Macey's Birthday Festivities Continued...

Feb 17, 2012
Since I still feel nauseated most of the time Macey had to plan and decorate for her own party (I let her invite 2 friends over for lunch), poor neglected child!

I thought her table arrangement turned out divine!

Macey's menu for her Petshop themed tea party was also very well received by her guests.

We found these gable boxes at Hobby Lobby and thought they'd be perfect to turn into Petshop houses. All I did was pull out my sticker collection from my teaching days and a few boxes of markers, and these lovely ladies were entertained for quite sometime.

Pretty sure party planning could be in her future.

Macey of course also wanted her big friends to come over (jenni and trina), so I thought this was the perfect excuse for me to make her the rainbow cake I'd seen on Pinterest!

Other random birthday pictures:

Love this girl and I'm so glad she is mine!

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Macey did a great job on her party! I'm sure you helped more than you're admitting :-). Kaylin loved the pictures of all the Pet Shops and was sad she couldn't come. Too bad we didn't live closer so we could hang out while the boys are working.
SO happy that I get to be one of Macey's big friends. Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what? :)
I love the picture of her waiting with the table all set. Too cute. That cake is really something!
I love how she is so pleased with her table setting. I'm so glad she is yours too cuz then it also makes her mine. =)

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