She is 11

Feb 23, 2018
Macey turned 11 this month.

I still cannot believe we  have a tween.  I can believe it because she acts like one all the time, but I just cannot accept that we have gotten this old.  

Macey has always been my best sidekick and fellow adventurer.  

Glad this hasn't changed much.  

And I hope it never changes, especially as we are creeping towards the unknown and scary territory of teenage years.  

Macey's birthday fell on Super Bowl Sunday this year, which was fun, because she was actually born on Super Bowl Sunday.  We got to the hospital right as the Super Bowl was starting and she was born right when it was over.  It was fun to reminisce with her about the day she was born.  

Started with donuts.

and dinner was her favorites of homemade Mac & Cheese, homemade fries and wings.  

Trina and TJ came over to help us celebrate, Trina captured this perfect picture of Macey with her Oreo Cheesecake for me. I for sure wasn't this cute when I was 11.  

Since we did a big party last year, we kept it simple this year.  

We did a last min. pizza and movie get together.  $5 luxury seats to see The Greatest Showman.  

funny, but scary, story.  Macey was being super silly and entertaining her friends.  Macey can be so quiet and reserved, that I highly encourage her crazy silly to come out.  So, she was sucking helium out of balloons to show her friends how your voice changes.  Kids were dying laughing and she was loving it.  Then she sucked in too much helium and passed out!  Luckily she was not freaked out and thought it was funny, so then all her friends thought it was funny and life lesson learned.  You need oxygen.  

Kids loved the luxury seats and I spent most of the movie glancing over at Macey to make sure she was still conscious. :)

Macey loves all things Harry Potter and Ravenclaw. 

Favorite color is still white.  Wants to be a robotics engineer or the CFO of a company (they just went to Jr. Achievement City in SLC and she was the CFO of a University and LOVED it).  Loves school, loves her friends, loves to listen to music on her touch, loves to sing and dance, and loves to read. 

While I still miss this girl: 

I am finding I am enjoying tween life too.  

(Watching Anne of Green Gables together while doing an insane cat puzzle) 

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How can she be this old?!? I love all the photos of you & Macey together. So fun to see her with her friends. Happy Birthday Macey! I love that her favorite color is still white!

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11 Months

Apr 12, 2015
Ruby is 11 months, which means she only has one more month until her first birthday. tear.

Her biggest accomplishment this past month was taking her first steps!!

At the beginning of the month she was just randomly taking a step here or there when she was feeling rather brave.  Then one morning, after family prayer, she just randomly took 8 steps towards Paul!  Her fan club erupted.  

She didn't walk much again until she was almost 11 months, and now she's doing it as much as she can.  

She broke Navasard tradition and took her first steps at 10 months instead of 14.  She's just in a hurry, this one.  

Ruby is happiest when she's getting into things and able to be right where the action is.  

She loves to be outside watching all the kids play and keeping an eye out for her friends.  

She has made many trips up and down the sidewalk pushing her mickey car, trying to keep up with the big kids.  

Ruby also loves other babies and often pokes at them until they start crying, as can be seen here on the right, with one of her bff's Lottie. It's the result of having Crew and Miles as your older brothers I suppose. :)

Ruby and Crew have started to play together and I love it.  They love to chase each other and play in Crew's bed.  While getting ready for bed one night Crew said to Ruby, "Come in my bed Ruby, I read pictures to you." I about melted.  

Sometimes Ruby and I accidentally match for church and get pretty excited about it when we finally notice. 

Ruby has yet to show fear of much.  This particular day she just screamed, smiled, laughed, and hugged this freaky kangaroo as she rode it around the mall.  It was hilarious.  

One of my current favorite things about Ruby is how her hair is starting to get curly!!!

She's getting wild, fast, extremely loud, and opinionated...I'm loving watching her personality come out.  

And just in case you think she's the most perfectly happy baby ALL the time, here's proof that she does get grouchy from time to time.  :)

I say it all the time, but it's just not fair that each baby grows up faster than the one before them!!

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one year pictures pleeeease!!!
Not fair she can't be that old. She is adorable & has such a cute personality. She has a lot of people to keep up with . I love how she & Crew are becoming friends and that her hair is curling.
She sounds awesome! I want to meet her so bad! Crew and Jack have the same bedding. It's so cute!

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one month to go

May 20, 2013
He has almost survived his first year of life! 

Crew is pretty much a giant baby and is often confused for a toddler.  

He has started pulling up, but is still on the fence on whether he likes it or not. He mostly just prefers to be on his knees still, which is just fine with me.  

I'm pretty excited that this kid might actually have curly hair! 

He loves making messes and emptying things.  Although I'm hoping he develops a love for putting things away too. :)

One of my favorite things Crew does, is the way he always has to make sure that you are watching him.  He will lean his neck way out just to make sure you can see him, whether it's over the couch, around the corner, or just over some heads in the grocery cart. Love him. 

He loves Macey and sometimes Miles.  Sometimes he doesn't mind Miles screaming in his face, other times it freaks him out.  Poor baby.

This week though when Crew had a bloody lip from another fall, Miles was actually concerned and was crying, "My baby brother! What wrong with my baby brother?" and then he gave him a hug.  It's moments like these that give me a small glimmer of hope. 

Crew has actually been whiney this week and I'm hoping it's due to some teeth coming in or something! He has pretty much been my constant shadow, which is cute and annoying at the same time.

Now I have got to get going on first birthday party planning!  I cannot believe it is almost here.  

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Nana and Opa
Such a curie! Can't wait to see y'all!
This post so fabulously captures real life. The picture of Crew peeking around the grocery cart melted my heart AND made me groan - grocery shopping with three kids! Look how huge that cart is, people! We are in the trenches. And the picture of the boys reaching over a grimacing Macey made me giggle. So real!
This post so fabulously captures real life. The picture of Crew peeking around the grocery cart melted my heart AND made me groan - grocery shopping with three kids! Look how huge that cart is, people! We are in the trenches. And the picture of the boys reaching over a grimacing Macey made me giggle. So real!
There is no way he is almost one!! Where did the time go? I too loved the grocery cart picture. Such a cute, handsome boy. We need to get our kids together! Its been way too long, again.
He is adorable and I can't believe he is going to be one! Wish we could celebrate with you.

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