Has it already been 4 years?!

Aug 16, 2007
Yesterday Paul and I had our 4 year anniversary! In memory of the top 10 lists Paul used to make me when we were dating, I decided to make one of my own.

Top 10 things we’ve done together these past 4 years

10. Moving 5 times and getting to start 5 new wards with you
9. Cruising on our bikes through P-town
8. Tubing down Provo River
7. Learning how to Slackline
6. Extreme Bocce Ball
5. When we discovered Mario Party
4. BYU Football games
3. Riding on the scooter
2. Our cruise with Emily and Jake
1. Getting to spend and share every moment with you!
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Yea! I'm so glad that you started a blog. How fun! And congrats on the 4 years! We just hit it in May... fun times
ahhhh... how sweet
If I had a top ten list, the cruise would be on it too. Let's do it again within the next 4 years!
Stephanie (a Kimball 202 cutie)
Time flies, eh? Joe and I are celebrating our 5th today. Blog looks great. Keep up the good work.
Kelsey, You Rock!!!!!

These past 4 years have been better than homemade pizza!
We just celebrated our 3rd anniversary in July. Anyway, you guys need to move to Seattle. We just went on a great day trip to the olympic peninsula. Give us a call when you come up for a visit.

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