The Best Week Ever!

Feb 13, 2008
Our house was hit full force with the stomach flu this week. It all began Sunday during Stake Conference. We were sitting in the back row quietly listening to who was being called to the new Stake Presidency, when Macey started coughing. It was just her normal I want attention cough, so we ignored her. Then, out of no where I was covered in yogurt and oatmeal. Needless to say we hurried out of church and went home to do laundry and baths. The rest of the day went on without much of a hitch. We had a few fun diapers and a little more throw up, but other than that Macey seemed fine.

Then, Monday evening came around. It hit me full force around 5:00. Luckily Paul was home at this point so he was available to meet my many requests and take care of Macey while I was occupied with other things. The highlight of the evening was about 7:00 when Macey started throwing up and which then caused me to do the same. Apparently I was getting dehydrated because when I was in the bathroom I fainted, luckily Paul was close by to catch me before I hit the tile. After another fainting episode on my part and a few more throw up clean ups for Paul, he got sick too. Needless to say we were a mess and wished we had family near by to come take care of Macey.

We are now happy to report that we have survived the stomach flu and have a lot of sterilizing and cleaning up to do as Macey made lots of messes while we were both laying on the couch.
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Wow, that sounds HORRIBLE! I'm glad you're all getting better now. I wish I had been nearby so I could have helped with Macey, but I'm also glad I was 2000 miles away so I couldn't catch it. Yuck. I'm glad Paul caught you when you fainted.
How awful! I'm glad you three are feeling better. Hopefully you don't get sick again!
That's terrible!!! It's bad enough when one person is sick but EVERYONE? That stinks. Glad that you survived!
Sorry you guys were so sick! I'm glad everyone's better now.
Hey! my cuz jess said you guys did some pic stuff, and it was way fun, SO excited to see the finished product.
hi kelsey! I just happened to find your blog and I see that you and paul have a baby girl! how fun! well I have a blog too,, stop by and leave a comment when you have the time!

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