Sep 21, 2012
My favorite thing about Macey starting school is the funny stories she tells me when she gets home.

Here's a gem from yesterday:

I'm thinking we might ban princess movies for awhile.

Then this morning while doing her hair she says to me:

"Mom, I love you most of all and sometimes all i want to do is give you a kiss! But, don't worry I won't tell anyone else how I love you more cause I don't want to make them feel sad."

Then when we finished her hair:

"Mom, you should take my picture because you might want to remember what I looked like when I was 5. Because you're going to get old and forget."

And as we were loading the car she hands over her Sleeping Beauty ring and says very seriously;

"If Miles is being good he can wear my special ring, but if he's being crazy you have to take it away from him. He likes it so he'll probably be good for you while I'm gone."

As you can tell she takes her role as big sister very seriously. Yesterday, when we were cleaning up the toy room, she said to Miles;

"Miles, this is a toy room, not a dump room. So, you need to stop dumping all the toys out."
Maybe he'll listen to Macey since he apparently doesn't listen to me.

And then if you've had the prividelge of seeing this girl dance, there really isn't anything quite like it. I'm just hoping she learns some new dance moves before she's a teenager. Because while it's funny for a 5 year old, not so funny for a 16 year old.

I just wish I could remember all the funny things she says and does, but she's right, I'm going to get old and forget.
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Those are awesome.
You cut off the video before she could finish....I wanna know...was he cute?!...hahaa!! what a cute kid!
Very cute. I think 5 is my favorite age. I gathered all the boys around to watch the video, they loved it and wanted to watch it over and over again. hahaa
I have always loved all of the fun things Macey says and does. My favorite on this post is that you are going to get old and forget. Good luck with that.
How cute. I always feel bad when I'm trying to retell something funny Hazel said - even just that day! - and can't remember it word for word. I need to carry around a little notebook in my pocket or something. My favorite is Macey handing over her ring for Miles to use and hopefully be good for you while she's gone. How adorable!
YES he's cute! Haha! She's so cute! I asked Dallin if he chases girls at recess. He said he sometimes does...where do they get these things?! Oh, and my kids love to dance crazy. We should have a dance party!
Nana and Opa
One morning Macey and I were alone in the living room playing Go Fish and she said, It's so quiet when Miles is not around."

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