macey what she wanted to do today, she said, "dance to mom songs with Raf and Mom."

I got reprimanded for sitting down when I should of been dancing.

Macey keeps us constantly on our toes and can always make us laugh. We love our Macey and are so lucky to have her in our family!!

This weekend is the much anticipated Dora Party! I won't be doing as much for it as I planned (my excuse can be found in the previous post), but I don't think Macey will mind. Pictures to come soon.
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Happy Birthday Macey!!!
Happy birthday Macey!!! When I told Kaylin that Macey turned 3 today she said, "NO!" I asked her how old Macey turned and she said, "4." Macey's Dora party is going to be amazing. Kaylin wishes she could be there.
Can't believe she's already 3... she's such a cutie! Love the birthday doughnut idea!
Happy Birthday Macey! I can't believe she is 3! Crazy! Glad you guys are all healthy, that's scary!
i hope the party provides some fun for the navatard household--you guys need some relaxation! what a week.
Nana and Opa
Our precious Macey, you are growing bigger and our love for you grows each day. We hope you had a wonderful party.

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